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Lowyat trolls need to be taught the Bung Moktar lesson

This post continues at ‘Lowyat forumers who live in Subang

Someone featured my blog url in the Lowyat chat forum.

Below are their comments (click on pseudonym for their profiles).

gastacopz: “pelacur blog not welcome in here …”

suicai99: “For all u know the real person behind that name is a fat, smelly malay dude.”

Annoynimous: “Helen Ang is penyokong tegar BN.”




The Bung Moktar Lesson:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Otherwise known as Newton’s Third Law of Motion

The other side has had enough of the DAP SuperCyber Bullies terrorizing cyberspace.

Screenshot below is what a Bangsar dudette called Geminianeyes had tweeted to the Kinabatangan MP to make him blow his top.

While I won’t reproduce Bung’s volcanic comeback (but which you can view here), I will say that Geminianeyes had it coming to her.

Now if the DAP SuperCyber Bullies choose to persist, I’m wagering that it’d be sooner rather than later that they get Bung-ed. And it won’t be pleasant.

Not everyone is willing to be as nice as those bespectacled MCA fellas to continually endure Dapster insults.

geminianeyes @mpkinabatangan sebagai

Continues at ‘Lowyat forumers who live in Subang


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49 thoughts on “Lowyat trolls need to be taught the Bung Moktar lesson

  1. here’s to clarify their meaning, although it seems weird, but i can assure you he was not talking bad about you.

    gastacopz: “pelacur blog not welcome in here …”
    can be translated as “blog whores not welcomed in here…”
    he didn’t talk about you, he was in fact talking about the person who post your blog into the forum. there was some cases where people open a thread to attract viewers to read their blog but not discussing any topic in the forum, that’s why the reaction.

    other 2 i cannot understand…. since you take them out separately i’ll assume that you treat each post as a response to your post. but pls read again and you’ll know they are just kids who wanted attention, in their terms “attention whores”… so pls be generous and open :D


    1. Thanks 9876789, I know what you’re getting at in your explanation and I accept your interpretation as correct.

      However, in the same thread are brought up older comments such as “Long time already BN trooper troller.” This is not the first time in Lowyat that they’ve been hitting out at me or at Joceline Tan (whom Hannah Yeoh put together the both of us in the same category as “absurd”).

      I’m aware of the type of nasty comments that have appeared about me in Lowyat before. Hence this posting is a warning for them to desist from the character assassination as has happened previously.

      And I stand by my headline that Lowyat is populated with Pakatan trolls who make the vilest comments about anything related to the BN.

      I’ve mentioned the nature of Lowyat before – – and I think it is even more corrosive than the popular opposition hangouts because there is no gatekeeping.

      At least in M2Day, Raja Petra moderates and Malaysiakini is monitored by the Malay pro-establishment bloggers and various authorities (especially now that the commenters have insulted the Sultan).

      I’d put Lowyat somewhere in between social media and news portals. Meaning that it’s got the potential of each.

      The danger of social media is all the lies that are spread which remain under the radar and which the rest of us using conventional media may be unaware. All the more so that you’re saying the Lowyat forumers are young people. (As well as all the more reason the DAP cybers would fish there as first-time voters are a major and very important voting bloc.)

      One example of lie that might stick with some people some where would be the Nizar kelentong about the 207 bilion reparation payment or the Rosmah ring. The most important thing to note about both is that one, the former lie was spread by a high-ranking Pakatan politician and two, “they” – the Pakatan propagandists – actually fabricated the ring story to not only defame her personally but for the purpose of inciting public anger ala the reputation lynching of Marie Antoinette.

      People who are capable of going to that extent of fitnah are dangerous. I’ve see the same fitnah against my reputation happening in Lowyat in at least 3-4 threads (that I’m aware, there could have been more).

  2. I.D.A, kau kat mana? aku nak bagi kau tahu nama kau dah kena kebas oleh cyber trooper Pakatan. dia orang guna nama kau buat komen yang bukan-bukan kat Stop The Lies. baik kau pergi tengok kat Stop The Lies. nama Calvin Sankaran dah teruk habis dia orang guna buat komen yang bukan-bukan. I.D.A baik kau datang kat Stop The Lies.

    sorry about this Helen, but the PR troopers have been hijacking people’s identities to do their dirty work, now that I.D.A has become their latest victim, I have to use your blog to warn him. thanks.

  3. Hang in there, Helen.

    For them to be this mean and insulting to you means that what you are writing has hit a chord with them. The truth hurts, and when imbeciles have no ability to articulate their thoughts to counter your arguments, they are left with whatever pathetic little grey matter that they have between their ears and as a result, slurs and insults are the only thing they know.

    ‘High class’ katakan….

    1. “High class” when it comes to insulting people. their definition of “high class” denotes using vulgarity at their detractors. indeed their world is so perverted, that their “love” of themselves is so intoxicating that I have to label them as “induced megalomania”. since “deluded narcissism”, the word “narcissism” can be difficult for some people to pronounce, therefore I have decided that the term “induced megalomania” is a much better term for most people to remember and relate to, when I say relate to, I mean for most people to identify these so called “high class” psychos.

  4. These people are allowed to have verbal diarrhea and hurls insulting remarks 24/7 just because LY is a sovereign territory and is isolated from the real world!

    If they are commenting behind the great wall, behind the iron curtain, inside the guantanamo’s camp, for sure they won’t have the same privilege or else they will have to swallow their words.

    1. Good one! Yes, it’s “sovereign territory” and they are commenting from behind the safety of the Great Wall of China, hahaha.

      1. actually Helen, its the Great Wall of Wonderland. in Wonderland, they can have their perpetual hysteria, deluded narcissism, induced megalomania etc. they know that their “Great Wall” has the blessings of their numerous Saints and one particular High Priestess which I m sure you know who I m referring to.

        1. There’s a saying, “misery loves company”. Since you’re a termite, go back to your ant colony. Got your friends there.

          1. but but but…we ponies are not termite! were are not as bad as you think :c
            love and tolerate pls

            1. You want luurrrve, go get it at City Harvest Church Subang Jaya.

              To qualify as a good little pony, you must show that you have a pair of wings and a horn (unicorn). Otherwise, baaaaad horse.

  5. Auntie, this pipu from k is very bad one. They are all subhumans. Kesian auntie kena buat macam ni…


    1. Helen, you gotta cut these young ppl some slack. I never thought I would say this but when I was at Screenshots many years ago, or at even older but now defunct blogs and forum (or Sang Kancil, who remembers MGG Pillai?), I thought I was the young man in a world of old people.

      15 years later, I realized I am now the old people, LOL! That makes RPK positively ancient!

    1. Why are you doing this? please be polite. Mrs Helen Ang, I hope you will delete all these offensive replies.

      1. Actually I think Ms. Helen Ang needs to keep it all here. Unlike LYF, moderation is almost nil at her own choice. In the real world, when people say terrible things, it can’t be erased with just a delete button. It doesn’t mean eternal condemnation of course, we all forgive and forget, but even if we take it all back or swallow our words, it is indicative of the state of the mind at the point of it being expressed.

        Besides, it gives a chance to other LYF-ers to show that not everyone from LYF are foul-mouthed idiots.

  6. Its good to get different crowd once a while, we need stupid people around to know what stupid is,lol.

    1. I agree. Also about the ‘crowd’ size. It takes a lot of effort, reading and research to make a reasoned argument. On the other hand, it’s very easy to ‘argue’ like them if it can be called that.

  7. The pr cybertroopers are rubbish Helen. They fraudulently impersonate people with intent to deceive. And haris Ibrahim is rubbish too. He hides these impersonators. I’ll do a posting of him who has been censoring all my comments now.

  8. manusia hanya mampu memenjara jasad, bukan pemikiran. hak bersuara tetap ada walau terpenjara dalam caci-nista. twitted this.

  9. Welcome to the internet.

    I’m puzzled why you’ll get so worked up over a small Lowyat forum thread from last year? You will drop all sorts of “creative” names for Hannah Yeoh, Pakatan Rakyat supporters, Guan Eng, Anwar, etc. , but when some forummers rubbish your work you get all butthurt.

    A word of caution, avoid waging war on ‘Anonymous’ over remeh temeh stuff like this. Its not worth it, and you’ll become the butt of jokes for the next internet meme after Sharifah

    Bung Mokhtar’s public image actually took a f***ing from the Internet in the Twitter issue.

    1. JM,

      If my name becomes the next internet meme, then it proves my contention that they are a mob.

  10. Helen, why bother with low level trolls like them ? I mean, just by looking at your picture, i can see that you have had your share of life’s bitter lessons, i.e you are old and you have a forgettable face. I am sure you have been called worst thing than this, just garner your longggggg experience in life, and suck it all up. Just like you have been doing with your BN masters. Thanks and take care.

    1. If we were to run a test on your growth rings, we will find that you have the mental age of 12.

      And yes, so very true. Your pseudonym “muka retarded” fits you to the T.

      Looking at the quality of your wood, your Perak masters who obtained the 10,000-acre logging land in Kelantan will not be able to export you or make fine furniture out of you. I think you will end up being factory manufactured into a footstool, just nice for your next masters to rest their feet, mr supermoto muka retarded.


      1. that tree trunk looks better than you. It has more personality, and im sure it is better in bed than you will ever be.

        1. Why aspire to bed frame? Like I said earlier, you’re likely to end up footstool out in the porch.

  11. Trolling- part of the reasons why I’m shunning forums like LYN. I’m also shunning social networks like Facebook. I only occasionally participate in some investment/ finance related forums that are catered to US demographics (I find those forums to be very informative and mature). By the way, just a few weeks ago, I watched a discussion about trolling on al-Jazeera channelAre trolls killing the internet? – ‘Trolling’ subjects web users to often offensive content, threatening speech; probably relevant to this thread.

    1. One of the reasons why I have issues with The Star is that I feel that they encourage the trolls.

      The paper’s own staff Joceline Tan, sad to say (and I bring up her name very reluctantly as I consider her a friend) had been among the earliest subjected to the Dapster mob attack.

      Never once, ever, has the paper stepped up to the plate to defend her even she was several times personally attacked by the Papa Dapster himself. And now more recently by the Mama, in her “absurd” tweet meant to incite a lynch mob against Jos and me.

      MCA’s own Beliawanis was the first to sound out that Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming are “DAP SuperCyber Bullies” yet we see the continued fawning promotion given the Jerusubang icons and the paper’s blackout on Jessica Lai.

      When Beliawanis complained about Pakatan Christian Adun Gan Pei Nei, again MCA’s own people was blacked out by MCA’s own paper.

      If you read their party website, you will find Wanita MCA have been complaining too about this thuggish behaviour by the opposition camp. And as our monitoring has shown, Wanita MCA is invisible in The Star.

      Instead that media group uses its clout and reach to a 5.63 million audience to promote Jerusubang cultism.

      I don’t have to reply the Lowyat trolls. But I choose to. And I employ a calculated sarcasm b’cos they are getting away with their gangsterism.

      And as The Star‘s Taman Kaya, Ipoh coverage has shown, the paper took the side of the bullies against the senior citizen teacher who has since had to move out of his old neighbourhood due to the bullying led by some DAP branch-level leaders.

    1. The commenter above is appealing for public help to finance his extension surgery. If you’re feeling generous, you can e-transfer him a kind donation @ Jerusubang Bank, a/c no. 0-000 000-2.

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