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My bad

I apologize to my regular commenter anakjamil for my shortcoming in judgment when allowing a comment by Warrior 231 to be published.

I shall from now endeavour to exercise more care in filtering out any hurtful and vicious comments submitted to this blog.

Freedom of expression has its limits and our collective tolerance for uncivilized personal attacks should not be stretched any further anymore.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

17 thoughts on “My bad

  1. i concur with you on that.a healthy discussion should not involve personal attack and crude might be entertaining to read such comment but the message could be easily lost when a vicious and personal attack was employed.a sane and mature discussion should avoid such approaches…

  2. agreed…I also delete all comment that attack person religion , ethnic and origins..the saddest thing now since the Sharifah Zohra- Bawani video has gone viral is Malay woman, Muslims and Islam are being attacked by vicious readers. Political affiliation does not give you a license to attack a woman, Muslims and Islam as enshrined by our religious beliefs and Constitution

  3. LOL .. Ah Helen, there’s no need to apologise whatsoever. I am/was not at all affected by the comments made by Warrior231 (I am sure most of you thought that’s the main reason why I’ve been quiet from commenting).

    Actually my friends and I had a good laugh reading that particular article. I did contemplated of writing a reply to Warrior231 but then I thought, if I do so, I will sort of paying an homage to LGE by deviating a scandal with another scandal: that stopped me good.

    However, I stopped by your blog everyday but since I have nothing new to offer. Commentary wise and if I do, I’d be sounding repetitive like a broken record, it stopped me from writing.

    I am not that fragile: years of being verbally abused made me quite thick-skinned plus I am in PR (we all know how thick-skinned one has to be to join that industry). There’s no need to censor any comments made against me cos I am no LGE and cannot afford to sue anyone (LOL!) plus ‘haters will hate, anyway’.

    My religion taught me to be compassionate, forgiving and to love – that’s something no mere mortals nor harsh words can take away.

    To Warrior231 – the main reason why I never bother to address you is because we priviledged faggot don’t fuck random pedestrians! Ya have a nice day, now!

    1. and if you ever need funds to sue anyone, perhaps we could, sort of, raise the money. I m sure many visitors to this blog would gladly contribute the funds. L O L !

    2. that’s some quality teflon you have there, aj!


      after your explanation to my question [thank you for it, btw!] elicited more filth beyond the pale, i too felt kinda responsible.

      damn glad you’re not suing either as i’d rather not be subpoenaed home to testify abt sewage. i have more interesting travel plans for yr 13. :)

      happy commenting, bro!

    3. The Star sepatutnya mendidik Jerusubangite supaya mengamalkan kesopanan dan kesusilaan. Membiarkan nilai berkenaan terus merosot adalah seperti membiarkan negara ini mengundur ke belakang.

      The Star sepatutnya mencontohi NYT iaitu membantu menaikkan Obama menerusi kempen-kempen yang matang dan menjauhkan kempen-kempen pra matang.

      The Star tidak sepatutnya hanya mendedahkan kecantikan Dapster tetapi keburukan Dapster disembunyikan dari pengetahuan pembaca.

      Laporan Reuters berhubung kes-kes salah laku seksual membabitkan paderi-paderi tetapi disembunyikan oleh pihak gereja AS sebelum ini dan kini terbongkar jua, elok dijadikan iktibar.

  4. Mengumpat, mengeji, mencaci dan menghina sudah menjadi tabie harian dalam laman-laman maya dan ianya bersepah-sepah di laman-laman pembangkang – sudah jadi aktiviti rutin, 24/7.

    Pelakunya seperti biasa adalah mereka yang menggunakan nama kecinaan dan keindiaan dan kemelayuan tetapi fokus mereka adalah sama iaitu individu Melayu/Islam, organisasi Melayu/Islam, institusi Melayu/Islam.

    Kebiadaban ini bukan baru dan spontan tetapi sudah lama dan terancang. Jeleknya ialah nukilan mereka bukan 100% asli yakni hanya 40% nukilan sendiri dan selebihnya adalah umpatan, kejian, tohmahan dan penghinaan yang dikitar semula, lagi dan lagi.

    Soalnya apakah mereka saja ada hak untuk menghina dan mencaci sesiapa saja yang mereka suka? Sedarkah mereka apa yang mereka lakukan itu tiada ekslusifnya dan pastinya akan mengundang reaksibalas yang serupa dan sama tarafnya.

    Kesimpulannya: Dapster tidak akan mendapat apa-apa kelebihan (terutama untuk jangka panjang) kalau hanya bergantung pada kelebihan menggunakan laman maya untuk menghina, membenci dan mengherdik pihak lawan kerana lambat laun reaksibalas serupa akan terjadi pada mereka jua.

    Jangan lupa bahawa ada ramai individu Melayu/Islam yang menyimpan perasaan ‘ada ubi ada batas, ada hari ada balas’. Yakni kalau kau berani jelir lidah pada aku, sebagai reaksi atas perbuatan kamu, kamu jangan lupa bahawa aku tidaklah takut untuk menjelir lidah aku kepada kamu.

  5. orang matang mahir membuat pilihan.

    “In the journey of men
    countless of failures and attempts
    there are wounds that heal
    some took times to recuperate
    there are injuries that never convalesce.

    Occasionally, trapped by others
    usually, fell into own deadfall
    but still, there were lessons learnt
    few are gratuitous, many are costive.

    Too many scars layover men
    in the journey to know themselves
    and becoming a true matured man.”

    -Men Scar (

    tabik spring satu buat anak jamil. :)

  6. Since, I am the subject matter to this bog owner’s new sanitized bogging initiative, I think I am entitled to one last post here.

    1.I offer no apologies or express no remorse over my comments to anakjamil and his/her ilk as I deem my views fair comment given the circumstances.

    2.A lot of us should quit swiping our private morality on the public scanner just for bonus points sake if we dare not call out extremism on BOTH sides of the divide.

    3.And you should quit waffling about upholding secularism if you cannot even address bunkum emanating from so-called liberals who are in actuality closet extremists. On what principles can you lambast PAS, DAP or even Perkasa, when you dare not upbraid a senile bastard for spouting asinine and vile garbagae against Islam. Don’t you think it’s not absurd to accept PT’s vitriol while coming down hard on Dapsters’ puerile evangelism or PAS’ hypocritical piety. If because of some blinkered politics, you can’t see the obvious absurdity, then perhaps a visit to an optician is well overdue. Trying hard to rationalize an apologist’s treatise on behalf of his errant mate is synonymous with granting a seal of approval to the putrid rubbish that PT expressed. You cannot possibly fine comb the split hairs without appearing cunningly conniving or absurdly puerile. Think about it.

    4. People who call upon me to tone down or shoot my arrows more subtly are “wafting garbage through their nostrils”! They only have to read the link below to see what I mean:

    Didn’t I keep to that blog’s demand for decorum? Dint I not engage with civility amidst uncivilized stone age aggro? Dint I put forward a proposal at least worthy of mature debate? And what do I get in return for my pains? Piddling dimes of respect for dollars of restrained moderation. You think, the lot on the other side, gives a damn for your good natured entreaties…dream on. They so hate your guts that they would rather gut you than indulge in any intellectual debate Nope, I aint gonna turn my other cheek when my religion and my race is subject to some losers’ angst ridden diatribe. And that applies to apologists too, no matter what gender or sexual imbroglio they are in!

    Finally, like certain other blogs I have quit before, I am quitting this one too for good. I am not doing this out of any merajuk or spite. I am doing this on a matter of principle. I don’t comment for indulgent praise or cheap publicity. I comment based on truth and ironclad certainty and if truth, no matter how painful it is, is the first victim to be felled by the resident grim reaper’s censoring scythe, I better withdraw him (Truth) from the equation rather than sacrifice him at the scaffold of public opprobrium for you lot to guillotine him at your whimsy just satisfy some sick fantasy.

    Helen, the bog mistress, thanks anyway for affording my comments to gambol on your cyber real estate but there comes a time when reality has to take precedence over false pretences. And that reality is jarring indeed. Go figure.

    1. Warrior231..

      How can you call yourself a warrior when you surrender just like that? I am not expecting any apology from you nor I want you to apologise. Why should you? This is an open season, this internet world .. To me personally, you can say anything, make up any wild accusations/allegations or even say anything about me: I will not take offence. It’s your right too – to have this weird fetishes over me and my ideas/beliefs (I know .. it’s hard for me being a sex symbol, it oozes even in writing).

      Come on .. don’t you be turning to a pussy on me! However, I need to dispense one simple advice at insulting: please keep it short and in simple plain English. This whole trainwreck of lengthy sentences is a no-no – dude..My English is not that good, I only have grade 3 SPM, even UiTM rejected my application. I work my butt off to get to where I am – the only MALAY Head of Department among the many Chinese in my organisation, absorbing knowledge like a sponge, street-smart and quick thinking .. and I owe it all to God for he has certainly blessed me : when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade!

      So, continue with your comments: prove us (me) wrong instead of giving up just like that…but I promise you, I will continue to voice out my opinions the way I see them..

      Agi idup, agi ngelaban..bah!

      1. hear! hear!

        setuju sungguh, esp about keeping the language, insults included, mudah dan mesra-hadirin.

        rugi karan jer kalau maki-hamun dan hina kita orang sasaran tak faham. :-)

  7. I like anakjamil’s attitude. I personally think average joes shouldn’t get emotionally invested in any cyberspace discourse because the anonymous nature of the discussions. This is the wild wild west of Internet; everybody can say whatever crap they want simply because they can get away with it. However it’s OK to maintain (emotional) connection with this blog’s owner since she’s a real person (with name and picture), :-D

  8. Helen,

    in my personal opinion, I think we should allow Warrior 231 to voice his opinion and I think AJ will agree to it even when he has been personally victimized for his opinion on the topic.

    The unwarranted insulting against AJ depicts the typical Malaysian attitude with a tit for tat attitude to overwhelm the topic of discussion with half past six wisdom without pondering over the relevance of it. No, I am not picking a bone with Warrior as it is not what it looks like that matter, but what you experience.

    Knowledge is a half way house even more so with internet for most, whereas wisdom does not need law, threat of punishment to ensure compliance even when it is haywire. I think we should exercise our wisdom to dictate to allow the expression of Warrior, no matter how we run our assumptions o him.

    Warrior, don’t take this personal, nor anyone is pitying you, but only to recognize you as a fellow human without an objective or an ulterior motive but your views even when you have the ability to digress at times. Peace Warrior. Maybe this will enlighten you. [YouTube]

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