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Hannah Yeoh menggertak: “Stop being dirty!”

Hannah Yeoh akan mengarahkan kakitangannya untuk membuat laporan polis tentang bendera-bendera DAP yang dicuri.

‘I’m not going to suspect anyone, but whoever is behind this, please play fair and stop being dirty,’ she said, adding that her staff will be lodging a police report on the latest incident soon.” (Malaysiakini, 25 Jan 2013)

Walaupun dia tidak menyatakan ada sesiapa yang disyakinya, namun daripada tweet-tweet yang dikeluarkan oleh Adun DAP Subang Jaya tersebut sebelum ini, sudah jelas pihak mana yang dibayangkannya sebagai bertanggungjawab.

Tweet oleh Timbalan Ketua Pemuda MCA Selangor (di bawah) merujuk kepada satu kejadian awal di mana Hannah juga turut mendakwa sepanduknya dicuri.


Jerusubang: Nadi ‘politik kasih sayang’ DAP

Komen oleh para penyokongnya di Malaysiakini ada yang menyebut, “You are doing a fine job and SJ and USJ residents are with you,”, “Hannah, keep up your good work!” dan “doing a great job in Subang Jaya. The Barisan is scared stiff.”

Mereka rata-rata menganggap bahawa “the BN goons” yang membuli Hannah adalah haram jadah, korup, pencuri, samseng, hina, hanya tahu bermain kotor, dsb.

“Umno bastards”


“rotten to the core”


“samseng from Umno-bn … Abu”, “BN must die”



“They only know how to play dirty”


“lackeys paid by Umno”


Latar cerita:

Tiap-tiap hari BN dituduh mencuri

Bendera mahu ditukar!

Adakah dia ini yang ‘mencuri’ bendera DAP kepunyaan Hannah Yeoh?

“Geng pariah” yang curi bendera DAP Subang Jaya


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26 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh menggertak: “Stop being dirty!”

    1. Will Warta Jerusubang aka The Star report on this tomorrow?

      But I’m actually wondering what the local council by-laws actually say about putting up flags. I mean, can I take 60 Winnie the Pooh flags and stick them along the road on lamp posts in Subang Jaya (or Damansara Utama) if I felt like it and was organizing a get-together/convention for 200 Pooh fans?

      1. They hold the power so why should they bothered about the local council ruling on this aspect?

        1. awas…separuh dari pada ‘atas pagar’ mungkin ic baru lah…tahu cakap melayu pasar tapi tak tahu tulis.

  1. Given the current scenario where Dap is so highy popular among the so call anti-BN/pro-Dap fanatics, if i were you Hannah i wouldn’t discount the possibility that those flags were taken down by these fanatics…not to sabotage you madam… but most likely they would want to keep it as souvenir!

    haha…since these fellas are also made in god’s image… U might want to think twice before making any report, isn’t it? In that case, don’t u think forgive and forget is the right way forward, madam?

  2. Jenis yg x sedar diri mmg mcm ni, so easy fot them to accuse UMNO without an iota of proof.

  3. Makcik Gemok is assuming that local constituents who have had enough of her have nothing to do with her missing banners.

    There is also speculation that PAS election machinery in Shah Alam will switch sides in the morning of Nomination Day. Just to send a message to the current State leadership.

    1. Really Rajasingam!!!, what has Hannah done besides blowing the pipe in division to glorify her Anglophile agenda to ensure her political survival. Your name is deceptive, because someone with this name does not troll on a makeshift agenda. My 2 cent tells me that you can be our typical pseudo characters to ensure Hannah’s survival. You got to do better than this amongst the savvy Helen Ang commentors.

  4. Helen, don’t you think it is a waste of time to talk about a bastarized political stance. I will stick with Perkasa anytime without their double standards.

    We have enough bastards, we need the real thingy if we can be Malaysians irrespective of our religion, race or creed. Don’t you think so?

    Is the truth so difficult to digest in whichever form it comes for humanity and the reality for one another amongst fellow Malaysian? The horn needs to be blown for humanity and reality not a pseudo agenda driven along the lines of race, religion or creed as and when it fits us individually politically.

    1. MiNY,

      There is a bigger picture. The Star Media Group reaches an audience of 5.63 million. As anakjamil has revealed, Star editors are quick to share any Haris Ibrahim or Tony Pua articles on FB.

      As I’ve pointed out, not only are many Star editors and reporters the faithful Facebook followers of Hannah Yeoh, they also tweet to her, incl. tipping her off on stories that are to be published in the paper the next day, and they retweet her and the DAP spokesmen.

      Joceline, although she is a Star staff, has not received any moral support from her organization in the many times that she’s been personally attacked by the oppo people, incl. LGE, the various DAP apparatchiks and now, most recently, through the Hannah Yeoh tweet.

      The reader comments which I’ve copypasted showing Yeopies hurling abuse at BN and accusing BN people of stealing the DAP Subang Jaya flags are reflective of the Jerusubang ethos.

      MCA’s paper is carrying the torch for Jerusubang. Therefore the 5.63 million audience reach of The Star must be factored as a part of the campaign machinery spreading the Jerusubang ethos.

      If they are allowed to carry on with their vicious behaviour without any check, the targets (the ones constantly vilified as “lowlife bastards” in “Umno House of Whore”) will quite naturally mengamok and we all remember the last time that happened. How much abuse is a reasonable person expected to take?

      The propaganda reach of DAP is not confined to The Rocket. It includes The Star and the Church. Subang Jaya is the epicentre where their ideologues congregate. What we see, this automatic pointing of finger – “Umno did it” – is symptomatic.

      Most important question that ought to cross everyone’s mind in reflecting on their behaviour is: WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE THESE? Mudah-mudah aje memfitnah orang. Hari-hari menebar fitnah.

      My blog is only a drop in the ocean compared to The Star readership (and Selangor Times, and Bulletin Mutiara shoved in the mailbox of every Penang home). But I do what I can, and I need to focus more narrowly to make my subject matter more effective.

      That’s why I don’t range over a wide variety of topics. “Everyone” does the Cow-in-Condo bashing, so what can I add to it?

      But if readers identify my blog as the one closely watching Jerusubang, and know to come here for a particular type of analysis that they’re interested in, I think I can be more effective with this kind of “specialization” so to speak.

      1. Helen, the opposition is in shambles similar to the ruling government. Both only derive their survival on political agenda. The political agenda becomes irrelevant when truth and reality surfaces for the public. What is the truth and reality is not for me or you to judge or dictate but what we judge amongst us between us for us irrespective of the typical stigma of race, religion or creed but only what is humane enough for us to handle without any influence for what it should be or what it is when we are ready to handle the truth and reality individually for another without expectation. I know it is a tall order, but it better late than never.

        1. (1) We have always been apart on account of race. This is not going to be mended by the Firsters ‘Beyond Race’ chest-thumping.

          The Dapster hypocrisy is clearly displayed through their party CEC election results, in Buletin Mutiara published in English, Chinese and Tamil, in the LGE vs CSL debate in Chinese and English, in Hannah Yeoh’s baby birth certificate saying ‘Chinese’, in their accusing the opponents “racist”, “bigot”, “fascist” and everything else that they themselves are more guilty of.

          (2) Now the evangelistas are taking Religion perilously close to a Natrah riot.

          (3) In another 2 months the election results will give them a Truth and Reality hard slap on their smirking face.

  5. Helen,

    I believe many underestimate the influence of STAR among the Chinese community. I often encountered Chinese whose outlook and understanding of Malays way off tangent from what generally Malay feel.

    The communication between Malays and Chinese are limited to bare minimum. As majority of non malays do not bother say to read Utusan or Berita harian and instead depends on STAR or Malaysiakini or what DAP says for news, their perception of Malays are often skewed usually on negative perimeter.

    They fail to understand that the issue “allah” is so central to Islam. They fail to realise that Malays are tolerant lots. They “forget” that Malays too have rights. They do not realise that at one time their ‘mak bapa’ were then pendatang until good natured Malay rulers agree to granting of citizenships on massive scale…

    I told off several of my chinese friends about their parents status way back before 1957. They were stunned. I meant no insult. Rather, i am bringing them to see from Malay perspective. So that they at least show appreciation and not lambasted any Malay politician who speaks for Malays.

    Many Chinese loves to say “UMNO dominates BN’. I responded by saying what is so sinful with that. UMNO dominates BN as it has the lion share of the biggest etnic group. The domination comes naturally. Nobody is stopping, say DAP, to dominate Malaysia political scene. Just upstage UMNO in the next election.

    1. I like this “I told off several of my chinese friends about their parents status way back before 1957. They were stunned.”

      Sure, what about your Indian friends? or they don’t even fall into your equation as they are insignificant. The only justification for repressive institutions and repressive thoughts are material and cultural deficit for political survival, but such institutions and you, at certain stages of history as it is now perpetuate and produce such a deficit, and even threaten human survival. Who cares about human survival, because I need to survive and what is plausible.

    2. Shamsul, can i be cruel & crude to you besides what you think? Is this sinful for freedom of expression from a Muslim Lebanese like Shakira. see [YouTube].

      Don’t worry too much of your UMNO or PR, there more to life when you don’t run everything on a political stance even with your enhanced BTN dogma. The religion is not the issue, but humanity is when you are ready to accept it.

      As I said I am Gung Ho with Perkasa if humanity is what that they run on rather than what what is politically expedient.

  6. MalaysianinNewYork,

    Again the truth hurts. Why I asked them what were then the status of their parents way back before 1957? Not to remind them of the unpleasant “pendatang” status. Rather to bring them them to my point.

    And what exactly is my point? my point is that the Malays are not racist as depicted by DAP, Hannah Yeoh, Guan Eng or anyone else.

    I am not worried about UMNO or PKR. I am worried as an entire race is depicted as racists just to perpetuate Lim dynasty. I am worried because Chinese may not realise the danger of DAP bringing them to collide literally with the Malays.

    I am stressing that no way you can gauge what Malays perceive simply by reading STAR, Malaysiakini or by engaging on mind boggling tweeting with Hannah Yeoh.

    Again, you misunderstood how Malay Muslim perceive religion. The Allah issue is a classic example. Many Chinese do not comprehend the issue. I do not blame them. I simply told them that the grouse is legitimate.

    “You mean to say it is not UMNO plays the issue? They gave a surprise look when I told them it is about the very core of islam, not a political or semantic issue.

    Then they realise the concern is genuine.

    1. Shamsul, you say “Why I asked them what were then the status of their parents way back before 1957? Not to remind them of the unpleasant “pendatang” status. Rather to bring them to my point”.

      What is your point? There is no relevance in this topic unless you know the history of it. It is a fruitless exercise to indulge in this as history is well documented for what it is not what you say with a half past six knowledge. Nobody including me disregard the importance of the Melayu race in Malaysia nor their religious affection.

      The Melayus I know don’t have a problem with other fellow Malaysians but it is the politically fanned folks that run an agenda with their religious nonsense. Let’s stick to the basic ie humanity as this does not need religion, race or creed to uphold it. If humanity is your call, then no religion, race or creed needs defending to sustain this at least in Malaysia because I will like many others will defend my fellow Melayu brethrens on a basis of humanity if push comes to shove.

      MiNY, don’t forget the mass against Malayan Union 1946. That was a show of Malay power against throwing open the doors of citizenship. — Helen

      1. Helen, I don’t want to open a can of worms for why MU was not successful. This had nothing to do with the Malay interest as the Malay masses were not involved in the political decisions but how it fitted well for XXXXXX. Sometimes, we need to revisit history for what it is in reality. The Malays are never the problem but how they are continued to be manipulated even when we revisit the present day with all the affirmation actions for them. I think I have said enough and I am sure present day Malaysians can figure this out.

        1. It was a popular mass protest by the Malays.

          In Kedah alone, 50,000 Malays demonstrated against the Malayan Union.

          We’re talking about a crowd size of 50k when the entire population of the peninsula at that time was under 4.9 million (year 1947 pop. fig) and there was no mass media to mobilize attendance.

          Just in case you thought Kedah was an anomaly, the demo in Kelantan was 36,000.

          In 1948, there was strong resistance against giving citizenship to the non-Malays.

          It was only in 1957 that Tunku (and Umno!) berjaya pujuk the Malay polity to relent.

          1. Helen, are you leading me on? The influence of MCP and the unionist post 2nd World War made way for Alliance. Historian tales were limited because UK only passed their FOIA in 2000. There is much to be digged on when you actually have the time in your hand to understand how the truth had been manipulated.

            1. I’d embedded the Google Reader link in my earlier comment — click there. Or you can research any other book for the Malayan Union protest numbers.

              Demos that size when the peninsular Malayan population at the material time was under 4.9 million indicate that the Malays were against the idea of opening up citizenship to foreigners.

          2. Helen

            People like MiNY sometime fail to realise that they are often seen as not understanding the Malays .

            MiNY asked why I brought up the subject of status of non Malays way before in 1957. Not to irritate them but sometime a lesson in history is useful for some “ahli politik lupa diri’.

            As for Malayan Union, Malays were dead set due to 2 facts: MU changed the status of Malay states from being ‘protectorate to colony” with the removal of Malay rulers . and the second objection is the ever lenient immigration rule.

            Removal of Malay Ruler means Malays will lose the only living proof that they are the native of the land. with it, goes the whatever character the land have.

            On often much maligned UMNO playing racial record, pray what could possibly stop a political party that at its peak controlled almost 70% of Parliamentary seats from inflicting cruelty to say Chinese if that has been its target.

            Of course the same cant be said about DAP should it achieves political power equivalent to what UMNO have in 1957.

            Habis negara ini.

            I’ve got an article on MU & 1948. I’ll put up later. People like Sshsn are a big, big problem if he refuses to see how this Allah blow-up (Round #2) was ignited by his Lord Tokong who now has the Christian Sabah-S’wak voted locked in while causing scorn to be poured on the Majlis Syura. — Helen

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