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The Lim Father & Son who politicize tragic deaths and their hatchet men

There is no decency threshold that the DAP Dynasty will hesitate to cross. With Lim Guan Eng and his father, everything is political. Even sliced bread.

Most recently, Kit Siang tweeted “6yr William Yau’s tragic death – apart from Umno/BN Ministers/leaders, Msia just not safe even 4children like William!” (see here)


The DAP Mursyidul Am additionally linked the William tweet to an article in his blog titled ’75-Day Countdown to 13GE – Will UMNO/BN leaders who really believe that BN will regain two-thirds majority in 13GE stand up?’

Khairy Jamaluddin responded in his Facebook:

“Insiden tragis ini pun nak dikaitkan dengan politik. What kind of leader is this? Daripada kita kerjasama menjaga keselamatan kanak-kanak, ada yang tak melepas peluang untuk berpolitik.

“Show some class, please!”

The barb from the Umno Youth chief – “Show some class, please!” – should most certainly be placed in the context of the DAP evangelical faction who are always labeling other people “low class”.

“Be reasonable”, can or not?

My favourite tweeter Tan Keng Liang has replied to Kit Siang (screenshot below):


The Kedah Gerakan Youth chief aptly observed that being “reasonable” is a trait sorely lacking among the Lim coterie and their hardcore supporters.

Khairy had also asked what kind of leadership is Lim Sr providing. Good question. One would ask the same of Lim Jr.

“What kind of leader is this?”

The first thing Guan Eng did upon the news of the death of a DAP aide in custody was to scream murder.

There have subsequently been an inquest and an RCI but before all these proceedings were conducted, Guan Eng beat the gun by declaring,

“Teoh Beng Hock had been cruelly murdered. I want to remind those responsible that we will not forget you because there is no forgiveness for you.”

(For the record and to preempt the DAP hatchet men, I do not believe that Beng Hock committed suicide).

Even the young man’s last rites was turned into a media circus. The DAP bigwigs standing in the front row during the traditional Chinese ceremony for the departed led scores of cameramen to clamber all over Beng Hock’s funeral altar in order to snap their photos.

Upacara pengebumian Teoh Beng Hock dihadiri Lim Guan Eng dan ahli-ahli exco DAP

Sedition, again and again and again

For his TBH incitement, Guan Eng was investigated by police for sedition. The police reports lodged against the DAP sec-gen for making allegedly seditious remarks must be stacked ceiling high by now.

Just as Kit Siang is unable to get out of his habit of politicizing every single thing, his son too is unable to stop his habit of incitement — be it on Deepavali, Wesak, Hari Raya, Christmas or Thaipusam.

Tucked into his Jan 26 festival greeting is this message:

“For this reason the Penang state government is confident that outside threats to disrupt this mutual respect and destroy racial harmony with vile and abhorrent acts like burning Bibles will certainly fail.” (See Dr Novandri’s blog that takes Guan Eng to task for this)

It’s rich (as in Penang property developer wealthy) for Guan Eng to lecture about disrupting “mutual respect and destroy[ing] racial harmony”.

Victims of the DAP trolls

Novandri Hasan Basri, by the way, is the Chief Minister’s arch nemesis. This Umno man cum blogger ranks among the best sources of critical info if you want to know what goes on in the seedy underbelly of Penang 2.0.

For his perseverance, Dr Novandri is mercilessly trolled by the Guan Eng devotees — online hatchet men quick to wield their pickaxes whenever a hair on the Tokong’s Brylcreemed head is touched. And the irony is that some of the Guan Eng cultist bloggers are living abroad whereas Dr Novandri is a Penangite.

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier posting, Warta Jerusubang only allowed to be published the attacks made on Umno bloggers by Kit Siang, Guan Eng and Tony Pua related to the rumours about the Chief Minister’s son.

And the MCA-owned newspaper, true to its confirmed bias, did not even interview a single one of the Malay bloggers in Penang for their side of the story to ensure a balanced coverage. The Star – a mainstream media with a reach of several millions – provided space only for the DAP camp to vent and vilify the Umno Penang bloggers.

What propels Kit Siang and Guan Eng?

Kit Siang is synonymous with the Rocket brand and given his stature in the DAP, it is understandable that he has loyal followers among the older generation who are protective of him.

As for Guan Eng, the calibre of his following can be measured by how they mindlessly chant the mantra “he is a hero who went to jail for the sake of a Malay girl“.

If you’re wondering how come the general Chinese public is unable to come to its senses regarding Guan Eng, look no further than the best circulation brain washing machine.


A couple of days ago, Chua Soi Lek made the legitimate criticism that Guan Eng is a “fire starter”. All the media, including pro-opposition Malaysiakini, carried the story. With the strange exception of The Star.

From the monitoring carried out by this blog, and from Dr Chua’s own peeved outburst – (screenshot) tweet above by The Star‘s ex-NUJ chairman – it can be seen that he is deliberately sidelined by Star reporters. Never mind that Dr Chua is the president of the party that is the owner of their paper.

To understand a major contributing factor as to why the Chinese community remain blind followers of the Lim personality cult, those in charge of the BN election machinery must seriously look into what’s really going on in The Star.


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32 thoughts on “The Lim Father & Son who politicize tragic deaths and their hatchet men

  1. You are right Helen. These people have no shame. A few weeks ago they tried to exploit the tragic suicide of a Chinese family in Penerang, Johor for their campaign to derail the patroleum hub there which will be one of the country’s main economic drivers. The family of the deceased had to lodge a police report to deny that the suicides were related to the project. Now we know where those scumbags learned to be so vile – Lim Sr, who have no problem exploiting the tragic death of a little boy to further his and his gang’s political interests.

  2. Their dream come true is not too far away, they will use any despicable tactic to scare the minorities into voting in the dynasty.

    1. I hate n’sync informs us that “Recently, a banner with Teo Nie Ching and a (her?) baby contains the standard CNY greetings that included a second verse along the line of ‘our children’s future is in your hands’.”

  3. Why blame LKS and LGE. He is just playing to the gallery. As most of the Chinese believe words and sounds coming out from their mouths as the truth, both will continue to politicize anything. I wonder will LKS’s tweet be the same if William was a non Chinese?

    1. Masa nurin jazlin & sharlinie hilang, kenapa LKS tak ada bagi komen?

      Kenapa masa sosilawati & 3 melayu yg lain dibunuh, dkatakan oleh sstgh sumber, yg terlibat adalah ahli seumur hidup DAP, LKS membisu?

      And d most important thing, why LKS mentioned in his tweet UMNO/BN? Why not MCA/BN or SUPP/BN???

      1. eddy,

        another angle need to be revisited is that the glaring “softness” of hishamudin. I must say that this man is accumulating sin for failing to perform his duties. He simply does not act againsts those who slander, telling lies, inciting racial tension.

        Example. Nizar lied about Dr Mahathir not distributring RM207 billion he accused received from Japan. Tokyo denied it. WHAT HISHAMUDIN WAS DOING? For God’s sake charge Nizar for slandering.

        Where exactly the stubborness in defending the integrity of the Govt of the day? Is it in police side. Or is it in Attorney General’s chamber. where? Why Nizar was not charged?

        Why the mess we have here was unheard off during Dr Mahathir’s tenure. Humble and tolerant DR Mahathir as all of us know. But he during his premiership drew the line. He simply did not tolerate rubbish.

        Refusal to act will result in one thing;Anarchy . Tolerant to garbage is not viewed as sign of maturity. It is simply viewed as a failure or “simply pondan’.

        If there is one Minister in BN whom I will be glad if he does not contest in the next election, the guy is Hishamudin.

        If there is one wish that I can made should I have a magic wand, I must say with certainty that I would want this mind boggling attitude of ‘tidak apa”.

        1. Eddy,

          sorry. the very last sentence should end with the word “be removed”. added after “tidak apa”.

        2. I don’t usually agree with Shamshul, tapi our Menteri Dalam Negeri is REALLY sleeping on the job. I was really really pissed when the whole RM207 billion fiasco was being peddled by the opposition morons. The MOF and respective government agencies came back with clarifications, tapi pak menteri kita?

          Tuduhan politik murahan Nizar yang langsung tak masul akal itu dapat liputan media alternatif, tapi bila kelentongnya dah terbongkar, senyap pulak. AGC sibuk sangat ke? Sekurang-kurangnya polis kena ambil statement dari Nizar. Dari mana kepala hotak siapa yang bagi cerita bodoh tu. Silap haribulan, ada orang kampung tertipu dengan penyangak-penyangak yang menjaja dokumen palsu minta warga emas jadi ahli persatuan untuk menuntut pampasan palsu.

          1. I hate N’sync,

            What is it with Hishamudin that he simply refuses to fullfil his obligation; that is as Minister of Home affair.

            Anyone who uses brain straight away will realise that Nizar was lying. Had the Japanese Govt paid RM207 billion during the tenure of Dr Mahathir, it would have become a world news.

            Besides, this will create a new precedent. consider how much Tokyo have to pay say to China for cruelty it inflicted when it conquered China in 1930s.

            The funny point is that Tokyo has already helped Malaysia by denying the allegation. What credible evidence more that hishamudin expects.

            Charge Nizar for slandering. susah sangat ke. “Tak kan tiada satu pegawai pun dalam Kementerian dalam negeri yang tahu peruntukan undang undang mana yang boleh dipakai”. said one irate UMNO member in Ampang. He was very upset as hishamudin was simply sleeping on the job,

            “aku rasa macam nak terajang Hishamudin ni’, another irate UMNO member said

          1. I don’t know who is advising our minister and what is going on with our border control. I know the disembarkation forms have been scrapped since last year (2011/12?). I also know there are some data on those forms that passports cannot capture.

            I just don’t think many people realize how important that issue is.

  4. ROTFL over the “tapau the son” bit but I think we’ll keep your comment under wraps ,) — Helen

  5. Actually, LKS might be right. Selangor memang dah kurang selamat kot, tapi siapa yang pegang pentadbiran kerajaan negeri Selangor sekarang? Hanya kerajaan Persekutuan saja yang ada tanggungjawab, kerajaan negeri sibuk hisap telo?

    Meludah ke langit…

    1. Selangor is dirty. Subang Jaya is full of rubbish. Yet the Adun tells off, “Don’t be dirty.”

      1. Selangor ada banyak longkang besar yang tidak bertutup dan kerajaan negeri akan salahkan kerajaan terdahulu kalau ‘MB’ Hannah terjatuh dalam longkang?

  6. setuju dengan bro..Shamsul…itu menteri amaran..hanya tau buat amaran…aku harap dia tak terpilih jadi menteri KDN la lepas ni..bagus dia jadi menteri hal ehwal wanita dan kanak kanak je..huhu

    1. Anakmelayu,

      Patrick teoh bebas hina islam. Susah sangat ke nak ambil tindakan. Kalau saya jadi Menteri, dalam masa 1/2 jam boleh selesai.

      Tengok kenyataannya. bukti kan ada. Tak kan Hisamudin bodoh sangat sampai tak tahu peruntukan undang undang mana yang boleh digunakan.

      Hishamudin “PONDAN”.

      1. Shamsul,

        Soal pondan ke tak pondan itu cerita lain. Yang paling merisaukan adalah portfolio KDN itu sangat penting dan kritikal. Perlu ada Pak Menteri yang pandai mengimbangi kuasa AGC, hakim, polis, kastam dll. Kena ada orang yang faham undang-undang dan rule of law. Perlu tegas dan jangan termakan bodek atau percaturan populariti. Masa Tun buat Ops Lalang semua riuh, tapi suhu politik jelas menurun dan dikawal. Sekarang macam-macam kerja fitnah dan hasutan terlepas begitu saja.

        Saya ingat sangat-sangat masa awal atas kerahan Najib, polis kita aktif turun padang dan meronda. Baru-baru ini, dah kurang nampak pulak polis peronda. Tak-kan semua kena dipahat dan ditukul. Kerja bos kena pastikan strategi itu berjalan dan diteruskan. Setiap kali ada isu bersabit, pak menteri kita senyap saja dan hanya bersuara selepas satu kampung dah berkokok. Ini bukan leadership namanya.

        Rakyat jelata risau sebab ramai menteri-menteri kita tak sempurnakan tugasnya dengan baik. Tak ada ciri kepimpinan langsung.

  7. This is a clear incident of low class (or no class) politician at his best. I am waiting for that Oxford turned Dapster to tweet about this low class politician.

    1. Grandmarquis,

      What is DAP’s contribution. as far as I can remember, i have yet to hear anything constructive from DAP. What i notice is that it depends on slandering UMNO for its survival.

      1. Totally agree with you on this, yet what is survival, political or what is just for our community irrespective of the origin as Malaysians as and when it warrants it?

  8. This whole affair is depressing.

    This reminds me of some recent case in Jakarta where a little 11 year old girl was admitted to hospital sick, then it was found out she got ill from STD complications from being raped. She died and people were angry all around.

    The parents got some compensation from the new Jakarta mayor but someone posed as police and stole the money. And the biggest surprise was when the father himself became the prime suspect.

    Hopefully it’s not the same here. Sometimes the culprit would be the closest one like spouse or parents. Like that one case with the Australian dingo baby.

        1. Pls tell me which development you were unaware of.

          Serious question: Consider it a customer survey questionaire.

          I’m presuming that you’ve come from Lowyat and if you’ll let me know, it’ll help give me an idea of the blanks in public perception.

          1. Haven’t been here a while, I don’t know why you think I’m a lowyat regular.

            The development being the coroner ruling the baby’s death was dingo caused after so many years. I was ignorant of her guilt overturned earlier but I find it’s interesting that it’s not only that, after all this time they fought hard not only to assert their innocence but also to say that the dingo killed the baby. Probably to make the public more aware of the danger but then seems to me like Australia has a lot of those dangerous animals. And that’s just to decide on the species, you can’t do the same with homo sapiens, you need to get the exact individual, would anyone even have the strength to do the same with a case involving a possible human culprit?Like that Nurul Jazlin case, or the MACC deaths case, or any other similar cases.

            I’m ashamed to admit what little I heard of it is based from that one movie I didn’t even watch and I didn’t follow the case or ever came across to the exoneration details. Can’t give you any excuse other than that.

            1. Just an assumption. Like you say, you haven’t been here a while, and I didn’t recognise you as one of my regular commenters.

              The Lowyat presumption was because those commenters that I hadn’t come across before (i.e. non-regular commenters) the last couple of days have been from Lowyat due to the flame war that the forum has launched on my war.

              My mistake.

  9. tankengliang pun pasti kena juga sama macam Dr Novandri Basri. dahsyat kultus ah guan ni sama macam ayah pin. twitted this.

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