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Perangai para pengikut Patrick Teoh

Posting daripada blog Patrick Teoh

Peminat-peminat Pakatan Jerusubangnya telah menyelar seorang politikus muda Gerakan yang berani menjentik Hannah Yeoh.

Screenshot halaman

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38 thoughts on “Perangai para pengikut Patrick Teoh

    1. To me he is an ass hole. he is the mother of racist. Meaning to say he used to b a ‘closet racist’ la. Now everything is out in the open because he thinks in his contorted brain that dapsters r gonna take over putrajaya. Dream on m&@$$@$&@&kers as he loves to call the malays.orang tua biadap n kurang ajar sama seperti pengikut dia si dapsters.

  1. Such colorful civilized wonder they become fruit pickers, dishwashers, ended up stateless or deported when they arive in anglophone countries…reflected in their foul eloquence.

    1. Probably this cina man is taken up by his own funny english accent and the english name Patrick. ooii you are still yellow ma…

      Sudahlah pergi naik tongkang balik Cina.

      Berjaya made one in Sunway. The tongkang teoh kulis father came in was much buruk but still I hope it sink on the way back to Tongsan…hehe.

      1. You know, when anti-Chinese sentiments like “balik Tongsan” are expressed, the Dapsters will point their finger at my blog for allowing your comment to be published.

        Never once have I come across one of them willing to use their three other fingers to hold up a mirror to take a good look at themselves and reflect as to why anti-Chinese sentiment is on the rise.

        It’s never their own actions to be examined. Knee-jerk, it’s always the fault of the other side.

        1. Brp byk komen dlm Malaysiakini yg memaki hamun agama, bangsa kaum lain. Malaysiakin sudah jadi tong sampah. Ada DAPster hairan? They like it.

  2. If we were happened to be the minorities in US, it would take us more than 200 years before one of us is able to set foot in the president’s bedroom and use it for a token 8 years period.

    Over here, it took only 20 years after independence for a minority to set foot in the Pm’s bedroom and used it for a lengthy period of 22 years.

    Do we still believe American’s democracy is 100% color blind and better than ours one? What say you Patrick?

  3. Helen

    I get sick to my stomach reading all the hatred spewd towards the malays eventhough they cover it by saying umno,umno,umno. Why blame local unis only if someone is not able to talk like jerusubang. Why do they condemn malaysia so much and yet they still cari makan in malaysia. Dont they hve any love at all for this country.

    I read so much of these dapsters articles that i now know for a fact that they will never ever be satisfied with the malays n the country until they take over from the malays. They want to rule the country n get rid of the malays. And now they want to use our god’s name Allah. God, arent u people kiasu n kiasi of the biggest kind.

    1. Majoriti generasi muda DAPster adalah dtgnya drpd SJKC. SMC Persendirian dan Uni Taiwan, China. So Chinese Supremecy above all.

      1. Patrick Teoh is 66 years old. His fans are closer to his own generation and not the SJK(C) young generation of today who prefer K-Pop (not PT’s song selection of Oldie Goldies).

        He attained fame as an English radio deejay. His kegiatan seni nowadays is mostly with the arty-farty Bangsar crowd and they use English.

        Those reader comments in his blog page are written in English. The SJK(C) cohort would not be writing English but in hanzi, and they would use social network, even China ones like weibo. They would not be attracted to the blog – blogs are so yesterday – of a 66-year-old who’s celebrated for his English tongue.

        The topic of discussion in the posting screenshot above is Hannah Banana of Jerusubang. This Jerusubang phenomenon although it is growing very fast thanks to the MCA English paper The Star, nonetheless, is not the main interest of those who come out from private Chinese high school and Taiwan university.

        Hannah Yeoh did not graduate from a Taiwan uni. She graduated from a uni in the boondocks of Tasmania which is not even on the Australian continent proper but in the outback of Tasmanian Devil island.

          1. Not surprising. Even The Star group editor Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai sent his daughter to Chinese school.

            Nowadays an estimated 95 percent Chinese kids are in SRJK (C). That’s what the cabinet ministers and any education official or researcher who’s ever commented on the numbers unanimously say (i.e. percentage in the 90s).

            However the kids in Chinese school today are in the 6-12 years age group.

            They’re NOT the ones responsible for making any political comments in social media. They’re too busy buried under tons of homework.

          2. Helen, generasi SJKC bukan skg aja. SJKC ni dah lama bertapak. so yg sibuk bagi komen tu adalah generasi SJKC 80an dan 90an. Ckp Melayu pun tak pandai wa bet sama lu

        1. I am talking about younger generation helen. Saya tetap berpegang kpd SJKC menyumbang kpd masalah perpaduan kaum. Cuba kaji demografik pembaca Malaysiakini dan komentar..

          1. Malaysiakini demography is older generation Hannah Bananas & Jerusubang slanted

            Umur median bagi pengomen Malaysiakini bukan golongan muda. Hanya pembaca yang melanggan portal itu (maksudnya subscriber) dibenarkan untuk memberi komen.

            Kalau pembaca berbayar, biasanya bukan golongan muda yang gaji mereka tidak seberapa tetapi golongan pertengahan umur serta profesional. Atau pesara yang tidak sibuk dengan kerja dan dengan itu adanya masa lapang untuk menyibuk dalam hal-hal politik.

            Tidak ramai juga yang berminat membayar untuk membaca Malaysiakini kerana mereka boleh membaca pesaing-pesaing Malaysiakini seperti FMT, TMI, M2Day dan Star Online secara percuma. Yang melanggan itu didorong perasaan setia kepada produk serta mahu menyumbang wang supaya Malaysiakini boleh terus beroperasi.

            Yang melanggan Malaysiakini lebih berunsur hardcore political junkie.

            Orang muda pada lazimnya tidaklah mempunyai minat yang begitu mendalam terhadap politik dan kalaupun ada, mereka lebih cenderong kepada interactive forum, umpamanya Lowyat.

            Memang hari ini generasi muda Cina dididik di SRJK (C). Namun pengomen-pengomen Malaysiakini yang tua bangka bukan generasi SRJK (C).

            Di bawah ialah profile – sumber sini – bagi demografi pembaca Malaysiakini, iaitu 89% lelaki, 65% pengurus atau berkerjaya profesional dan berpendapatan tinggi berbanding purata negara.


          2. Postscript:

            Yes, some of young generation are rude but not just the SRJK (C). Yang tunjuk punggung kat gambar Najib tu bukan lepasan sekolah Cina.

            Rudeness I agree can come from SRJK (C)s. But also the Warrior types.

            Tapi jenis “penghinaan” yang khusus menganggap orang lain ‘low class’ tu terletak pada demografi Jerusubang (Johnny Come Lately’s).

            And it cuts across race, meaning that the Jerusubangite is just as likely to call a fellow Chinese ‘low class’ if the victim of their Super CyberBullying is not a Christian or an Anak Bangsar Malaysia.

            That’s why it was the S’gor exco Dr Xavier Jayakumar who made that contemptuous comment about the Hindu shrine that was demolished by the Selayang local council.

            The Christian English-speaking Indian hina the Tamil-speaking Hindu.

            Same phenomenon within the Chinese community.

  4. bukan hanya pada sisipan blog si Teoh ini sahaja, cuba teliti di MKini, laman2 pro-pembangkang yg bukan Melayu, komentar-komentar yg diterbit – semuanya sedemikian…..

  5. Dia ingat dgn jumlah kaum dia skg ni boleh sesuka hati mak bapak dia nak tukar? tukar apa? Melayu kalau dah tersepit, jgn pelik nanti UMNO/BN akan menang dgn majoriti besar.

    1. Orang Bangsar Malaysia ini beranggapan bahawa perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 dan 3.0 telah berjaya memecahkan benteng perkauman lalu mereka akan selamat dalam kepompong Firsters kelak kerana dilindungi kawan-kawan baru Melayu beracuan ABU.

      Lagipun mereka nampak bagaimana penyokong PAS ada yang sampai sanggup menggadai kalimah Allah gara-gara persahabatan parti Islam itu dengan DAP.

      Sepertimana kekuatan Kristian bukan setakat 9% jumlah penganut agama tersebut tetapi merangkumi kaum Cina yang 24%, maka pengaruh DAP bukan setakat 24% masyarakat Cina tetapi 50% (ikut undi PRU12 yang lepas) orang Melayu yang anti-kerajaan.

      1. They are getting more cocky and arrogant like Lim Guan Eng.

        BTW is LIm buddhist, taoist, christian or what? Till now I don’t know.

  6. I posted this in my FB page yesterday:

    The last entire week, I was entertained by comments, bitching, sharing of videos of actual happening and parodies of that “listen, listen, listen” lady here. Fine. But Patrick Teoh said something that offended all of our Muslim brothers and sisters, that could have cost him his head in the middle east. No comments at all in my FB page. Interesting.

    As expected no comments at all, not even likes.

    1. In saudi, PT will be beheaded. Pakistan, he will be burned to death. In Malaysia.. the muslims said maafkan aja.. PAS said dia kafir so biarkan aja.

      1. Otak Dapster memang ada di kepala lutut.

        Tak habis-habis serangan mereka terhadap Melayu. Dan mereka mahu ajar orang “low class” tentang Kasih Sayang dan tolak-ansur. Perrrrgii lah!

        Kalau ada Cina macam saya yang minta supaya mereka berfikir dua kali dulu, akan dituduh mereka sebagai seorang “apologis”.

        Dan Cina yang kenal budi bahasa Melayu, dicerca pula (bagi mereka, dakwaan ini bersifat sebuah ejekan) dengan gelaran “Helen binti Ang”. Keperibadian “high class” mereka terserlah.

  7. I need that screenshot, thanks Helen. Surprisingly, my Muslim pals also are quiet. I guess they don’t want to say anything that might offend their non-Musilim, pro-opposition FB friends/clients/whoever. Another instance that shows our Malay/Muslim bro/sis tolerant level in this country.Mr. Teoh is lucky to be here, instead of, say, India, at least, and I am not even suggesting Pakistan, much less, the Middle East countries.

    1. I’ve linked it in my previous comment but here’s the url at original site. If you Google, there are a few others.

      Don’t forget The Star‘s deafening silence on this and on Guan Eng’s Christmas message.

  8. Nandri, Helen avargalE. vAkkuvAtham todarattum. To my Malay bro/sis, “terima kasih Helen, teruskan perbincangan”.

    Nee thirumbi varuvaai (?) — Helen

  9. Hahaha, Tha’ts direct “You are welcome” translation that doesn’t work in our culture. Usually it’s the same as our “sama sama”, often we’d say, “unggalukkum nandri” (Thanks to you too) or “parava illa” (it’s okay). Somewhat, “welcome” seems arrogant to me. I mean, A says “thank you”, and B says, “welcome” as if B has the authority to welcome A thanking. Like B don’t mind authorising A’s gratitiude. Illa Helen? Sorry for the digression again, guys and gals.

    1. Hahaha. Yes, I know the structure would be weird. Was told to just say ‘vanakam’ (the most multi-purpose word?) as a pleasantry to everything.

      1. There are many tolerant, rational and polite non muslims and non malays like mr Rakesh Kumar in this country who prefer to remain silent. The chinese christian DAPsters simply ignore this fact…or they arrogantly claim they know everything, everybody, and in full control of everyone.

        Just like what this jerk monsterball said…(in rocky’s bru, today) –
        “Everyone in the whole world knows why.”

        God knows what these racist kiasus would turn out to be should they gain power.

        1. DAPster nak jadi pemerintah mcm PAP la bro.. Tokong mana pernah buat salah. Org lain semua low class, moron.

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