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Tiap-tiap hari BN dituduh mencuri

Video muzik ‘Ubah Rocket Style’ dibintangi orang DAP.

Mungkin rakan-rakan blogger boleh cam lebih ramai lagi wakil DAP selain daripada yang telah saya sebut di bawah. Kalau ya, sila tolong beritahu. Dan jika saya ada mana-mana nama yang tersilap, diminta perbetulkan.

Video ini yang bertemakan ‘banteras rasuah’ pada masa yang sama membayangkan BN adalah penipu dan pencuri.


Adun Komtar Ng Wei Aik
Adun Komtar Ng Wei Aik
Video diterbitkan Tony Pua
Video diterbitkan Tony Pua
Adun Pending Violet Yong, Ahli Parlimen Selayang Teo Nie Ching, Adun Teratai Jenice Lee, Liow Cai Tung
Adun Pending Violet Yong, Ahli Parlimen Selayang Teo Nie Ching, Adun Teratai Jenice Lee, Liow Cai Tung (politikus muda Johor)
Karpal Singh
Karpal Singh
Teresa Kok (tengah), Ahli Parlimen Klang Charles Santiago, Ean Yong Hian Wah (bos arwah TBH), timbalan pengerusi Wanita DAP Selangor Lee Kee Hiong, dll
Teresa Kok (tengah), Ahli Parlimen Klang Charles Santiago, Ean Yong Hian Wah (bos arwah TBH), timbalan pengerusi Wanita DAP Selangor Lee Kee Hiong, Adun Kg Tunku Lau Weng San, dll
Juru runding ICT kempen pilihanraya Yeo Bee Yin (pegang heli BN)
Juru runding ICT kempen pilihanraya Yeo Bee Yin (pegang heli BN)
Ong Sing Yee -- gadis yang pijak gambar Najib
Ong Sing Yee — gadis yang pijak gambar Najib
Mr Hannah Yeoh (?)
Mr Hannah Yeoh

Kenapa MCA dinosaur pupus

Tampak ketara sangat yang biro publisiti DAP begitu pandai buat gimik.

‘Wanita’ (gambar di bawah) yang menghadiri majlis pelancaran video Gangnam DAP adalah pelakon babak cincin Rosmah.

***  ***  ***

Bukan Rosmah
Bukan Rosmah

‘Viral marketing’

Blogger Syed Akbar Ali pernah menyiarkan keluhan seorang pembacanya tentang strategi pemasaran Pakatan di Internet.

“People of my generation (Gen X sebaya dengan peminat SAA ini) would subscribe to FB and more often read links and posts on FB than they do blogs. Just when there are any ‘sensational’ news, these PR cybertroopers would send all sorts of ‘marketing’ materials to be ‘shared’ among FB users IMMEDIATELY. It will include doctored youtube videos, photoshopped videos, fake infographics, links to all sorts of articles, etc.
“I remembered, there was a scandal involving Rosmah and her US$24 million Jacob diamond ring, they even “cut & paste” on a Utusan Malaysia newspaper template an article that said she menabung since she was young to buy that ring. And you’d be surprised at how many of my friend believed that article to be true! There are many others that I’d get finger aches to write all the fake articles and infographics that they do. […]
“I hardly see any videos even as entertaining as the Pakatan’s cybertroopers have made. The buzz word of internet marketing is ‘viral marketing’. If you make an entertaining enough video, it can go viral.”

MCA didakwa mencuri kain rentang

“Do not simply accused!” — bunyi teguran Lee You Hin kepada Hannah Yeoh.

Lee You Hin ialah penyelaras BN di DUN Subang Jaya.

Juga Naib Ketua Pemuda MCA negeri Selangor.

Tetapi Saudara Lee tidak dikenali para pembaca The Star.

Juga beliau tidak dipromosikan dalam rancangan Twitter Sensation kelolaan The Star.

Sikap pro-Jerusubang suratkhabar MCA sebenarnya mendorong kepada suasana di mana fitnah oleh sibertrooper Pakatan akan lebih mudah ditelan orangramai.





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25 thoughts on “Tiap-tiap hari BN dituduh mencuri

  1. These pr cybertroopers commit fraud and impersonations. They create various email address and cut and copy paste other people’s comment. Caught them red handed at my blog. Gila bab these pr cybertroopers. They have no shame committing illegal activities.

  2. Muslim tak boleh buat video memfitnah dan menghina sesama manusia kerana ia satu kesalahan di sudut agama.

    Dap bukan muslim, makanya mereka boleh buat apa saja video termasuk fitnah dan penghinaan tanpa ada halangan.

    1. Memfitnah sudah menjadi darah daging dan sebati dengan jiwa Dapster. Kalau tak fitnah, tak cukup syarat.

  3. Hi Kak Helen, just want to share a link from i think any good politician should have a good political speech adviser or writer…Najib’s speech and others BN politician….i can fall asleep or switch to other channel…’a former ice-cream seller but has Master in Poetry…” what’s qualification our political speech adviser/writer has?

    1. MalayPrincess,

      Thank you for the link, it was a very refreshing read.

      I understand what you’ve said about the qualifications of our political speech writers. I also understand what the article said about “antiseptic oratory”, “toeing an invisible line in public speaking”, and about the coining of terms which mean little beyond a small bubble.

      It is hardly surprising that these sub-par ingredients, haphazardly thrown into the black pot of the media, and cooked by innumerable chefs for public consumption, have resulted in something unpalatable. Throw in a lack of formal education in the arts, then anyone could easily mistake the whole situation as a sad mess.

      But is it really a sad mess for communications in Malaysia? While I admit things could be a whole lot better, personally I feel that things are a lot more than they seem. I have a number of reasons for saying this, but, for brevity, I will share just a few with you.

      Words have power. But too many people do not realize that that power comes from context. Context is everything.

      For instance, without the background of mind-boggling poverty for the commoners in late 18th century Paris, would the phrase “Let them eat cake” have been so readily mis-attributed to Marie Antoinette?

      Without the backdrop of racism at epic proportions, would Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” have left such deep scars against oppression?

      And, without the Cold War and the threat of nuclear-dealt extinction, would Americans have responded so well to John F Kennedy’s “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” that they gave him their unequivocal support and America landed on the moon within that same decade?

      Context is everything. And in Malaysia, the context is that the current Malaysian opposition is headed by a person who is the Dumbledore of words. The man is an absolute wizard at speaking. He has moved tens of thousands of Malaysians onto the streets, and they moved as his wrath.

      Yet, over time, the magic of his words withered away, and so many of those he had played like puppet on strings are shouting for his downfall. For many of them, their favourite anthem now is “Anwar has never done anything good for this country.”

      Apparently, the arch-foe of this former wizard knows it well, and has poured his energy into doing things the former wizard never did: the arch-foe actually did things. Things like the economic transformation. Listening to the rakyat. Changing laws (even those still necessary, unfortunately). Upholding the religion. Working together.

      Although this arch-foe is not a wizard, many of the rakyat have begun to repeat his words, the spirit of his messages. This is word of mouth marketing, the most potent spell in all of word wizardry, and it is growing in momentum.

      Of course, this is just my opinion. I speak as a speech writer, albeit one who holds no recognized degree in the arts. My main guiding principle is this quote by David Ogilvy:

      “When Aeschines spoke, they said, ‘How well he speaks.’ But when Demosthenes spoke, they said, ‘Let us march against Philip.’”

      Words should lead to action. Unfortunately for Anwar, it led only to the action of other people on his behalf, and he did not follow it up when he had the opportunity.

      The PM, however, has shown that talk is cheap, and that he is not cheap.

      Thank you for reading my rant.

  4. the cult of self worship. just look at the tweets. self worship. their slogan is “Look at Me !”. with these twerps you feel the “love yourself” they have for one another. there’s a word for this. narcissism. but I m going to go a bit further. I will call this deluded narcissism.

    1. “Deluded narcissism” (like “perpetual hysteria”) is a most apt description for the Jerusubangites but narcissism is a difficult word.

      Their behaviour is like a Bintang Tiga mob.

      See Ellese’s blog ‘The Right of Reply‘ which has recorded their criminal impersonation.

      1. yes narcissism is a difficult word. the fact that these people, the PR mob, the fact that they needed people like me and other readers of this blog to come out with words and terms to describe this mob, goes to show that intellectually, the mob is broke. zero. 0.

        they can impersonate anyone, everyone. I have no problems with that. but their impersonation is not up to the marks. they are lousy impersonators, like that lazy thief impersonating Calvin at Stop The Lies.

        1. Their impersonation is criminal, deceitful and dangerous.

          Ellese is correct to be taking it seriously. I hope Forrrescat will take note too.

          1. the readers are not dumb, well, except those that troll PR sites. people know they are imposters.

            1. No, there I disagree with you. At some blogs and websites, the readers are in the grip of perpetual hysteria so much so that they swallow hook, line and sinker.

              Take the case of the Photoshopped Utusan front page on Rosmah saying “guna duit menabung dari kecil” and the number of oppo supporters who actually believed it.

              In fact, some of the Tokong’s hatchetman bloggers have even insisted before that the word ‘Photoshop’ is virtually known to the general reader.

          2. er……they are in perpetual hysteria. so where’s the psychiatrist ? oh wait ! they have their saints and The High Priestess of S J to care for them.

            1. Aaah, it figures now why the Mother Mary sacred image was seen in the Subang Jaya hospital window.

    1. cassimshah,

      negara ini sudah banyak membangun, makanya apa yang diperlukan ialah pengagihan yang adil: satu untuk aku dan satu untuk kau tetapi bukannya “satu untuk kau 3 untuk aku, tiga untuk aku satu untuk kau”

      tidakkah ungkapan itu mengingatkan kita pada 3 aktor iaitu Nik Pas Aziz, Ngeh Kor Harm dan Koir Meng Kick dalam filem “kroni didahulukan rakyat kempunanan”?

      maksud saya, tak apa kalau mereka tidak bawa kemajuan baru tetapi jangan pulak apa yang telah sedia ada ini diagihkan secara tidak seimbang.

  5. buat kerja tak nak, kalau buat video boleh pulak? Diorang ni masuk politik sebab nak jadi selebriti ker?

    Dengan videonya, dengan tweetnya.. pembangkang paling low class dlm dunia.

    orang2 DAP ni tak ada cermin kat rumah diorang ker – kalau tak mampu, mungkin leh join BR1M, pastu beli cermin besar2 .. tengok dulu cacat cela diri sebelum nak mengata orang. low class dan poor upbringing sangat2!

  6. Reblogged this on Little Voice of Nonny Maya and commented:
    well known for twitter queen right.. accusing bn and not serving her duties are her specialities n forte.. rather than accusing such.. might as well she spends her time solving the waste management issues in SJ. SJ is literally becoming filthier every single freaking day…. not to mention fb’ing when she is supposed to be concentrating and participating in the state assembly meetings.. Oh oh oh.. how many time did she actually attended those meetings again?? 3?5? in 4 freaking years???

    Thanks Helen for the insights!

      1. terima kasih helen kerana berkongsi fakta dgn sekalian rakyat malaysia terutamanya mereka di subang jaya.. Semoga semua tahu akan kemalasan ADUN SJ ini…

  7. Kempen yang terdesak dan ketandusan idea. Kalau bendera & banner hilang heboh. Yang dia mencuri kalimah Allah tu tak ingat.

    Hajat di hati nak jadi pemimpin tapi akhirnya jadi penari tiang. Patut la kat Selagor makin banyak tempat maksiat kalau pemimpin sendiri pun suka berjoget. JAIS nak buat kerja pun dihalang.

    Kalau memerintah dengan cara cuci tangan mengambil hasil kerja orang lain buat apa. Hajat dihati nak jadi selebriti. Tapi tidak pandai nak mesra dengan media arus perdana. Jenis pilih bulu.

    Bila ditanya soalan cepumas sikit, dah melatah, tolak mic wartawan, angkat punggung terus blah. Mana ada pemimpin dunia atau selebriti macam tu. Kononnya berjiwa rakyat. Tapi hakikatnya, apa pun tak boleh. Yang pandai cuma jadi pelakon komedi didalam video untuk budak pra-sekolah. Kata dulang paku serpih.

  8. Dear Helen,

    This is unrelated, but I think interesting.

    I was reading up on Marie Antoinette, and felt like I was hit by a bus carrying a brick wall.

    In particular, see this sentence: “The Diamond Necklace incident further ruined her reputation. Although she was completely innocent in this affair, she became known as Madame Déficit.”

    I don’t know about you, but for me this is more or less the situation being faced by DS Rosmah. The diamond ring lie, the Altantuya murder, and many other lies.

    Marie Antoinette was herself innocent, but was used to stoke the fires of hatred within the French people, which eventually led to the French Revolution.

    Does any of this seem familiar to anyone else?

    Hmm, the more I learn, the more reasons I have to hate PR.

    Or will they say that the French Revolution was orchestrated by UMNO?

    1. Agree with you that their propensity to fitnah is most dangerous especially when they can get their taksub followers to so easily believe all the outrageous lies that they peddle.

      Coupled with this, the behaviour of their followers is nothing short of demented.

      There is no boundary that they – both the demagogues and the mob – will not cross.

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