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Lowyat forumers who live in Subang

(1) By the own admission of Lowyat forumers, they make it a habit to put up bloggers to be trolled: “Pertama kali aku tengok tered macam ni takde orang ajak troll blogger”.



(2) By their own admission, I was trolled in Lowyat last year. They now say that I’m a “slowpoke” (below) for this apparent delayed reaction.



It’s true that I ignored their trolling in the past (“last year ancient news” / Oct 2012).

However, the timing is such that I’m responding to Lowyat presently since a new thread was opened there again yesterday.


(3) Re: “if easily butthurt (transl.), should just stay away from politics.”

On the contrary, more of us rational Malaysians should retaliate against people having the thinking of this person (handle: a13solut3).

Lowyat forumers hold that anything goes in the business of hurting any writer who comments on politics so long as the individual refuses to kowtow to the opposition beliefs. This behaviour is called GANGSTERISM.


(4) “helen ang butthurt n make post about /k/tards.”

“imma give her a big fat dont give a dam about some insignificant blogger.”

Oh, izzit? I’m so insignificant that I can become the topic of recurrent threads?


(5) And we see the same sick rationale: “eleh, helen ang ni baru sikit dah goyang …ptuih! muka auntie betol…” (screenshot below)

Do you go around ptuih-ing other people’s looks because you think they’re low class? You must live in Subang Jaya then.

And since you’re so good looking yourself, why don’t you use your own photo in your avatar instead of that of some Western celebrity?


And at the same time, use lah your own name as well so that folks who think you’re as goodlooking as the popstar in your avatar can contact you to offer an Akademi Fantasia contract.

re: “Baru sikit dah goyang” … the social media generation have lost it, i.e. lost any understanding that some boundaries of decorum must be preserved.

These trolls go around in the cloak of anonymity but their words provide no cover for their lack of EQ and sense of decency.

Bottomline: It is not alright to memfitnah. It is not alright to mengkafir.

And if you’re having continuous bouts of anti-BN verbal diarrhea, please get Pakatan to sponsor you a toilet. You deserve their sponsorship.


(6) Yes.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

60 thoughts on “Lowyat forumers who live in Subang

  1. adoh Helen, mereka terpaksa guna gambar gambar bintang pop Amerika sebab muka mereka, gambar mereka tak jadi, tak ada rupa.

    tahu kenapa dia tu [Hannah] kahwin dengan Ramachandran ? kan pisang dan kelapa tu sama kategori, kedua dua putih isi.

    sama lah dengan pondan pondan yang buat komen kat lowyat. mereka tu pondan, sebab tu lah kena kebas gambar gambar bintang pop Amerika. adoh, mereka ni, bukan saja tak ada IQ, tak ada EQ, mereka juga tak ada rupa wajah, rupa paras.

    1. Thanks.

      But the big picture is very glum. Some people had spread rumours on the Internet that William Yau (the missing 6-year old boy found dead) was abused by his parents.

      Police today made a statement that they have not come across any such reports of abuse.

      But the fact that some people can simply make up and spread such stories is truly beyond sick! The Net has become a medium for such people to operate and the authorities are not putting their foot down to check this culture of memfitnah.

      1. Culture of memfitnah? u just did that by accusing everyone who is against you to be DAPfags.

        We hate both hardcore gov and oppo supporters equally.

        gangsterism? ohwow.jpg it seems to me that you’ve just subscribed to an internet plan quite recently.

  2. Premis seumpama LYF adalah tempat di mana pendatang baru (newbies) mengasah bakat mencarut dan melalut. Mereka bermula dengan lesen L dan akan khatam apabila mendapat lesen A.

    Ke manakah mereka akan pergi selepas mendapat lesen A? Ya, mereka akan melepak di laman-laman blog yang mempunyai minat yang sama – memfitnah, mencarut, menghina dan melalut.

    Hendak tidak hendak semua kita kenalah terima hakikat bahawa golongan inilah yang akan mencorakkan rupa ‘kesopanan dan kesusilaan’ di masa depan.

    1. The Lowyat response to our responses is copypasted below. “fap” is Internet slang meaning the sound of masturbation (fap fap fap).


      1. The duty of a unicorn is to serve the emperor (Kim) obediently by offering him a smooth riding on the crest of a wave and at the same time protecting the interest of the Kim’s family as well. Very noble and interesting job actually!

        The thing is they are not the normal unicorns. Even with thy BIG fans but since there are no balls, sorry to say these eunuchorns could only become Kims orderlies, not the protectors – to be dispensable at will, any time.

        1. It’s not an idle boast that they made. I just checked Alexa. Lowyat is the 14th biggest wesbite in Malaysia whereas The Star is – comparatively only – 23!

          Imagine the rabble there having such a big voting bloc. Most definitely they are the DAP voter demographic in behaviour.

          As marhaeman said in one of the earlier comments (top), their Cocky, Arrogant style is what the rest of us will have to contend with.

          1. I thought majority the younger population readily identify themselves with anything anti-establishment. So not going to be a loss there. You cannot lose a vote you never had.

            1. True. We’ve always known about the rural-urban divide in the electorate. Plus I commented above that the DAP methods work better with the LY crowd, like their Gangnam video (scene of bride in wedding gown chasing Rosmah with a badminton racket).

              True also that LY is a vote bank that the BN never had. But to realise the extent of the mob impetus among the opposition vote bank — it quite fits in with that young man who stepped on Najib’s photo.

              Marhaeman must be as ancient as RPK (no offence meant to either) to invoke kesopanan dan kesusilaan.

          2. I’ll give some of the young people some credit. I was young once too. I think all the DAP methods will get them exactly the kind of supporters they want, just like how BN’s bribes and UMNO contracts will draw the kind of business leechers they deserve.

            I mean, the appeal of a political party is related to how the members choose to project themselves. DAP tries to bait the intellectuals with high ideals, but would also love to touch base with the masses via gangnam parodies. They got another arm in the Church groups. MCA rolls with the outdated Chinese groups and guilds and associations, trying to be a patron in exchange for votes. All I am saying is that MCA is perceived as a dinosaur because it is led by old people who cannot fathom how to make themselves hip. LGE and Tony Pua is hip what, see that gangnam dance they did in the video?

            Politics of slander has been around for ages, just like politics of omission.

            1. getting “exactly the kind of supporters they want”

              urm, threatening physical assault with badminton racket, using brownshirts (Pasukan Peronda Sukarela), Gangnam Taman Kaya-style?

          3. Kesopanan dan kesusilaan adalah nilai yang diperlukan disemua tempat, keadaan dan masa.

            Kesopanan dan kesusilaan akan ditolak kalau ianya mampu memberikan kelebihan kepada pembangkang untuk mendapat kuasa.

            Maksudnya pihak yang hilang nilai sopan dan susila boleh dipergunakan untuk memberi tekanan berupa anti-establishment kepada pemerintah dan kalau berjaya maka naiklah pembangkang.

            Itu berlaku di sebuah negara di timur tengah. Pembangkang menggunakan gerakan anti-establishment sebagai senjata untuk kepentingan sendiri (dapat kuasa).

            Namun pembangkang tadi lupa bahawa senjata yang sama (anti-establishment) boleh makan tuan. Kini apabila pembangkang bahawasanya jadi pemerintah, mereka juga berdepan tekanan dari golongan anti-establishment!

            Perintah darurat di Egypt sekarang ini harus dijadikan iktibar kepada pembangkang/pro pemerintah lokal bahawasanya ‘buat baik berpada-pada buat jahat jangan sekali-sekali.

  3. Well Helen, when I was flamed online, I learned to suck it up. It is a bit like free publicity, although one would never wished for such negativity. I did once think about whether LYF is THE place to seek out contrarian views, but after surfing their forum many years ago, I decided that the people there are not really interested in current affairs. It is a very functioning forum for techies and gamers, but not much else.

    Besides, I never liked registering for anything.

    Taking the cue from bloggers like Niamah!, ZorroUnmasked etc., the culture of hooliganism online is not quite limited to the anonymous. I mean, it is more like you cannot engage with one-line morons. Devoid of reason or logic, the best you can pray is that LYF is not representative of the dumb masses. It is likely that they are, but lets assume they are not. Don’t ever let others get to you personally. Both praise and derision are false friends, you’ll be the stronger person because of the likes of shssn or KingKong.

    1. If LY is any indication, I think the young vote will go to Pakatan … serasi dema. Also in such forums, the opposition methods work better.

  4. The very definition of /k (kopitiam) is a place for irreverent discussion. The more you try to take people seriously there, the more you’re going to be made fun of by them. The worst thing you can do is to appoint yourself to be some sort moral crusader or police and preach to them from a higher ground. It’s not as if they would go around spray graffiti on the walls and throw Molotov cocktails at the police. It may be tasteless or crude compared to your personal tastes, but this is the norm for all internet forums. To you, LYN might be a haven for pro-opposition supporters but how is that any different from pro-government forum boards like where you can read threads about dog Chinese and beggar Indians whenever racial matters become hot. Where is your righteous anger about them? If you think LYN are a bunch of lowlife thugs, then I assure you the behavior on some pro-government messaging boards will truly shock you to the core.

    The fact of the matter is you took personal umbrage in a humor-based forum and now you’re getting called out on it. Perhaps you should read 9gag and 4chan to get a handle on what are the trending internet humor these days.

    1. You call LY a “humor-based forum”? Wow, you guys sure got a high-class definition of what constitutes humour.

      1. It’s not “high-class”. It’s sarcasm-based humor. And as they say, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. But that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, except for those who bear the brunt of it.

        By your standards, your self-perceived image of being a model writer doing a service to inform your readers is ruined when you practically encourage their own prejudices in the comments. How are you any different? You decry the behavior of those you dislike but choose to overlook your very own backyard. Do you not have any mirrors in your house?

        1. Quite obviously the mirrors in your house have all cracked … there. Give you back your “sarcasm lowest form of wit”. Measure for measure.

          Yes, I could have chosen to ignore the trolling in the forum that you call your “humor-based” site but I think there are a silent majority out there who really have had it up to here with you lot.

          That’s why Bung Moktar did not get a shelling of outrage (but only a muted response) for dropping his so-called “f-bomb” (word that the wannabe media used) on the wannabe dudette.

          1. >> but I think there are a silent majority out there who really have had it up to here with you lot.

            Um, a few weeks ago, a woman called Sharifa Zohra was at the receiving end of this silent majority. It was so much, that people like Khairy felt it was best to let her SW1M

            Even companies turned the ‘Listen x1000’ meme into advertising material

            1. JM,

              With all due respect, you underestimate the silent majority on the other side of the fence.

          2. >> With all due respect, you underestimate the silent majority on the other side of the fence.

            If thats the case, the masses would have attacked Bawani as a disruptive forum participant, instead of SZ & SW1M. That wasn’t the case.

            >> And I suspect your concern for me is at least half genuine.

            Sometimes, a person not on your good books plans to do something so silly & ridiculous, you have to sarcastically warn them against it. Just saying…

            1. I do not dispute that the Dapster “masses” are truly loud.

              However it is wiser to beware those who speak softly but carry a big stick.

          3. The big stick was broken out in response to SZ, and Rais’s Janji Capati theme.

            I would hardly describe the vast percentage of netizens who rubbished the two examples above as Dapsters. Most are not even members/supporters of a political party

    2. wmkr,

      Cari forum has its share of pro government members & ultra-rightists, but the pro-oppo Malay faction is also very strong there.

      Agreed with you on Helen’s selective reaction towards criticism from pro oppo forummers vs. racial comments from the Perkasa rightwingers.

  5. Also, forgot to add. If you’re looking for actual serious discussions, there is a Real World Issues subsection. The posters there too aren’t spared from ridicule from /k because the topics on religion and politics are perceived to be steeped in self-importance. But that doesn’t mean any /k would simply go there to flame the threads there, /k would simply keep their ridicule about RWI in /k and that would be the end of it.

    1. Helen? do you want to shred to pieces this nonchalant . Waimakariri. Trust me I know his IP adress. but is it worth it? Don’t you think such characters means nothing but to indulge you without any substance. Is it really worthy nor do your need such unworthy adversity ? Your call Helen, you want me to screw him, and trust me he will not know what hit him when I hit it .

      1. It’s not whether waimakariri is a worthy adversary or not. It’s that lowyat is big and they’re equating size with freedom to bully.

        I’m not saying the forumers are DAP members (very likely not) but still, they practise the same credo as the “DAP SuperCyber Bullies”. And The Star which is MCA-owned sided with Pakatan the several times there were online scuffles between both camps across the political divide.

        So the monster keeps gaining in size b’cos they consider the lil’ guys – calling mine “some unknown small little blog” – easy to step on. And the big guys, like The Star with its 5.63 million reach have never addressed Internet hooliganism but instead prefers to promote the proponents of the tide.

      2. Wow, all I did was explain in civil terms on why she’s getting the responses she did and you pull out the “I can go CIA on his ass” card? Why don’t you help out in rooting the racists from her blog then? You know, like the ones who just said (in not so direct terms) that majority of Chinese are racist, dumb DAP puppets?

  6. Obviously u have not been to the RWI section of the forum.

    /k (short form for kopitiam) is the place for irrelevant chit chat trash talking keyboard warriors.

    If you wanna do serious discussion, there’s Real World Issue subforum which is subjected to strict moderation.

    If you’re looking for similar posts/forum to blog about, you can always go to .

    Same shit, different name. Except is pro-gov and anti other races.

    1. Oh, I know all about the RWI. It requires VERY strict moderation because it is obvious LYF attract a lot of funny people. All online forums are like that you see. The masses aren’t too bright, but who can fault them, kopitiam talk is the rage anyway. I still remember how our undergraduates waste all their time thrashtalking crap at mamak stalls and restaurants. It is practically a sub-culture.

      1. It has strict restriction because discussions involving religion inevitably end in flame wars. And also, many such discussions kept resurfacing because people simply don’t search before posting what they thought is a unique post that nobody else had ever thought of beofre.

        1. Dear Waima,

          Do you even wonder WHY moderation is so sorely needed in LYF? You said “discussions involving religion inevitably end in flame wars” – that statement alone explains quite a bit the kind of discussions you get in RWI.

          The quality of RWI “discussions” is I post one line here, he post one line there, she post an article, you comment a line here and there. I don’t blame LYF – a big place is bound to suffer from some weapons of mass delusion. I am not saying LYF is useless. On the contrary, I think it reflects very well the demographic and people it attracts, and I am not referring to a particular race or religion.

  7. I have in the past talked about another forum, skyscrapercity, where despite having several moderators, anti UMNO garbage are allowed to infest the general threads.

    Example in a forum about the MRT you have the moron that bash UMNO/BN and make comparison to Singapore, of course being big forum many join the fray but I see them moderators penalizing pr BN forumers who are called stupid by moderators while pro PR forumers were described as forumers who only care for their country.

    I know the moderators are Chinese, so no need to guess who they will vote.

    Same in Lowyat, eh? — Helen

    1. Pretty much, it is true that Pakatan supporters, especially the urban chinese pretty much have firm grip on popular online Malaysian forums, they can selectively allows pro Pakatan sentiments to flame on.

      Another popular big forums is, seem to have the same crowd as LYF but with mainly Malay speaking forumers, but anti UMNO/BN sentiments prevail. IMO, maybe its because anti BN rhetoric are so much tolerated online that many people naturally try to show that they are anti UMNO to be accepted but they may still be atas pagar.

      Young people have short attention span, they may be easily grabbed by some fad due to herd mentality, but they may change their mind later like a girl changing her clothes several times a day, but when the voting booth is in front of them, they may use more the brain before writing that X.

      For those really atas pagar who care not less about politics may just vote what their parents vote rather than the gutter forumers in LYF.

      The effective Pakatan cubertroopers is reflected by the thousands of dislikes on any pro BN youtube videos and put nasty comments like the recent IllSellMyCountry parody of Pakatan leaders which gives you the illusion that more viewers hate the pro BN video whilst in reality about 90 percent of viewers never Like or Dislike the video.

      Hence it is actually good strategy that Najib gives RM200 and make programmmes targeting the youth to imprint a sense of being relevant and being a benign figure among the youths. While Pakatan is engaged in the perang saraf, Najib engages in the physical plane which he is able to mobilize via MSM and govt agencies.

      Don’t count on Scissors ,) — Helen

  8. Ms Helen – it’s true both LWI & the pro-gomen forums all spew the same rubbish like comments. Just ignore them

  9. Summoning [@Mecha-Frog] [@Izutaisa] [@CetakTakMati] to defend themselves from being labelled as PRfags despit their hardest efforts to be loyal BNtroopers.

  10. me personally, I think both LYF and Cari are the way kids these days expressing themselves. Though some posts can be hurtful but I must say they’re creative and quite witty.

    The old skoolers and the new breed, obviously have different ideologies and ideas on how things should be handled or said.

    Maybe I am not the type that is easily offended, I must admit their postings are quite funny and intelligent as well.

    At the end, these are just kids out to express themselves in the way they know how and other readers try not to be overly sensitive la.

    I also must admit that their interactions with one another is overwhelmingly funny: more like conversation among friends and that I find rather amusing.

    1. Agree with anakjamil. Not being patronising, actually. It wasn’t that dis-similar with the old Xfresh, although that youngish crowd are more Anglo-like.

  11. Woah, my name was in too, and suddenly I’m Oppositions’ fan.

    Are you actually promoting them or you hold some grudges against them?

    Politics in Malaysia was already a jokes especially recently, don’t make it worse than it is already, okay? I had ‘fun’ watching both side thrashing each other, but never ever categorize me into any of them.

    1. Helen also thinks The Star newspaper is pro DAP, even though today’s paper is all filled with pro-BN stuff, as usual.

      1. As I’ve consistently said in this blog, The Star is bipolar, split personality and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.

        I’ve never denied the paper’s pro-BN content.

        As I’ve explained before, the very top echelon (such as Datuk Seri-Datuk-Datuk — he as 3 titles has far as I’m aware) of the paper will naturally want to take care of their rice bowl as their remuneration package is worth millions per annum) and they would order a tailor-made content should the occasion require, like during the CSL-LGE debates.

        However, the middle management and rank-and-file are pro-opposition. Why should you think that if the Chinese support overall for DAP is estimated at 85%-90%, that The Star staff should be drastically different from their family and friends and the Chinese community at large?

  12. Can someone ask Ah Wang to unpermaban me.


    Btw helen, UR FOREHEAD is not proportionate with your ugly face.

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