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Pandangan bakal CEO Suara MCA tentang negara Islam PAS

Ada ura-ura Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, iaitu bekas Adun MCA Subang Jaya selama tiga penggal, akan dilantik menjadi CEO suratkhabar milik partinya. (Ini sekadar khabar angin yang saya dengar dan tidak pasti sama ada ia betul atau tidak.)

Apapun dia mempunyai nama (credentials) sebagai seorang pengarang buku politik bestseller.

Di bawah ialah perbualannya di Twitter yang agak menarik dengan seorang lagi rakan Datuk MCA juga, iaitu bekas Adun Teruntum Ti Lian Ker.

Dengan mengetahui buah fikiran Datuk Lee melalui apa yang diluahkannya, boleh kita memahami sedikit banyak tentang falsafah yang dipegang The Star — rujuk ‘Suara MCA tidak yakin kata-kata Patrick Teoh bersifat menghina.


Promosi The Star buat bintang Twitter yang digilap empayar media MCA

16 Ogos 2011
16 Ogos 2011


Bacaan Twit Meter pada belah pagi (atas) ialah 56,179 manakala bacaan Twit Meter pada belah petang (bawah) sudah naik sampai angka 56,216.



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12 thoughts on “Pandangan bakal CEO Suara MCA tentang negara Islam PAS

  1. The distrust goes both ways.

    So easy to distrust kafirs when they make outrageous and greedy demands all of a sudden just because some stupid son of Kit Siang irresponsibly created a divisive dangerous religious issue. On Christmas, of all times.

    Why stupid? Obviously stupid if it causes them to bicker with the Pakatan partners, among other things. Good job shitting on PAS. What’s funny is that guy in actually thought kafir referred to other muslims. The Pakatan really does a good job in making each other ignorant and stupid.

    That son of Kit Siang needs to be thrown in jail again for sedition.

    BTW, it’s really hard for non PR supporters to trust the Pakatan when at first glance you can see how different and disagreeable the parties are.

    Not to mention how despicable too.

    1. re: “that guy actually thought kafir referred to other muslims”

      That guy is an MCA Datuk who was 3-term state assemblyman for Subang Jaya. He reflects the Jerusubang element in The Star.

      Same as to why the paper previously thought that Pork Ribs is Ramadan Delight and now thinking that Patrick Teoh was only “allegedly” offensive.

      The MCA media empire has an audience of 5.63 million and they have been heavily promoting certain Twitter ‘stars’.

      1. Is he still really with MCA? I know how you often asked the same with the Star, this could apply to him especially since he’s rumored to become CEO of that paper.

        That conversation part where tilianker said “now that u have left UMNO” made me thought that he’s like Patrick Teoh or Chua Jui Meng.

        It’s pretty hard to use ‘allegedly’ with Patrick Teoh since he put it on his own social site himself, and withdrew it himself and apologized for it when he realized what a dumb thing he did.

        Pretty sad to see that the issue of religion has been dragged along with the usual issues of race. I blame the opposition for this. Getting 5 states in the last election only shows more of their worse side.

        1. (1) Yes, he’s still with MCA but not likely to be put up to recontest as Jerusubang has turned staunchly oppo.

          (2) re: “now that you’ve left Umno” … enigmatic, isn’t it?! Heh-heh-heh, doesn’t TLK’s remark fit just like a glove with The Star story? hmmm

          (3) The Patrick Teoh “allegedly”. Yes, again. Something really, really wrong with the paper.

          Just like how something was similarly really, really, really wrong wrt its identical late coverage of the Guan Eng X’mas message and then, after a delay of 5 days, The Star published albeit at the same time refused to fault the DAP sec-gen (same case as fudging Patrick with “allegedly”) but the Star article sank its teeth into the MCA spokesman instead. Like, what the …?

  2. LHB: “If they are in power, Dap/PKR can stop Pas from getting what they ever want! Wow! A very convincing remarks made by a opinionated bigot.

    What about this one:

    “Who ever want the power most, that fella has no other choice except to listen to Pas?”

    Dap responded:

    “Who ever need us for the nomination as the PM in waiting, please not attempt to disobey us”

    The indecisive situation like that will continue until the mad cows come home! Why? Ha, ha because what they had before was never sincere but more like the “perjanjian syaitan”.

  3. Helen, the Chinese must think the Malays are dumb. Òi, the Mca and Dap are one and the same …both playing a hedging game with aim to win the best deal for the chinks. Well if you are offended too bad

    MCA role is just to make sure the Chinese still have place at the dinner table if BN wins, but at the same time supplying it resource to their No. 1 bet the Dap..

    Oi Bengs, lu mana Mau Lari, Sudah kasi masuk, Kasi duduk, Kasi citizenship, pun banyak cerita.

    My view is one Beng is no different to another. Just as Pas Malay is the same as Bn Malay.

    When they bey for “payback” watch out, MCA or DAP or Gerakan membership means jackshit to them. By this not a warning, it’s my experience from the past. Play with fire, be prepared to be roasted.

  4. Hwa Beng is correct that he is kafir but ironically incensed by the arabic word he use on himself and then become angry at Muslims for calling himself kafir, which means as the Koranic lexicon define kafir as a dark hole, metaphor of a person unable to see the light, if he is angry about being kafir, embrace Islam and receive the light of hidayah and you are no more kafir.

    Unlike infidel which means to damn someone to hell for denying Christ, kafir have opportunity for hidayah, hence holds more respect than being called an infidel or goyim (descendants of pigs referring to non-Jewish gentiles). But simply put it, kafir means non Muslim, as simple as that.

    Perhaps he should tweet himself as goyim and foreign devil next, too bad he is too pure to be called infidel.

    Can’t say that I understand the Jerusubangite but Good Luck to The Star anyways. They’re made for each other. — Helen

  5. i don’t think it is hard to imagine dap and mca working together in a new goverment post ge13. i get this feeling that the scenario painted by wawa (i’m trying hard not to laugh here), was not entirely without basis.

    it is likely that the pr leaders were aware of the political inclination of current mca leadership. it is my opinion though that the possibility of mca joining hands with dap was not as remote as previously deemed.

    pas on the other hand will go through purification process. the obstacles faced by modernist in pas will be tackled swiftly and incessantly. no one will be spared in the process. they will emerge as a genuine political party and political power will be their new ‘mecca’…

    1. Interesting view about PAS indeed from you.

      As for the MCA situation, let’s just take the ballpark figure of 80 percent Chinese support for DAP.

      cross refer The Star editorial staff composition. A lot of Chinese reporters, significant number of Indian reporters (the Christian Indians have a better command of English comparatively) and few Malay reporters.

      Would the political inclination of Star Chinese be aligned with the mainline Chinese community sentiments which is pro-oppo or would it uncharacteristically buck the general trend?

      Aside from the Datuk editors at the very top who received their titles from the establishment and enjoy the perks of office, what about the middle-tier staff and the rank-and-file journos? We can see the tenacity with which they go about their flattering Jerusubang coverage.


      This newspaper is Suara MCA.

      At the party proper, the members would just vote with their feet — the scenario implied by Jimmy Chua Jui Meng and Stanley Koh (ex-MCA research chief). After GE13, MCA might be left a rump entity.

      It wasn’t only Jimmy Chua who jumped after 308. Another Christian leader, former Wanita MCA deputy president Tan Yee Kew hopped off as well — her photo at the recent #KL122 here.

      And why not? When someone leaves Pakatan like Tunku Aziz, he’s mercilessly character assassinated. But when politicians leave MCA, they’re considered to have seen the light, repented and joined the forces of good.

      So there is no social cost (i.e. suffer diminished reputation or be ostracized) in leaving MCA but instead potential rewards in boarding the new gravy train which has Ubah track.

      Like in the Penang, home of the developer tycoons and in S’gor home of throwing money around — their Aduns compared to other states got payrise and dipped their fingers into the RM300 million Selangorku cookie jar and the constituency development funds running close to a million each as well.

      The Dapster-Scissors idiocy makes it attractive (no pain, all gain) to leave MCA to join DAP.

  6. twitter is the best media to reveal the true colour of top guns. I love it when a ‘kafir’ acknowledge the word and used it correctly to address oneself. wise people said, knowing well own weaknesses is a problem half-solve. the next step-learn about Islam then revert. InnadeennaindallahilIslam!

  7. reading Hwa Beng’s response to Lian Ker, either Hwa Beng is ignorant of PAS’ agenda or he is just being complicit with regards to the relationship between the DAP and PAS.

  8. this issue is extremely very simple – no need to go extra length to stretch and stretch the issue until it becomes and turns into animosity.

    A dickhead wants to use the allah in a malay version of the bible – wouldnt it be easier and more logical to use the word tuhan? Why purposely.. i repeat PURPOSELY want to use allah as allah is arabic and its found in the Quran – you dont see the word tuhan in the Quran do you?

    So… now we see there is an evil purpose in a dickhead who wants to split malay votes and who seriously wants to shake the solid foundation of this multi religious and multi cultural country.

    So.. if anykone here is a responsible adult as in a responsible parent – do you honestly want to create a potentially huge mistrust an trouble between all races and religions?

    Is this what you want your children to live in the future scenario?

    If there is indeed a serious effort for christians to turn malays into muslims – the Vatican would’ve done this a long, long time ago but a dickhead born in malacca and rules penang decided to take matters into his own hand and shakes the foundation of the existence of this country.

    Only a malaysian can destroy Malaysia and this is what everyone has been fooled by this dickhead of Penang.

    Malaysia will never be the same again…. NEVER.

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