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Dear Dr Novandri

Hi Doc,

Just in case you missed this.

Sourcing from the DAP Insider website, Syed Akbar Ali blogged this morning:

“one of the big [Penang property developer] taikors gave a donation of RM2.0 million to a Chinese school which Tokong’s son used to attend.  Recall there was some stink about Tokong’s teenage son at that school.  The teenager left the school in a haste and was transferred to another school.”

A fresh piece of info has to come to light which might be of interest to you.

This taikor (the Tokong new BFF), who was given the Kg Buah Pala deal, is apparently also the chairman of the school board of directors. Yup, that school.

The MCA-owned newspaper aka Warta Jerusubang was never interested in pursuing the story about Tokong’s son. Same as how it buried several other stories that were negative about the DAP 2.0 evangelista coterie.

It’s a reporting job that The Scissors – which was launched in Penang and for a long time headquartered in Penang – strangely refuses to do although it should be more than capable of carrying out the task.

After all, it was a Penang paper for a large part of its life and has a large Penang bureau and should have the contacts to dig into and unearth the real story.

The million ringgit question: Why didn’t it? The MCA must be held accountable for its media machinery’s dereliction of duty.




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6 thoughts on “Dear Dr Novandri

  1. Several millions for the school, what about the school official? Students and Residents? How much more will go down the drain? And yet the local newspaper not interested to discover what has been swept under the school’s carpet?

  2. If I remember, that was the case where they claimed Guan Eng’s son harrassed a girl, but the girl was actually a British chess player. Don’t know if she ever visited Penang, much less met LGE’s son…

    The article in the screenshot has been taken down, but another pro-UMNO blog had copied it near verbatim:

    Clicking on the link to MiM’s page indicates that it has been taken down:

    “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.”

    But another blogger still didn’t get the memo:

    1. Hairan juga kenapa KM tak jadi ambil tindakan saman malu terhadap blogger yang tak dapat memo? Mungkinkah blogger itu benar?

  3. Kalau betul mereka ini adalah pemurah kenapa tidak beri sumbangan untuk tabung pendidikan negeri dalam bentuk biasiswa dan supaya semua pelajar (melayu, cina, india dsbnya) dapat sama-sama merasainya?

    Lagipun bukankah tanah yang diberikan kepada pemaju yang pemurah itu adalah asalnya milik rakyat semua kaum jadinya bukankah lebih adil kalau tanggungjawab sosial korporat dikembalikan kepada rakyat tanpa pilih bulu?

  4. They say they are pakatan rakyat but when they build houses, rakyat can’t afford to have one.

    They say they want to slash the car price down but at the same time they mark up the ceiling price of rakyat’s house.

    If they really are sincere about reducing the people’s burden why can’t they also slash down the price of the house?

    Oh yes now I realize that cronies businesses must come first and rakyat’s interest come after that..

    And they are going to reduce the car price cos PR Sdn Bhd has no interest in the car manufacturing sectors! Why should they care isn’t it?

    By right Parti Sdn Bhd is more appropriate name for them… kah! kah! kah!

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