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“Only Jesus can usher in the perfect govt” – Bishop Ng Moon Hing, chairman Christian Federation of M’sia

“Rise up”, called Bishop Ng Moon Hing to the Malaysian Church, aside from urging Christians to come out and vote.

Datuk Rev. Ng Moon Hing is chairman of the Christian Federation of Malaysia and Anglican Bishop of West Malaysia.

The extract below is from his presidential address titled ‘The Lord is Here‘ delivered at the St Katherine’s Church, Kajang on 21 Aug 2012.

NgMoonHinIn his speech (prepared text), Bishop Ng said:

“The RM2 billion question of the actual date of the GE13 is being discussed in every coffee shop, by newspaper, social media and on the lips of most Malaysians. A related question to the GE13 – ‘Who is the next government?’ On the surface, we are looking at Barisan Nasional versus the Pakatan Rakyat. Deep beneath, we need to look at the question of who a more ‘Integrity-Justice-Fairness-Policy Driven’ government is. If we are not careful, we can end up either with a government which plays God or a government which exclude God. It is very dangerous and bad for the nation.

“Quite a number of Christians as well as non Christians have asked me ‘why is the Malaysian Church not vocal and are they too scared to voice up?’ Prior to 2008, it was a different scenario altogether. We all have to take the blame together. The Christian Church in Malaysia like any citizen was then having a sort of ‘phobia’ to speak up directly and indirectly created by the former ruling leaders. After the political tsunami of 2008, everyone including the Christian Church somehow has the ‘guts’ to ‘face the music’ in the event of speaking up. There are also some considerations to ponder over before making a conclusion here. First, the Christian Federation of Malaysia has among its members many different theological stands on almost every issue and many schools of thoughts. [Christian Federation of Malaysia has 3 main component bodies, namely the Roman Catholics in Malaysia, the Council of Churches of Malaysia and the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship.] It is always a challenge to get consensus from everyone or at least from the leaders of the three component bodies. Second, CFM has always been engaging with the relevant authorities for the concerns and benefits of the Christian communities since its conception. Some of the issues facing by the Christian Church then were resolved within many sessions of close door discussions with the relevant authorities. When a matter has been dealt amicably, there is always not necessary to be vocal on it. However, there are still issues unresolved for some time such as the 1986 Printing & Publication Act on the usage of the word ‘Allah’ and the State Legislative Enactment of the usage of the word ‘Allah’ and other words.


“The question here – “Is God still in control and present within the Malaysian Church?” We who profess God must discern His leading and direction for us in this nation. Therefore it is prudent and essential for all of us to exercise our vote. Leave the result with God. He knows what the best solution for our nation is. The Hebrews were sent to Egypt for 400 years before God raised Moses to be their liberator. The early Christians had to hide in caves and catacombs for 300 years before they were allowed to live as normal citizens during Constantine’s era. The Soviet Union closed its door to churches for 70 years until its collapse. The Christian door in China was closed for 30 years before liberation came. Myanmar’s 60 years military rule since 1962 has finally opened this year. As we sense the time of God’s movement, I strongly believe that now is the time for the Malaysian Church to awake and rise up and move to the running track for the ‘real’ event. I sense that so far we have only been doing the warming up exercise and getting prepared. The time has come and ‘the Lord is here’. Let’s inquire of God and move with Him: as the Lord told King David, ‘as soon as you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, move out to battle, because that will mean God has gone out in front of you…’

[Quotation: Bible verse 1 Chronicles 14:74-75. Here it records an event after King David has inquired of the Lord about the second Philistines raid and got into a preparation mode. David definitely has waited for the Lord’s initiative above his own. He was deliberately sensitive to the leading of the Lord and the Presence of the Lord was clearly with him.]

“‘It is time for all of us to reclaim the public square as a forum for responsible and civil discussions on the social ond political malaise that we are facing, rather than allowing it to be deformed and impair the health of our democracy. The choice lies within each of us.’

[Quotation: Christopher Chong, an article, Democracy in Malaysia, in the book edited by Joshua Woo and Tan Soo lnn, The Bible and the Ballot, GraceWorks, Singapore, 2011, p18]

“‘It is precisely because I know that only Jesus can usher in the perfect government that I continue to share the good news of the kingdom. True change will only come when sinners are transformed by the gospel. No human leader can bring this about. But as representatives of the coming kingdom of God, Christians are to live by kingdom values in every sphere of life. And this includes coming out to vote‘.”

[Quotation: Tan Soo Inn, an article, Vote, in the book edited by Joshua Woo and Tan Soo Inn, The Bible and the Ballot, GraceWorks, Singapore, 2017, p23]

The Bishop’s speech in full,
pdf here


The demand for “freedom to propagate” Christianity


Previously, the Christian Federation of Malaysia circulated to Malaysian churches the following letter signed by Bishop Ng Moon Hing.

NECF Malaysia 2012-07-26 15-01-04


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26 thoughts on ““Only Jesus can usher in the perfect govt” – Bishop Ng Moon Hing, chairman Christian Federation of M’sia

    1. Kristian adalah ugama dari orang Yahudi dan Roman yang dahulu membunuh semua manusia di seluruh dunia atas alasan mereka adalah ugama yang syumul.

      Maharja Katolik Kristian telah menghantar paderi Al burqurque untuk menyerang dan membunuh Raja dan orang Melayu di Melaka.

      Mereka mendirikan gereja dan membawa paderi mereka untuk menyebarkan ugama katolik. Ini dipanggil orang sebagai penjajahan dari eropah.

      Tetapi kita tidak diajar ini adalah serangan dan penjajahan dari ugama Katolik Krisitian yand di ketuai Pope yang dijemput oleh Najib menghantar wakilnya minggu depan.

      Kenapa jemput ugama yang jahat dan membunuh orang Melayu. Wallahu allam. Mungkin Najib dipengaruhi oleh Kristian Cina dan India di sekelilingnya seperti Tony Fernandes. Vincent Tan etc.

      Mereka ini hanya nak nama Inggeris kerana malu dengan asal usul Keling dan Cina kontrak mereka.

      Kita selalu keliru dengan orang Eropah atau US yang liberal dan baik sekarang. Mereka ini tapi tidak mempercayai bible. Malah bible diharamkan disekolah mereka kerana tahyul dan dongeng.

      Tetapi Najib benarkan di Sabah dan sarawak supaya native di sana kekal dengan tahyul eropah.

      Orang Eropah sendiri telah mengalami kekajaman paderi katolik seperti altar boys di rogol oleh paderi katolik. Spanish inquisition dimana perempuan dibakar hidup2. Ini semua ajaran kristian katolik jangan pula kita tak tahu.

      Kini Pope menggunakan pendatang Cina dan India untuk menggugat kerajaan Melayu Islam di Malaya. Sedangkan JAKIM pula hanya sibuk mengharamkan Valentine day oleh kekasih!

      Punya bahlol, Melayu asyik sibuk soal sex luar nikah, kemaluan aurat sedangkan tauhid nama tuhan tak pula JAKIM bising.

      Melayu perlu berubah dan mengamalkan Islam sendiri. Iran ada Islam sendiri, Indonesia ada Islam sendiri Syria lain, jadi kita tak perlu malu mengubah Islam supaya moden dan moderate.

  1. Bagi mana2 agama sekali pun, kepercayaan kepada Tuhan adalah tunggak utama. Akan tetapi, kalau orang yang berpengaruh seperti bishop Ng Moon Hing menyatakan bahawa kerajaan sempurna hanya boleh dibawa oleh Yesus ( translasi pemahaman saya, kalau salah tolong betulkan), ini sudah berbaur politik.

    Saya tidak percaya kepada ‘perfect government’ kerana saya percaya tiada manusia yang sempurna.

    Bagi saya, kenyataan bishop ini bermaksud hanya jika seorang Kristian menjadi PM dan agama Kristian agama rasmi barulah kerajaan Malaysia sempurna sangat berbaur politik yang jahat. Kalau mahukan kerajaan sempurna, bukankah itu sudah ada di alam seterusnya (after-life)? Tidak usah bawa after-life kamu ke Malaysia ya! :)

  2. It took many decades before the Church would even acknowledge the crimes of paedophile priests.

    It took billions of dollars to silence the victims.

    I suppose the Church has no objection to a sodomist and adulterer being a head of state.

  3. Dear Bishop Ng,

    I beg to differ with you regarding your Jesus “ushering in the perfect government” bit. Perhaps you care to tell us what are/were his track records in doing so? See now, Bishopy, Jesus just never did once rule, much less form a government. Oh he led some twelve people to follow him around up mountains and enjoying wedding feasts he did, but I assure you most graciously: these did not a government make!

    Now don’t you go on twisting the matter by talking about non-corporeal embodiments concerning “Kingdoms of Heavens” and the what-nots. All prophets perhaps talked and invited towards the same thing, namely a perfect kingdom which is yet to come, in the hereafter, with God as the figurehead and Peace and Tranquility prevailing all over. In fact even false prophets like Ayah Pin also do not shy away from talking about this Heavenly Kingdom but since all of us here are facing the HERE and the NOW, could you downplay a little bit on the non-tangibles and concentrate only on the matter at hand, something more discernible perhaps? Show me where and when and HOW Jesus ruled?

    But here’s something interesting, Mr Ng—err Bishop Ng, pardon me. In actuality politics, governance, etc etc is what makes a prophet a TRUE and dear one. A Perfect Man, an exemplaire both essential to the lives of the everyday man, and quintessential to the very existence of society. i.e. A human being can take as a model behavior the lives of Jesus, or Muhammad, or Moses, or even Buddha or Confucius on what a perfect lifestyle really should be about, but can anyone in their right mind turn to JESUS to have some examples of how a government should be run, how laws should be made and how countries should be governed? NOPE!

    I remember one DD (Doctor of Divinity) once telling me that how COULD Jesus not be the perfect man, when why, even the Old Testament predicts his coming. I said “WHAT? This is new to me. Surely you can’t be right. I don’t remember The Old Testament saying anything REMOTEly any indication about the coming of Jesus of Nazareth”.

    “Indeed it has”, he continued. And upon being asked to elucidate which passage in said Testament that he meant, he quoted Deuteronomy 18:18:-

    “I (God) will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee (Moses), and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.”

    But I have read that before. Not only does Deuteronomy 18:18 NOT mention Jesus by name, it even mentions of a personality—a trait—which is OPPOSITE to Jesus Christ. Let’s see now. The criterion of this prophecy is “Like Unto Thee, O Moses”. That is, a person coming sometime in the future who will be JUST like Moses in almost every aspect. But Moses is NOT like Jesus! Hu’uh. Not at all!

    How can he be when Moses was born of normal parents and Jesus wasn’t? When Moses had a mother and father whereas Jesus had only a mom? When Moses married and begat children and Jesus neither married nor had any kids (unless, of course, you believe Dan Brown). When his own people, the Jews, accepted Moses whereas the same people rejected Jesus? When Moses died of a Natural death whereas Jesus didn’t? When Moses will not be resurrected but Jesus will? When Moses had political authority whereas Jesus had not, right up till his demise? When Moses came not only as a spiritual leader but as as a political ruler as well but Jesus only came as a spiritual figure?

    In fact the ONLY person that befits this prediction of Deuteronomy 18:18 is Prophet Muhammad himself: Like Moses, he had a normal birth, married and begat children, had a father and mother and died a natural death. Like Moses, Muhammad did not claim to be resurrected, nor are the muslims awaiting for his coming. (Ironically, the muslims will be waiting for JESUS’ coming, to right all the biblical inconsistencies and blasphemies). Like Moses, Muhammad was both a spiritual head as well as a political leader of a nation. In fact, both of them began their ministry exactly at the age of 40 (Jesus at 30). In war and in politics, Moses and Muhammad experienced both victory as well as defeat (whereas in his lifetime Jesus only faced defeat, defeat, defeat).

    But no, nowhere does it say, be it IN the bible or OUT of it, that Jesus is one correct person for the inhabitants of this world to look up and await in “the ushering in the perfect government”. In fact, the very spirit of the bible, the very spirit of of Jesus Christ himself, is OPPOSITE to this very idea:-

    John 18:54:-
    Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.”

    Heck, in fact Christianity isn’t even for the likes of Bishop Ng at all! Seriously! Remember when a woman from Canaan asked that Jesus heal her daughter, he said “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel”. And again, in Matthew 10:5-6 when instructing the twelve disciples, he specifically instructed, “Go nowhere among the Gentiles and enter no town of the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

    So why on earth are they using all manner of trickeries, including using chicanery cheats, to use the name of the God of the muslims (which they, naturally, disbelieve) and try to proselytize the malays? Go to them Jews! After you have become one, that is!


    1. Like Moses, he had a normal birth, married and begat children, had a father and mother and died a natural death.

      Muhammad like Moses? you got to be kidding me. The guy couldn’t even part an oasis, but Moses parted a sea. There are no tombs for Moses. We also know Moses didn’t occupy a political or administrative position. Moses’ descendants did not occupy positions of power either.

    2. “I (God) will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee (Moses), and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.”

      Why mention “brethren,” why not say “among the Ishmaelites” or among the Arabs. Why should God even foretell the coming of a prophet? Besides, Muslims claim that every nation has been sent a prophet and that these prophets are not mentioned by name in the quran.

      Why our great Ridhuan Tee even claimed and I quote “Jika kajian dibuat, berkemungkinan Konfucius adalah salah seorang daripada ribuan nabi dalam Islam.” in “Jangan terlalu berkira” (Al Islam bulan Okt 2010). Marrying, begetting, having born of a father and mother aren’t traits that are solely Muhammad’s.

      1. Israelites n Ishmaelites r decendents of Ibrahim, no? Doesn’t it make them brethrens?

        True, not all prophets/messengers are mentioned in the Quran. Mayb u wud like to look up the difference between Nabi dan Rasul. While both receives divine messages, their scope of work on spreading the word of God is quite different.

        Riduan Tee, in my personal opinion is quite correct. IMPO also thinks the same about Siddharta Gautama….to name a few. His teaching was relatively the same as we Muslim preach on going with our daily lives.

        Moses was the ‘leader’ of them tribes who’s mission was to save themselves from the enslavement in Egypt. Isn’t that sumsort of ‘administrative position’? btw, he defied the pharoah’s divinity which was the ‘political position’ of them ancient egyptians. Doesnt that shows he is also a political leader as well?

        N thanx to Moses too, decendents of Moses’s tribes found the ancient state of Israel (Judea n Samaria) by politics n conquest…

    1. Pahlawan Melaka,

      Tak mabok. Tetapi kerajaan PR lebih ‘menurut perintah” paderi kristian berbanding BN yang dikuasai UMNO.

      Jadi, lebih untung pada paderi ini jika PR . Kerana halangan yang ada untuk murtadkan Melayu boleh dimansuhkan. Selama ini kerana Iman didada menyebabkan orang melayu/Islam menolak permintaan Kristian untuk guna nama “allah”. Dan dengan kuasa yang ada( melalui UMNO), maka keputusan berlandaskan dasar takwa dan iman dikuatkuasakan. JADI KUASA INI PERLU DIHAPUSKAN pada pandangan paderi ini ..

      Tak perlu terperanjat dengan apa Bishop kata. Bukankah allah SWT sudah ingatkan kita bahawa yahudi dan Nasrani tidak akan puas hati sampai kita ikut telunjuk mereka.

  4. Apocryphalist,

    Been waiting to hear from someone like you. It’s been a long time since I read any of your inputs.

    Just great. Hope some more comes from you, amin, to help us who are not so clever at rebutting the impostors.

  5. Woiii bishop. Even US, European Countries, Scandanavian Countries also not having perfects gomen la. Errr this country is not belongs to jesus pls.

    1. Antihipokrit,

      For them, a perfect govt means a Christian govt. Nothing wrong with it but these evangelists think everyone need saving, which means everyone else needs to be Christian. Kind of ‘hipokrit’ don’t you think when they talk about unity in diversity? :)

  6. Helen
    The dapster monyets are at it. They hve blocked yr latest entry, “monyet 2”
    Betul2 la mereka ni losers. Hari they blocked stopthelies punya blogsite. They simply x accept reality. Memalukan aje buat cara kotor utk halang org baca blog helen. And can we trust these oxymorons to be at the helm of our country????NO NO NO

    1. My apology for accidentally publishing a draft copy.

      ‘Monyet 2’ merely contained some copypasted skeletal notes. The document name derives from the material I pinched from the ‘Planet of the Monyet‘ blog.

      The article proper ‘Monyet 1’ has just been uploaded under – wink – the serious headline: ‘‘Election 2013: Race contestation at its sharpest / review 1955-69’

      But thanks for your concern.

      Another personal apology is owed to ‘njah50’ whose comment is withdrawn together along with ‘monyet 2’.

  7. Quick question: Are CFM part of the Vatican’s formal structure or outreach program; or is it another #Pakatoons NGO like SUARAM and the Bar Council?

    1. The Bishop’s own footnote:

      “Christian Federation of Malaysia has 3 main component bodies, namely the Roman Catholics in Malaysia, the Council of Churches of Malaysia and the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship.”

  8. Hi Helen,

    Just wondering what your views are on this following proposition:

    Statement: That the rules of the game are set by the Federal Constitution (that people are free to associate, and propagate their views) .

    Therefore if PAS wants to propagate for an Islamic state – it is entirely within their Constitutional right, even if it means that the Constitution and the nature of Malaysia will be fundamentally changed.

    That UMNO has the right to propagate for a Malay supremacist state.

    The above holds IF and only IF, these political parties stay true to free and fair elections as a means of choosing who the government is?

    1. My view is that the FedCon was, in the main, drafted by a panel of 5 Commonwealth judges (2 UK, 1 Oz, 1 India, 1 Pakistan) to the best of their ability and that the doc. represented the reality of the land (i.e. inhabitants Muslim, monarchical rule, Melayu as nat. language, etc) during their time.

      It’s unfortunate that Art.160 defining the Malay – which was descriptive – has become prescriptive.

      On what you ask, I think it’s a balance. For example if the spirit of the American Const. enjoins separation of Church and State, then the highest judges (American Supreme Court) and their subordinate courts would rule to preserve what is enshrined in their Const.

      Let’s say a fascist party sprang up in the USA and propagated and acted upon a doctrine that is against the American Const., they (the fascist party members) would be checked by the processes of law along the way.

      However the American judicial system is more disciplined in upholding their Const. than we are ours.

      In practical terms, it’s is possible and even likely that the PAS and Umno aspirations meet should the non-Malay opposition keep up with their present chest-thumping behaviour, particularly on the Allah issue.

      Our FedCon was amended before with Art. 121(A).

      If the non-Malay oppo continues with the current trajectory that is driving PAS and Umno into each other’s arms, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Islamic State and entrenched Malay privileges were legitimately made constitutional by a future Parliament if both the Malay-Muslim parties and the native-Muslim PBB between them can manage to muster a 2/3 majority.

  9. Thanks Helen.

    You note:

    ‘…If the non-Malay oppo continues with the current trajectory that is driving PAS and Umno into each other’s arms, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Islamic State and entrenched Malay privileges were legitimately made constitutional by a future Parliament if both the Malay-Muslim parties and the native-Muslim PBB between them can manage to muster a 2/3 majority….”

    I agree with you.

    My hypothesis is that Islam and Malay culture is not compatible with a liberal democracy. What Malay-Muslims want is a majoritarian democracy i.e. that the might of numbers matter. They are not into the rule of law or liberal democracy (equality of citizens, individual freedom, protection of minority rights, separation of state and religion).

    The best illustration is that while it is perfectly acceptable, in fact encouraged by the Malay-Muslims, that the Malay Sultans, Malay-Muslim right wing clerics, Malay-Muslims right wing groups, Malay-Muslims right wing academics, Malay right wing senior civil servants, NGOs, etc to promote further the rights of Malay-Muslims (often undemocratically through the abuse of secular institutions), the Malay-Muslims find it offensive when non-Muslims use Constitutional means to defend or advocate their rights (courts, the right to associate, the right to voice their opinions, etc.).

    You are right that when non-Muslims and progessive Muslims use these Constitutionally guaranteed freedom to voice their opinions, they will drive conservative Muslims together by appealing to Malay-Muslim insecurities (Malay nationalism is after all an artificially created construct that is held together by THE OTHER).

    I guess if we believe in freedom of choice, then we leave it to individuals to make their choices. But obviously, the (majority) Malay-Muslims have a different understanding of democracy.

    I for one (while I fight for a secular state), do wish that Malaysia becomes an Islamic state in GE13. Then I would know for sure how Malay-Muslims as a collective thinks, and would validate my hypothesis that Malaysia’s problem lies not with UMNO or PAS, but with the Malay-Muslim society.

    UMNO is now using religion as its main electoral strategy. In other words it is creating a “culture war” [Will send you my forthcoming article on this] against PR betting that most Malay-Muslims will suspend logic/rational thinking and vote for BN/UMNO if it can paint PR as infidels or apostates to defend Islam and Malay culture (however defined).

    I can’t gauge what ordinary Malay-Muslims will vote on this.

    And fully agree with you, that if UMNO wins on this strategy, then for sure, Malaysia would have made the definitive term (in spirit and in letters) towards an Islamic state (irrespective of what PAS does).

    Look forward to an interesting GE13.

  10. Wah, now even the church is being riled by those in power!
    Just imagine, the men of the collar is being upset by them!
    This must take some doing!
    With this, just about every Malaysian is happy to see the end of BN!
    Of course, those who are paid peanuts to sing the praises of the corrupted and scandalous will continue to sing their praises!
    What else can they do?
    They knew that their end, meaning that of their political masters and theirs, are near.
    Very near!
    The bells are already tolling for them!
    They knew that they have already stuck their heads in it!
    So, what to do now?
    Except to wait for the blade of the guillotine to fall?
    Good riddance to all the bad rubbish!

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