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Ish, ish, ish, kelakuan yang begitu curang sekali !

The Star hari ini memberitakan:

  • Kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang dan wakil-wakil DAP akan menganjurkan pelbagai majlis keramaian bagi menyambut Tahun Baru Cina bersama rakyat (“a variety of parties … will be held for the public to enjoy”).
  • Ng Wei Aik, setpol Ketua Menteri Lim Guan Eng, memaklumkan bahawa 32 acara Rumah Terbuka beserta sambutan meriah bagi khalayak umum akan diadakan dari 8 Feb sehingga 24 Feb.
  • Perayaan paling meriah, iaitu Rumah Terbuka Lim Guan Eng, dijadualkan berlangsung di Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) pada hari pertama CNY.
  • Ia akan disusuli Rumah Terbuka DAP selang dua hari (12 Feb) di kompleks membeli-belah Penang Times Square.
  • Sementara itu, Rumah Terbuka kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang akan berlangsung pada 14 Feb [serentak Hari Valentine] di SJKC Keng Koon di Bukit Tambun belah tanah besar sementara Rumah Terbuka Chap Goh Meh akan diadakan pada 24 Feb di Padang Kota Lama, bahagian pulau.
  • Lim Hui Ying, adik perempuan Guan Eng, yang memegang jawatan penolong setiausaha DAP Pulau Pinang berkata orangramai dialu-alukan untuk menghadiri jamuan makan malam di PISA (petang tadi, Feb 1) untuk mendengar ucapan-ucapan oleh abangnya si Ketua Menteri, pengerusi DAP Karpal Singh serta Ketua Pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim.
Semua DAP punya

Akhbar milik MCA lah yang melaporkan kesemua butir-butir di atas. Bukan setakat itu sahaja, The Star juga menyiarkan nombor telefon 04-2288482/ 2266482 bagi memudahkan awam membuat pertanyaan atau tempahan tiket.

MCA sebenarnya pun ada Rumah Terbuka Tahun Baru Cina juga. Namun ia langsung tidak dikhabarkan oleh The Star.

Saya mengetahui tentang sambutan yang dirancangkan MCA hanya melalui laman Facebook parti tersebut.


Kumpulan Media Star yang mempunyai audien seramai 5.63 juta orang tidak sedikit pun berusaha untuk mempromosikan acara-acara CNY anjuran tuan punya syarikat walhal akhbar tersebut sanggup menyiarkan pengumuman yang terperinci sekali bagi pihak Guan Eng dan DAP.

Kesian MCA yang kononnya memiliki jentera media arus perdana tetapi terpaksa pula bergantung kepada media sosial Facebook bagi tujuan pemberitahuan acara-acara dijalankan parti.

Apapun, Rumah Terbuka MCA akan diadakan pada 10 Feb di Bandar Tun Razak. Semua dijemput hadir.

Gunting dalam Lipatan

Laaa, kan saya dah kata, Gunting memang boleh mendatangkan cedera.

Malah mahkamah pun menganggap gunting itu sejenis alat tajam lagi merbahaya.

Bagi kes MCA, ia senjata makan tuan.

(Screenshot bawah: Laporan The Star hari ini.)


Dicederakan dengan gunting (kejadian berasingan seminggu lepas)


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46 thoughts on “Ish, ish, ish, kelakuan yang begitu curang sekali !

    1. Yup, same thing happened during pesta tanglung. MCA is supposed to be the ‘Chinese’ party but yet for Chinese celebrations like the Lantern Festival and now CNY, The Star is sidelining the MCA functions in favour of associating DAP favourably with Chinese traditions.

      e.g. NO COVERAGE in the paper for the 1Malaysia Mooncake and Lantern Festival on 30 Sept 2012 at SJK (C) Yuk Chai in Petaling Jaya featuring Chua Tee Yong but two articles the same weekend titled ‘Lantern fest in Subang Jaya brings the community together’ and ‘Procession set to light up Subang Jaya’.

      WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. THE. MCA?! putting up with these continual snubs by its own paper?

  1. Wong Chun Wai, Wong Sai Wan & June Wong (incidentally their surnames are similar!!!) should be hauled up to explain why the Star is so DAP inclined. It is a well known fact that the Star don’t take criticisms well. Don’t believe me? Try emailing a letter to the editor. Better still, try emailing any of the big honchos above. The only one who will reply for certain will be June. The other two will ignore you.

    Either last year or the year before (can’t really remember), they even published an article from a columnist (who incidentally is also surnamed Wong) about Chin Peng. I know for a fact that the columnist was flown into Bangkok to assist Chin Peng in pleading for permission to be allowed to return. In publishing the piece, it shows a lack of sensitivity towards those who lived through the emergency as well as the feelings of the country’s security forces.

    1. Aaah, the 3 Heavenly Kings (well, 2 Kings + 1 Queen).

      The Star monitors this blog 24/7, that I know.

      My Google Reader stats invariably goes up as well whenever Star/MCA are mentioned in my blog headline (‘cos I usually link the two elements Scissors and Dinosaur together) in my write-up.

      Well, let’s follow up on the paper’s contents later in the morning.

      Aren’t the people manning the BN nerve centre wondering when, if, ever, Warta Jerusubang will deign to run any critical stories about the evangelista pollies?

      1. June’s a nice person actually & pretty down to earth as I know her for over a decade now. Guess her hands are tied by her two big bosses & possibly some hidden hands.

        I know for certain Wong Chun Wai (who I won’t address by his titles which I believe he doesn’t deserve) is an aloof personality. He don’t like fraternizing with those “below” him. I actually find his columns amusing as he tries so hard to be a regular bloke with unbiased views & high morals. To those who know him & his ways, he comes across as a poser.

        One other point I’ve noticed. It seems that Star is somewhat intent on playing rabble rouser. Don’t believe me? Check out either their front or back pages. 2-3 times a week at least they’ll have some inflammatory headlines. They know Malaysians are a passionate lot so they know which button to press to get incendiary responses. See their SMS columns in both the Letter to Editor & Sports column too. Same thing happening there.

        1. Oh-ho!

          I’ve overlooked the sms-es thus far.

          Wink. More Jerusubang, eh? I wouldn’t at all be surprised.

          1. The SMSes seems to be a deliberate attempt to stoke some responses. It happens every day in the sports section. In the LtE column, whenever an issue crops up, check out the fiery SMSes they choose to publish. They probably get hundreds if not thousands of SMSes but their choice leaves a lot to be desired with.

            BTW, as a Catholic, even I think the Virgin Mary supposed apparition to be over the top. Didn’t mind Philip Golingai’s piece but the daily coverage? Overkill…

            1. A topic worth exploring: Agenda Setting

              The general public think of The Star as MCA-owned. But it is not MCA party staff who are in control of the editorial room.

              One standout difference: MCA’s language orientation is Chinese. The Star worldview in Anglo, most evident in the entertainment stories (celebrities, Hollywood movies, pop singers coverage).

    2. Completely missed by Helen Ang & her fanbois are the heaps of pro BN pro MCA propaganda-disguised-as-news on the Star’s pages, not just today, but every day.

      A classic case of taking one swallow bird to mean a summer.

      1. You’re kinda thick-skulled, aren’t you Jonny? How many times have I replied you that The Star is bipolar, a split personality and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde?

        If that’s what the paper’s “paying customers” (not unlike Malaysiakinisubscribers who are the portal’s paying subscribers) want, then the paper has successfully delivered. I have never denied that The Star at the same time churns out the mandatory 1Malaysia stories putting Najib on the front page and you can expect to see photo of him tossing yee sang with CSL next week.

        The point is whether the MCA as the paper’s owners feel that the balance is satisfactory.

        MCA has been hands off their paper’s editorial, barring strategic occasions (on the eve of the CSL-LGE debate as I’ve mentioned before is one example) when orders were given.

        Easiest test of logic: Drop by Menara Star and see who its reporters are. Are they MCA card-carrying members?

        Just like if I were to drop by the Utusan headquarters. Would I find that the majority of Utusan reporters working in the building are Chinese-Christians who are DAP card-carrying members?

        1. Anyone who doesn’t agree & swallow your nonsensical ideas is labelled thick skulled, dapster, and whatelse.

          To anyone who reads The Star anytime, they will find a truckload of pro BN articles & columns. Any unbiased mention of opposition will be just scraps & in the minority (but will be taken by Helen to push her bizzare theory, and repeatedly replayed like a broken vinyl record as the topic for the next 1000 blogposts).

          Simple outlook: Majority pro BN, minority neutral to Pakatan. To the man on the street, Star is pro BN.

          1. Have I disputed that the paper is pro-BN? No, right? I’ve maintained it is bipolar.

            Now can you dispute that the paper is pro-DAP in those instances that I’ve recorded?

            My theory allows room for both biases to co-exist, i.e. that when the political bosses crack the whip and explicit orders are handed down from the top, then The Star is pro-BN. But when the middle management and rank-and-file reporters are left to their own devices, then the Star stories slide to pro-Pakatan.

            See (screenshot below) what happens when a Star reporter makes a list of political Twitter personalities. All the names, without any exception, are Pakatan.


          2. >> Now can you dispute that the paper is pro-DAP in those instances that I’ve recorded?

            Simple. Just look at the amount of news that are pro BN in today’s edition, and also the past issues.

            By doing a simple count and comparing, you’ll find majority of stuff in that rag is pro BN, pro MCA. Simple standard 1 kid also know laa…

            1. The Most Viewed articles in today’s Star Online are:

              (i) Malaysian journalist killed in freak accident while on holiday in Lebanon

              (ii) Woman spurned by pub singer lover

              (iii) Claudia’s death latest in a series of misfortunes for family

              (iv) Teen sisters fail to come home

              (v) Wives for hire in comfort of home

              * Stories (i) and (iii) refer to ex-Malaysiakini reporter Claudia

              The Most E-mailed articles from today’s Star Online are:

              (vi) Do you dream of early retirement – when you are still young?

              (vii) Lee: No hidden agenda, decision to terminate and refund in the best interest of CHGS investors

              (viii) Japan’s Dai Nippon Printing to invest RM170.5m in Johor plant

              (ix) Student killed by lightning while playing football in school

              (x) K-pop sensation Psy to perform at state BN open house

              Got pro-BN meh in the 10 headlines above?

              Except for maybe (x) but not directly so, unlike the alternative media articles screaming ABU, ABU, ABU and “why I will return home to vote for Pakatan”, or like the Malaysiakini columnist who recently wrote about why he would be voting Pakatan.

              If The Star had taken the trouble to challenge and counter the Firster rhetoric instead of the paper itself choosing to peddling the evangelista cult the last 5 years, MCA would not be in the doldrums that the party finds itself today.

          3. Is MCA & Gerakan’s failure due to the failure of The Star to sway the masses? Or perhaps its MCA & Gerakan’s own failure to counter its bellicose partner acting like a taikor?

            1. For once I agree with you on something.

              Yes, Umno’s behaviour

              – such as Hisham waving the keris at 3 consecutive Umno assemblies, condoning BTN-like attitude and racial slurs (cowhead demo in Shah Lama) as well as the moral silence of Umno on Ibrahim Ali’s bible-burning threat

              – has bad had a toxic effect on the fortunes of MCA and Gerakan. Pity MCA and the difficult position it finds itself in.

  2. Sambutan Hari Raya oleh Karajan Negeri Pulau Pinang dan DAP tempoh hari berlangsung selama berapa hari, ya? Aku rasa kalau pakatan berjaya ke Putrajaya amalan memberi priority kepada hal-hal cina akan diteruskan. Nicky nanti kata tak apa kerana Islam tak pentingkan perayaan tapi kalau agama lain tak apa. Sambutan hari krismas pula kerajaan Pusat pakatan rakyat akan buat di gereja di Putrajaya sama seperti yang dilakukan di Selangor baru-baru ini. Untuk tujuan itu mungkin mereka akan dirikan se buah Gereja Negara di Putrajaya. Maklumlah DAP sebenarnya didominasi golongan evangelist. Nicky akan bawa kek sebagai tanda hormat.

    1. Ucapan Selamat Hari Natal (yang bergambarkan lambang hati warna merah jambu dan Rudolph the Teddy Bear Reindeer yang saya dok bising-bising tu) terpampang di laman rasmi MCA selama sebulan genap, sampai masuk bulan satu tahun 2013.

  3. Dapster sekarang bukan lagi sosialis yang dulu. Dapster sekarang adalah dikelilingi hartawan dari atas sampai bawah…dari hujung rambut sampai hujung jari kaki.

    Pastinya sambutan TBC kali ini akan menyaksikan Dapster akan jadi cukup pemurah dengan Ang Pau pelbagai warna dan ungkapan berbagai gaya.

    Sesungguhnya, kita tidak pasti sama ada rumah terbuka ala Dapster ini diamalkan di negara Tembok Mega tetapi apa yang pasti ia dimulakan oleh kerajaan negeri terdahulu.

    Apapun kita tetap berbangga kerana akhirnya kerajaan LGE tidak menolak untuk meneruskan tradisi yang dimulakan oleh seteru politik mereka.

    Mungkin ini permulaan untuk parti LGE kembali berpijak atas bumi yang nyata dan seterusnya tunduk pada realiti politik yakni untuk terus memerintah, perkara baik yang dimulakan oleh pihak terdahulu harus diteruskan.

    1. 32 (!!) Rumah Terbuka DAP hanya di P. Pinang sahaja, beb.

      Sebagai perbandingan, sambutan yang dirancang MCA langsung tidak diberi liputan. Hanya dalam Facebook. Ciput…

      Kalau dikatakan MCA mendapat tamparan kerana rasa-rasanya sambutan CNY parti tersebut tiada ooomph, tapi yang memberi tamparan itu perkakas MCA sendiri juga. Oh Dunia.

  4. Hell, you need a life. You should take a break and look at the rubbish you dish out with high frequency. And oh yes, try and use your brain if you have one. The Star is not a free publication. Did it ever occur to you that they try to cater to their paying customers? Umno really screwed up with their scum selection.

    1. fff is telling us that The Star has sold itself – body and soul – to the Dapsters who are the ones buying (i.e. paying for) the paper.

      The DAP 2.0 supporters today (Jerusubangites who think of themselves as “high class”) are unlike the DAP supporters of yesterday (Ah Pek, Ah Soh hawkers whom the evangelistas consider “low class”).

      Being urban, high class and moneyed, they can afford to buy The Star which has Ubah its dress to please and “cater to their paying customer” (phrase within quote marks is what fff said above).

      Compare the purchasing power of the well-heeled evangelista “paying customers” who forked out RM150 per ticket to attend the Hannah Yeoh dinner at a (photo) 4-star hotel in Subang Jaya, with those who turned up for the MCA free meals served under a makeshift tent (photo) and who then insulted the host by walking out when Dr Chua starts speaking.

      Since The Star is not free and since the paper wants money from paying customers (and Bangsar advertisers) and since it is Dapsters who the paying customers, hence The Star has become what it is today. Pro-DAP.

  5. The kind of stories (screenshot below) that The Star readers most prefer. No wonder its readership base – the Dapsters – behave so violently, like gangsters.


    1. Well, PAS got a full page, ok, closer to 3/4 page today over the Valentine’s Day hoo-haa. CSL got a mere half page, even then the adverts from Tesco, Giant, Jusco, Maxis etc takes precedent over his news. He ended up on page 12….

      LOL. The Prez is less important than grocery ads. LOL (yes, I actually did, splurted from my nose) again. — Helen

      1. Eeeewwwwww… To be fair, CSL could have taken the editorial to the rafters but he has not done so. As for Star being a commercial venture with its’ customers’ wants to pander to, it is still considered trash by opposition fanatics. Even His Holiness St Muru-Guan of Penang recently issued a heavenly decree that responses to the Star will no longer be oral but instead, written to avoid him.being “misquoted”. Btw, if the fanatics hate Star so much, why do they continue to pollute their mind with all the trash in it anyway?

        Anyways, are you aware that in the industry, Star pays its’ contributors the lowest rates? Also, it takes 3-5 months for a claim to be paid out. That from a daily that reaches out to over 5million.

    2. a man is known for the company he keeps. people are known for the company they keep. the staff of The Star, we are already familiar with their antics and shenanigans.

      violence attracts violence. no surprise really. the only language they know is violence.

      just look at their twitter tweets. go to their social media sites. violence all over the place. they need a dose of violence daily to get their lives going.

      I too read The Star mind you, but I read The Star for a different reason. I read The Star to get to know their psychology. to fight this mob, we must understand their psychology, the way they think, the way they act, the way they conduct themselves.


      You mean The Star Facebook? — Helen

      1. yes but also the tweets of their staff.

        The Star Facebook is just as bad as their website and their print edition. news on rapists, violent crimes, the latest is the case of young William etc.

        they are also obsessed with entertainment, K pop, those from America etc. no wonder the urban youth, especially those from English speaking background, are so into this bling bling culture. the Chinese youth are no better. most of them are in a state of trance with k pop and anything to do with Korean culture.

    3. What is your evidence that Star readers are DAP supporters? Most DAP supporters I know don’t even bother reading it.

      Even Lowyat forummers are labelled as DAP supporters (to their amusement) because of one topic where they rubbished your blog.

      1. Working on the law of averages lah. What is the evidence that Utusan readers are Umno supporters?

        (1) Going with the assumption that 80-85 percent of Chinese support DAP, and they make up the most number of Star readers (the Star staff for sure are majority Chinese and this reflected in the editors where 2 out of 30 are Malay which is disproportionate to the general population)

        (2) The paper’s content which it is tailored to suit its paying customers

        e.g. if a magazine content is about golf, cars or handphones, then the natural assumption is that its readers are golfers and those who drive (rather than those who do not have a driving licence), who are phone-obsessed etc

        Will you deny that Loyat forummers are pro-opposition? After all, they themselves accuse the Cari forummers as pro-Umno.

        Those Lowyat forummers screenshot behave like Dapsters. A Dapster is as a Dapster does, e.g. the comment “u can suck my dick biatch

        1. Thats a ridiculous “Assumption” (your word, not mine). So you say that since 80% of Chinese are pro Opposition, and Chinese comprise a majority readership of MCA-owned Star, therefore Chinese Star readers are pro DAP.

          This simplistic assumption is no more logical than claiming since 80% Chinese are sympathetic to opposition, and MCA is entirely Chinese, therefore MCA members are pro-DAP.

          Don’t forget that the Indian & Malay readership of The Star is also significant

          The funny thing is that on Cari, pro opposition Malays are a strong faction there, and snide remarks about Umno & Perkasa are common. As for the lowyat-forummers, some of them expressed amusement on their forums when they were accused by you of being pro DAP.

          1. If I’m not mistaken, I said they’re essentially Dapsters (which they take at face value to mean pro-DAP).

            However in a post-Lowyat posting (the one I did on the hounding of Anas by the Dapsters, and querying the word ‘Umnoputra’), I attempted to define the Dapster terminology.

            Dapsterism = gangsterism.

            1. Postscript:

              My original posting that caught the Lowyat eye was titled, that their trolls should be “taught the Bung Moktar lesson”.

              The lesson they need to be taught is to have some manners even if it means confronting their mengganas attitude.

              It’s not to prevent anyone from voting DAP. After all, practically every Chinese I know will be voting oppo.

              The leadership by example of Papa and Mama Dapster fosters the gangster attitude among their followers. That’s where I make the connection.

  6. Kak Helen,

    Pernah terfikir tak kebarangkalian tauke-tauke The Star dalam MCA sendiri adalah gunting dalam lipatan BN. Mungkin mereka sokong DAP dan ingin mensabotaj BN dari dalam dan “jump ship” kalau Pakatan menang.

  7. Btw, I just watched Teresa Kok’s CNY shorts (short videos). The shorts were pretty well made with dialogues (laced with political message), OMG. Those shorts are now shared all over Facebook; DAP folks are damn media savvy. When CSL, WKS, JL et al gonna make one soon??? :-D

  8. 32 sambutan CNY di Pulau Pinang sahaja? Nampak gayanya memang hendak digunakan bagi tujuan meraih undi bagi PRU13 nanti kan? Sambil menyelam minum air @ Hitting 2 birds with one stone. Pandai… :)

    1. You’re right. CNY for the final push (shaking hands/glad-handling, kissing babies, distributing goodie bags) meeting the crowd.

      1. Imagine if BN did the same thing, wonder what will they scream? “Misuse of public money for the benefit of your corrupted party!”, I would imagine.

        Did anyone pointing out this? Not that I can find.

        How I long for politics in the 70s. As my late grandfather said, “we as the opposition shall pointing out the wrong doings of the government but we shall praise when they did it right!”. Well, I haven’t been born yet during that time but if the opposition can be like that (not politicing everything including good stuff by the govt), we shall have a pretty good country where politic is just once every 5 years and work together for the rest. Ustaz Nasha did that but he has been left alone in his struggle. Pity.

  9. Harap-harap orang Islam yang hadir majlis itu berhati-hati sedikit. Takut-takut kalau dihidangkan dengan daging, ayam atau kambing yang tidak disembelih mengikut hukum syarak. [Edited]

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