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Define ‘Umnoputra’ and tell us who they are, please

1. There appears to be no room for the middle ground. Even Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), a potential Third Force flagbearer, had applied last September to become a member of Pakatan.

If you’re not with them, you’re considered a mortal enemy.

2. Thus when Anas Zubedy – a conscientious objector to ABU – recently reiterated his centrist position, he was met with the retort: “It is because of the so-called centrics that we have had the same government for years. When they should’ve voted the opposition, they did not.”

The rebuke above is a polite sample. As to the impolite ones, you already have a good idea what they must sound like.

3. I had read Anas’ latest writing titled ‘If I’m Umno-BN, I would’ve neutralised DAP!’ when it first appeared in his blog on Tuesday. Putting the word “DAP” in his headline and added to that, some talk with regard to neutralizing the party is like waving the proverbial red flag at a raging bull.

4. I didn’t have to wait long for the partisan reader responses. Anas’ opinion piece appeared the following day (Wednesday) as a letter to the FMT editor. Despite the reminder by Anas in his concluding paragraph that “how you [readers] react to this article will show if you understand the stakes at hand, can be helped to change, or simply incorrigible”, a majority of the responses were indeed most predictable.

5. Out of the hundreds of comments, I will just focus on just one for the purpose of this discussion.

It is written by Paul Warren, January 31, 2013 05:37:31 and appeared in Malaysia Today, which had syndicated from FMT.

Paul Warren, an Indian Christian who is a Haris Ibrahim blog regular, commented:
“What a whole lot of hogwash. Trying so hard to be neutral and centrist, as you call it, your prejudices and bias preceede most of your pronouncements. You are so full of UMNOputra cloaked in sheep’s clothing, your condescending attitude is so annoyingly predictive of what you are about to say. But that has been your way all along Anas. I even blogged about it once I think. You operate on assumptions that I suppose you will find difficult to justify. You are so full of it…”

6. Paul Warren’s reference to ‘Umnoputra’ ought to be clarified.

It is a term which serves as a convenient deflector and usually employed along the following lines, in that the staunch opposition supporter would say:

“Actually, it is not the average and ordinary Malay whom we fault. Why really, Malays are the nicest people. It is only the Umnoputras who are taking the country down the drain.”

If you were a Malay, wouldn’t you feel rather annoyed to be patronizingly told that your race is the nicest on the planet but the praise comes attached with a caveat that the individual must necessarily be certified “Umno-free” to qualify.

7. The term ‘Umnoputra’ is in the same mould of Christians sermonizing on sinners.

Raja Petra wrote about this sleight of hand in his article “Hate and vilify the sinner‘ on May 13 (the publication date surely not coincidental?) last year.

Hate and vilify the sinner 2013-01-08 00-42-14

Raja Petra explains how it works:

“these Christians would appear and lecture us about how Christianity is a religion of love, how we must love the sinner but hate the sin […] Then, these same ‘love the sinner but hate the sin’ people will foam at the mouth and demonstrate hate against anyone who expresses support for the government or criticises the opposition.”

8. The Christians dance on the head of a pin by claiming to hate the sin but nonetheless love the sinner. A parallel is the claim made by oppo supporters that they hate only Umno but still love the Malays. By extension, it is only the Umnoputras who are hated.

9. So who might these Umnoputras be?


Hannah Yeoh is determined to “Bersihkan Malaysia”. She also lectured “Stop being dirty!

My blog is in the same boat of using a signature terminology, ‘Dapsters’.

Since fair’s fair, I will start the ball rolling with an attempt to define Dapsters. After which, I can justifiably throw the ball into the opposition’s court for their definition of Umnoputra.

Usage of ‘Dapsters’:

The word has NOT been linked to DAP card-carrying members, party workers or grassroots activists. It has not been used as a de facto description of DAP politicians either.

Instead, two particular politicians have been highlighted as the Father (and Mother) of Dapsterism — Papa Dapster and Mama Dapster. Dapsters are their followers who mirror the traits of Papa (cocky, arrogant) and Mama (religious zealot, self-righteous).

Guan Eng kerusi

‘Failed accountant’, non-practising lawyer turned Event Planner

But never mind lah. Politics more lucrative, neh.

What Papa and Mama have in common is how they invariably accuse opponents of the very things of which they themselves are the sifu. As one example, the duo always scream that the mainstream media are guilty of spin. Yet they themselves putar-belit much worse.

A tweet by the Beliawanis MCA treasurer which introduced phrase “DAP SuperCyber Bully” is an apt description of what Dapsterism is about, i.e. gangsterism. It is domination through use of ruthless force and asymmetrical power.

e.g. As the head of state in the executive branch, Papa uses his lofty position to bully reporters and NGO representatives – who are far from being his equals in terms of power – by threatening “you see what I do to you”/ [you print lah] “then you see what I do to you” (he said this twice in a press conference), and smearing them as “Umno agents” as well as issuing countless gag orders.

Mama prods her cult following of 57,000 twits in an attempt to mobilize a cyber lynch mob against her critics, and has blocked countless detractors from her Twitter.

Both Papa and Mama employ the propaganda tools of state to manufacture mass adulation, for instance, Papa’s infamous 50 photos in a single 28-page edition of the state paper; and Mama’s weekly photo appearance in another state paper plus enjoying the promotion and publicity blitz provided by an MCA-owned tabloid.

Hence Dapsters are the mob led by such demagogues. They attack in the safety of numbers and on home ground i.e. their sovereign territory in certain quadrants of Twitterjaya, Facebook, blogosphere and online media.

Well, the above is a succinct framing of ‘Dapster’.

10. So now, who exactly do they mean when they say Umnoputra?



I have no Faceook or Twitter.

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  1. I am already blockec by LGE and his mama on twitter. Anwar surprsingly has not blocked me despite me being equally critically of him as the other two.

  2. I think it is obvious what kind of animals PR and BN are. These are political parties, the best politician among them didn’t survive through the ranks by being nice, honest or pious (although I will give PAS acolytes some benefit of the doubt – blame it on the branding).

    I know one thing for sure, only very naive morons think that one politician is more sincere than the other. I think the ones NOT in power are the most sincere of them all – they SINCERELY want your votes more than the incumbents.

    1. Isn’t that obvious, to vote in those whom is more sincere and do not vote in those whom is less sincere. That synced, right?

      1. In that case, DESPERATION maketh the choice?

        I’m sorry, I think there is some confusion here, more sincere ON WHAT?

  3. Anas has been a polarizing figure for his all inclusive views. Opposition supporters would vilify him for obvious reasons. It is unfortunate that in the eyes of these fanatics, any dissension would mean the person is unprincipled/stupid etc etc. It is no coincidence that the opposition is fond to equate religion & God with their politics. You know the proclamation about afterlife in heaven if you vote for them or the God’s gift to Malaysian. Of the evangelical Christians, I don’t believe I need to say more.

    But if you know Anas personally like I do, you will find that he is not into partisan politics. He puts more emphasis into the person rather than the party. He believes in electing a principled person instead of choosing based on partisan loyalties. Based on our teh tarik sessions, his passion shines through. He’s a simple person who has no airs about him & says it as he sees it.

    For PR, it is now a numbers game. They are playing on the law of averages. Play to the audience to attract their votes. Play good cop, bad cop to supposedly protect the rights & interests of a particular group. And there’s no better way to do that than to incite anger, hatred, suspicion & animosity towards their opponents.

    Anyone caught in the line of fire is fair game to them. Collateral damage is acceptable as the ends justifies the means. They will promise you the Moon that the Eye can see. And to get there, you’ll need the Rocket that’s under construction. To get to the Moon, they’ll need time to complete the Rocket so they ask the voters for 5 years. Vote them in & still the Rocket will not work while you are left no nearer to the Moon that your Eyes can still see but sadly not reach.

    1. FFC,

      you know lar this PR fellas as long you vote or join them you are whiter than snow, holier than the most holiest man, more upright than even the Pope (sorry for my sacrilege) but once you support BN you become even lower than the lowest creature?? strange this fellas like fat mama who proclaims religious piety and all but yet is no stranger to cussing, bitching and well plain no manners! anyway good to see you here too!

  4. Helen,

    wise men say that we only know the character of a person when he has power.

    With limited power, DAP leaders behave like gangsters. They chide Bn(especially UMNO) They mock those who question DAP.

    They cry out loud on CAT but they bar critical media from their press conference. Guan Eng tried to bully as Federal Officer over a surprisingly petty issue; a chair for him at a function. Guan Eng actually lied.

    Guan eng’s competence is only known when he was unable even to answer the mild mannered DR Koh Tsu Koon in a debate. And no prize for guessing why Dr chua Soi Lek sound more genuine than Guan Eng in the recent debate.

    Guan Eng like to lie. He lied about Taman Manggis land. He lied about reduction of loan of Penang state Govt.

    1. Guan Eng the biggest liar and culprits on the planet earth. Itu baru dpt Penang. Belum Malaysia maaa

  5. Helen,

    Umnoputra are people like me. There are millions of peoples like me in this country. Born poor but through education managed to change our live. The system allows that to happen. Unlike some other country if you are born poor chances are you are poorer than your parents.

    Granted, there are scholarship and free education. Granted, there are discount when buying new houses from developers. But that is it!!!

    There rest is up to us. We are not depriving others to pursue their wealths.

    Some are luckier to secure government contracts but the number of rich umnoputra in this categories are small. Non umnoputra are richer in this country.

    The majority are people like me. We support UMNO, PAS, and PKR and now DAP. We are the beneficiary of umnoputra policy.

  6. Helen..

    I was brain wash by UMNO leaders since I was young to vote for the Non Muslim Non Malay candidate over the Muslim Malay candidate even that area was overwhelming Malay. At that time, PAS will branded us as murtad for doing that.

    UMNO leaders advised us to give and take with the Non Malays otherwise the non Malays would not be granted citizenship on a platter, otherwise the non Malays will not be allowed to open up vernacular schools.That time the PAS was vouching for Malaysia to be part of Indonesia Raya.

    If you want to label me Umnoputras for doing that, so be it. I am proud of it. Proud to be associate with an organisation that had bring peace, harmony and growth to the nation since the last 55years. No doubt it is not perfect..Telll me any country in similar situation can achieve what we had achieved so far.

    P/S I am not an UMNO member and I had voted DAP in the last election

      1. No regret. At least I have seen the true colour of DAP. I voted DAP that time not due i like DAP but I hate DKT more (Dollah Kaki Tidur)…

        1. One of the criticisms levelled at me is why I wasn’t critical of DAP before but am critical of them now.

          Pre-2008, DAP did not have any power and therefore the public were not shown what they are capable of: Like shout “press freedom” but ban one media after another from their events, rail against cronyism but look at Penang Institute appointing Zairil as CEO, and MPSJ appointing a handful of Hannah’s personal assistants as councillors.

          Without real power placed in their hands through the tsunami, DAP would not have been put to the test of how they handle power and how much they hunger for more power.

          In 2008, they pleaded with the electorate to vote for them in order to deny BN a 2/3 majority (they asked voters to give the opposition enough representation to be able to check and balance the incumbents).

          Within a short time of tasting power, they’re asking for ABU votes so that Pakatan can sit in Putrajaya.

          So what happened to the appeal of 2008 (to check and balance BN?) Instead Guan Eng asked for “zero opposition” in Penang!

      2. A lot of people voted for opposition because they wanted to teach Badawi and his ruling family a bloody lesson.

        Nobody should regret that. Now the situation has changed. We’ve got (almost) new set of people steering the mothership. And the ship appears to be headed in the right course.

        And we are able to also see how different Pakatan States have differing policies, PAS with their self-defined Islamic law, DAP with their self-centric and egoistic attitude, and PKR in Selangor with their fight-everything-federal-government-does attitude. And what’s more puzzling is that all of them adopt the same system from the previous government and employ the same people in civil service whom they used to call corrupted. How can we call this improvement? Come on man! You can’t use the same ‘we respect their opinion, but we beg to differ’ every time you have to decide on something important. You can’t just sweep the garbage under the carpet and expect Deepak the carpetman to clean it for you.

        I think a lot of Malaysians are being realistic and sensible. Despite all the propagandas and bullying (on and offline), they will make the right decision when the time comes.

        1. I supported Bersih 1.0 in my uni years because i was sick of Badawi too and hibloody son in law whom I think should be kicked out of BN for good. Badawi stewardship set in motion the fall of BN 2/3 majority in 2008.the way Mahathir was treated also incensed me.

          I actually rejoiced when DAP took over Penang. It was euphoria asI thought itd teach Slumberjaco Badawi, KJ and the fourth floor gang lesson.

          After that, Pakatan shows its true colors and UMNO managed to establish a more palatable leadership.

          The September 16 2008 ‘I have the numbers’ opened my eyes to what kind of power crazy bigot Anwar Ibrahim is and I could not accept him being the PM. This is exacerbated by my encounter with DAPster hooloigans in Malaysiakini and Kinisider that constantly throw insults as if their brains were immersed in cesspit.

          I thought to myself, am I the same people as these people, can these people actually lead the country or live with people that live the humble Malay life, no way, I can be better, I decided to make my own decision base on my best understanding, and that is, Pakatan rule is unacceptable.

          1. I really like Abdullah, the is the PM whom let all those scandals to be exposed. When Abdullah was in power, we, Malaysian had a lot of jaw dropping news to digest. During previous regime for 22 years of dictatorship, we did not get this type scandals and news.

            I have to thank Abdullah for not being Mahathir puppet. Well, forrrestcat, I think you are sick because Abdullah allows such news to spread. Blaming Abdullah’s father will not help, but it sure gets some steam off.


          2. Silly Wave whateva, you are anoter trait of Dapsterisme, unable to accept others views and then lecturing them as a form of character assassination. I really enjoy your pun about Abdullah’s Father, LOL, maybe you can blame all the Western media for referring to Badawi as a family name like Bin Laden. Your reply is just another self defeating statement, what a joker.

    1. goondoo,

      your comment is true there is no country in this world is perfect. not even singapore for that matter. we give and take in everything that we do. and while BN is not perfect with a few rotten apples here and there but to me i look at PR just only a few years can already equal the 55 years of corruption that they claim.

      i shudder to think in another 55 years under PR whether Malaysia would still be around at the rate that they are going!!

      Vote stability
      Vote peace
      Vote harmony
      BN is the only choice!

      1. The Real Rakyat,

        “we give and take in everything that we do. and while BN is not perfect with a few rotten apples here and there but to me i look at PR just only a few years can already equal the 55 years of corruption that they claim.”

        How do you arrive at the above conclusion? Do you look at the number of cases, the alleged value of corruption etc?

        1. rakyat,

          first off what a clever play on my name eh? anyway just to ask you whether you are blind or oblivious to the scandals involving PR around you?

          talam, sand mining, spice, tailorgate, syabas, ijm luxo condo etc. this already says what a joke they proclaim to be better. better in what?? topping BN perceived corruption as they claim?? come on la kawan wanna can deny all.this happening??

  7. Aku suka sgt Raja Petra membasuh muka org yg tak tau malu tu. UMNOputra? Itu semua istilah dakyah DAPster dan pakatan haram tu. Weiii DAPster, Tanpa UMNO korang dulu sudah balik Mainland China.

  8. Paul warren is sick being protected by the unfair crony rules of haris Ibrahim (a fraudster?). He does not have the capacity to reply and syok sendiri with the bunch of haris goons who support censorship of contrarian views which they can’t rebut.

    1. You prove the Pavlovian experiment. Each time Guan Eng is mentioned in my post, you pop up.

      1. Helen, he’s just earned that 50 cents. He’s got to earn more for his breakfast. Let him drool over stupid comments.

  9. Helen,

    who exactly are UMNOputras?

    They are people like me. I was from a very humble background. with limited resources, I am sure my parents would have not been able to support my tertiary education.

    You will hear same stories repeated million times. I know many beneficiaries of UMNO’s ruled now as qualified profession al. Some of my classmates are in Sudan, now in Sudan selatan, Tajikistan and many other strange sounding name of countries due to chanced opened by UMNO led govt.

    DAP’ modus operandis is by labelling UMNO. Just like PAS that is devoid of any plannng, DAP derives clout by instigating and creating imaginery enemies among Chinese. That their rights are being trampled by UMNO.

    As if chinese are being treated harshly by a Malay led govt. Before 2008, with DAP as opposition, people have no clue what DAP is capable or rather more importantly incapable of doing.

    With limited power , DAP already thrteaten suing any media that dares to be vocal on DAP. Guan Eng simply lied on many occasions. Remember taman Manggis, some dubious projects in Balik Pulau,. He lied about then KM of Malacca . he lied about CEC election. He maniipulated his son to whack Muhyidin.

    Majority of Chinese I believe uses DAP to get leverage against UMNO. What they may not want to hear is that they (from Malay viewpoint) is actually selling their own interests just to perpetuate “biawak hidup”.

    By the way, Kit siang has been there since the days of Tunku. 5 Prime Ministers come and go, but yes sir, he is still there.

    Some politicians believe without them , Malaysia will collapse.

  10. these Dapsters. they only know how to shout violently in cyberspace. remember Bersih 3.0 ? that Jezebel Yeoh could only hide in a nearby hotel.

    suara saja lantang. itu saja. when it comes to the real thing, mereka cari tempat untuk bersembunyi.

  11. It is alleged most of the new founded churches are RM2 Sendirian Berhads. And the new Malaysian Christians, have they experienced what it is like to live in the old Christian countries of Europe especially the United Kingdom ?

  12. Kak Helen,

    Dapster is not auntie Susan..a neighbor..who keeps 2 nice looking dogs but the dogs only barks at strangers.

    Dapster is not uncle Sammy…my neighbor…who has been receiving so many visitors lately and even though thy seems to be enjoying each other’s company but they never ever behaving like the “kelinga karam”

    Dapster is not Apek Chong…a neighbor and an OKU… who is so busy lately with his CNY preparation but despite that he has consistently reminds me that I am invited to his house.

    Dapster is not Nyonya Chin…my neighbor…who is very fond of coming over to my house because her grand daughter which is schooling in the same SRJKC as my niece can have discussion and prepare the homework together.

    Dapster is almost the same as Man Ayun…my neighbor…who is a snake oil seller. He gets irritated easily when we refused to buy the pig in a poke thingy that he sells even after he has made a very aggressive promotion exercise.

    1. DAPster are those who migrate overseas and wish bad things to Malaysia so that the non DAPSster Chinese and Malaydian could suffer so that they can tell them ‘I told you so ,you bloody sinful heathen’. All this to show that they are superior. Malaysian continuous existence is a mockery to their existence.

      This is what DAPSTERS to me:
      -they will say the economy is always bad
      -complain about cost of living despite having good homes
      -demand PPSMI, talk down national schools, discreetly despise vernacular schools.
      -talk about foreign holidays and never visited other Malaysian states except Selangor and Penang
      -Talk how BM is unimportant
      -complain about too many mosques, NEP and anything Malay
      -spy on other people facebooks
      -call other people not politically aligned with them as inferior
      -demand other political parties besides DAP to be banned
      -swear alot using deceitful english lexicons
      -blindly infatuated with Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders

      -a warped myth inside the void that is the DAPSTER hateful mind
      -to DAPsters is the deragotary term for the entire Malay race, a term to impose inferiority on the Malays while hypocritically extolling equality, just like white people call Lebanese Lebo, Turks as Wogs, Indians as curry eaters and Chinese as Chinks.

      1. those Dapsters that migrate overseas, when they get to their new adopted white country, when they are called names like Chinamen and so on, all they do is keep quiet.

        when those white people tell them to go back all they do is keep quiet.

        here, when they are called pendatang, these Dapsters accuse people of racism. When they are told to go back, they accuse people of racism.

        this is really funny lah. here they lagak pandai, suara lantang. but in white countries, tak berani bersuara pun.

        1. Ironically they are able to migrate thanks to generous money they earn in allegedly apartheid Malaysia. Some migrate because they are rich while some in search of their obscured free homeland. Migrating is not cheap and they have to start over once they do.

          You have to overcome many humiliating criteria such as working underqualified jobs to satisfy some stupid local job requirement, so you see managers and engineers fron Asia working as factory hand and canteen workers hoping to get their PR. This is not go mention IELTS test which many accuse as biased and deliberately dumb down the scores of Asian/non-European candidates.

          and you have to face local sentiment, speak a foreign language in a Melbourne bus and some Aussie yell at you and then throw a brick at you.

          In Malaysia, citizenship were given for free, no language requirement and the locals forsaken their Jawi and rights to allow the new citizens to adapt more easily and allow them go pursue economic gains and become billionaires by the tens.

          But these former Malaysia migrants, who refuse to work hard, migrated and who eventually became rather normal mediocre citizens in their anglophile homeland continue their vendetta against their former homeland through misinformation.

          My uncle married a Swiss woman but due to intense anti immigration laws against non-German speaking people, he had to learn German, and French and spend money on professional certification to bump up his qualifications, he got his Swiss citizenship, after 20 years, but he quietly maintain his Malaysian citizenship. He loves Switzerland but said he doesn’t want to die as a foreigner over there.

          Sometimes, he said when the locals just don’t accept you, you just have to swallow the mean things or just move on but he has no ill will against the Swiss who try their best to deny him any promotion.

          My uncle also commented, in Malaysia, the minorities ironically can mock the majority local inhabitants and demand this and that under a very open democratic process and able to rule in Malaysian states. In Switzerland, the locals quash the minorities politically and demand them to be docile under their democratic system that its impossible to join mainstream Swiss politics without forsaking your non Christian religion and heritage and join a white Swiss political party.

          In Malaysia, the minorities are able to be politically independent and work with the mainstream political powers in a coalition.

          Citizenship is not a free shirt to be tossed around, once you become a new citizen, it is not their business to meddle in the politics of their former country. I am perplexed why some former citizens of this progssive and prosperous Malaysia hates Malaysia intensely.

          That it is perplexing, you got your new homeland, move on, no need to tell us stupid we are for staying behind, that is our problem to worry, some people like the White Zimbaweans and Afrikaaners or even migrants from India and China can migrate from worser backgrounds but can move on without wishing ill on their former homes.

          1. Does M’sia allow dual citizenship?

            As to the minority sentiments, have you ever discussed (what you wrote above) with your non-Malay colleagues?

          2. Obviously the NEP that is the core of their dissatisfaction. And still is.

            While the NEP does not prevent the Chinese in their economic pursuit, it does affect the usually lower income at a personal level,such as when straight A from a normal family student do not get the JPA scholarship, but then, it does not mean the Chinese plabeians do not get education totally as they can get other scholarships such as the ASEAN scholarship and private sector sponsorship, UniTAR and private colleges.

            In fact, the Chinese community level of tertiary education enrolment is higher than national average. Many Malays, the normal achievers also do not enjoy the priviliege of MARA and JPA sponsorships or placements at IPTA let alone college, hence MARA role via Polytechnics to train the mass Malay youths in vocational training which I think is more meaningful than sending the mere 1000 student overseas.

            I studied engineering at UniKL, yet my pay is less than my Chinese counterparts who also went to other local unis, the IT engineer who in my dept who studied at Penn State Uni under JPA started at grad salary while his Indian counterparts studied local earned more. Tengok bos bos kat HR dan higher management kulit apa.

            You see, even with the NEP, many Malays also feel disenfranchised in their own tanah air particularly in the private sector, one reason my uncle, a Java specialists quit working in Malaysia and went over to Switzerland, at least his qualification makes him even go the locals and he gets to work with interesting clients like the Swiss Bank and Orange, an Israeli telecom company.

            He did come back to do the security coding for our MyKad, but he quit in a year after finding his pay was lesser than the non Malay counterparts who knows zilch about basic Java programming, oh yes, it was a company staffed mainly with Chinese that did the MyKad coding, eventually they subcon the job to their hired Australian engineers.

            Not only Malaiyoos play Ali Baba nowadays.

          3. Nope, Malaysia disallow dual citizenship, for Switzerland, it is OK, my uncle may ditch the Malaysia one for tax purposes. All these while he was using Swiss PR Pass and then his Swiss Passport but he renews the Malaysian passport in Zurich. But he will come back under the MM2H programme when he retires, Switzerland is also very expensive.

  13. I am an Umnoputeri who voted opposition in last election (state saja, parlimen tidak) to teach the terrible duo (dolah & KJ) & Umno a lesson. Masa DolahDur in power, some of us were even upset with Ayahanda Tun M for being such a poor judge of character as he was responsible for handing over the reign to DolahDur. We pakat ramai-ramai and said vote opposition just for 1 term. Now I regret it because the chaos that resulted from ‘just 1 term’ is going to take some time to undo & time is so precious!

  14. A recent online survey carried out by was presented in a seminar yesterday. The survey involved about 25,000 visitors to its site, about 18,000 or 70% Malaysian, mostly chinese.

    One of the findings will shake these Dapsters who screamed that Malaysia is doomed and oppressive to the Chinese :-

    “Chinese couples in Malaysia owns an average 6 properties”

    Another finding showed that Malaysia, UK and Australia are among the top 3 countries choosen by Singaporeans, Indonesians and Hong Kong to look for when buying properties.

    The iProperty director also gave a property scenerio on Penang. He drove along Jalan Tanjung Tokong (not Tokong Lim) one night recently and saw one condomonium project (many others too) where its almost dark with no lights, and anticipated the units there would mostly available for rent. True enough, next day he saw plenty of “signage” but mostly for sale and hardly for rent. The selling prices were found to be around RM1.2 million and the owners seemed not bothered with rental income.

    Please contact this company or Starfish Training if you do not believe on the finding.

    I am sure the owners are mostly Chinese as in most high end properties not only in Penang but also throughout Malaysia. Is this what the Dapsters called Chinese being marginalised and oppressed in Malaysia? The marginalized, oppressed, screwed minority Chinese couple could own an average 6 properties in Malaysia????

    Dapsters are certainly ungrateful greedy hypocrites and rude hardcore racist fraudsters.

    1. I’m aware of the condo project(s) you mention along Jln Tanjung Tokong. Penang apartments, since the Tokong-enabled property boom, are bought for speculation and profit.

      Now expect our resident troll Sshsn aka fff to butt in and call you names.

      1. Yeah, that’s why they are being labelled Dapsters resident troll, not for nothing. I would suggest these trolls call iProperty or Starfish (not The Star rocket) to verify what I said, rather than name calling me. I attended the seminar.

        There are more stories in that seminar. One of the Presenter is a very successful Chinese owner of a reputable real estate agency company with hundreds of “net-working multi-level format” negotiators and sales personnel. Yet, this kiasu chap continued to blame authority, i.e. the governing board for refusing to allow franchising real estate business in Malaysia. If you understand multi-level or direct-selling kind of business, this is the kind if ungrateful kiasu who sit around earning 5-10% of the commission earned by hundreds or thousands negotiators recruited by his company, without doing much.

        That’s why you are receiving numerous smses from time to time from these so-called negotiators offering or asking for properties for rent, sale, purchase, whatever. These very inexperience and mostly lack of knowledge negotiators are mushrooming without proper control, thanks to people like the ungrateful kiasu owner.

        Please note that such smses are actually an offence, unprofessional and intrude into your privacy.

    2. From the iProperty survey, In Singapore 29% own more than 2 properties compared with 12% in Indonesia and 14% in Hong Kong.

      In Malaysia, the survey found that Chinese couple owns an average 6 properties!!!!!!!!!!

      Is this a country who oppresses the Chinese according to Dapsters? How many non-Malay billionaires in the top 30?

      1. re: “In Malaysia, the survey found that Chinese couple owns an average 6 properties!!!!!!!!!!”

        You must put this in context. Which “Chinese couple”? Subang Jaya? Bangsar?
        Surely can’t be the New Villagers.

        My friends don’t own 6 properties.

  15. Some one must contact iProperty to verify and even qualify this survey. It was a general statement but iProperty conducted the online click survey of visitiors to their site. Obviously, most visitors, including Chinese couple surveyed are those group of people searching properties for purchase, investment, speculation, sale, lease or have intention to do so.

    The survey found that 60% of them looking to buy property within a year, 70% have budget for property below RM500k, 73% want landed properties, ie terrace or bungalows, not apartment type, and 56% have been staying in current houses between 0 to 5 years.

    Your friend dont own 6 properties, but your friend’s friend and your friend’s friend’s friend may do. The survey participated by 18k malaysians mostly chinese, and dapsters included, hehe.

    1. I must clarify here: iProperty said 60% of chinese couple in Malaysia who participated in the survey own an average of 6 properties. The ommission of the % is regretted with apologies.

      1. Okay, then it makes sense lah. Like you if surveyed a select group with a select interest (e.g. golfers applying for membership at an exclusive club), then it’s most likely that 60% would have an income of above RM-xyz.

        1. There is also the consideration that the user base of iProperty – which would be perused mostly by a certain demographic which might explain the sampling bias. In any case, don’t doubt the fact about property ownership by majority of Chinese, but don’t think that’s a big issue. Cukai pintu statistics alone can give us a very clear picture. Tanya EPU also can.

          Some data we don’t need to rely on surveys.

  16. There are many Christians who are Christians by name and not practicing what Jesus have taught. A bad apple does not mean the whole basket is spoilt. At the end of the day, we are judge by the fruits of our doing. Back to the Paul Warren dude, just a question Helen, why would you want to specify “Indian Christian”? Do you know him and has he disclose his details?

    1. Yes, I know him. Also, he has revealed himself online. Plenty of his comments in Malaysiakini. Just like I’ve revealed in the course of my writing that my birth cert states Buddhist. People do reveal some personal particulars in the course of writing.

    2. Paul Warren is a typical Indian Malayee Malaysian, all his children are in Australia making a living, he is an old man for how the system has served him well when it fitted him, but today and now so vociferous in his thoughts when all is settled for him individually.

      Paul Warren is a typical Malaysian, use, use it well when it serves me then bitch about it. If Paul Warren is your example as a Malaysian, good riddance to you. Religion is not factor, kena jaga buntut diri, that is all.

        1. No offence to Malayee Indians? Synchronized white man with brown / black buttocks, what do you get?

          Now we we have to deal with the Anglophile chinks as well with yellow buttocks, and the arabic Melayus? Aisah!!!

          Malaysians don’t know how to be original without religion being a factor if humanity is the only consideration amongst one another?

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