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Terbaru: Lagi adegan Rosmah dalam video gangnam DAP

Selain babak cincin berlian dalam video ‘Ubah Rocket Style’ yang awal (2012), ada adegan baru versi 2013.

Ia memaparkan bab ‘Rosmah’ dikejar oleh seorang pengantin perempuan yang sedang menggertak beliau dengan ayunan raket badminton.

Rujuk silang senikata video Namewee (min 1:15)

“Perkahwinan [jaguh badminton Lee Chong Wei] yang indah
dirosakkan oleh si gemuk sukahati dia je
nak selit antara pengantin dengan cincinnya”

Screenshot (klik)




Akaun ‘VideoDAP’ di YouTube

Video ciplak Gangnam yang dilancarkan oleh biro publisiti DAP pada 1 Jan 2013 adalah lebih panjang, iaitu selama 5:28 minit, berbanding versi pra-tonton yang 4:09 minit.

Versi rasmi video ‘Ubah Rocket Style’ 5-½ minit dalam bahasa Inggeris sudah ditonton sebanyak 123,025 kali manakala versi bahasa Cina ditonton 61,706 kali.

Versi pendek 4-minit yang dimuatnaik pada 15 Dis 2012 mencecah 318,624 tontonan setakat ini di YouTube.



Kos pembikinan video RM1.3 juta?

Sesetengah pelayar Internet – yang sebenarnya tidak pernah membeli senaskah Utusan seumur hidup mereka – terpedaya dengan tajuk berita palsu. Terpampang di muka depan akhbar Photoshop Utusan ialah dakyah “Beli sendiri guna duit menabung dari kecil – Rosmah”.

Penyokong pembangkang menelan bulat-bulat cerita bahawa Rosmah telah membeli sebentuk cincin bernilai puluhan juta ringgit.

Screenshot bawah: Kita tidak harus tercegat kenapa pengikut DAP boleh mudah tertipu. Ini kerana adapun blogger Dapster hatchetman (suruhan) Tokong yang begitu yakin bahawa orangramai kebanyakannya tidak kenal dengan istilah ‘meng-Photoshop’.


Portal Keadilan Daily beberapa hari lepas masih lagi mahu mengungkit dakwaan Rosmah kononnya memiliki cincin berharga RM24 juta.

Sekarang ada pula portal berita yang mengkhabarkan bahawa kos pembikinan video Gangnam DAP adalah RM1.3 juta.

Adakah pengundi atas pagar lebih mempercayai tentang cincin RM24 juta ataupun cerita kos penggambaran video RM1.3 juta?


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36 thoughts on “Terbaru: Lagi adegan Rosmah dalam video gangnam DAP

  1. More like Fitnah style.

    Too bad their muslim partners didn’t bother to educate them on the seriousness of fitnah.

    Don’t know about Christian teachings, maybe tell lies and slander your opponents is part of their commandments.

    Or maybe they are just that stupid falling for tripe coming out of that Keadilan site. The same site which claimed that 700 000 people gathered for HKR112.

    About the RM1.3 million cost, I don’t know what’s the usual cost should be but feels like it’s so excessive for a youtube video.

    There’s also news of some DAP members really angry because they feel the party should have contributed instead to one of their own ill with cancer.

    1. The evil Catholic Christian Pope is sending the anti Gay Bishop from the US as his representative next week!

      Well, well now more Chinese and Indians are going to believe that the world is created in 7 days!

      where will we put our 300 million years trees?

      Seems this najib is so behind time. European dont believe in the sodomising Catholic priests anymore and he want to understand Catholic religion. How pathetic. So sad sometimes he sound clever but sometimes he is really dumb.

      1. Dear EPr,

        Have you considered therapy?

        Sometimes, it helped not being in drunken stupor when writing comments.

    1. Love it, esp. the bit about “hujan fitnah telah jadi bah”.

      Pls buzz me when the karya is finalized. I’d like to reproduce in posting.

      1. Ok, will buzz you when I publish @ my blog later. :)


  2. fitnah and fitnah…

    the christian chinese politics is terrible, absolutely terrible.

    racist party, racist leader, racist supporter.

    i don’t mind 13th May happened again, these idiots need to be taught some manners…

    1. You mention “May 13” and they will say you’re eyeing Tok Him’s presidency of Perkasa.

      But one thing I’ve noticed, ketidakupayaan untuk mencermin diri. The Dapsters will say the Malays are fear-mongering but don’t for a second reflect on how other races (not just Malays but mamak, Indian, others) view their current behaviour.

      1. every civilization will reach critical point, Helen. We did during 1969, and after that, we went through a relatively successful period until 2004.

        ‘Reformatting’ would be nice, get a clean break.

        I’ve grown up with Chinese friend and i’ve always looked at them as my buddy. Now, I really couldn’t stand their behavior over the simplest matter. The Chinese should understand, they can take all the economic cake as much as they want.

        But leave the power to us.

  3. This is so sad…is this what politics in malaysia have become? Shouldn’t both sides of the political divide talk about policies and plans and vision on how to move our country forward economically, socially etc? Is the opposition that ketandusan idea and vision?

    For all the talk of high class politicians in the opposition, this is their definition of high class? One upmanship? Copycat korean artist? This is the best that they can offer?

    So stupid!

    I can’t imagine what will happen to our country should the opposition win. We do have a version of the future admin albeit in a smaller scale version in the likes of chaotic selangor, Islam ala PAS in Kelantan and Kedah, and dictatorship in penang. For the first time in my life, i am actually scared for the future of my children should this trend continue.

    I want my leaders to have more substance than this. This is the future of my country. I do not want leaders who are only good at bullying others, making fun of others, cracking stupid one liners and more interested in scoring political points.

    Don’t the opposition supporters want the same? Are they that deep in their hatred that any idiot will do (and you can’t get anymore idiotic than the crop of politicians in opposition camp…Nizar, Mat Sabu anyone? Or behaving like gangsters…hello Nga and Ngeh? Don’t even mention Her Royal Highness the Twitter Queen).

    Maybe instead of criticising Sharifah over her “listen! Listen! Listen!”, everyone should actually take her advice and LISTEN. And add THINK to the equation while you are at it. You will realise soon enough that the opposition talks crap.

    Ps/- tried to have an intelligent discussion with an opposition supporter who is a medical doctor yesterday. Unfortunately, having a medical degree does not equate to having the necessary intelligence to differentiate between fact and fiction. At the end of the discussion, when facts were brought in and he couldn’t win the argument, he resorted to perli, sarcasm and outright kutuk and name calling. Seriously? 24 million ring? Scorpene? RM207 billion from the japanese? Are these the opposition’s only argument? Seriously??

    1. If the video is to target youth, then the DAP really have a very low opinion of the youth today. Pikat them using Gangnam style video? Seriously? You really think our youth are that stupid?

        1. I know. It is sad, but it is true.

          I do not expect everyone to agree with me, or be pro government (i am not pro gov, more like anti current opposition) but at least bila argue pun, gunalah hujah yang bernas berlandaskan fakta. Janganlah guna hujah yang berlandaskan hearsay, or speculation or out right fitnah tanpa ada sebarang bukti yang sahih langsung. If it is a situation of free-for-all, then slander and lies will be the name of the game. And that is what is happenning right now.

          I feel, as a citizen, i have the right to have a good government and a good opposition. Right now, i feel that we have a so-so, boleh tahan government but can improve (and so far, the gov is willing to better itself via the leadership of Najib). On the other hand, we have the worst opposition in the history of Malaysia, by far, led by none other than an untrustworthy leader in Anwar who is willing to do anything, promise anything to be in power. From their behaviour post 2008, they are not interested in nation building and the welfare of the people. They are only interested in gaining power through whatever means necessary. If that means pitting one group against the other (Allah issue), creating chaos (numerous street demos) and coming up with whatever tricks that they can come up with(RM207 billion compensation), they willdo so. And that is not how a good opposition should behave.

          I guess when you have leaders that desperately want power, this is what you get. Always be careful in giving power to those that want it too badly…all of us might get burn.

    2. Madame Melonhead! What are you doing?!

      You’re actually asking PR people to take advice and listen instead of belittling others?!!

      If they actually did that, kiamat laa dunia!!!

      But then, there’s no need for me to be alarmed laa kan. So… my apologies.

  4. Melon Head saya sangat bersetuju. Pada 2008 saya voted opposition kerana saya takut negara kita terus di-plunder oleh tingkat 4 dan kerana saya rasa Melayu betul betul boleh bersaing if everyone is equal footing. But 2008 it seems like kita bagi lebih mandate to those who scream racism but they themselves is one too untuk buat sesuka hati. We are doing ok socio-economic wise although we can do much better with less hatred and a very good opposition. But we have a crappy opposition which is a bunch of incompetence people still cannot be weed out from the government…

    1. These opposition leaders and supporters actually have double digit IQs. If the Pakatan were to win powers, their leaders will be laughed off at international forums and meetings.

  5. This is the kind of hate culture which could lead to the destruction of Malaysia. I hope these Dapsters will be around when I finally lose my cool and Gangyang them big time. These Dapsters are crass and really have no class.

  6. one thing I like about Rosmah is no matter how many tongues are wagging bitching about her .. not once she resort to suing: she could win for character defamation. That folks shows how classy a person is. I wonder what will happen should I do a montage video of a certain oppo politician with a song ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ – I bet lawsuits be flyin’ from all nooks and crannies plus trolls will be on it like flies onto a shit!

    1. I think that’s why Wanita BN and rakyat never bother with such accusations against Rosmah. Itu yang buat pembangkang PANAS sebab Rosmah langsung tak terjentik! Kalau LGE, baru sikit kena fitnah, dah mcm2 surat saman keluar.

  7. The PASter in my office showed me the fake utusan article when it came out last year and when another Malay manager challenge him its fake he was berated as totok UMNO and the PASter close the matter.

    These PASter and DAPster are trolls.

    So its not just DAPster, PASter who knows that fitnah is what the iblis wants us go do indulge in the same muck as their extremist Christian Tokong Sahabats.

    If a fake article can be so believable to them, why they cannot acknowledge Anwar was in the video, the face is there and even Singapore intelligence admits its possible Anwar fell for a trap… maybe Rosmah need four witnesses like Anwar, play at the PAS and Christian mullah level.. lets thump some holy scripture or hadiths to win since common sense do not work for these people.

  8. These people are actually imagining a woman as having something in her possession but their imagination is not true because she never really had it.

    They are also imagining that they have been using ‘Allah’ in SubangJaya all this while but the actual fact is that they have been dreaming all this while.

    Next, they will make video clips portraying themselves grabbing Putrajaya from the enemy’s hand. Their intention is to show it to the sane public and expect them to buy into it.

  9. Helen,

    But why PR targets Rosmah? Why hit below the belt?

    The slander against Rosmah has been going on for years. Much of the “fitnah” were based on hearsay (meaning from those who have malicious intention).

    Rosmah on shopping spree, Rosmah bought a diamond ring, Rosmah killed Altantuya, Rosmah controls the PM, the list is just mind boggling.

    Once I asked A PAS member “adakah awak sembahyang 5 kali sehari untuk berterusan fitnah Rosmah”. He was dumbfounded.

    And in PAS muktamar, Rosmah has never been spared the insult. She was referred as “En Rosmah” while Najib as “Puan Najib” until even Nik Aziz openly rebuked those insulting the couple.

    I may not like Rosmah wholeheartedly, but certainly she is not a monster. Just like any person on earth, she has her weaknesses too. She is after all is mere mortal like all of us.

  10. Kak Helen,

    Apakah orang bukan Cina tidak boleh masuk majlis perkahwinan rakan Namewee? Kalau itulah yang cuba dipaparkan maka ianya adalah bersifat perkauman.

    Dengan itu dapatlah disimpulkan bahawa video Klip Namewee hanya mendedahkan betapa beliau, penulis skrip, para pelakon dan produser adalah golongan yang rasis. Noktah.

    *bagaimana kalau bukan Cina masuk gereja Namewee?


    Mungkin gambar (klik) ini tidak menyenangkan mereka-mereka yang asal pun sudah benci padanya. — Helen

    1. Helen,

      Datin Rosmah is the wife of a sovereign head of govt. Naturally people will accord respect befitting her status. as such, it is proper or rather expected for her to be given seat besides bride or bridegroom.

      Only a moron would make an issue that has never been a problem in the first place. As for Namawee, he has crossed the limit so many times.

      Perhaps it is high time for a new Minister ‘dalam Negeri’.

  11. lihat betapa low class cara dapsters dan sekutu mereka berkempen membunuh karektor DS Rosmah. lihatlah betapa high class DS Rosmah tak kalut saman sana; saman sini. kalaulah geng pisang yg dibuat video mcm tu aku yakin saman akan turun macam hujan. ahbeng cinabeng namewee tu mmg low class punya rasis. pelakon melayu yg berlakon filem dia semua barua penjilat bontot cina dapster. kalau 135 berulang dalam waktu terdekat aku rasa dia org ke 2 lepas PT yg dibalun sampai jadi kangkung goreng belacan. hapara, tak tau dek untung…

    1. The ones that don’t like Rosmah, they say things about her that they wouldn’t say about Hannah. It’s got nothing to do with religion, culture, ‘kesopanan dan kesusilaan. All is just purely politics.

      1. The big difference is that the Jerusubangites trumpet their Politics of Love for all Bruders and Sistas, and tweet “May God have mercy on the racists for they love not others who are also made in God’s image”.

  12. Najib makan peluru sendiri selepas endorse budak gile Namawee ni sebagai ada ‘KELAINAN’

  13. OMG! Memang DAP tak ada kerja lain ke? Makin lama makin mereka gunakan pendekatan hiburan yg sia2 untuk mendekatkan diri kepada Tuhan mereka dan juga mempengaruhi rakyat dgn pendekatan sedemikian. Di Gereja pun buat mini konsert, lagikan pula buang masa buat video2 terkangkang and tunjuk punggung. Style baru DAP untuk memikat hati pengundi? Wow!

    Selama ini tuduh BN lebih2 lagi UMNO tersasar jauh dengan hiburan dan mcm2. Tapi sedar tak sedar, muslimah PAS pun boleh menjerit2, melompat2 bila Sham Kamikaze main gitar kat pentas. Pendekatan sama oleh gereja buat mini konsert pakai kain singkat and jeans nk terlondeh menari2 di pentas dan orang kat bawah siap boleh kata God Bless! Ini sudah terpesong!

    Sejujurnya, saya tak pernah kutuk Hannah fat whatsoever even though dia mengiyakan kegemukan Rosmah. Tapi dia tak cermin diri dulu before mengata orang ke? Paku dulang serpih. Mengata orang, dia yang lebih. I nak kutuk2 fizikal dia I tak berani sebab I pun Gemuk! Hahaha.

    1. Kata dulang paku serpih, mengata orang diri sendiri yang lebih, hanya terpakai dalam konteks sesama rakan dan sesama kelompok.

      Kalau berlainan kelompok maka ada peribahasa lain lebih sesuai: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

      Maksudnya trans fats berlebihan pada Mama Yeoh sedap dipandang menerusi mata evangelist meskipun menerusi mata bukan evangelist ianya obes.

  14. Penyalahgunaan kebebasan bersuara. Apa faedahnya membuat video menghina isteri pemimpin sebegini? Kalau Datin Sri Rosmah bersalah, sila buat laporan Polis.

  15. Fuck Sharifah Zohra and her racist supremacist attitude. It is condescending of her to tell others to listen when she did not. Furthermore she bribed the audience with Samsung phones, an indication of low intelligence. Fuck the BN and FLOM. Oh, and fuck YOU Helen Ang, and all the supporters of this blog, for sucking Najib’s balls for money. Creatures like you are a traitor to 1Malaysia. I wonder how much money the eunuch Jibby-boy pays you to run this blog. More than Hee Yit Foong?

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