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Perkasa will dissuade BN Malays from voting for MCA

Why has Perkasa threatened to withdraw Malay support for MCA?


There are several reasons as to why the Malay far right movement is unhappy with the Chinese party.

One, the tussle over the ‘Allah’ word; two the Malay Allah-bible; and three, the immediate catalyst for Perkasa going on the warpath — the Patrick Teoh rant.

Why has Perkasa detected MCA fingerprints as complicit in all of these?


(I) The Star supports Patrick

It was only on the FIFTH (!) day – after the rest of the media had carried multiple write-ups on the Patrick controversy – that the MCA-owned paper finally provided an ambivalent piece of coverage.

While the Patrick story which broke on Wednesday was already explored from many angles by the other media, The Star has so far only published a single article (at time of this blog uploading).

The MCA paper said on Sunday:

“Teoh had earlier posted a note on his Facebook page criticising the PAS-led Kedah Government and its guidelines for Chinese New Year performers in the state, which included some allegedly offensive remarks about Muslims.”

The Star qualified its description of Patrick’s remarks with the adjective “allegedly”, meaning that the paper itself is not truly of the opinion that the DAP-linked deejay had actually been offensive. He is merely “alleged” by some Muslims to have been offensive.

And these Muslims, in the eyes of The Star, are just probably being too sensitive.

Women get Mothers Day flowers from Lim

(II) The Star supports Guan Eng

The Penang Chief Minister reignited the Allah controversy last Christmas eve (Dec 24) in his season’s greeting.

As with the long delay in coming out with the Patrick story, The Star had similarly blacked out the Guan Eng story earlier on.

Again the MCA paper only picked up the story on the FIFTH (!) day after the rest of the media had gone to town with it.

On Dec 28, The Star reported:

“[MCA deputy publicity chief Loh Seng Kok] also took a snipe at Lim, saying there was no reason for the DAP leader to exploit religion during Christmas … “

Almost everyone else thinks that Guan Eng is the villain of the piece here. Except The Star.

In calling the MCA spokesman a sniper instead, the paper was alluding that Loh is “a contemptible person” (according to dictionary meaning of ‘snipe’) to have made his “malicious, underhand attack” (definition of sniping) on the DAP sec-gen.

Perkasa views this consistent trend in The Star to undermine Malay-Muslim interests as indicative of the stance held by its owner the MCA.

MyKMU, an influential Umno-linked portal

(III) Both The Star, MCA support Christian triumphalism

In the latest ‘Allah’ twist and turn, MCA indicated its support for the Christians to use the kalimah.

Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hasan Syed Ali is unhappy about what he believes were attempts previously to turn Malays into apostates by the duplicitous Damansara Utama Methodist Church. This particular DUMC story, like the Patrick and Guan Eng examples cited above, was downplayed by The Star.

The paper similarly buried the Subang Jaya City Harvest Church alleged fraud — a scandal unearthed by the Singapore authorities which caught the attention of the international press except for strangely The Star that has a sizable Christian readership.

Perkasa’s anxiety with regard to the perceived Christianization agenda of the DAP is a common concern that it shares with Umno.

Most recently, the Perkasa sec-gen brought up an incident where Malay Bibles containing Jawi script had been distributed to Muslim schoolchildren in Penang.

bible melayu

(IV) Both The Star, MCA support the evangelistas

The Star – which is regarded by Perkasa and the general public as the Voice of MCA – has adamantly refused to expose this Christianization movement that is linked with the increasing influence of the DAP evangelical politicians.

In fact, in the last five years since the 2008 tsunami, the paper has hardly ever carried any critical reports on the DAP evangelistas. On the other hand, The Star actively promotes the evangelistas, so much so that it is seen as being as among their chief publicists.

This bias is taken to the extent that the paper gave a miss to a 1Malaysia Mooncake and Lantern festival officiated by the Deputy Agriculture Minister in Petaling Jaya. But the same weekend, it was willing to provide flattering coverage complete with photographs to two Mid-Autumn celebrations both involving the DAP Subang Jaya state assemblywoman.

Aside from assiduously promoting the DAP 2.0 evangelista cult, the paper has also been cavalier in its attitude to Muslim sensitivities as evidenced by its feature on Ramadan Delight Pork Ribs and the Erykah Badu ‘Allah’ tattoo.

Voter support channeled by the Star Media Group to the opposition
Voter support channeled by the Star Media Group to the Christian opposition

(V) Perkasa not keen to support MCA

pastePerkasa has many complaints about the Christian encroachment into Muslim turf including the Occupy Masjid endeavours.

MCA is seen as being complicit in all of these for the reasons stated above.

How will Perkasa witholding its support in the coming election impact on the MCA? Well, do not forget that the Perkasa and Umno membership hugely overlap.

Some top Umno figures, sitting and ex-Ministers as well as Malay corporate tycoons have attended the Perkasa functions.

It was at the very same event where Dr M delivered the keynote address that Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali made his threat to burn the Allah-bibles.

The table below shows that out of the MCA’s 15 Parliament seats, nine are in Malay-majority areas.

Malay registered voters in the MCA constituencies are likely to either spoil their ballots or stay at home on polling day because these BN loyalists can see that the MCA contribution to the election efforts are lacklustre and lukewarm.

Furthermore the MCA media machinery is unable to hide the fact that it is covertly helping the other side.


From the look of it, the Malay electorate is quite capable of pulling the rug out from under the MCA’s feet.

Rumblings among the grassroots indicate that this is what the Malays are likely to do, largely due to their disgruntlement with the MCA ‘hidup segan mati tak mahu’ lackadaisical attitude in giving DAP a walkover and shared use of its media resources.


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46 thoughts on “Perkasa will dissuade BN Malays from voting for MCA

  1. Helen, rata-rata orang Melayu sudah muak dgn perangai DAPster dan yg sewaktu dengannya iaitu MCA. Termasuklah media mereka.

    It’s OK kalau Cina atau India hina Islam, Melayu dan dilabelkan sbg hak bersuara dan media pun tidak membesarkan perkara tersebut. Tetapi sebaliknya berlaku jika Melayu pertahankan diri seperti mana yang berlaku kpd Ahmad Ismail, Ibrahim Ali, Pengetua Sekolah dan lain-lain lagi. Mereka terus dilabel RASIS dan media milik DAPster termasuklah The Sun, The Star terus menerus memainkan sentimen memaksa mereka meminta maaf.

    Saya dan keluarga saya telah bersepakat untuk tidak mengundi calon MCA, DAP. Kami hanya akan mengundi calon Melayu Islam sahaja tidak kira parti. Keseluruhan ahli keluarga saya ada 20 org yang layak mengundi. Kami kecewa kerana puak yg baru dapat sedikit kuasa ini, tidak menghargai keamanan dan toleransi yg telah byk diberikan oleh kaum Melayu selama ini. Sehingga batas agama yg selama ini tidak disentuh, mereka sudah berani dengan terbuka menjadikan ia sbg psywar.

    1. I am thinking of not voting MCA also, but if it means voting PAS, or PKR, or DAP… *sigh*

      I must admit. MCA is getting under my skin too. But I definitely hate PR more.

    2. Kes rasuah Presiden MCA mesti diteruskan. Biar mahkahmah yang tentukan bukan bekas rakan sejenayah bekas Presiden UMNO yang tentukan. Tidak adil kalau Khir Toyo beli rumah murah dari harga market dipenjara, kes berbilion nak di tutup.

      Selama mereka bertiga MCA, MIC dan UMNO menerajui BN tidak tahu berapa banyak projek kroni dijalankan.

      Oleh itu SPRM mesti teruskan pendakwaan.

  2. Helen, I have said it before and will say it again. I am not voting Pakatan or MCA. MCA is the the biggest obvious gunting dalam lipatan.

  3. My wife and I voted for PAS in titiwangsa in 2008 due to Sleepy Paklah Syndrome and SIL factor. Come this election, we have 5 votes from my home alone. All will go to Umno not coz of so much love for the party (i was and still critical of this party of any wrongdoings), but coz of so much hatre of the arrogant greedy chauvinist hypocrite rude disrespectful chinese christian DAPsters.

    About the Bawani chap talking about PTPTN and her idols Ambiga and Anwar Ibrahim (the father of mega hypocracy), listen listen listen listen listen Bawani, my dddddddd studied in the same college with one of Anwar’s children. Let me tell you this Bawani Listen, this Anwar Ibrahim has aboslutely no MORAL integrity to talk about PTPTN. Go tell your idol Ambiga to ask Anwar why.

    Listen listen Bawani i repeat listen listen…go tell Ambiga to ask Anwar why he should shut the mouth out about PTPTN, bloody hypocrite Anwar! This guy is a real snake! Kalau dapat skolar kapal untuk “rakyat” dia senyap2 sapu semua untuk “rakyat dirumahnya dulu” dan budak2 lain lantak kamu. Nampaknya, si ular ini memerlukan pendidikan PERCUMA lebih dari rakyat seperti Bawani yang memerlukan bantuan pendidikan.

    So my advise to Pakatan Pembohong, please remove PTPTN from your Manifesto or Buku Jingga or whatever! Its a mockery!

  4. I will vote Perkasa, (kalau depa buat parti politik) after seeing the kurang ajar attitude by cina DAPster & cina MCA, of course no more vote lah. all ‘unthankful chinese’ agenda surfaced oledi. people said, “ibarat bangkai gajah yang ditutup” & ibarat kentut yang senyap… this blog has played major role in surfacing ‘unthankful chinese’ agenda. and top up with SMK-social media kaypoh (people who tweet and fb this blog contents), many more malays will run away from DAP & MCA.

    p.s: SMK are not 50 sen cyber troopers, they are FOC.
    Unthankful Chinese (UC) are for MCA dungus and all in DAP

      1. hahaha SOG bro, ikut hati mati, ikut rasa binasa. itu betul, tapi kalau asyik sabar saja org naik kepala. ingat melayu lembik sangat ka?

        1. Actually bro, aku memang dah hilang sabar dah ni.

          Masalahnya, kalau aku pangkah PAS, takde beza dengan aku pangkah MCA. Kalau nama Tuhan pun Pas boleh gadai, baik aku pangkah MCA. Macam tu, at least UMNO boleh gak bagi pressure sikit, dan aku tak syubahat menyekutukan Allah.

          Sapa yang kata Melayu lembik memang tak pernah rasa kena kunci atau seligi silat. Orang Melayu kalau dah marah, kalau tak mati, boleh cacat dikerjakan. Sapa tak percaya boleh cari kat youtube “kerambit silat”.

          Tapi, dalam kita marah, jangan kita hilang akal. Jangan kita salah pukul orang. Allah SWT tak suka, dan kita wajib takut dengan kemurkaan Allah SWT.

          Eh sorry bro, bukan nak lecture hang :P

  5. Dear Helen, in places where MCA/Gerakan are weak, PCM should strategically contest so that the middle ground who are still unable with MCA/Gerakan/MIC and yet do not trust Pakatan can opt for the third choice. This is what we are doing in Penang.

    Best regards,
    Melvin Chin
    Executive Secretary
    Parti Cinta Malaysia

  6. Helen,

    Good idea. I have been saying it all along. why let MCA contests in Malay majority areas and then UMNO will eventually accused of babysitting MCA.

    As if it is crime for a Malay based party(UMNO) to earn the position as the dominant political party in Malaysia simply by earning it.

    Beside, by having MCa contests in chinese areas only, MCA will be forced to fight DAP for its survival. The Chinese community then will start thinking whether they want to be in or out of the govt.

    Part of the problem I admit lies with stupid Malay politicians who proclaim to the world that Chinese votes is the deciding factor. I understand if say a constituent like Bukit Gantang were Chinese forms approximately 25% of voters.

    But they also said the same thing in Sibu where Chinese forms approximately 60% of voters.

    “jadi bila masa pula undi Melayu jadi penentu?”

  7. *Yawn…* IA’s latest threats will just become like his usual threats… all talk no action.

    And opening his mouth will result in more non Malay and even Malay votes going away from BN, not just MCA or MIC. I somewhat pity the MCA and MIC. Their fight to regain support from Pakatan is hampered by the far-rightists like Tun M & IA.

    Regarding the Bible incident where you wrote, based on the TV3 report:

    “Most recently, the Perkasa sec-gen brought up an incident where Malay Bibles containing Jawi script had been distributed to Muslim schoolchildren in Penang.”

    Some clarification on the matter from the police:

    “So far, all the bibles seized are in English and do not contain the word ‘Allah’. They are not Bahasa Malaysia translations nor printed in Jawi,” he added.

    1. Thanks for the update clarification on the Jelutong-distributed bibles.

      re: MCA & MIC’s “fight to regain support from Pakatan is hampered by the far-rightists like Tun M & IA”, Raja Petra has this theory that BN (read Umno) has given up on the Chinese vote and all the efforts are geared towards ensuring a BN win through locking in Malay votes. Insofar as the tactical calculation goes, it’s strategic numbers crunching.

      BN (read Umno) is still trying to woo back Indian votes, e.g. the announcement about allowing Hindu temple to be built in Putrajaya. Perhaps they’ve already given up on the Chinese vote altogether.

      Hence I’m still holding on to the theory of Chinese vs Malay (with its corollary of Christian vs Muslim) political landscape post GE13 which looks more and more to be the case.

      1. I think we will have to wait and see, really. UMNO wants to shore up its Malay base. Tun Mahathir is just concerned what the RCI will throw up.

        It has always been fashionable for the Chinese to be anti-government, but being practical people, many simple folks (largely the older generation) still reasoned that it is better to have a horse on the winning side. Hedging their bets, I think MCA and Gerakan might need to merge because their chief weakness was a perceived lack of communal voice. The younger lot, however, believe that they could count on idealistic non-communal parties, which explains the presence of a small Chinese party base in PKR. DAP has always been traditionally Chinese, so nothing has really changed there.

        A damaged PAS, however, is significant. If UMNO can capitalize on a demoralized PAS, it will face a crippled PR in terms of organization and mobilisation. UMNO is now the sole defender on the hill on “Allah”, and many (especially the right wing hardliners) appreciates the stand the beleaguered party has taken.

        MCA needs to realize that they can forget about the Christian votes and instead focus on middle class issues. It needs to take that initiative away from DAP and PKR. MCA must make itself relevant to the middle class, by understanding the problems and challenges of the rising middle-income group – desires for low credit, stable housing prices, home ownership, good public education, affordable healthcare, social care facilities and services, reducing bureaucratic red tape, utilities and fuel, taxation and congestion issues.

        When MCA spearheaded the lifelong learning campaign, it attracted criticism but actually gained a lot of leverage by directly impacting the lives of many apolitical public. Instead of withdrewing its support, the new Presidents should have understood that there is a disconnect between the party elites and grassroot outreach to the public. Party politics have resulted in short-sighted attempts to re-engage the constituency. PAS is strong because it SERVES the community. MCA is now redirecting its focus to (re)start or rebrand its scholarships, micro-credit, medical insurance and civil society support. The efforts, however, are still largely central driven, with little engagement efforts of the local community leaders. This means that their efforts will cost much more than PAS’s brand of volunteerism. MCA must think bigger and stop fishing only among the low-income group and go the prestigious route. Create an exclusive international scholarship for young Malaysians (under the age of 21) and make sure the recipients (just one or two per year) are enrolled in ivy leagues overseas and return to work in the country. Continue with the small RM5000 per annum scholarships, but create a singularly exclusive scholarship to honour and inspire academic excellence. MCA must sponsor its own legislation in the Parliament and highlight their roles in say tax amendments, standards of care or simplifying business licensing. It must learn to appeal BEYOND welfare-like initiatives, but moving towards incubation efforts for sound economic, social and cultural environment. Instead of cupid programs, it should seek to get the government to create tax incentives for high income households to have more children. Procreation tax rebates don’t really make a dent on population growth, but it sure pleases the hell out of some people. That’s better than giving RM100 for every newborn in Penang, right? There are many things that the MCA dabbles in but don’t get highlighted, perhaps they need, like what Helen considers, a new media mouthpiece.

        1. re: “MCA needs to realize that they can forget about the Christian votes”.

          Hope someone with Twitter will tweet the above to the MCA president and other top party leaders.

          Yes, I’m aware of what you say MCA is doing, like the insurance for its members and agree with you about the secret of PAS success, i.e. that it is a strong grassroots party.

          About the endless Scissors stabs in the back resulting in MCA contributions not being recognized, well, not only that but when credit is due to the party, the Star yanks it away and gives the nama to the sapi.

          e.g. In the MCA website, ‘Wanita MCA’s efforts bear fruit – Amendment to Parliament Standing Order to bar sexist slurs welcomed’ but The Star blacks out and instead interviews Wanita DAP leaders for their story on the topic.

          1. As majority of Christians 60% are Bumiputeras based in East Malaysia, I doubt MCA will put them as their prime voter base. Rather, the MCA, MIC, Gerakan, criticizes the far-right factions of UMNO & Perkasa to show its voter base, the Chinese & Indians that it is worthy of defending the interest of minority groups against the right wingers in BN.

            Granted IA is targeting Christians with his plans to burn Bibles. But this also does not endear non Christian minorities toward BN. They know there is much membership overlap between Perkasa & UMNO. They also recall Perkasa’s recent verbal attacks on Chinese & Indians, before moving on to try a different target.

            I have Hindu & Buddhist friends who are upset at IA & Madey’s recent antics, and to an extent… the BN.

            1. Okay, what you say in your first para sounds reasonable.

              But despite that the majority, as you say, of those affected by ‘Allah’ are Sabahan & Sarawakians, the peninsular Christians are prominent in the row too — Bishop Paul Tan, Bishop Ng Moon Hing, Rev Eu Hong Seng, Bishop Rev. Thomas Philips.

              Archbishop Murphy Pakiam and Father Andrew Lawrence are who involved in the Herald lawsuit are not Sabah/Sarawak natives either.

    2. Johnny malaya,

      Perhaps you are not aware that although malays even with their “lebih kurang ” attitude takes religions very seriously. Or rather they are dead set againsts peaching Christianity to Muslims.

      Humble or straight forward the Malay Muslim community may have been all this while but they also ( although in rarity) do shows wisdom. which is why they include a clause in the constitution making islam as the state religion and specifically prohibit preaching Christianity to Muslim community.

      As for Tun Dr Mahathir, he just says what Malays have been saying. Which part of his comments are offensive?

      actually none of the Malays believe parties like DAP or PKR fights for Malays. But some of them are willing to support DAP just to fish Chinese votes.

      The actual truth is what Guan Eng spews from his mouth is actually making Malays run away from him

      1. SA,

        What we have is an attempt to restrict a religious group from using a language & word that they have been using for their own religious practices for a long time, on the recent fears that it may be used for preaching to Muslims.

        To paraphrase IHNS, the attempt to ban it is like trying to prohibit the sale of knives, which we use everyday to prepare our food, on the pretext they might be used for violence.

        >> As for Tun Dr Mahathir, he just says what Malays have been saying. Which part of his comments are offensive?

        Mahathir should remember that his own father was a migrant from India.

        Erna Mahyuni from Sabah puts it well in her recent column:

        1. jonnymalaya,

          Rather than quoting IHNS, why not you quote the judgement of Lau Bee Lan J in the case of kalimah Allah? The words of the judge are interpretation of relevant laws referred in the case. No offense to IHNS.

          “Further, I am incline to agree that the Court has to consider the question of “avoidance of confusion” as a ground very cautiously so as to obviate a situation where a mere confusion of certain persons within a religious group can strip the constitutional right of another religious group to practise and propagate their religion under Article 11(1) and to render such guaranteed right as illusory.”

          Another salient point by the judge:

          “32. I am of the view that the proceeding is justiciable on some of the grounds submitted in the reply submission made by the Applicant-

          (i) the Rulers and YDPA have no prerogative powers to govern the affairs of other religions and the fact that the affairs of other religions are governed not by the Rulers and YDPA but by their own religious groups is clearly enshrined in Article 11(3) of the Federal Constitution. If any action is taken by the Rulers and YDPA which affect the affairs of non Islamic religions, such action would be construed as unconstitutional. Further, if any laws other than those set out in Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution are passed, such laws would also be construed as unconstitutional;”

        2. JonnyMalaya,

          I am not so sure about the analogy on knife to be equated with sharing of the name of “allah” . It was a bit far fetched.

          I have been asking christians who they consider as God. all of them answer ‘Jesus’. None of them said “allah”. and I also study comparative religion. There is no “allah” even once mentioned in Bible.

          What irks me is that these christian pastors( only they insist., other Christians have no issue using God’) ignore repeated explanation that the objection is legitimate as it affects the very foundation of Islam.

          Sharing the name will eventually resulting in people to tune their thinking that “samalah islam dengan Kristian. Nama Tuhan pun sama’. Whether the intention is good or bad, it is immaterial. The result is still the same. It shakes the very foundation of islam as saying “samalah Islam dengan Kistiian” is “syirik’ which every Muslim knows as the greatest sin a Muslim can do.

          it is not a semantic issue. It is also not a political issue. Only some useless politician like Guan eng used to fish votes. and he was willingly helped by many muslim politicians eager to conquer Putrajaya.

          As for Dr Mahathir classic’s remark, in all sincerity I believe he meant well. He was just sarcastic. Meaning he reminded us the world record that stands until today where at strokes of 9 pens by 9 malay rulers, more than 1 million citizenship granted. it was an unprecedented massive citizenship exercise unmatched anywhere, a manifestation on generosity of Malay people, sadly mocked now as racists.

          The massive grant on citizenship , I believe is a symbol of beauty, inspiration worth admiration. And Dr Mahathir was just trying to bring us to Sabah situation where colonial power divided countries with same community straddles between 2 countries. They have been staying here for decades.

          Dr Mahathir never denies his roots. and I have no problem with that. In fact Muslim Malay embraces other races under one bond “umat nabi Muhammad SAW”. Meaning there will be no objection say for Dr Ridhuan Tee to be appointed as ( example only) as Yang diPertua of Penang.

          The one who have issue with people with darker complexion is DAP. As such we heard about “hitam metalik” and absence of Indian and malay elected in CEC. karpal Singh is just a figurehead.

          My advice to any Malay or Muslim politician who want to contest in next election, if you want to commit political harakiri, by all mean support Christian using “allah”.

          1. SA,

            As I have endlessly mentioned before, the Bumiputra Christians do use the word in their Bahasa Melayu language religious material. This is not a recent thing that started a few years ago, this has been in use long before they joined us, and long before we got Independence.

            As stated in the judgement (hat tip to Helen & rakyat for posting this):

            “Further, I am incline to agree that the Court has to consider the question of “avoidance of confusion” as a ground very cautiously so as to obviate a situation where a mere confusion of certain persons within a religious group can strip the constitutional right of another religious group to practise and propagate their religion under Article 11(1) and to render such guaranteed right as illusory.”

            If mere ‘avoidance of confusion’ can be used as grounds to block another religious group from practicisng their own religion, what is the possibility the same excuse of ‘avoidance of confusion’ will be used in future to prohibit the AlKitab itself, on grounds that the BM language within can be used to easily convert Malay Muslims, considering that many chapters within the Koran & Bible are similar? Already there are calls from zealots for such a ban, totally unaware of the demographics of the Malaysian christian community…

            Or even sanction other religions, since they all claim to be the True Religion…

  8. JohnnyMalaya,

    By all mean practise your religion. Rest assured Malay muslims have no problem with it. But do remember when Constitution was created, a clause was inserted which says religions of non islam are to be practised in a way that do not upset or disturb Islam.

    “avoidance of confusion…”. actually, it is not the case of ‘avoidance of confusion’. the issue affect ts Islam to its core. “allah” will no longer viewed as ‘absolute one’ as with sharing of name , the concept of trinity comes in.

    By the way, why the word “allah” is not inserted in Bible in english, Tamil, Mandarin? why? No big deal? Why I cant find a word “allah” even once in Bible? why/

    As i said earlier, any muslim politician aspiring to contest in next election would be foolhardy if they insist on allowing christians to use the name.

    If a person cant accept that, by all means migrate to other countries. Saying that alone will make me as arrogant from your views. But do remember that Christian do not have to sacrifice their interests just to perpetuate Lim Dynasty.

    1. SA,

      Please be reminded that the issue of kalimah Allah is now pending the outcome of the appeal at the Court of Appeal. The decision of the High Court, i.e. allowing the use of kalimah Allah by the Christians under the context of freedom of religion must be respected by all parties until it is overruled by the Court of Appeal. I strongly recommend that you read the entire judgement of Lau Bee Lan J.

      I note that you have been propounding ‘confusion’ by asserting “samalah islam dengan Kristian. Nama Tuhan pun sama”. Your reasoning is a bare assertion without solid evidence. Here is what the judge said:-

      22.4 I agree with the Applicant there is no material to support the Respondents’ argument that the use of.the word “Allah” is a threat to national security or from which an inference of prejudice to national security may be inferred; all there is before the Court is a mere “ipse dixit” of the 1st Respondent “… Larangan yang dikenakan hanyalah berhubung penggunaan kalimah Allah di dalam penerbitan majalah tersebut yang bertujuan untuk memastikan tidak berlakunya kekeliruan agama yang boleh mengancam keselamatan dan ketenteraman awam serta menimbulkan sensitiviti keagamaan di Negara ini.” (see paragraphs 6, 25 and 46 of Enclosure 17). Therefore I am of the view that this ground ought to be rejected.

      Another relevant paragraph:-

      22.5 I find there is merit in Mr. Dawson’s argument that the Court ought to take judicial notice that in other Muslim countries even in the Middle East where the Muslim and the Christian communities together use the word “Allah”, yet one hardly hear of any confusion arising (see paragraph 52(xix) of the Applicant’s Affidavit which is not rebutted). Further, I am incline to agree that the Court has to consider the question of “avoidance of confusion” as a ground very cautiously so as to obviate a situation where a mere confusion of certain persons within a religious group can strip the constitutional right of another religious group to practise and propagate their religion under Article 11(1) and to render such guaranteed right as illusory.

      Why the counsel for KDN didn’t rebut what Mr. Dawson said? Is it due to the incompetence of the government’s counsel or simply because the fact is irrefutable?

      Is it fair and just for a few Muslims to assert confusion just like what you said “samalah islam dengan Kristian. Nama Tuhan pun sama” and causing the fundamental rights of all the Christians in Malaysia to practice their faith to be adversely affected? The court have to strike a balance between the two religious groups. Unless you can show conclusive proof of ‘confusion’, the court will not entertain your claim. The Senior Federal Counsel of the government with a title of datuk has failed to proof ‘confusion’, do you think you can do better than him?

      1. I agree with Helen, since the judge is a Christian, no matter how much he tried but still difficult on his part not to be biased, doesn’t he?

  9. Rakyat,

    Which part of Christians practised that are affected? Which part of christian teaching not abled to be practised in this country ruled by Malay muslims?

    The issue is very simple. Vast majority of christians themselves feel awkward with the mind boggling insistence of few vocal pastors supported by DAP to use the word, knowing well that the move will literally put them in frontline , colliding with Muslim community.

    What the rationale for using “Allah” when the word was not even once mentioned in Bible ?

    The senior federal counsel has done well. However the said judge fails to comprehend the very essence of islam. Not surprisingly as she is not a Muslim.

    Muslim viewpoint on God is polar aparts from that of Christianity. Christianity believes in Trinity while AlQuran clearly informs that “allah” never give birth or begotten by someone. There is no such thing as trinity concept in Islam.

    My fear is well founded.. As goes the saying, “lulus jarulm luluslah kelindan”, meaning it is not a semantic or intepretaion of language. Behind the name lies the very essence of religion. sharing the name will open the gate for pastors to say “samalah ugama kita”.

    WRONG. “ugama kita tak sama “.

    again. My advice to Muslim politician is that they should not be an idiot to commit political harakiri by selling Islam. No big deal. We can always dump these useless politicians .

    As for non Muslim, there is no need to sacrifice your own interest just to perpetuate Lim Dynasty that as long as i can remember thrives in slandering Malay, UMNO

    1. SA,

      “The senior federal counsel has done well. However the said judge fails to comprehend the very essence of islam. Not surprisingly as she is not a Muslim.”

      There is no need for the judge to consider the essence of Islam as she is not an ulamak. The court that she was presiding is not a Syariah court but a civil one. Her duty is to interpret the laws of the nation, not what the Quran and/or Bible say. Hence, she only needs to consider the essence of the Constitution and not theological arguments. Please read the judgement of the case in entirety to fully understand the relevant laws in this matter.

      With regard to your compliment of good performance of the SFC, please consider the points below:-

      1. The SFC did not make an application to recuse the judge on the ground of her faith? If I am not mistaken, Lau Bee Lan J is a Christian. Why SFC willingly submitted himself and the government’s case to a Christian judge? Why no objection was raised as to the faith of the judge?

      2. Lots of points and arguments raised by the counsel of the Church were not rebutted by the SFC. If there is no rebuttal, the court will recognise such arguments forwarded by the counsel of the church to the detriment of the government. This is what the judge said:-

      “The Applicant further submits that none of the above-mentioned factual considerations were ever disputed or challenged by the 1st Respondent as factually incorrect. I am incline to agree with the Applicant as the response of the 1st Respondent to the factual averments is a feeble denial in paragraph 41 of the Affidavit of the 1st Respondent which reads “Keseluruhan pernyataan-pernyataan di perenggan-perenggan 50, 51 dan 52(i)-(xxii) Affidavit Sokongan Pemohon adalah dinafikan…” (Emphasis added).”

      3. The SFC has propounded a few arguments and assertion without substantiation or proof. This is what the judge said:-

      “I agree with the Applicant there is no material to support the Respondents’ argument that the use of.the word “Allah” is a threat to national security or from which an inference of prejudice to national security may be inferred; all there is before the Court is a mere “ipse dixit” of the 1st Respondent……. ”

      Remember, when a case is being litigated at court the judge will look at the proof and evidence. Please google the meaning of “ipse dixit”. No point shouting ‘confusion’ or ‘nama Tuhan sama, maka samalah ugama kita’. You have to do better than that, i.e. show solid proof. Even if you have proof that a pastor or an evangelist attempted to confuse, convert or proselytize Muslims, we already have laws to deal with such situation i.e. criminal sanction on an individual basis.

      1. Wow, such justification to Shamsul. You must be new. The legal and moral justification is shaded as and when it is religious tweaked to fit an agenda for me for how it has served me well. Good try, maybe you should listen to this [YouTube]

      2. Rakyat,

        Tell me where in Bible that the word “allah” is recorded. The last time i check I could not find any.

        What can confuse will eventually leads to confusion. It is as simple as that. In fact, many of my Christian friends are wondering why pastors insist to use the name when none of them when asked said they worship “Allah’.

        And may I remind you the constitution clearly while guaranteeing the practice of non-Islamic faith does clearly tell that the practice of other faiths must not be done in ways to upset or disturb Muslims.

        Why open the gate to problems and expect future generations to solve it?

        The truth is that sharing the name will open the gate for the pastors to say “samalah ugama kita. Nama tuhan pun sama”.

        Yup. It happened in Indonesia. And Muslims here do not want that to happen here.

        I am sure Christian too do not clash with Muslims here. So, no need to sacrifice your interest to perpetuate Lim Dynasty.

  10. SA,

    I would strongly recommend that you read the judgement of Lau Bee Lan J. The avenue for the resolution of kalimah Allah is now at the civil courts. Not at the table of negotiation. This stage has failed previously. That is why the church initiated the current proceeding at the court. Hence, the relevant consideration are legal issues. As much as I appreciate your points, those are your personal and untested/unproven arguments. No offense to you, but as what the judge said ‘ipse dixit’ in reference to the assertion of the SFC.

    Why not you pick certain paragraph of the judgement of Lau Bee Lan J and comment on it? Lastly, which provision of the Constitution that says “practice of other faiths must not be done in ways to upset or disturb Muslims.” Please enlighten me. Many thanks.

    FedCon Art.11(5) might be read that way. — Helen

    1. I think we can challenge the interpretation of Article 11(5) in this case. Which has a larger precedence, the power of Syariah court over non-muslims or the ability of Syariah court to legislate laws ON non-muslims?

      The case with Krishnan Muthu in Pahang remains the sole precedent. I am not too clear about the details but I am sure Musa Awang (see Malaysiakini link) is clearly hiding some facts.

      As the UTM paper showed “Dua pertuduhan telah dibawa ke hadapan Majestret, dan OKT telah dijatuhi hukuman di bawah seksyen 325 Kanun Kesiksaan di mana beliau telah dikenakan denda sebanyak RM2,000.00, dan seksyen 4(2) (i) Enakmen Kawalan dan Sekatan Pengembangan Agama-agama Bukan Islam Negeri Pahang 1989 di mana OKT telah dikenakan hukuman denda sebanyak RM l,500.00 dan dipenjara selama 20 hari. Ini merupakan kes pertama yang didakwa di bawah Enakmen Kawalan dan Sekatan Pengembangan Agama-agama Bukan Islam di Malaysia yang diputuskan di Mahkamah Majistret Temerloh”.

      For the uninitiated, Kanun Keseksaan is a CIVIL law (criminal law), and Enakmen Kawalan dan Sekatan is a SYARIAH law.

      Read it carefully. Krishnan Muthu was sentenced in a Mahkamah Majistret, NOT MAHKAMAH SYARIAH. Here I ask our Malaysian Bar friends to enlighten us the details of the case because if Krishnan was sentenced under a syariah law, and was so punished by a Syariah court, it would have served as the first time when a NON-MUSLIM was punished under SYARIAH laws.

      Click to access 78097.pdf


      Kebebasan beragama

      11. (1) Tiap-tiap orang berhak menganuti dan mengamalkan
      agamanya dan, tertakluk kepada Fasal (4), mengembangkannya.

      (2) Tiada seorang pun boleh dipaksa membayar apa-apa cukai
      yang hasilnya diuntukkan khas kesemuanya atau sebahagiannya
      bagi maksud sesuatu agama selain agamanya sendiri.

      (3) Tiap-tiap kumpulan agama berhak—
      (a) menguruskan hal ehwal agamanya sendiri;
      (b) menubuhkan dan menyenggarakan institusi-institusi bagi
      maksud agama atau khairat; dan
      (c) memperoleh dan mempunyai harta dan memegang dan
      mentadbirkannya mengikut undang-undang.

      (4) Undang-undang Negeri dan berkenaan dengan Wilayah-
      Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Labuan dan Putrajaya, undangundang persekutuan boleh mengawal atau menyekat pengembangan apa-apa doktrin atau kepercayaan agama DI KALANGAN orang yang menganuti agama Islam.

      (5) Perkara ini tidaklah membenarkan apa-apa perbuatan yang
      berlawanan dengan mana-mana undang-undang am yang berhubungan dengan ketenteraman awam, kesihatan awam atau prinsip moral.

      This means that 11(4) clearly provided for the states to device their own control against proselytization. All the Enakmen Kawalan dan Sekatan is heard by MAHKAMAH MAJISTRET, not MAHKAMAH SYARIAH. Syariah court has no power over non-muslims. The question here is on the enforcement of the civil law on Article 11(4).

      Here, we will see if our Church fellas think they are so immune from such acts of proselytization. No need to ban Allah in the Malay bible, just collect evidence of proselytization to Muslims, then prosecute-lah.

      1. 11. Freedom of religion.

        1) Every person has the right to profess and practise his religion and, subject to Clause (4), to propagate it.

        2) No person shall be compelled to pay any tax the proceeds of which are specially allocated in whole or in part for the purposes of a religion other than his own.

        3) Every religious group has the right –
        (a) to manage its own religious affairs;
        (b) to establish and maintain institutions for religious or charitable purposes; and
        (c) to acquire and own property and hold and administer it in accordance with law.

        4) State law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.

        5) This Article does not authorise any act contrary to any general law relating to public order, public health or morality.”

        Read Article 11(5). If an act contravenes any general law relating to “public order, public health or morality”, freedom of religion CAN BE curtailed.

        Penyelesaian kepada isu kalimah Allah mudah. Orang-orang Islam di Malaysia kena sedar orang Kristian ada hak untuk menggunakan Kitab Injil berbahasa Melayu. Ini tidak dapat dinafikan dan tidak disanggah,

        Kedua, isu di sini adalah penggunaan kalimah Allah yang menyalahi Enakmen Kawalan dan Sekatan negeri-negeri tertentu. Biarkan usaha untuk menyekat Kitab Injil berbahasa Melayu yang menyalahi perundangan tersebut dilakukan di peringkat negeri, Pegawai bertauliah boleh merampas penerbitan yang menggunakan kalimah Allah selain daripada merujuk kepada Yang Maha Esa. Herald pula boleh menegakkan haknya di Mahkamah Majistret berasaskan prinsip Perlembagaan.

        Kalau Mahkamah Rayuan memutuskan bahawa kalimah Allah BOLEH digunakan dalam Kitab Injil berbahasa Melayu, ini bermakna Enakmen Kawalan dan Sekatan negeri-negeri tak ada kuasa untuk mengazetkan perkataan-perkataan untuk penggunaan agama Islam sahaja. Dalam Enakmen Kawalan dan Sekatan negeri-negeri ada klausa yang bercanggah dengan Perlembagaan. Enakmen Kawalan dan Sekatan hanya boleh membuat undang-undang berkaitan dengan usaha dakwah agama selain agama Islam di kalangan orang Muslim, bukan membentuk “thought / language police” yang memonopoli perkataan tertentu dalam bahasa kebangsaan.

        Kalau Mahkamah Rayuan memutuskan bahawa kalimah Allah TIDAK BOLEH digunakan dalam Kitab Injil berbahasa Melayu, ini bermakna perundangan negeri dalam Fasal 11(4) telah mengatasi konsep kebebasan beragama persekutuan kerana dengan majoriti DUN, apa-apa sahaja enakmen boleh digubal untuk menyekat kebebasan beragama yang lain – TERMASUK MELARANG KITAB INJIL BERBAHASA MELAYU. Natijahnya, keputusan ini tidak bererti kitab injil bahasa Melayu dilarang, hanya penggunaan perkataan “Allah” sahaja yang perlu diperbaiki. Tetapi ini juga bererti ruang yang seluas-luasnya untuk pelopor sistem syariah untuk membuat perundangan SIVIL negeri menerusi majoriti ADUN untuk menetapkan peraturan baru mengikut interpretasi syariah untuk dikenakan KE ATAS ORANG BUKAN ISLAM.

        Jadi, kita kena konsisten. Jangan tipu bahawa undang-undang syariah tak ada kesan terhadap orang bukan Islam di Malaysia. Kalau setakat undang-undang keluarga pun banyak pertindihan dan pertindanannya, apa lagi tentang perkara-perkara lain?

        Apa susah esok dengan majoriti DUN, kita buat undang-undang macam negeri tertentu yang mengasingkan tempat duduk lelaki dan perempuan di tempat awam, tutup unisex salon dan buka monosex salon, baik Islam bukan-Islam tak boleh berpegangan tangan antara lelaki dan perempuan, lelaki dan lelaki, perempuan dan perempuan etc. etc. etc.

  11. Rakyat,

    Helen already answered your question. And i realise you of course do not agree.

    It is not ‘untested’. We the Malays are not surprised. we already know this is happening. which is why the constitution inserts the clause on propagation of other religions are not allowed to Muslim.

    The point that non of my christians are able to answer is what is the rationale behind preoccupation on using “allah” when the word was not even mentioned even once in Bible. An d none of my christian friends said that they ‘worship’ allah. Is that weird to insist on using the word when the meaning in christianity is fundamentally different from that of islam.

    This is not a technical matter. It is about the very foundation of Islam. But of course you would dismiss it.

    Which is why many Malays said that these people are ungrateful. I agree with that assessment.

    1. Dear Shamshul,

      Saya rasa kita perlu bermuzakarah. Kebimbangan orang Islam ialah kebarangkalian menduakan Allah jika kalimah itu dibenarkan sebagai penterjemahan istilah Tuhan dalam kitab injil. Shamshul pun kurang tepat dalam menyamai Jesus sebagai Tuhan dalam agama Kristian.

      Ada justifikasi keperluan kalimah Allah untuk penganut agama Kristian yang sememangnya menggunakan kitab bahasa Melayu. Konvensi itu amalan. Umat Islam tidak boleh menidakkan kalimah Allah kepada yang bukan Islam semata-mata atas dasar monopoli. Bukan boleh dikawal pun kalau ada pihak evangelist yang beriya-iya ingin memanggil Tuhan mereka Allah. Allah yang Maha Esa bukan kerana namanya, tetapi kebesarannya. Apa yang perlu dijaga oleh umat Islam adalah perlindungan dari kekufuran dan amalan syirik. Maka itulah cabaran pendakwah Islam – bukan menyekat melalui kuasa perundangan tetapi melalui pujukan kebenaran. Kerana agama Islam mendapat perlindungan Perlembahaan dan perundangan di Malaysia, pendakwah kita sudah malas, leka dan mengambil jalan pintas dalam menegakkan syiar Islam. Apa yang dianggap sebagai pesaing atau pemesong cuba dilumpuhkan menerusi enakmen dan undang-undang. Ada segelintir yang hanya sibuk memikirkan perundangan baru dan institusi penguatkuasaan tetapi mengabaikan tanggungjawab kemasyarakatan.

      Saya rasa kompromi lebih awal adalah bertepatan dan wajar bahawa kitab injil bahasa Melayu dilabel sebagai gunaan untuk agama Kristian sahaja. Itu sudah memadai. Menyekat buku suci agama lain, biar apa-apa pun bahasanya, sudah melampau batas di bawah perundangan dan perlembagaan negara. Saya berpendapat Herald besar kepala dan mencabar usaha KDN dan jabatan agama Islam dalam menyekat pendakwah Kristian. KDN termakan umpan Herald kerana seolah-olah KDN dan jabatan agama sedang cuba menidakkan kalimah Allah semata-mata, padahal isunya adalah berkaitan dengan bidang kuasa perundangan Syariah.

      Kalau silap percaturan, enakmen-enakmen syariah negeri akan didapati bercanggah dengan prinsip perundangan persekutuan dan akan menjadi abu dalam sekelip mata. Kita kena berhati-hati. Setiap kali hakim mahkamah sivil mendakwa mereka tak ada bidang kuasa dalam menyelesaikan pertikaian tertentu yang melibatkan orang Islam dan bukan Islam, mereka sebenarnya cuba menyalahkan perundangan Syariah dan mencabar institusi penghakiman Syariah untuk melaksanakan tanggungjawab keadilan mereka. Jika orang ramai hilang kepercayaan terhadap sistem penghakiman syariah, maka tekanan akan wujud untuk memansuh 121(a) atau menyekat perkembangannya,

        1. Hmm, you look at it that way. My own reaction was also huh? what’s the connection, why the jump in story line.

          1. AKJ has added another major public voice to the RCI idea. Not that I think it would be carried out or it could be feasibly conducted but then now that the Malays get to thinking about it, I reckon if they were given a choice of a passport to confer – between Bangladeshi and Chinese – they’d elect to confer citizenship on the Bangladeshi.

          2. Kadir Jasin dan Mahathir nak persoalkan kerakyatan bukan Melayu? Dipersilakan.

            Bukankah sudah menjadi mantera golongan haluan kanan mengungkit kewarganegaraan apabila berdepan dengan penyimpangan DEB dan “hak” istimewa orang Melayu dan bumiputera?

            Bukankah sudah menjadi kebiasaan golongan haluan kanan menyuruh yang kalau-u-tak-suka-u-boleh-blah-dari-sini?

            Bukankah ini Tanah Melayu? Jadi bumi ini Melayu punya dan yang lain itu selama-lamanya penumpang setinggan saja. Kemudian nak rasa pelik bila mereka kurang patriotik. Duh?

            Some worry about the rural Malays being closeted racists. I knew for a fact that many new middle class and urbanite Melayu baru’s are not just racists but also bigoted ruffians. They may be educated, but they are hardly enlightened. These are the same lot who cannot see injustice being perpetuated in the name of ethnic superiority. They can only repeat and learn to do what was done to them. They only know an eye for an eye and believe fervently that two wrongs will make it right.

            Malaysians, muslim or non-muslim, malay or non-malay, must not let the likes of such peddlars of bombast cloud our collective ability to reason or rationalize. Let the ethnic chauvinists – Malay, Chinese or Indian, wallow in their own bigotry. Never again they should be allowed to obscure the truth and affect our judgement. Some have done quite enough as their old poison is still coursing through the veins of our national collective consciousness.

  12. All the money that goes into the development of the Syariah has resulted in open admissions that efforts were underway to harmonize the civil law to tally with Syariah ones (see JAKIM’s link).

    The problem, as I see it, is that the instruments of Syariah power wants to consider the Enakmen Kawalan dan Sekatan as theirs, but they have no power to do so and so rely on the Mahkamah Majistret to hear cases involving proselytization non-muslims. This confusion is the real matter of the problem, with a myriad of civil laws being roped in to enforce laws to protect the Muslims against possible proselytization efforts.

    Kena tanya balik ahli DUN kita-lah, semua tidur ke masa bersidang?

    Click to access pelan_penyelarasan_undang2_ikim_6_april_2011.pdf

    Click to access Penetapan%20Mazhab%20Ahli%20Sunnah%20Wa%20al-Jamaah%20Sebagai%20Definisi%20Islam%20di%20Malaysia.pdf


    Busy Facebooking lah. — Helen

    1. To quote Salbiah Ahmad

      The problems basically relate to two areas:

      • Subjecting non-Muslims to Islamic law or principles more exclusive to Islam

      • Subjecting Muslims to an Islamic fiqh principle (as legislated) which is contrary to humanistic principles whether grounded in Islamic traditions or human rights

      “Malaysia’s statist development model of an Islamic State resulted in a marked increase of state control of society and the economy. The state had penetrated many more social arenas and exerted control over cultural and religious discourses. In the process civil society has weakened and authoritarian tendencies were on the rise under the guise of Asian values.”

      “What seems to be the case now is that Art 3 read with Art 121 (1A) has affected the Malaysian Muslim’s right to fundamental liberties under Part II of the Federal Constitution especially with regard to Art. 11 on freedom of religion and perhaps Art 8 on equality. There are no cases todate on Art. 8.

      The same applies to non-Muslims. Both Art .3 and Art. 121 (1A) appears to have privileged Islam and Muslims. In some situations, non-Muslims are placed in a curious situation where they have no recourse to any remedy under any court or under any law. It is little wonder that may have allegedly chosen to leave the country.”

      – Salbiah Ahmad

      I think the founder of SIS made a few relevant points, but her proposed model may have been too idealistic. She noted that Article 11 holds the key, but I would like to point out that the reality is that non-Malays have never concerned themselves about Islam in general, but the Islamisation of our civil institutions is the main concern. In the name of protecting and propagating the Islamic faith too, all kinds of measures were undertaken, to the point where the highest power of the land seems to be the Quran, not the Constitution.

      How do we deal with Malaysians who are Melayu dulu, Islam dulu, Cina dulu, Speaking dulu, Mandarin dulu? The solution is simple, they can be whatever first they want, but the legal, economic, social and governmental institutions must be secular. That is not just protection for non-muslims, but also for muslims in case State Islam becomes like State Shinto – hijacked for political propaganda and public control.

      Published paper.

      1. But out of all the major political parties, the one which is supposed to be secular, i.e. DAP, has made-over itself into a caliphate wannabe. So how, ah?

  13. Untuk yang tidak memahami masalah yang dihadapi oleh KDN – KDN adalah agensi kerajaan Persekutuan dan ada undang-undang yang berkaitan untuk memperuntuk / menurunkan kuasanya. Adakah akta mesin cetak dan penerbitan membolehkan kuasa Menteri PERSEKUTUAN mengharamkan sesuatu berdasarkan enakmen NEGERI?

    Adakah ini bermakna kalau majoriti ADUN negeri buat undang-undang sepakat, kerajaan Persekutuan kena ikut. Kalau macam tu, buat apa bazir duit kat beratus hang-hang kat Parlimen tu?

    Itulah yang saya maksudkan bahawa ini masalah NEGERI, bukan masalah PERSEKUTUAN. KDN kena cari apa yang tak kena dengan kalimah Allah dalam kitab injil bahasa Melayu mengikut SKOP perundangan yang berkenaan dengannya, tak boleh pilih alasan ikut suka hati. Nak pakai argument bahasa perkataan Allah telah digazetkan di beberapa negeri (kesemua sekali pun), tak bermakna depa kena ikut. PAS pun ada usaha peraturan asing tempat duduk lelaki dan perempuan kat pawagam. Takkan KDN nak menyibuk tepi kain orang lain untuk tolong dikuatkuasakan kalau ADUN beberapa negeri setuju?

  14. Perkataan Allah – Salah Persepsi

    Malaysian are generally a peaceful, tolerant and respectful people. Malaysia terkenal sebagai ‘a moderate Muslim country’ mau kah nama baik kita tercemar kerana segelintir ustaz dan org yang bersuara lantang berjaya dalam misi mereka???
    Setelah kebnyakan imej negara Islam lain udah tercemar kita mesti pelihara nama baik negara, bangsa dan agama. Seandai nama negara tercinta udah jadi busuk, hina di mata masyarakat dunia, amat susah untuk kembalikan maruah bangsa dan Negara. We must not fall to extremist, from whatever religion they profess.

    Setiap umat Islam mendirika solat 5 kali sehari dan membaca alFatiha sebanyak 17 kali, luapakah mereka, erti ayat ‘Alhamdu lillahi rabbi alAAalameen’
    ‘Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbirkan sekalian alam.
    (this a very strong point that shows Jakim, Perkasa so on are contradicting themselves)
    Allah swt untuk sekelian alam, setiap makluk dan jin, 7 petala langit dan bumi, segala kehidupan, haiwan, bintang dan segala sesuatu milik Allah swt.Islam dan Allah bukan hanya milik mutlak orang Melayu atau khusus untuk negara Malaysia sahaja.
    Most Muslims in Malaysia are a very tolerant , moderate, peaceful, hospitable people,
    but lately a small extremist fringe has become more vocal, intolerant and extreme in their views.
    This small group of confused Muslims have confused the whole nation in general.
    Mereka ni semua baru celik mata, itu pun gajah depan mata tak nampak, semut di seberang laut lebih terang bagi mereka. Mereka baru terpandang perkataan Allah dikitab2 Indil dll. Mana ustaz, mana ulam, mana jabatan2 Islam sebelum ini? Sepintar PM Najib is mum membisu berkenaan hal ini?
    ingat..Allah bukan hanya untuk org Melayu Islam di Malaysia…sbenarnya lu org semua memalukan Islam, make Malaysia the laughing stock of the world, luaskan minda jgn hidup seperti ‘katak bawah tempurong’
    Rasullulah saw contoh yang terbaik, adakah berdemo dan fail ke mahkamah satu jalan menegakkan akidah Islam? Ini bukan cara menjaga kesucian Islam yang kita cintai.
    Pernahkah Rasullulah swa berperang dan mengeluarkan hadis mambanth org bukan Islam jgn mengunakan nama Allah?
    Adakah dalil berkenaan isu ini atau pun ia timbul dan berasal dari jiwa,hati dan perasaan mereka yang berburuk sangka, tidak ada keyakinan diri, dan cepat melenting ?
    Dalam isu ini, banyak individu2 yang tampil sebagai hero satria demi menegakkan Islam yang bersih dan murni, kalau mereka nak jadi hero banyak hal dan perkara yang mereka boleh berjuang, bukan sahaja nak hentam penganut Malaysian Christian yang sedikit, aman dan amat menghormati umat Islam amnya. Kaum Christian jarang membut hal atau menimbulkan kontroversi.
    Kalau berani pergilah hentam Batu Caves dan tokkong Cina? Menghina mengancam ibadah kaum lain, musnahkan patung-patung sembahan mereka atau larang mereka, jangan pergi gereja.
    Percayalah, penggunaan perkataan Allah oleh orang bukan Islam tidak akan mengelirukan atau mengugat umat Islam,
    tidak akan menimbulkan perpecahan dalam kalangan umat Islam dan tidak akan menyentuh kesucian agama Islam.
    Sekiranya mereka mengunakkan kata Allah, pada saya that is nothing, it’s a non-issue kerana kita maseh ada Alquran dan Hadis, yang sesiapa pun tidak boleh menandingi agama Islam.

    Apapun kepercayaan Allah dari persepsi dan ajaran mereka itu hak dan cara mereka, sememangnya itulah pendapat akidah mereka, dan kita harus berpendirian ‘kau dgn agama kau, aku dgn agama ku’. Sebaiknya kita wajib, kita bolih menyampaikan akidah dan fahaman dari perspektif Islam dan memeperbetulkan mereka. Bukan dengan berdemo dan mengfail di mahkamah.
    Bila emosi, kurang keyakinan, curiga, buruk sangka, permusuhan menguasai pemikiran ini adalah jalan permainan iblis. Ajaran Rasullulah saw adalah membina, mengambarkan akhlak peribadi yang baik, di antaranya, sampaikan salam, jangan tinggikan suara, berhemah, jangan saling membenci dan menghasut dll.
    Dalam alQuran sendiri ada menceritakan bahawa orang bukan Islam telah menggunakan perkataan Allah sejak zaman Nabi Muhammad saw lagi, sejak zamanRrasullulah saworg Kristen etlah mengunakan kata Allah, dan juga di Malaysia suah beratus tahun mereka mengunakan istilah Allah, kerana mereka pun ahli kitab. Sedangkan di negara Islam yang mempunyai jumlah paling ramai yang beragama Islam, atau di negara Islam Timur Tengah tidak bertindak untuk mengharam perkataan ini?
    Kita semua masing-masing ada kepercayaan sendiri, ini adalah dalam perlembaggan negara. Mengapa kepercayaan orang lain dipertikaikan? Mengapa harus mengharamkan suatu perkataan yang memang sudah sekian lama wujud dalam amalan agama di seluruh dunia. Pengharaman perkataan ini bagi orang-orang kristian merupakan satu penafian hak asasi. Pada saya umat Christian di Malaysia adalah kaum yang aman dan saling hormat menghormati.
    Apa perasaan kita sekiranya orang bukan Islam larang kita daripada memakai jilbab, bilang sunat itu perkara bodoh? kalau melayu kena amacam?

    Baru-baru ini isu ugama telah mula di bangkitkan di persendakan dan di politikkan, dan semakin ramai yang menjadi lantang dan menujukkan belang.
    Masjid, gereja di serang, kepala babi kepala lembu…apa dah jadi???
    Ini tidak berlaku sebelumnya, before we live in harmony and we don’t like to hurt each other.
    Walau kita bukan seagama, kita sesama adalah rakyat Malaysia,’unity in diversity’.
    Allah swt mewujudkan perbezaan untuk kita saling mengenal antara satu dengan yang lain, bukan untuk permusuhan.
    Sebagai umat majority di Malaysia, kita besar dan ramai, menjadi tanggung jawab untuk
    menjaga kaum yang minority, tanamkan keamanan dan rasa nyaman umtuk mereka. Inilah kekuatan dan akhlak kita sebagai orang Mukmin.
    Kita bukan seperti orang Myanmar atau Serbia yang tidak berperikemanusiaan, merusuh dan membunuh kaum yang minority. Permusuhan dan rasa curiga bukan akhlak dan amalan kita.

    Dunia Islam sedang bergolak, Muslim membunuh sesama Muslim, adat lama kuno maseh di bela, permusuhan yang dulu maseh belum terhurai, sedangkan bangsa dan negara bukan Islam terus maju dan meninggalkan kita. Di Suria, ulama, ustaz, mufti dan juga pemimpin negara menabur kebencian, memberi senjata dan tuang minyak ke dalam api supaya terus membunuh orang Islam sendiri. Belum saya dengar seorang pemimpin Islam yang cuba mendamaikan pertumpahan darah di Syria…
    Ingat Pres Morsi tumbang setelah minority di aniaya, di pinggirkan, dan akhir 4 pengikut shiah di bunuh massa dengan kejam. Begitu juga Yusoslavia hancur setelah umat Islam di bunuh dengan zalim. Kaum minority juga mempunyai hak dan perlu jaminan, dan skiranya
    mereka di aniaya, apakah tindak balas dari doa orang teraniaya, walaupun mereka kafir?
    Saya hairan mengapa sekarang timbul sifat takut dan tiada keyakinan diri, dan menganggap issue ini sebagai satu ancaman?
    Sedangkan sebelum tak ada masaallah, ia bukan satu isu yang telah menggugat umat Islam di negara kita. Sebaliknya Islam tetap kukuh, umat semakin menambah, jarang kita dengar orang keluar dari agama Islam, sebaliknya semakin ramai bukan Islam telah memeluk agama Islam, saudara baru tetap menambah, beribu-ribu setiap tahun. Mereka menerima hidayah dan menyebut kalimah shahadah dan mengenal Allah swt yang sebenarnya.
    Kita sering, dalam perbualan, dengar kaum lain berkata ‘tuan allah tolong kita’, mereka tak cakap tokong atau budha tolong, ini tanda kehormatan mereka kepada agama Islam.

    Kita tidak perlu gentar dan mempersoalkan apakah niat dan tujuan sebenar mereka, kita jangan mudah mengikut emosi dan buruk sangka dengan berfikiran bahawa mereka kemungkinan besar inilah taktik dakyah mereka dan hendak mengubah mengugat dan memesongkan akidah umat Islam.Mengapa kita mesti keliru, dan kuatir akan di kelirukan mereka?
    Mengapa kita mesti rasa tergugat dan takut kepada dakwah mereka?
    Di mana letaknya keteguhan keyakinan sebenar keIslaman kita?
    Mengapa kita bersifat marah dan buruk sangka, seandainya nanti akidah umat Islam akan rosak atau terpengaruh dengan akidah mereka?
    Kini umat Islam dihantui rasa takut, curiga dan buruk sangka. Dan masing-masing mendabek dada, cuba mempamerkan, akau lah wira Islam, dan menetang ugama lain, yang belum tentu mengugat agam Islam.
    Dalam akidah pemerintahan negara Islam, ukurannya adalah bagaimana kita membela yang miskin, yang tertindas dan kaum minority, bekan sahaja mengikut haluan yang majority, yang kaya dan yang berkuasa.
    Kalau nak bincang tentang keliru dan rosak akidah, terdapat banyak yang menyeleweng, banyak yang bercanggah, dan ini semua bukan kerana sebab umat Christian mengunakan perkataan Allah. Ramai rakyat Malaysia yang keliru dan rosak akidah, yang melaku jenayah, ragut, membunuh, buang bayi, kecurangan, pegawai yang tak amanh, rasuah, kerja sembrono, artis lelaki dan wanita yang bersentuhan di TV setiap hari, producer yang sering ke nighclub, mereka yang makan dadah, minum arak, berlaku kecurangan, jenayah seks, perpecahan antara umat Islam dan bermacam lagi. Salah siapa???umat Christian ke???
    Ini masallah yang lebih penting dan harus di tangani demi menjaga kesucian agama Islam.
    Kitalah sepatutunya tingkatkan berdakwah kepada anak-anak muda, sebarkan akidah Islam yang benar. Hadapi dengan tenang, yakin, kita dalam kebenaran, beri gambaran sebagai umat Islam yang rational dan sabar. Yakin Allah swt bersama kita, inilah cara Rasullullah saw, bukan berdemo, mengugat, pergi mahkamah dan bertentang dengan umat Christian. Ayoh, mari kita bersaing agama dan akidah secara tenang, sihat, terbuka bukan dengan buruk sangka ancam mengancam dan kekasaran. Islam galakkan sampaikan salam, sebarkan kedamaian, tampilkan wajah keamanan bukan konfrontasi dan kebencian. Yakin bahawa kejayaan milik Islam.
    Kaum non-Muslim di Malaysia bukanlah jenis orang-orang kafir yang harus kita perangi, iaitu kafir harbi, sebaliknya mereka adalah dari golongan, kafir musta’man (orang kafir yang mendapat jaminan keamanan dari kaum Muslimin)
    Baru2 ini timbul isu Syiah, ramai yang baru kenal belang dan fahaman Syiah, udah melenting, sensing lengan,naik berang, suruh putus hubungan diplomatic dgn Iran…apa ni, ini telah berlaku 1400 tahun dulu, nilah jahil Melayu, tunjuk emosi tak tentu pasal…
    Seandainya puak Islam yang menentang dan melarang kaum Christian menang, ini bukan satu kemenangan yang diredhai kerana, desakan kita telah melukakan ribuan hati penganut Christian, kecewakan akidah fahaman mereka, menambah kebencian mereka terhadap agama Islam dan umat Muslim. Puas sudah NGO dan individu yang berhati bernafsu besar konon perjuangkan maruah Islam.
    Ini bukan kemenangan yang tepat dan bukan dalam kemahuan akhlak Islam yang sebenar. Islam menuntut yang majority memelihara ketentraman dan kesejahteraan kaum minority, bukan sebaliknya. Ini adalah a small issue that was overblown and exegeratted into a big problem.
    Allah swt menyeru kepada mereka yang jiwanya tenang, dan senantiasa dalam ketenangan.
    Biar Allah swt yg mengdili saya, saya tidak menyokong parti atau kumpulan tertentu, yang saya mau adalah umat Islam yang bersikap wajar dan tenang, adil , tidak menunjuk kuat, membela yang minority dan memelihara keharmonian Malaysia yg bersatu harmoni, respectful, tolerant dan aman. In the end ‘we are all Gods creation…” Dalam perbezaan kita juga ada persamaannya.

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