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It’s Umno fault that Wong Tack threatened to burn Lynas

Yup, once again the blame has been put on Umno.

When contacted yesterday by Malaysiakini, Wong Tack said:

“Whether to burn it or not, the decision doesn’t lie with Himpunan Hijau. It is the decision of the authorities. They are forcing us. It’s not us that want it.”

The Himpunan Hijau chairman claimed that it is really the government which is “forcing” his group to act. It’s not them “that want it” [to torch Lynas] but it is the authorities who have decided to allow Lynas to go ahead and this decision leaves the greenie meanies no choice but to threaten arson.

(The poster below appeared in the Himpunan Hijau Facebook.)


In the mind of opposition supporters “the authorities” are, needless to say, Umno. The resident “evil” is Umno, and the devil [‘d’+’evil’] wears Prada but ABU-ers see him as wearing a Nehru jacket. (God’s heavenly angels are dressed in Jerusubang couture.)

Wong Tack and his supporters do not consider his proposed course of action as criminal but merely “a sign of ‘symbolic expression’.”

Some cyber commenters have defended Wong Tack after buying the justification that his threat arose due to “force of circumstances as locals are angry” and in anticipation that “the simmering discontent of his supporters could boil over”.

Fomenting unrest

The same Malaysiakini report said:

“Additionally, he also threatened to organise fresh rounds of demonstrations to overthrow the newly elected federal government if Himpunan Hijau’s demand is not met.”

Since the public perceives Himpunan Hijau to be as Chinese as the DAP, the public perception of Wong Tack to be in the mould of communist Loi Tack will extend to the ‘green’ movement’s followers and to a further extent implicate the Chinese community in general.

(A parallel is the Perkasa effect with regard to Malays.)


The above poster is Photoshopped and its inferences explained in my preceding post.

God’s Army of Twits

DAP SuperCyber Bullies do not act alone. They have, marching behind them, the lynch mob that they have carefully cultivated and constantly instigate.

TwitMeterFeb2013They can swagger because they’re riding on the back of 60,000 twits.

They attack knowing they’re in the safety of their sovereign territory. Territory which their soldiers are expanding into, and taking over control of, through thuggery and intimidation.

Therefore when Wong Tack declared that he would torch the Lynas plant, he was not just one man. If he were merely a solo voice, would all the media have paid attention to him?

No, right? So actually, he was speaking on the back of Himpunan Hijau. And the so-called environment movement, which has morphed into an anti-BN political campaign, is a microcosm of the DAP.


Pakatan distancing themselves

Only a short while earlier, Himpunan Hijau had pledged that they would “actively campaign for PR ahead of Election 2013 in a bid to bring down the ruling BN government in Pahang to end Lynas’s operations there”, and with a “focus more on seats that BN had either lost or won by a slim margin in the state”. (source: TMI)

Hence Himpunan Hijau had effectively coupled itself to Pakatan. Chinese opposition supporters have embraced the movement as one of the vehicles in the convoy ferrying their Dear Leaders to Putrajaya.

However, with the Himpunan Hijau chairman issuing his arson threat, it was entirely predicted that Pakatan would speedily distance themselves from Wong Tack’s plan to raze Lynas. (Even Dr M had to distance Umno from Perkasa after Ibrahim Ali’s Bible burning call.)

And we can expect DAP to do damage control as well.


Api dalam Sekam

What was wholly expected by me (and other Starwatchers) was The Star‘s attempt to downplay the Wong Tack story so as to minimize and mitigate its negative impact on the DAP.

The Chinese newspapers had carried the story as early as Feb 3 (Sunday). The English portals picked up on Monday. It is only today, Wednesday, that The Star published.


Articles in The Malaysian Insider:

  1. Pakatan says activist alone in threat to torch Lynas plant‘ (Feb 5)
  2. MCA challenges opposition’s stand on Himpunan Hijau’s threat to torch Lynas plant‘ (Feb 5)
  3. Activist threatens to torch Lynas plant if cannot close it down‘ (Feb 4)

Articles in Malaysiakini:

  1. Wong Tack: Brinksmanship result of desperation‘ (Feb 5)
  2. Wong Tack, don’t fight fire with fire (Feb 5)
  3. Wong Tack threatens to torch Lynas plant after GE (Feb 4)

Wong Tack is newsworthy precisely because Pakatan has derived political mileage from Lynas.

If some other NGO were to issue a threat to set ablaze, say Sunway Lagoon, the general public would not take them seriously albeit the Sunway security department may pay some heed.


It takes four days for Star to come out with story

Let’s examine today’s Star story titled ‘Wong Tack still a man on fire‘.

As you can see from the Star Online Related Articles list (screenshot below), The Star is again four days late – a 3-day delay – compared to other media. Recall its similar tardiness on both the Patrick Teoh story as well as the Lim Guan Eng kalimah Allah controversy.

(The Star only featured Patrick and Guan Eng on the 5th day of the stories breaking in other press.)

Himpunan Hijau has been bouyed its popularity by the Chinese media. It has also received favourable coverage from the English online media which are pro-opposition.

Do you still remember the following paragraph from the Star story?

“[Patrick] Teoh had earlier posted a note on his Facebook page criticising the PAS-led Kedah Government and its guidelines for Chinese New Year performers in the state, which included some allegedly offensive remarks about Muslims.”

With its description “allegedly offensive”, the paper had put a question mark as to whether Patrick’s remarks should really be deemed insulting.

With Wong Tack, The Star could have easily featured an editorial or opinion piece discussing the preservation of public order, etc as after all, the story has been circulating four days already. But it didn’t.

This Wong Tack development is bad news for the DAP – and hence good news for the MCA – but no news in The Star.

At the rate that this internal sabotage is going, the MCA would soon have very few members left. They would all have been converted to become DAP loyalists and born again as evangelistas.



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  1. Hai yah ,this apek Lomuniss want to be arrested, to present himself as an oppressed Cinkee………..haiya then the cinabeng from DAP can become hero……………………………………….script simple from the lomuniss beng play book la.

    1. I Googled ‘chingkie’ to find out whether other people consider the word to be a racial slur.

      To my surprise the top entry features Revert (aka Warrior 231) using the word as well as in most of the other entries [Google probably prioritizes local content in its the search results].

      He’s not a good influence on you my dear.

      1. ok cinabeng it is right now, since google have no monopoly on it like Dapster………… ehehe ……what ever it takes to let this cink….. opp cinabengs …….to know what it mean to have a ”hostileship” at your front door , since they have been ‘asking for it’.

        As for Ah hwa lee what?, yes dalam pisang setandan kadang ada yang busuk, tapi kalau pokok berpenyakit dalam kebun jawad nya kena tebas dan bakar le.

        Atau macam penyakit JE kan semua babi dalam kandang kena hapus, yang luar kandang kita biarkan .

        kan orang semua kata jangan main api,

      2. First my brief reappearance here is in no way attributable to any spur of nostalgia or any sting of remorse, but merely to clarify a slur made on my nom de guerre, Warrior 231. Two issues need to addressing and I invoke my right to defense on each count. Rest assured though, I am not on a jaywalking lark through anyone else’s thoughts lest I insensitively trample upon the fragile petunias, morning glories or roses that bedeck your puerile comments section. So I will pick my way carefully through, uninvited though my intrusion may be,for after all trespassers have no right to impose demands on landlords, right?
        1. The term ‘Chingkie’ is ONLY considered offensive or racial slur by inferiority ridden complexes unable to come to terms with certain deficiencies of their physiology. In fact, the Taiwanese artiste, Lee Hom is on record of using the term in the artistic sense and so have others from the Mongoloid stock.

        The term is used commonly in the West and Australia. In fact, its etymology itself alludes to its essentially harmless connotations and it is through this lens of rationality that the word is better appreciated rather than via some blinkered, irrational hypersensitive perception of reality.

        2. You seem obsessed with the pseudonym ‘Revert’, an obsession shared peculiarly by one Haris Ibrahim, the father of ironical and portentously ominous term ABU.
        There were many other haunting and sightings which bugged that idiot which I guess must be bugging you now. Why not get a Christo exorcist or a Taoist medium to hold a séance and chase away that evil spirit called Revert? (ROFLMAO).Perchance, do both of you have some infernal dream reel that projects Xeroxed nightmares of Revert in your damn dreamscapes night in night out? Or have you been exchanging notes for the want of better things to do, which I hope for your credibility’s sake is not true. FYI, Revert and I happen to be friends who share similar viewpoints on certain issues while crossing swords on others. It is a friendship that harks to our student days in California when we met via the mutual acquaintance of our future brides. Occasionally, I have contributed some pieces to his now defunct blog for we have a healthy respect of each other’s opinion, period. But to infer Revert aka Warrior 231 as me is pathetically scrapping the barrel so to speak for ‘ we are but two distinct beings of flesh and blood whose souls may agree and disagree but the twain shalt never meet’ hahahahahahahaha………

        Now back to your job, Helen of mothering the crybabies here like a certain AJ who will wail in a jiffy if their pet fancy is caught in a tizzy. And don’t forget to water the yam plant lest it wither or go off kilter…..hahahahahaha

        1. Helen just got owned…. come on u guys… we are on the same side.. Now, please kiss and make up…

  2. Bang panjang, saya rasa x sesuai kot guna panggilan tu. Mmgla kita marah dengan mamat kaki bakar tu, tapi x semua bangsa dia mcm tu kan.

    Like Sarimah Segaraga cried in Tiga Abdul..”Dalam setandan pisang, takkanlah kesemuanya busuk..ishk..ishk”.

    1. Dalam setandan memang tak semuanya busuk, tapi akibat dari penularan wabak penyakit layu bakteria pisang (moko) yang mengila-gila, satu ladang tanaman pisang yang cantik mengHIJAU mungkin terpaksa dibakar.

  3. Kak Helen,

    Cara Wong Tack melobi (tolak bab keganasan) untuk mendapatkan apa yang dituntut dari BN dan PR harus dicontohi oleh lain-lain NGO. Justeru lain-lain NGO yang prihatin akan hak-hak rakyat harus melobi supaya hak-hak yang terlepas itu dikembalikan pada mereka.

    Sebagai contoh, NGO boleh melobi agar PR memulangkan tanah yang dirampas dari rakyat (kampung buah pala, lonjing dll) supaya dikembalikan pada rakyat dan jika tidak maka keluarkanlah arahan supaya rakyat tidak memangkah PR.

    Apapun cara Wong melobi adalah hampir sama dengan cara Zionis melobi setiap kali menjelangnya pemilihan Presiden AS… mengganas terhadap Palestine… bukanlah satu contoh yang baik dalam konteks demokrasi.

  4. Nowadays we are witnessing that the opposition supporters will absolutely have no qualm about putting the blame on BN about anything. Why are they thinking like that, it is simple because they are conditioned to do so.

  5. K’ubur’Panjang.
    Kg. wife aku tu.
    Nanti org. gelar kita balik, kita pula yang marah.

    Kadang ramai org. berani cakap saja nak bakar, tapi tak ada telor pun. Wong Tack, activist alam sekitar bidang terjun saja. Motifnya adalah politic pembangkang yang berteraskan kebencian, penipuan & provokasi. Biarkan saja mereka. Lebih lama BN tanggung PRU13, lebih banyak pekong mereka akan terserlah.

    Wong Tack ni boleh dikatakan bodoh. Selepas ini, kalau ada kejadian kebakaran, sengaja ataupun tidak, polis akan cari Wong Tack. Kalau nak buat dajai kat dia pun boleh. (Sendiri pikiaq macam mana)

    Tengok Ibrahim Ali. Silap cakap sikit saja, esok keluar surat layang ajak orang bakar buku beramai-ramai.

    Kalau Lynas di bina di P. Pinang, Geng Baju Hijau tidak akan wujud.

    Pembangunan sesuatu tempat banyak bergantung pada siapa jadi PM:-
    Tun. Dr. M > Banyak di Kedah.
    Pak Lah > Banyak di Kepala Batas.
    Najib > Banyak di Kuantan

  6. Talking about born again evangelist, let me deviate a bit. Was at Popular Book Store today & saw this book entitled The Bible & The Ballot. It features a foreword by Bishop Ng Moon Hing & edited by Joshua Woo & Soo-Inn Tan.

    In the inside page, the blurb (do we even consider them blurbs?) or rather, comments from KJ John, Ng Kian Ming, Tricia Yeoh & Andrew Khoo were featured.

    I flipped through the book & it took just 2-3 pages to give me a nauseous feeling. Despite the relatively low price tag of RM15 (for less than 100 or 80 pages), I decided I could put my money to better use. Wonder if you came across it or read it before?

    See here. — Helen

  7. Kalau di SINGAPORK ah pek ni boleh ditahan kerana cuba sabotaj ekonomi negara dengan menakutkan pelabur asing. Di Malaysia? buatlah apa pun. Najib lebih takutkan pembangkang.

  8. Ong Tack sounds like he wants to indulge in some insurgency. Like the old PKM. #DAPsterCancer

    I would like an opportunity to engage in some insurgency on Wong Tack himself.

  9. What a stupid and arrogant bastard. Not to mention a coward who only knows to blame others.
    This is the kind of people that have been leading NGOs so far?
    What a conceited lot.
    Acting like they lead some honourable cause when they are only disposable proxies of the greedy Pakatan Rakyat.

  10. Dan harini dlm perutusan CNY Najib berazam untuk menjadi lebih cina drpd cina. Tahniah, semua tuntutan ala zionis kaum cina bakal menjadi kenyataan. Akan melahirkan lebih ramai komunis seperti apek yg nak bakar Lynas tu.

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