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Suara MCA tidak yakin kata-kata Patrick Teoh bersifat menghina

Setelah 4 hari menyepi serta sengaja menimbus khabar kemelut Patrick Teoh – yang dikatakan Dr Hasan Ali sebagai aktif dalam DAP – (baca sini), The Star hari ini mempertikaikan cerita bahawa deejay tersebut memang benar mengeluarkan apa-apa komen yang menyinggung perasaan umat Islam.

Rencana The Star menggambarkan kata-kata Patrick itu sebagai “some allegedly offensive remarks”, yakni “kononnya” sahaja menghina tetapi akhbar itu tidaklah berpendapat bahawa dakwaan tersebut sahih.

“[Patrick] Teoh had earlier posted a note on his Facebook page criticising the PAS-led Kedah Government and its guidelines for Chinese New Year performers in the state, which included some allegedly offensive remarks about Muslims,” kata The Star hari ini.




I have no Faceook or Twitter.

9 thoughts on “Suara MCA tidak yakin kata-kata Patrick Teoh bersifat menghina

  1. I know!!! I was like…”???? What do you mean allegedly????”. I notice that the Star, if pasal cerita memburukkan Islam, frontpage news, tapi bab org Kristian buat durjana, senyap sepi sahaja (remember DUMC, City Harvest). So obvious!!!

    All i know is, a lot of my Muslim friends who otherwise are more open and liberal (not PKR type liberals), semua tengah marah. They are also angry that the gov are not doing enough to catch and curtail these religious instigators. Ni belum lagi ambil kira yg hardcore melayu muslims…

    I think some people are insane! All for power!

    This is what you get if you follow leaders yg kaki penipu, double face, hipokrit, yg lebih sibuk suka mengklasifikasikan org sebagai low class etc. You will end up being more of an idiot than the idiots that you follow!!

    “allegedly” my a**!

    Ps/- sorry, Ms. Helen. I am beyond mad! And please, no more Fatty Mama Hannah…she really makes me sick!!

  2. I disagree that Helen should stop showing Mama Hanna. Please show more of Fat Mama Hanna as she progressively gets fatter and fatter. She’s gonna be the Fat Hot DAP Mama Hanna soon!

    As for The Star, it went the other way a long time ago. Either it’s hedging against its survival or its has taken up the Christian Evangelical crusade. We’ll have to wait and see what direction it takes after 13GE.

  3. Dapster would want to appear as if they have a big ‘license’ where they can decide on behalf of the Muslims for example the decision to proceed or to abandon the proposal for establishing a theocratic state post GE13 is very much relying on the consensus (a decision where the non Muslim has some influence on the outcome).

  4. while his ranting could be seen as being directed to the muslims (pas leaders in kedah), it cannot be totally absolved from the assumption of being an indirect attack on islam as the action of the pas government was based on their interpretation of the holy quran. the phrase ‘quran thumping mother fucker’ was evidently directed towards islam and the muslims of pas in kedah…

    Next posting coming up in a minute. Exploring the MCA-Star mindset. — Helen

  5. Patrick Teoh should not be left scotfree, he should be sentenced appropriately for his Kurang Ajar and insensivity. Islam is the Official religion of Malaysia as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. If he can’t accept that he is welcome to berambus from this country to Timbuktu. We don’t need this troublemaker in this country. Patrick Teoh, u r a DISGRACE not only to ur Christianity but to ur race as well. I hope will rot in HELL on earth. Nimahai!

  6. the gunting memang cilakak. si PT donkey ni kalau lalu kut kedah harus dia kena TIBAI sampai jadi kangkung sambal belacan, I bet.

  7. a chinese will ALWAYS be a chinese. Go to the market, talk with a chinese trader and he will speak to you in the national language and when a chinese customer comes – they will speak a chinese dialect and this is when youre not sure if youre getting the right deal or not.

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