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Warning: Gory pictures inside

If you’re brave enough, you can continue reading but be warned, the photo below shows a bloodied victim.

It is taken from the most popular story today in Star Online.



Scissors stab is dangerous

It causes wounding and blood to flow. A scissors assault can also be lethal.

Imagine being stabbed in the back continually day after day.

The result speaks for itself.


The Jerusubang Star

MCA, in its website, deplored the call to burn the Allah-bible, insisting: “It was PAS abetted by DAP which gave Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali the platform to spread hate”.

Let’s examine the MCA statement more closely.

  • One, MCA fingered Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa
  • Two, it implicated PAS and DAP as aiding and abetting
  • Three, it also highlighted that the Perkasa president was given “the platform to spread hate”

It takes two hands to clap. On the one hand, there is the Perkasa crowd. On the other, the Jerusubangites.

It was The Star abetted by MCA which gave the Jerusubang Dapsters the platform to spread hate.

The Star providing a platform

Among the speakers in the Ceramah Ubah (poster below) to be held tomorrow are Hannah Yeoh and Rajiv Rishyakaran.


Hannah Yeoh has tweeted twice about the said ceramah. She has 56,497 Twitter followers (a few days ago, on Jan 18, she had 56,058 followers / roughly an increase of 80-100 followers daily).

She needs to tweet only 17 times to get (the equivalent of a blog’s) one million hits.

Some Twitter queens tweet a dozen times a day. So in only a day-and-a-half of tweeting, Hannah – who has a following of 56,500 twits – would be able to attain a million ‘hits’.

MCA has blamed DAP and PAS for giving Ibrahim Ali a platform. Its own media machinery is the one giving a generous platform to the evangelistas.

Even ‘personal assistant’ gets Star platform

Below is the Google results (screenshot) on ‘Rajiv Rishyakaran’ for the Past Month within the domain.


Rajiv Rishyakaran is Hannah Yeoh’s personal assistant.

As early as May 2008, The Star reported about Rajiv, saying,

“Newly-elected Subang Jaya state assemblyman Hannah Yeoh will lead the team comprising five men to solve the various issues concerning the local community.”

Imagine that! The Star saw fit to publish as news for its readers a politician getting staff for her office.

Are any of the rest of the country’s 575 state assemblymen lavished with this kind of attention from the MCA paper? Try Googling “MCA chairman”, “Subang Jaya” and see if you can find out his or her name from The Star reports (if there are any articles, that is).

Yet a mere member of Hannah Yeoh’s office staff got coverage in The Star (another mention in the paper in Sept 2008) and all this way before his own appointment to the Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya.

And when Rajiv was appointed MPSJ councillor, The Star refused to question this evident act of cronyism.

Furthermore, another Hannah Yeoh personal assistant Ken Chia is also councillor and previously her political secretary Edward Ling was MPSJ councillor too. DAP Subang Jaya practises cronyism through and through.

But The Star says nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.

Star supports DAP SuperCyber Bullies

To recall what MCA said about PAS and DAP providing Ibrahim Ali “the platform to spread hate” over the Allah issue, let’s look again at platforms.



The Star has never ever defended Joceline, who is its writer, from the attacks on her.

A comment by Melonhead in this blog:

“And apa punya politician yg bertweet perkara perkara bodoh dan tak berfaedah macam ni? Is this how she spends her gaji that is paid for by the people? To be a twitter queen?

“And is this how someone who advocates love reacts when people do not agree with them, nor like them…by bullying those of differing views? By making a pungutan suara via twitter against those who do not agree with them? By starting a hate campaign?”

Melonhead is correct that Hannah Yeoh’s tweet – “Between joceline and helen – who is more absurd” is a pungutan suara among her 56,500 Twitter followers.

I also agree with Melonhead’s view that the tweet was purposed to start a hate campaign.

Twitter is a platform with tremendous reach. The Star has for the past five years been cultivating this platform for Jerusubang.

Stabbed by Scissors
Stabbed by Scissors

Platform to bully

MCA has been pointing fingers at DAP and PAS for giving Ibrahim Ali “a platform to spread hate”.

The media group belonging to MCA is a platform with a reach of 5.63 million adults, according to its own claim.

How does The Star use its capability to reach an audience of millions daily? (besides doing publicity blitzes for the DAP 2.0 evangelistas, that is)

A regular commenter anakjamil reveals:

“i have few of the Star editors as my fb friends – they’re quick to share any Haris or Tony’s articles. Safe to say, their affiliation with DAP cannot be denied.”

BN is being stabbed and stabbed by Scissors, undeniably.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

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  1. surely not many, if any at all can beat you at being absurd? I”d recommend you get your ass out there and stand for public office come polling day. First, get yourself acquainted with the concept of shampoo though.

    1. Seriously, DAPster have no capability to engage discussions without degrading other people. Orang DAPster ni sekolah tingaatan lima, bodohnya pulak 20 tingkat.

    2. Another sampling of a dapster banana, love-em-all person. Argument point- shampoo, absurd, shampoo.

      Maturity at its best.

  2. What is Soi Lek want to do about this.. Hes been talking crap that others are not giving MCA musch Credit, but its own paper are degrading them down to drain.. Wake up lah MCA..

    Or it is purposely done?, MCA is stabbing the other party in BN for some reasons?

    1. MCA is in a precarious situation, regardless of his effort, the fact that Chua Soi Lek was caught with his pants down with his mistress has tarnished his image and he is still President of MCA, either he is the only one willing enough or there are no more leadership potential in MCA.

      I bet many in BN mock him from behind especially the conservative Malays in UMNO and his attack on Malay-related bloggers and organizations is not helping his reputation. His inability to control The Star and his underlings that openly sabotage BN in the social media, not to mention top guns like Ong Kian Ming and Chua Jui Meng frog leaping to Pakatan, has incensed UMNO.

      I just look at the Dept of Statistic population forecast until 2030, soon Malay population will breach 20 million while the Chinese are projected to be static at between 6-7 million. it is suicidal to think the DAP, MCA and Shuzheng can poke insults at the Malays for a long time.


      They still can’t get over you and Ellese. Have a peep at


      1. I am proud of myself that they can relate me to Elleese, its a good distraction for their intelligence or whatever is left of it.

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