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Sambutan bagi pemecatan ustaz Nasha

Komen penyokong pembangkang:

“This ‘running dog’ should be shot on sight. You can almost see the evil in his face. Now he can officially confirm he’s an UMNO dog.” (screenshot bawah)


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23 thoughts on “Sambutan bagi pemecatan ustaz Nasha

  1. the voice of dissent will be a thing in the past for pas, pkr and dap. wonder what happened to the cries for more democracy and freedom of expression? wonder what’ll happen if pr was voted into power after ge 13? a more liberal and friendly government? i don’t think it’ll be the case…

    1. re: “wonder what’ll happen if pr was voted into power after ge 13?”

      Lowyat replicated?

      1. hopefully the majority of voters will see the consequences of voting for pr candidates. i for one will cast my vote for bn. maybe they have certain faults which needed to be corrected and reminded, but at least i can voice out my dissatisfaction freely…

        No way Chinese vote will budge. — Helen

  2. Kak Helen,

    If they compare the facial expression of the Mursyidul Am (MA) when he made a U turn in the ‘Allah’ issue with the one belongs to Ustaz Nasha (UN) as in the photo above, those commentators could actually decide/recognize which one is the devil or the angle!

    But as usual, when they (mostly Kafiris) are being so influenced by political expediency, they won’t speak from the bottom of their heart and hence you see the above comments which are coming from their bottoms?

    Ironic? No it is not, cos when there is no better barrel to scrape, these phrases would be spoken out from their asshole: “that they prefer the devil (MA) that is known to them rather than UN (the angel) which is no longer known to them.

  3. Helen,

    I believe this will be backfired. He is being cornered and pushed. He will punish PAS and the leadership of PAS will regret this irrevocable move. What a waste…I could not see any reasons to support PAS after this.

    I hope he will be picked up to contest in ge13 under BN and perhaps in Permatang Pauh.

    Viva Nasha!!!

    1. Bongek,

      From my observation, I notice that PAS influence among Malays is waning. Due to malays being “jaga hati”, many are misled into believing that PAS is still strong.

      Ever since PAS becomes an ally to DAP and PKR, it slowly sheds its Islamic objective. at every junction, it submits to DAP and PKR. Instead of reaching Non Malays and explain the Malay/Muslim version of views, PAS takes the easy way by pleasing the non Malays at the expense of Malay community.

      The case in Gua Musang where Perak DAP has shares in a logging firm really dent PAS image. While PAS is firm in rejecting Kelantanese Malay in lnd application, it is ever generous with non Malays from other states.

      The predicament is PAS own doing. It can only manipulate religions to an extent.

      1. Shamsul,

        Being human, they are seduced and charmed by the power that they never imagined that they will have. Now they are greedy for more. They thought that the last GE formula worked for them.

        So in their simplistic mind, they have a good products. In reality, the voters are too angry with their competitor’s products. They dont have a sustainable products. If BN can reinvent their products PAS will lose big time. I think Najib’s regime are acutely aware of this.

        You are right, their predicaments are their own doing and their previous euphoria are also not their doing. In fact I dont think they know what are they doing.

  4. Members of the syura council are forced by Nik Aziz to ditch him. Nasha is the bisggest threat to the fake prophet Nik Aziz. Nasha will continue to reform PAS and purify it fron the Nik Aziz blasphemy.

    Nik Aziz is extremely sick, Allah is itching to punish him hence it is ideal that the DAP Khalifah LGE and his Sahib Kapal Sink Remove this Nasha who may turn the Green tide againts the rocket once Nik Aziz is six foog under.

  5. dapster2 nih dah semakin besar kepala dan berlagak macam tuan besar hingga caci maki dah jadi halal pd mereka yg tak sekepala dgn mereka. mereka2 nih la akan cabut lari klu berlaku kekacauan dalam negara. menjengkilkan..

    Bagaimana sikap bongkak mereka boleh dibendung? Patah akal kalau difikirkan. Nampaknya mereka akan terus sahaja dibiarkan bermaharajalela. — Helen

    1. “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. SOME MEN/WOMEN YOU JUST CAN’T REACH. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men.”
      Saja aku tambah and uppercase ayat yg aku nak highlight.. Ia adalah resam manusia, tak payah nak berpatah akal hanya teruskan usaha mu utk menyedarkan bangsa mu, jika bukan kamu siapa?

    2. Faith,

      The matter (DAP’s relentless slandering) takes turn to becoming worse as Hishamudin simply refuses to act. A recent case on nauseating tweet by kit siang blaming UMNO for William’s death. It was not a simple case of badmouthing. Kit Sing has been playing racial issues as long as anyone can remember. Again, no action will be taken against him.

      On another aspect, Perhaps it is time for Najib to learn from Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir while worked hard to get the Chinese votes had never been “terhegeh hegeh”. While he was ever generous to Chinese, he drew the line. He sent the messages that “it takes two to tango”.

  6. Kalau Nasha ikhlas perjuangannya, beliau wajar terus bersama dengan PAS. Mungkin pucuk pimpinan tak menghargai, tapi saya rasa ramai ahli-ahli PAS menyokongnya. Adat orang berpolitik, kalau tak bersetuju tak semestinya kena masuk parti lawan.

    Dugaan orang berpolitik katakan, jangan mudah patah semangat saudara. Mahathir lagi teruk kena dulu.

    1. Saya amat bersetuju dgn pendapat kamu politician sebegini lah yg akan menjadi ‘statesman’, mereka persevere dan persistent tapi yg paling penting adalah consistent.
      Letih la tengok & baca gelagat wannabe politician, harap Ah Jib Gor percepatkan la PRU and get it over with!!

  7. Really sad to read all the comments about Nasha, hope all of those comments are not from PAS supporters if not it will shame for all Muslims.

    “Evil” in his face? That is a really stupid comment.

    When one’s heart is content and have a clear of mind, one’s heart will belong to Allah s.w.t. Politic is part of Islam, not Islam is part of Politic.

    1. It’s the Jerusubang credo: They believe they’re the side of Light; those not on their side must be serving the Dark Lord.

      To work in the Dark Lord’s office, applicants should preferably be Failed Accountant and dunno how to use Excel Spreadsheet.

    2. Dapster yang memberi komen sepatutnya memuji Ust Nasha kerana apabila beliau telah dipecat pada January, beliau tidak terlibat dalam memutuskan bahawa ‘Allah’ hanya untuk orang Islam.

      Dalam ertikata lain kalau ‘bengkaknya’ mereka kerana pemutusan kalimah ‘Allah’ oleh Pas, Dapster harus bersikap gentleman yakni bertentang matalah dengan pihak majlis syura tetapi bukannya ‘pukul anak sindir menantu’.

      *Dapster perlu buktikan bahawa mereka bukannya tin kosong.

  8. Pemimpin PR dan Penyokong totoknya tidak patut diberi tempat. Suka menghina org lain dengan perkataan yg tidak sepatutnya. Low Class, Moron, Dog, Pig and etc..

  9. apahal dengan muka orang? aduyai nampak sangat kebodohan. bukankah rupa paras Tuhan punya kejadian? menghina kejadian Tuhan samalah dengan menghina Tuhan. twitted this.

  10. Adui, macam mana saya nak vote GE13 nanti? DAP & PKR definitely out of the question. Tak minat juga dengan PAS yang lebih kurang macam evangelista. MCA pula boneka DAP. Harap2 calun kawasan saya UMNO atau MIC atau Gerakan.

  11. Apa yang PR buat walau buruk camanapun nampak baik di mata penyokong. Tunngulah bila hidup mereka terseksa dengan polisi PR, baru padan muka.

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