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Hannah Yeoh’s baby: “Insult to the Indian man”

I just read a latest article in the DAP Insider titled ‘DAP Political Strategist says DAP has lost a major segment of Indian votes (Part 1)‘.

The website made the following mention:

“The unkindest cut of all – Hannah Yeoh tried her stunt with the ‘Anak Malaysia’ thing to register her daughter’s birth but ended up choosing to state that her daughter is Chinese instead of Indian. What a great hypocrisy and insult to the Indian man who is her husband. It only shows that she is so ashamed of her husband’s race that she kept her more superior race.

“Yes, even though she tried to explain that she just accepted what was typed in by the counter clerk at the registration office but really – would the counter clerk do such a thing and take such liberty without reference to her? And even if she did, then why did Hannah Yeoh NOT OBJECT to such an insertion of Chinese as the race of her daughter?”

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Dear DAP Insider,

I have something to add to your observation above. Like you, I don’t buy her cheap excuse that it was the poor counter clerk at the NRD who did it.

Below is a reproduction of her daughter’s birth certificate application form which first appeared in Malaysiakini.


The Yapping Yeopies have staunchly defended Hannah’s hypocritical reasoning that a Yang Berhormat meekly accepted what a clerk had written on the form.

Well, isn’t the duty of a YB to show leadership?

Satu lagi ‘kesilapan teknikal’, konon

Since Hannah is known for snapping like a Rottweiler every so often at the civil service – to the extent of calling press conferences to criticize government servants  – who can believe that she is so meek as to refrain herself from correcting a counter clerk?

Especially if the clerk had really made such a serious mistake with regard to the vital particulars of a State Assembly ruling representative’s daughter.

They, i.e. Hannah Yeoh and her Jerusubang fan club, would have us believe that the NRD clerk had taken the liberty of categorizing the child as a Chinese.

If so, isn’t it equally logical that the presumptuous clerk would have categorized the baby as a Buddhist as well? After all, most Malays (on an assumption that the clerk is Malay) more often than not would presume that Chinese worship tokongs.*

[Please don’t quibble over the distinctions between Buddhism and Taoism here.]

Birth cert correctly says Christian, wor

But have a look yourself — her baby’s religion is stated on the application form as Christian.

Now imagine if the clerk had written Buddhist (or Hindu) as the baby’s religion. Do you think Hannah Yeoh would have similarly accepted without fuss such a mistake in the Religion box?

Therefore, if the baby’s religion – correctly stated as Christian – got the nod from the mother, then the baby’s race stated as Chinese would have been also given the green light by the parent, no?

The above example of Hannah Yeoh brazenly shifting the blame to the clerk is a typical example of her DAP Super Bullying ways.

Her devoted followers display the same kind of behaviour. It really shows something about the kind of people immersed in the cult.


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  1. What the hell is wrong with you Hell? You sound like a bitter, cold bitch who is unhappy as hell. Fuck ofd with your pro bn bullshit will ya?

    1. Why don’t you go plonk yourself in Twitterjaya, Jerusubang quandrant.

      I really beats me why you keep hanging around my space.

      1. Guilty pleasure perhaps? The allure is too strong that resistance is futile… :p

        1. ROTFL.

          These Dapsters. I mean the guy calls me a “bitch” and tells me to FO with my “pro-BN bullshit”. It’s my blog and unless I’m guilty of defamation or disturbing public order, then up to me lah what I wish to blog.

          It’s actually me that has the locus standi to tell him … that his City Harvest Church pastor thinks he should be spending more time attending service than always coming around here.

      2. Imagine pairing this plonkman fff with that monsterball kiasu fella. My guess is, they would be pouring kerosene oil on each other’s head and then lit each other for the sake of getting Jerusubang’s attention.

        These wanabes are full of burning desire, such that monsterball even suggested Lynas Wong Tack to do the same to death.

        After that bungled hunger strike, now burn to death….whats next aar?

        1. We contribute the kerosene so that fff can be spectacularly ablaze to more impress Jerusubang?

          1. Here’s a thought. Why don’t we encourage Wong Tack to self immolate instead? Then he’d really be a hero instead of being branded an environmental terrorist.

          2. I hereby pledge to contribute 5 liters of RON 97 unsubsidized fuel for the event if it comes to fruition. You can provide the matches Helen

        2. wah, that mnstrbll fler really off his rockers. obviously unbalanced. it’s like he’s got patrick teoh on one side of his brain and mat sabu on the other.

          1. On the contrary, this monsterball racist wanabe once claimed that the late Ahmed Deedad was one of his most respected muslim figure.

            This sick DAP guy claimed to be so learned about Islam by idolizing Ahmed Deedat on one mouth but so disrespectful on muslims by defending that Patrick mot******ker Teoh who defamed Islam, on the other mouth.

            Their level of pretending is so obvious, pathetic, shameful.

      1. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do…” Luke 23:34

        The dude probably missed that part.

  2. Before she is known as Hannah Banana Yeoh, she was also known as Hannah Confuse Yeoh.

    Pity on her, dont know the different between nationality & ethnicity.

    If her daughter was born in Singapore, will he wrote in the race column as ‘Anak Singapura’?

  3. Puan Hannah dah sarat mengandung anak ke2. Dah lahir ke Puan Helen? Kali ni Cina atau India atau Anak M. Mungkin kalau lelaki India sebab yang perempuan dah Cina. Kalau lelaki ugama Hindu pula ke?

    1. Dia selalu tweet pasal buntingnya.

      1. Dear Helen.
        Bunting? or Bannner in english?

        Bunting, selalunya di kaitkan dengan haiwan saja. Kalau manusia, orang selalu sebut , mengandung atau berbadan dua.

        Atau pun Hanah Banana Yeah sudah jadi Political animal @ beast, pasal itu tulis ‘bunting’.

            1. okay, but I checked Kamus Dewan after reading your comment earlier. Contoh ayat: Pada masa itulah makmu membuntingkan engkau”.

    2. For the second child, I’m sure the clerk would also “mistakenly” put down Cina as her ethnicity.

      If it still says Cina and not India, then Hannah is a lying wench….a hypocrite. Christians should not lie.

      Also, if it is stated as Cina, that means her hubby has married into Hannah’s family, and effectively should change surname to Yeoh – Ramachandram Yeoh.

      1. What if the second child is Indian in the birth cert?

        Same Mommy, same Daddy but two siblings one Chinese, one Indian.

        1. The third will be Malay, fourth Kadazan, fifth Iban & so on until all the races are available & present. After all the church probably made it clear to them.both that they are to “be fruitful & multiply” to increase the church’s membership.

  4. Looking at the the photo above, it seems that there are two different styles of handwriting appears on the BC. I suppose we will have to employ the service of a graphologist to analyse and determine whether the word “CINA” and “ANAK MALAYSIA” is/are written by same person or different person. If there are more than one pattern of handwriting found on the BC, this issue gonna be much much more interesting.

    1. Selepas nama bangsa yang asal tidak lulus, mungkin jugak si ibu diarahkan membuat pembetulan dan pembetulan itu dia sendiri (ibu) yang tulis. Mungkin jugak kan. kan?

  5. The title of this post in your blog is ridiculous. You sounded like a racist throwing a racial card while stirring a debate about race superiority.

    We live in an age where mixed marriages are common and growing. Who decides whether a child from parents of two races is one race and not the other? The truth is, the child is a mixed. Unfortunately in Malaysia, we do not have much choice but to put either one race; either the dad’s race or mom’s race.

    Is there a column for Indian-Chinese? Definitely this child is not “Dan Lain-lain” because this child is a mixed (Indian and Chinese). Your contention of saying this child is following mom’s and not the dad’s, and that is an insult to the man and his race is absolutely foolish, primitive and a cheap shot.

    Whether to put it as a race of the dad or mom is a family choice and decision. The truth is, the child is Indian and also, is Chinese. Living in Malaysia, coming from a mixed family they have no choice but to just put one race. Unless NRD is willing to open up a few categories???

    So, who are you to judge? Who are you to decide? Are you part of the immediate family? Are you the child’s parent? If not, please zip your mouth and don’t politicise the whole issue by dragging in racist statement “insult to the Indian man”. Malaysia will be a better place if people like you change the way you think.

      1. I’m the product of a mixed marriage. I was registered as a Chinese in accordance to my paternal lineage. In Sarawak, children born to a Bumiputera Sarawak mother pre 1980 or 1982 (can’t really remember, sorry) qualifies for Bumiputera status & all accorded rights thereof. Still am Chinese & have yet to apply to be a Bumiputera Sarawak as a race.

        Convention has it that the surname & race follows that of the father, so why was she any different? What if they have a son? Chinese by race & what will his kid’s surname gonna be in future? Yeoh or Ram? What about Hannah? Is Yeoh her paternal surname? Why not revert to her mother’s maiden name instead? Did she apply for her race to be changed? What of those born of Malaysian & foreign citizens? Machi? Chilaysia? Mazeal? Japlaysia?

        All in all, just a chance to put a show for the electorate. And scream bias & racist tendencies when her stunt is disallowed. Hypocrites…

        1. The Indians do see through all that. That’s why BN has been winning (some of) them back.

          With Malays, and majority – although I can’t predict what percentage – Indians, mamak and the native races in the BN camp, we Chinese are going to be outcasts.

    1. Dude. My friend has a Chinese (muslim) father and an Indian (also muslim) mother. He lived like a Malay, a muslim and speaks fluent Bahasa Kebangsaan. His identification card states that he is a Malay.

      Apparently, to be a Malay is not difficult. No bloodline needed. Just become one with the majority here. Even that Khir Johari fella has branded as a Malay. To become Indian or Chinese takes some effort to maintain the racial identity of the minority. What more to become an Indian-chinese. Why segregate more?

      Who is actually the racist?

      1. :) That’s good to know, Lordapes. I’m coming from a point of view that to get the birth cert, we have to state a race. Is that not so? If yes, why is there no columns for expansion? Best is to have NRD remove the race column altogether. Will that be possible? Please don’t get my intention wrong in earlier posting.

        1. Yes, apparently under the NRD standard procedure, the parents had an either-or option of choosing (a) Indian or (b) Chinese.

          The DAP politician mother chose Chinese.

          So the Indians know what to choose when they step into the polling booth. That’s where the DAP Insider was coming from.

          As for my own blog posting, the first commenter said it right. Kantoi the Adun for her duplicity in making a public scapegoat of the NRD counter clerk to save her own political ratings.

      2. Lordapes,

        Thanks for replying to Ronson.

        For the record, to clarify: As you can see, the headline (at which Ronson is foaming at the mouth) is placed within quotation marks “insult to the Indian man who is her husband”.

        It’s taken from the DAP Insider website verbatim (can cross refer top half, above) story.

        DAP Insider made the remark in the context of his (assuming a male pronoun, I’m not acquainted with the blogger) discussion on DAP losing the Indian votes since 2008 and counting.

        One of the reasons is the public backlash among the Indian community that greeted the political “stunt” pulled on the birth cert. The baby, barely a few days old, was politicized by the mother.

        The way Ronson responded is an indication of how DAP will keep on losing more Indian votes, just as the DAP Insider website had forecast.

    2. “If not, please zip your mouth and don’t politicise the whole issue by dragging in racist statement “insult to the Indian man”.”

      We live in an opinionated culture. Do you think the husband’s family / kaum kerabat are not bitching about this? Just because it’s not being done openly, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

      Since DAP / PR love so much to bring out taboo / sensitive topics, what’s wrong with Helen talking about this? I happen to agree with Helen, and so do others.

    3. you know what is foolish, primitive and a cheap shot. ??? when this big talking YB , said it was NRD clerk who did it .. nahh blaming others is normal for this Pakatan bloke eehhh ..

      The parents who need to decide it , not the clerk .. and blamed the clerk after get some criticise is soo cheap laa

  6. Menjelang perayaan tahun baru Cina, kawasan perumahan tempat saya menetap akan jadi lengang kerana ramai jiran-jiran saya akan melancong ke Cina dan saya akan pastikan sepeninggalan mereka itu nanti, rumah mereka tidak akan dipecahmasuk oleh pencuri.

    Apakah saya hairan kenapa mereka perlu melancong ke negara tempat tumpahnya darah mereka? Jawapannya adalah tidak kerana bagi saya keinginan jiran-jiran yang saya hormati untuk kembali memijakkan kaki di atas tanah tempat tumpahnya darah seseorang itu adalah naluri semula jadi.

    Dan kalau katakan mereka ini bukan dikenali sebagai orang Cina tetapi anak Malaysia, apakah mereka akan otomatik tidak akan merindui tanah tempat tumpahnya darah nenek dan moyang mereka? Jawapannya juga adalah tidak yakni mereka akan tetap merindui pemandangan dan makanan di negara Cina kerana darah lebih likat dari air.

    Sama juga dengan Barak Husin iaitu meskipun sudah menjadi rakyat AS dan kini negarawan kuasa besar dunia namun kerinduannya terhadap nenek moyang Pak Husin di Kenya tidak mampu disembunyikan. Apakah Barak seorang rasis kerana masih mengekalkan ikatan darah (menerusi nama tengah) dengan sebuah negara Afrika?

  7. I do apologise for my first reply if it was harsh on Helen. So Helen, if it was harsh on you, I’m sorry :) Yes, we live in an opinionated culture and I’m still learning. And, I still stand on the basis of my arguement :)

  8. “makmu membuntingkan kamu??” tak pernah dengar. Biasanya ayahmu membuntingkan makmu. see the difference between mengandungkanmu dan membuntingkanmu.

    In the case of our lady, semua serba boleh. Satu pengecualian. Kan mereka sukakan benda-benda bersifat mukjizat lagi kenabian?

    1. Thanks for your contoh ayat :D (enjoy).

      Saya salin ayat contoh daripada entry Kamus Dewan. Naskah yang saya baut rujukan ialah edisi tahun 1989.

    2. Saya pernah diberitahu oleh orang Penang, “bunting” adalah perkataan biasa untuk perempuan yang tengah mengandung,

      Maybe it sounds alien these days to use bunting to describe human pregnancy. That guy who told me memang dah agak tua. Obtained his phd in the early 70s.

      Mungkin ianya agak khusus bagi orang Penang kerana walaupun saya berasal dari Perlis, orang Perlis tetap guna perkataan “mengandung”.

      1. To me – brought up in Penang – even the Chinese are familiar with the word ‘bunting’.

  9. This Dumpster women giving excuses which i have heard from the 50s and 40s ….is she illiterate, she can make so much fuss about all the other things but when it comes to the BC she cant even read and rectify the mistake

    It would it be safe to say that after the birth of here second child , she will go to the registration department and try another con to register her child as anak pkr , or anak pas or anak dap , amd then accuse the nrd clerk of putting the term chinese as long as its not ANAK RAM

  10. For those of you who pretended to not having registered their babies or really never ever registered because you’re still single , JPN does not work that way as the outgoing subang adun’s version works.

    We will have to fill out the forms ourselves and upon scrutinising by the clerk , he/she hands it back to us for endorsements and corrections if needs be. Upon our agreements then he/she will only enter the datas. Then again you will be given the certificates upon transcriptions.

    You will definitely have time to seek clarifications and voiced grievances if found that the documents handed over to you does not tally with your requirements. What a blatant lie that spews from an Evangelical adun konon.

    IF she is not able to scrutinized her own child birth certificate , how come she is so ever right everytime. Dont talk cockerel lah hannah, its time that you stop fooling the constituents of subang. Most of the non believers does not support you anymore. Your days are numbered.

    By the way the votes you obtained before , are really not genuine of your supporters. its because they are fed up of Pak Lah, now thats he’s gone, the votes are swinging back. And for pas supporters in your constituincies , try giving sermons at the mosques , see if you get the chance or not. It wont work this times. Thanks to LGE for the blunders with the Allah issue, at least it awakes the pas people.

  11. For curious sake, I just looked at the borang daftar kelahiran at jpn website. I don’t see any keturunan or agama information that needs to be filled up under Maklumat Kanak-Kanak. But there are keturunan and agama sections for both the father and mother. This sort of borang design probably makes more sense (leaving out the race and religion of the baby). I wonder if this is a new revision of the borang after the hoo-ha from HY. Or what I’m looking at is actually an old revision of the form; I don’t know.

    I also looked at US birth certificate form, it doesn’t have race section for the baby, but there are race sections to be filled up for both the parents.

    1. Religion is a choice, perhaps with the exclusion of Muslims, and it can be changed.

      I don’t see how race is a choice. If baby Muthusamy is born having a certain skin tone, when Muthu grows up to be 20 years old and when he’s 40 and 60, his colour is not going to be much different.

      Neither will his looks, e.g. if he’s got curly hair, it will remain naturally curly and neither will his eyes become sepet.

      So what is wrong with putting down the race of a baby at birth?

      1. Helen, there’s nothing wrong acknowledging the race of a baby.
        What I’m trying say is that; if I’m a staff at JPN and was given a task to design the layout of the borang, I wouldn’t have put keturunan and agama blanks under maklumat kanak2. If Shay Adora’s last name is Ramachandran Muniandy, I would think that it’s commonly understood that Shay Adora’s ethnicity would follow the father’s. That’s why I feel it’s kind of moot to put another keturunan blank in the form.

        PS: HY could put the race of her baby as Chindian what (the term is in Wikipedia!!), not sure if the JPN staff would allow it or not :-)

        1. As far as the news articles go, the name is reported as ‘Shay Adora Ram’.

          Adora is Latin, the language of the Church,

          Shay is Hebrew, early language of Christianity,

          If the clerk is confronted by a name that’s Hebrew-Latin-and-‘Ram’, filling in keturunan in the form might not be so moot after all.

          Methinks the ‘Muniandy’ is dropped whereas the truncated ‘Ram’ could be deemed indeterminate (unlike ‘Ramachandran’ which is visibly Indian) to the clerk processing the paperwork if the father is not physically present at the NRD.

          It looks like Hannah Yeoh has “ethnic cleansed” her baby and wiped the traces of race origin.

  12. “ethnic cleansed” good one ….and the lady is going to go ballistic with her followers

    1. Yup. This posting of mine got Facebooked 14 times. Methinks ‘Ronson’ (commenter above) came a-visiting via Facebook.

      And as we know, social media is DAP sovereign territory. Hence we can’t track the things that they say in their closed cell groups unlike this blog which is an open public domain.

      The opposition’s Politics of Hate must be fertilized somewhere. It’s growing fast and strong like Jack’s beanstalk.

      1. Yes, but what the story doesn’t say is how the gigantic beanstalk completely drained the land of its nutrients. Nothing else will grow there.

        So while Banana-san is now enjoying massive popularity, I doubt this would last long, or lead to anything good.

  13. Kak Helen, lari sikit dari topik. Di Langkawi ada satu tempat yang popular, namanya “Tasik Dayang Bunting”, menurut legenda orang tua2…perempuan yang sudah berkahwin tetapi masih belum dikurniakan anak…akan pergi ke situ dan minum air tasik itu. Dan kebanyakannya (dengan izin Allah, kalau orang Islamlah) selepas meminum air dari tasik itu ramailah yang berjaya bunting :-).

    Saya pernah mandi di dalam tasik itu, tapi airnya gelap sangat, tak berani nak telan hehe…nowadays, ramai yang memanggil perempuan mengandung sebagai perempuan hamil (kehamilan)…bunting itu biasanya dikaitkan dengan kehamilan yang tidak dikehendaki/terlanjur dan situasi2 yang tidak menyebelahi (unfavourable situation or cynical/sarcasm) hehe…

  14. I am not sure why people want to focus on smaller issue rather than the bigger picture for our nation.

    Anak Bangsa Malaysia will continue to prop up, there are more and more mix marriage in Malaysia. The offsprings of mix marriage will have identity problem. There is one guy in YouTube said these while doing the comment on Listen, Listen, Listen, “I am a Chinese speaking, Malay looking Indian”. BN being a component of racist party is not able to accommodate on people of wanting to be Anak Bangsa Malaysia from a mix marriage, they cannot join UMNO, MCA neither MIC, but Gerakan will be acceptable for all.

    Karim Raslan – a mat salleh looking guy who speaks funny English and Malay. Will he have an identity problem? Karim can engineered himself to be a Malay, if he wishes not to be Anak Bangsa Malaysia that is his choice.

    People are force to declare themselves to a certain race to have a standing in society. Mahathir is an example, he choose not be Anak Bangsa Malaysia but instead call himself a Malay. But people just prefer to call him mamak. Mahathir in every cunning way maneuver himself to be a Malay. As result of that, we have a Prime Minister. Mahathir has certainly provided results, which encourages a lot of mamaks from following his footsteps.

    We can see a lot of Indian looking Malays in Penang, they just want to be associated themselves with UMNO, it gives them social standing and political power too. They are doing it for materialistic reasons.

    What is wrong being Anak Bangsa Malaysia?
    Is the society at large cannot accept this?
    Is it something pariah about it?

  15. Ms H. I would be proud to have an Indian name if my father is Indian. What’s wrong with the woman ?

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