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Pesanan CNY Guan Eng membayangkan Umno sokong taktik Nazi

Dalam perutusan Tahun Baru Cinanya, setiausaha-agung DAP Lim Guan Eng berkata:

“Just because Perkasa is supported whole-heartedly by UMNO does not give Perkasa immunity from the law or the freedom to insult non-Muslims and deprive non-Malays of their basic rights. Malaysians are grateful that Muslims and Malays also reject such extremist tactics that are similar to those employed by Hitler and the Nazis in Germany before the Second World War.”

Pesanan CNY oleh Guan Eng telah disiarkan semalam dalam akhbar DAP, The Rocket.

Tambah Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang itu lagi:

“Only a responsible government that places principles over hate, policies over extremist sentiments and performance over violence will determine whether Malaysia succeed in transforming itself into a developed and progressive country.

“Let me also take this opportunity to wish a Happy Chinese New Year. Let us welcome the Year of the Snake with a fresh hope and a strong resolution that we will have a new government soon, ending decades of corruption, mismanagement and economic malaise. rencana The Rocket (PDF, sini)

Disiarkan dalam Buletin Mutiara juga

Kata-kata Guan Eng yang berbunyi “Malaysians are grateful that Muslims and Malays also reject such extremist tactics that are similar to those employed by Hitler and the Nazis in Germany before the Second World War” turut dimuatkan di mukasurat 2 Buletin Mutiara, suratkhabar rasmi kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang (bawah).



Sementara itu, Guan Eng menegur Timbalan Perdana Menteri Muhyiddin Yassin sebagai seorang “rasis”.

TPM sebelum itu telah membidas hasutan Guan Eng agar orangramai memakai baju warna protes jalanan pembangkang ketika menghadiri rumah terbuka MCA.


“Kerja bodoh”

Mama Dapster pula muncul di muka depan edisi terbaru Selangor Times serta terpampang gambar-gambar lainnya dalam akhbar tersebut hari ini.

Sidang pengarang Selangor Times semuanya Cina – lihat nama-nama mereka di bawah – kecuali seorang yang bergelar Neville Spykerman beserta dua orang penasihat, iaitu setpol Menteri Besar Selangor, Faekah, dan setiausaha akhbar Arfa’eza.

Tiap-tiap minggu Selangor Times dijadikan mereka Warta Jerusubang.




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93 thoughts on “Pesanan CNY Guan Eng membayangkan Umno sokong taktik Nazi

    1. Thanks. This is the last posting before I take a break.

      Will slow down this blog after CNY. Don’t think we can make much headway anymore.

      I mean if Dapsters still choose to worship Papa & Mama, I really don’t know what else to say.

      1. Jangan lah slow down Helen, Patahkan semua gunting-gunting dalam lipatan BN. Plizzz. Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the new year bring you health, prosperity & happiness!

  1. Thanks for the article Helen. I learned something new today. There’s correlation between one’s stupidity (or intelligence) with one’s race.

    Anyways, have a Happy Chinese New Year! I wanna wish you a new year filled with wealth but it may be construed as you being a paid trooper so I’ll settle for a wish of joy, happiness & health instead.

    1. Burst out laughing at the wealthy trooper allusion. The going rate is apparently only 50-sen per comment ha-ha-ha.

      1. Lots of them think you’re paid judging by their “strongly worded” comments. You don’t happen to have a Mercedes CLK hidden somewhere now do you? :p

        1. But we already know very well that they can’t think properly, just like their Dear Leader.

          Muhyiddin said that LGE’s politicking over the colour-coded shirts for the MCA open house featuring Gangnam is “kerja bodoh”. (Memang kerja bodoh.)

          LGE retorts that the DPM is racist for saying that.

          Or take Mama’s tweet reproduced below. She also retorts along the “racist” theme.

          So if they insist on doing “kerja bodoh” accusing me of being paid, what to do, ah? They’re following leadership by example and in the righteous company of 60,000 other twits.

          1. Yeah, haters will be haters. It’s unfortunate that so many young, impressionable young professionals seem to take everything these rabble rousers say as the gospel truth

            We endured a 1 1/2 hr lecture earlier today by Chinese accountant in his mid 20s on how the country will be better when DAP & PR wins the election. My other half finally snapped & told him to get a life or get into politics since that’s all he can think about while waiting for the flight.

            It’s funny how they readily brand others racists when they refuse to integrate themselves into a multiracial society. Sigh

  2. Actually it’s the DAP and their leaders who are acting like the Nazi Party. They think they are a superior race. It will make my day if they were to win Putrajaya.

  3. Orang macam Lim Guan Eng ini bila jumpa lempang sahaja. Tidak guna berhujjah dengan dia. Muhyiddin kata syor dia bodoh dia tuduh Muhyiddin cakap begitu kerana dia Cina.

    Dia sentiasa mahu menyakitkan hati kita. Dalam hal ini dia ‘play victim’ serangan rasis. Ini yang saya kata bila jumpa dia bagi penampar aje sampai dia terpinga. Barulah dia akan fikir apa salahnya. Kenapa pula bila Timbalannya tuduh dia arrogant, cocky dan to’kong dia tak tuduh Mansor sebut itu semua kerana dia Cina! Cilako punya Guan Eng!

    1. Rahman,

      Pasal NAZI sebenarnya DAP lah yang perangai seperti NAZI. DAP tak bertolak ansur terutama dengan orang melayu,.Gerai Melayu dirobohkan kerana ganggu jalanraya. Wal hal gerai Cina berada diatas jalanraya pun dia tak kisah.

      Orang melayu dah tak boleh meniaga di Padang Kota sebelum 12 tengahmalam. Kondominium dibina betul betul di belakamg kampung Melayu sampai banjir kampung tersebut.

      Poster gambar Najib diturunkan. Ini baru Guan eng sebagai Ketua menteri.

      Guan eng sebenarnya amat perkauman. tetapi orang melayu (jenis haprak seperti PAS) sanggup terima “yahudi’ ni sebab kebencian yng amat mendalam terhadap UMNO .

      Saya selalu tertanya tanya zalim sangatkah UMNO ni. Perkauman sangatkah UMNO. Jika UMNO tak buat DEB, siapa lagi. Jika UMNO tak utamakan pegawai Melayu dalam kerajaan, bagaimana nasib Melayu bila kita semua tahu nasib Melayu di sektor swasta.

      Sdan saya setuju Guan eng patut kena terajang. Kalau Di Indonesia atau Saudi Arabia, dia mungkin kena pancung saja. Sebab fitnah tu dah jadi makan pakai dia. Tak fitnah Melayu TAK SAH.


      Ralat? You mean “tak boleh meniaga di Padang Kota SELEPAS 12 tengahmalam” (?) — Helen

        1. ‘Selepas’ ke ‘sebelum’ 12 tengah malam? Baca semula: Saya tanya tu kerana Shamshul tersilap taip, kot.

          1. Tak boleh niaga sebelum 12 tengah mlm. Sebab tu peniaga melayu naik angin. Tak ramai orang yg nak beli makanan lagi selepas midnite.

          2. Cerita pasal padang kota selepas the building completed peniaga bumi dapat tahu lot mereka tidak lagi strategik dan hot spot telah diberi kepada non yang tidak pernah meniaga.

            Satu lagi Muhyidin tak kata LGE bodoh tetapi he said ‘kerja bodoh’ that one also dont know how to differentiate….

  4. Helen,
    Happen CNY. May the year of snake bring joys, happiness and good healths. Any open house ka!!!

  5. Clearly shows that LGE is a supreme racist. Base on his definition of racism, soon he will join the rank of hitler. Create a misconception theyre mistreated and then rallying the people based on a race. Just like hitler trying to show they’re a better race and that LGE is the saviour.

    Anyway god bless you. Happy new year to you.

  6. Politics will always be politics until and when one can face communities reality with compassion without blind political patriotism.

    DAP and their mandores in PR are doomed in GE13. The tell-tell signs are there when you speak to many people on the street as oppose to the patronizing alternative media and their cyber commentors.

    Anyway, Helen wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and hope you can listen to this [YouTube]. I got to know of this tibetian chant when I was there about 11 years ago. It is very profound and soothing. It is actually about compassion.

    Thanks MiNY. Compassion is an excellent value by which to live by. — Helen

  7. Looks like the few words that DAPsters know are “rasis” and “low class”. So much hatred and conveniently blaming it on others. They conveniently forget about pointing fingers (point 1 finger and 3 back to you..) and reflections of their mental state, up-bringing as well as their ultimate aim… to destroy a nation patiently build by our sincere leaders.

    Their greed and hatred know no limits and a simple act of bringing artistes to perform and being in an advert to promote harmony turns into a wound in their blackened heart…. and they are actually quite good in sowing discord and harmony… the next generation will suffer if these goons are allowed the freedom to run the country… Sad, very sad indeed….. I may not like BN but I will never vote PR.

    Helen, thanks for your postings. It has been good, at times thought provoking and wishing you Gong Xi Fa Cai….

    1. Thanks for the CNY wishes.

      As for the postings in this blog, I’ve decided that after I come back from my break, we’ll take a slightly different tack (more conversational/dialogue).

      Like Shamshul has pointed out above, “Sebab fitnah tu dah jadi makan pakai dia [Lim Guan Eng].

      Bukan Guan Eng seorang sahaja yang menjadikan fitnah makan pakai dia tetapi si Dapsters konco-konconya pun begitu juga.

      No amount of putting forward hard facts can make them see reason.

  8. LGE SAID :

    “Just because Perkasa is supported whole-heartedly by UMNO does not give Perkasa immunity from the law or the freedom to insult non-Muslims and deprive non-Malays of their basic rights. Malaysians are grateful that Muslims and Malays also reject such extremist tactics that are similar to those employed by Hitler and the Nazis in Germany before the Second World War.”

    THE REAL FACT, I CAN SAY “Just because LGE-DAP is supported whole-heartedly by DAPsters and Ungrateful Chinese does not give LGE-DAP or Chinese like PATRICK TEOH immunity from the law or the freedom to insult Muslims, ISLAM and deprive Malays of their rights. Malaysians are grateful that non-Muslims and non-Malays also reject such extremist tactics that are similar to those employed by Hitler and the Nazis in Germany before the Second World War.”

    Sial punya LGE. Kalau dia ckp semua ok, hak bersuara. Kalau org lain NAZI lah, INSULT la, Low class la. Moron la.

  9. Muhyiddn is smart with his words. There are no stupid people, only people doing stupid things, LGE likes to do and say alot of stupid things, but I think he is purely stupid.

    1. LGE is smart enough to declare his assets and be transparent; pocketing no $ from his involvement in politics. What about Muhyiddin? I wonder who was the Agriculture Minister then when NFC was awarded to “certain family” of a “Minister”.

      1. re: “LGE … pocketing no $ from his involvement in politics.”

        Malaysia must be so unique on the face of the Earth. According to people like you, every single corrupted pollie is in BN while all those as clean as a whistle are in DAP.

        You really must bottle and market the Holy Water that you guys are drinking.

        1. Ms Helen jangan layan sangat budak BROWNIE tu, ubun-ubun pun tak keras elok lagi!
          Cong Xi Fa Chai!

        2. Helen,

          If we look at the performance of all the 4 PR states for the past 4 years, the no. of cases involving corruption/misappropriation and the alleged value are ‘relatively small’ compared to BN states and the federal government. To begin with, let me point out that agencies such as MACC, police and judiciary are under the control of the BN federal government. PR states are alleged to be involved in the following corruption cases such as Teoh Beng Hock, sand issue in Selangor, granting of Kelantan land to Ngeh/Nga, Khalid Ibrahim cow and car issue, Talam bailout, Taman Manggis land, Kampung Buah Pala etc. Until today, there is no prosecution and conviction of any PR politicians by the federal agencies. Please point out if I have omitted any thing.

          In contrast, let us look at BN. We have issues like NFC scandal, Khir Toyo bungalow, Sidek Hasan’s daughter contract of solar energy, Jamaluddin Jarjis’s son air traffic deal, commercialization of AES, RM400 mil claim of matrimonial assets in the divorce case of Taib Mahmud’s son, PKFZ etc. Not to mention huge GLC losses such as MAS, Sime Darby and MISC. These are only for the past 4 years. What about for the past 55 years like Bank Bumi scandal, Perwaja, BNM forex loss, Bakun dam etc?

          Both sides have their own issues on corruption, governance and integrity. It is impossible to have a 100% clean government. Not even Singapore or Denmark can achieve that. But as a voter, we can choose the lesser of two evils.

          1. Dear rakyat,

            (1) Few cases have ever been brought to court and even fewer convictions obtained. This applies overall to both PR and BN ‘accused’ persons (in public perception).

            A point that I’ve previously made is that Pakatan has been in control of the S’gor and Penang govts for the last 5 years already now. These are the most advanced states hence the ones with the greatest potential for money changing hands.

            With access to past state papers (contract documentation etc), why doesn’t the Pakatan govts of S’gor and Penang expose – with concrete details – the corruption that they allege the BN (i.e. previous Umno and Gerakan-led administrations of the two states) to be guilty of?

            Doubtless the MACC and the AG’s Chamber are federal agencies. However if the Pakatan people have evidence in hand of criminal wrongdoing vis-a-vis corruption, then by all means blow the whistle like how Rafizi revealed the Cow-in-Condo scandal which he got the lead from, from the Auditor-General’s Report btw and the AG is a federal officer.

            There have been consequences: Shahrizat’s hubby charged, her tenure as Senator not renewed and hence causing her to lose her ministership plus she will not be renominated to stand in Lembah Pantai.

            Pakatan supporters scream “Corruption” all the time. Simple. They should do a Rafizi on the target BN politicians. Air the dirty laundry. Public pressure will rain the same bricks that have fallen on Shahrizat’s head.

            But so far, no. And LGE’s got nothing on KSK that he’s willing to share with the public either. PKFZ is being prosecuted under the BN govt.

            (2) The Rocket gangnam parody features Rosmah’s ring. Now it beats me why, if she really had bought such a ring, that she didn’t simply waltz through the airport with the ring worn on her little finger.

            As has been pointed out by regular commenter SoG, the oppo people are maliciously tarring her as Marie Antoinette.

            They’re making her an object of hate. They’re masters of the Politics of Hate and behaving like the street mob that stormed the Bastille. See an earlier posting of mine – The [French] revolution that devoured itself (extracts from Alexis de Tocqueville).

            (3) re: “Both sides have their own issues on corruption, governance and integrity.”

            Umno has 3+ million members. And let’s assume that half the electorate will vote BN.

            Pakatan noisemakers act as if these millions of ordinary Malaysians who support the incumbents condone corruption, i.e. in addition to voters being “dumno” and “bumno” (i.e. the Dapster belief that Pakatan supporters are smart, BN supporter are stupid and freeloaders), the Dapsters are also saying that BN voters are “scumno” (i.e. the Dapster belief that Pakatan supporters are righteous, BN supporterS are morally decayed).

            We mustn’t forget that BN lost its super majority in GE12 through the backlash from within too. Selangor wouldn’t have fallen if Malays as well as Umno members had not rejected Khir Toyo and the 4th floor boys.

            This shows that BN supporters are willing to act against those deemed to be corrupt.

            Turn the tables. Do you foresee that Dapsters are willing to admit their idols have feet of clay?

            Pakatan followers loudly proclaim their DAP pollies are saints (although they’re quite willing to believe the PKR partners are tainted). BN supporters do not think BN pollies are angels but it’s that they fear Pakatan is the two-horned creature masquerading under a halo.

            (4) I have a theory that DAP is more efficient than Umno. Hence with this trait of efficiency, they would be more efficient in covering up their trail of corruption.

            Within slightly over a month in office, Nga was already embroiled in Tailorgate albeit the amount sum is small. And the DAP internal mechanism, the displinary committee, refuses to acknowledge any impropriety.

            Similarly, the RCI on TBH found that the S’gor DAP Adun office (TBH’s) was doing Ali Baba with the contracts (similarly in small change amounts).

            The two instances cited did not involve big sums of money. That’s only b’cos the opportunity had not yet arisen for big money. However there’s since been the expose on the Kelantan logging land given the Perak DAP taikors.

            Point (b) about efficiency. DAP has been successful in whipping Dapsters into perpetual hysteria. Such efficiency in brainwashing!

            I’ll grant that Umno is playing the Race and Religion card too. But so far, they’ve not reached the DAP level where their supporters behave like Red Guards. Read this article, (The author is the son of Shamsiah Fakeh, btw.)

            If Umno were as hell-bent on indoctrinating the masses as the DAP is, we’d have had Jakarta riots by now. But there has not been pogroms anytime the past four decades.

            Remember that Umno is in possession of many levers of propaganda. Compare Pakatan now in possession of some levers of propaganda. There was that infamy of 50 photos of the LGE family in 28 pages of Buletin Mutiara.

            S’gor Times is an out-and-out Pakatan propaganda rag sheet and much, much worse than Utusan. With DAP in merely two states, we get this. If Pakatan sits in Putrajaya, we’d be living in Orwell’s 1984.

            I’m skeptical of both sides. I believe the readers of this blog similarly have their eyes open to the shortcomings of Umno-BN.

            On the other hand, we believe that Dapsters are wilfully closing an eye to the DAP shenanigans and bear in mind the party has only been in power 5 years compared to BN’s 58 years (taking the federal election of 1955 as base year).

            When we weigh which side we consider to be the lesser of the two evils, we’re observing the present behaviour of the Pakatan leaders and their hardcore followers. A good starting point to get acquainted with the Pakatan mob mentality is detailed in Ellese’s blog,

            1. Postscript:

              The DAP uber efficiency in brainwashing means that they can better cover up their leaders’ wrongdoings because their indoctrinated Red Guards go all out to bludgeon critics, i.e. Dapsters will not allow any criticisms to be aired without resorting to an all-out smear campaign.

              One good example is what they’re doing to Tunku Aziz’s reputation as well as Hindraf’s (viz. the Kg Buah Pala criticism of LGE and his developer cronies) and SM Mohd Idris the Consumer Assoc. of Penang president for criticizing Tokong’s RM8 billion transportation infrastructure project.

              The brutal repression of criticism creates a culture of fear and fitnah. In this climate, few people will dare to criticize DAP.

              They will suffer the fate of Tunku Aziz. Or Mansor Othman who blurted the ‘Cocky, Arrogant, Tokong’ truism. Or Ustaz Nasha over the kalimah Allah issue. Or all the Penang pollies who have had a falling out with Tokong such as Lim Boo Chang, Tan Tee Beng and Zahrain.

          2. Helen,

            Many thanks for the lengthy reply. As a Malaysian who has worked for several years in a developed country, I had the opportunity to observe the level of political discourse of the electorate there. In Malaysia, our main consideration when it comes to politics are usually 3R i.e. Race, Religion and Royalty. Religion and royalty are more relevant to Malay politics. Considerations like governance, policies formulation, standard of education, integrity, healthcare, public housing, corruption, inflation etc are secondary or almost non existent. That is why race based parties are dominant in local politics like UMNO, MCA, MIC, PAS, DAP etc. I concede that Malaysia consists of a multiracial and multi religion society unlike the developed country that I mentioned above that is essentially mono ethnic. Our politicians and electorate give too much priority to 3R issues at the expense of other pressing matters.

            We prefer to discuss kalimah Allah, Perkara 153 Perlembagaan, LGE Tokong, PAS Negara Islam, Malay privileges, negara Kristian, campurtangan Yahudi, LBGT etc. We can argue until the cows come home but what are we trying to achieve in the end? It is like going after a wild goose chase. I pray that Malaysians can start to reduce their focus on these ‘trivial’ issues and shift their attention to national matters like corruption, governance, standard of education, healthcare, clean election etc. We have a vision of becoming a high income and developed nation in 2020.

            Helen, you said:-

            “Doubtless the MACC and the AG’s Chamber are federal agencies. However if the Pakatan people have evidence in hand of criminal wrongdoing vis-a-vis corruption, then by all means blow the whistle like how Rafizi revealed the Cow-in-Condo scandal which he got the lead from, from the Auditor-General’s Report btw and the AG is a federal officer.”

            My reply:-

            1. MACC, police, AG, Judiciary are all under the control of BN Federal Government. Allegations of corruption, abuse of power, CBT etc are offences against the state. As such, PR cannot just compile the evidences on their own and appoint their private lawyer to prosecute the BN wrongdoers. This is not a civil matter. It has to be first investigated by the police or MACC and thereafter prosecuted by the AG.

            2. Assuming a report is lodged with either MACC or police, these 2 agencies can dismiss the report as ‘No further action’ or insufficient evidence.

            3. Assuming that MACC and police investigate and submit the report to the AG for further action, the AG has the discretion not to initiate prosecution.

            4. Assuming that the AG press charges, the judiciary can rule that the prosecution has failed to establish a prima facie case. The accused person will be freed without defence being called.

            5. Even if a prima facie case is established and defence is called, the judge can rule that the accused has successfully raised doubt and grant an acquittal.

            6. Irrespective of the verdict, the AG and the accused can appeal to the higher court.

            7. Why Rafizi is charged under BAFIA and why he is not protected under the Whistleblowers Protection Act in relation to the NFC scandal?

            8. The WPA is fundamentally flawed. In order to entitle the whistleblower a protection under the WPA, the disclosure/report/complaint must be made in the following circumstances:-
            a) report must be made to the authority, i.e. Police or MACC,
            b) the matter in the report must not concern government policies,
            c) the matter in the report must not breach any confidentially or privileged provisions in any other laws.

            9. Rafizi exposed the NFC scandal in the public domain and he relied on bank statements protected under BAFIA. The NFC project is a government contract given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries.

            10. There is absolutely no way Rafizi can expose the NFC scandal without suffering the repercussions of being prosecuted.

            11. PR has exposed a few wrongdoings committed by the previous BN administration in Penang and Selangor. We can see there is no outcome simply because MACC, AG, Police, Judiciary are under the control of BN. Moreover, these allegations or wrongdoings are punishable under the criminal jurisdiction that falls under the BN Federal Government. There is nothing the state agencies or state enactments of Penang and Selangor can do.

            Bottomline, as a voter choose the lesser of two evils. What is the parameter to distinguish the two evils? I strongly suggest to look at the track record of the 4 PR states and the rest of BN states together with the BN Federal Government since March 2008. With these in mind, voters can be more objective in their analysis.

            Many thanks for reading my lengthy reply.

            1. Dear Rakyat,

              You lament that Malaysian public discourse is dominated by the 3Rs: Race, Religion and Royalty.

              To raise the discourse to the next level, we need to observe the 3Rs: Be Reasonable, be Realistic and be Rational.

              It’s impossible to see these 3Rs version 2.0 in our public domain, what with the gangsterism (terror campaign) being carried out by the Dapsters.

              They can scream their lungs out chanting slogans like “Good governance”, “Anti-corruption”, C-A-T but looking at their own double standards and the behaviour of their leaders, the cakap (tak serupa bikin) will not get any traction.

              Take for instance what is happening in Penang:

              “state government’s RM8bil plan on four infrastructure projects, said to be the most expensive in the country since independence, has drawn flak from the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) and environment activists.” (report here)

              Recall how the CAP president was publicly degraded by LGE and his machais.

              Also FMT article, ‘High property prices due to Pakatan policies’.

              That’s a solid issue. Property prices can be compared pre-2008 and today. Again, look at how the Dapsters terrorize anyone bringing up LGE’s connection with the property tycoons — e.g. the one who got the Kg Buah Pala land, and how the Dapsters fitnah, cursed and swore at the Indian activists during that round.

              I concede that the readership of this blog leans to pro-establishment. However your views are received cordially and civilly here.

              It doesn’t work in the other direction. Take Ellese’s experience. All Ellese did was counter with some factual data. Read this,

              and work your way through Haris’ blog to see how they react and what they do when the lone commenter (Ellese) is perceived to be from the opposing side.

              Also see the behaviour of DAP cybertroopers who have responded to BigCat’s posting, ‘Happy New Year (and a CNY food for thought by Helen)‘.

              As long as the Dapsters are led by their current leadership, you won’t get your “considerations like governance, policies formulation, standard of education, etc” aired and discussed constructively.

              Instead you get an audience of 60,000 twits imbibing Hannah Yeoh’s preaching on how ‘Righteousness Exalts a Nation’:

              Hannah told
              her church audience:

              “We have heard so much in the last few years about the government and economic transformation programs, and many people put their hope in such programs to uplift and exalt Malaysia. However, the Bible says that there is only one thing that can exalt Malaysia, and that is righteousness alone. Not monuments, not infrastructure, not a vibrant economy, not a nice sounding slogan, but only righteousness alone. And unless we deal with issues related to righteousness, Malaysia cannot be exalted.”

              To which a commenter in this blog replied: “Jobs and economy are less important than a vague “righteousness” hahaha ok thats funny.”

              You cannot hope for the kind of constructive public discourse (which I consider your own comments to exemplify, i.e. I regard your input highly) you desire until the stranglehold of the DAP SuperCyber Bullies is broken.

              Briefly on Cowgate:

              1. re: “The Judiciary are all under the control of BN Federal Government.”

              Has Pakatan ever indicated it has any policies planned to return the independence of the judiciary?

              They can’t even return independence to the local councils in their own states by having [reintroducing] local council elections.

              Instead the DAP appoints their apparatchiks to the local councils, like Hannah Yeoh’s two personal assistants and one political secretary to the MPSJ and not to mention Guan Eng’s men in the MPPP. Read how Lim Boo Chang quit and how the MPPP was used as a political tool to attack that Beliawanis chief who asked the aggressive question during the CSL-LGE debate.

              (2) re: “PR cannot just compile the evidences on their own and appoint their private lawyer to prosecute the BN wrongdoers.”

              For the moment, Cowgate has exacted a heavy political price on Umno-BN. Shahrizat’s hubby has been charged. So the due process is in motion.

              Btw, PR is installing their own parallel system, y’know. Guan Eng’s Pasukan Peronda Sukarela whom blogger SAA terms “Brownshirts” as well as Buletin Mutiara (in English, Chinese & Tamil) and Selangor Times (in English & Chinese) are parallel media that snubs the national language, Jerusubang is the alternative Pakatan state capital …

              (3) Re: “the Whistleblowers Protection Act is fundamentally flawed.”

              The BN does not have a two-thirds majority in the House. The Pakatan MPs have been elected as federal legislators. Since they makan gaji as lawmakers, why didn’t these oppo MPs (some of whom are lawyers) correct the flaws in the WPA before the bill was passed?

              What’s the point of you electing the Pakatan reps if they’re not vigilant? I disagree with some of the provisions in the Peaceful Assembly Act as well as amendments to the Evidence Act.

              They’re in Parliament. It’s their responsibility to check the BN-sponsored new laws.

              (4) re: “There is absolutely no way Rafizi can expose the NFC scandal without suffering the repercussions of being prosecuted.”

              My sympathy to Rafizi then. This blog has never said anything negative about him. His expose on Shahrizat NFC has my support. What’s the max penalty under Bafia?

              (5) re: “We can see there is no outcome simply because MACC, AG, Police, Judiciary are under the control of BN.” / “There is nothing the state agencies or state enactments of Penang and Selangor can do.”

              (a) Supposing the oppo takes over Putrajaya and consequently the MACC, AG, Police, Judiciary come under the control of Pakatan. Do you really believe the Pakatan lot are less likely to abuse the apparatus of state?

              Look at the behaviour with just a taste of state power. Even a small area like state newspaper, they create a new field when the other states (Johor, Pahang, etc) do not abuse state publications.

              The minute they got into office, Khalid Ibrahim created the MBI (Menteri Besar Incorporated) and Guan Eng created the CMI (Chief Minister Incorporated) which the previous administrations did not have.

              (b) “There is nothing the state agencies or state enactments of Penang and Selangor can do.”

              If the state superstructure is so entrenched and there’s actually little that the Pakatan pollies can do,

              b’cos the restrictive and fossilized system inherently circumscribes any challenges to its workings,

              then why do their followers think that if their Dear Leaders were to sit in Putrajaya tomorrow the whole country can be miraculously washed clean through a one-touch, press-button rinse cycle?

              What I see is that Dapsters are only getting a vigorous spin.

          3. Rakyat,

            according to you Rosmah admitted in UTUSAN she have been saving money since young to buy that diamond ring?

            Well might as well right. Since you even can’t get your facts right on Rafizi. I bet you also never read AG report but just pluck it bulat bulat without doing further research right?

            Exactly Malaysians like you are the one destroying the country while Malaysians like me and my friend who understand well enough the issue effecting us decided to vote for PR in 2008 We are those who swings the vote and this time around we are voting for BN because PR is not a better alternative but more incompetence than BN.

            In fact I now understand why May 13 happened, because the like of LGE and Dapsters succeeded in creating so much hatred…

            1. Aidil Yunus,

              To clarify, rakyat did not bring up the topic of Rosmah’s ring. I brought it up as an example of what the typical Dapster considers to be corruption in Malaysia (the Rocket Ubah Gangnam video parodied the purported RM24m diamond ring).

              As well the AG report was mentioned by me as an aside (‘btw’) and not by rakyat. My apology if the way my comment was framed conveyed a wrong impression.

              I have to remind myself to be more mindful about how I write to minimize the possibility of misinterpretation. So Aidil, it’s my fault here.

              However I agree with you about Dapsters creating hatred and additionally I don’t see that they’re able to cerminkan diri atas apa-apa kekurangan yang ada.

            2. Postscript:

              I should add that rakyat has been a highly responsible commenter.

              I admit to the same failing as kiasu above (Feb 10, 2013 at 5:47pm), i.e. “ada masanya darah naik bila membaca komen2 pembaca tertentu” and hence the tendency to lump Dapsters in making generalizations.

          4. >> As long as the Dapsters are led by their current leadership, you won’t get your “considerations like governance, policies formulation, standard of education, etc” aired and discussed constructively.

            To chip in, I disagree.

            We’ve been hearing more about these real issues being discussed openly in the last few years, thanks in part to alternative media. Stuff like our education system, transparency & graft in government, cost of living, etc. The mainstream media like Utusan, Star, NST will not touch these issues. I do see the rebirth of debate and discussion on these issues, aside from the ‘noise’.

            That’s why Najib himself is making a belated & token effort to appear as if he’s aware of these issues, and trying to appear as if he’s carrying out the reforms that Badawi had promised. If there wasn’t such a change in 2008, do you think Badawi or Najib would have bothered?

            The problem is the BN supporter’s reply is usually one or both of “If you don’t like this policy, get out of the country”, or “You must be a ungrateful Chinese/Indian/Malay”. It also has been Perkasa/BN supporters that have been going around trying to disrupt Pakatan ceramahs with rock tossing. If that isn’t gangsterism, then what is it?

            1. I do see a delicious irony in your comment, Jonny. Can’t you see it too?

              You claim that thanks to alternative media [momentum since 2008], there is constructive public debate and discussion on issues.

              Note: You’re doing your debating and discussing in my blog which you probably tag as pro-establishment.

              So do tell us which pro-DAP blog you’re always participating in as well to debate and discuss these issues.

              You claim that “the problem is the BN supporter’s reply is usually one or both of ‘If you don’t like this policy, get out of the country’, or ‘You must be a ungrateful Chinese/Indian/Malay’.”

              So alright, Jonny. You tell us the names of the blogs where the Pakatan supporters predominate (i.e. somewhere that the BN supporters are not allowed to shout down the other side by yelling ‘get out of the country’ b’cos pro-govt commenters are in the minority) and we’ll join you there for a civil and intelligent discussion of issues.

              Urm, where would you recommend a constructive public discourse with the pro-Pakatan majority? Malaysiakini? TMI? Haris Ibrahim’s blog?

          5. Actually, I’ve commented before on TMI, FMT, M2Day, and various other pro Pakatan blogs. If you separate the noise from the signal, you will actually get decent feedback & comments from readers on an issue, instead of the mere slogan noise of “Bumno”, “Dapster”, “juburi”, and other partisan mantras.

            The question is whether readers will agree with you or not. But then again, you’re given space to air your comments. Even here, you have an echo chamber of readers getting riled up & yelling at a reader when his/her ideas are contrary to their viewpoints.

            And I notice you have a tendency to become very uppity if people disagree with you or dismiss your blog. Hence, the two articles on lowyat forums, for example.

            1. re: “you’re given space to air your comments”. I don’t think Ellese would agree with you. Why don’t you check out

              And since the discussion is on Allah, why don’t you – for starters – provide us a few urls from Malaysiakini, TMI, FMT, M2Day articles @ the source of the dispute Round #2 which report on LGE’s statement (24 Dec 2012)

              or subsequent milestones like the Majlis Syura decision, and we’ll see the decent comments from the Pakatan camp. Deal?

              As for the Lowyat forumers, I can well imagine that among the catalysts to the May 1969 riots, the ones who had shouted the uppity “Balik kampung, tanam jagung” would share the same Lowyat insulting psyche.

          6. Helen,

            Many thanks for the clarification. Firstly, the so-called admission of Rosmah as published by Utusan in respect of the ring was actually an irresponsible act of some quarters. Please refer to

            Previously, you mentioned that the Chairman (Shahrizat’s husband) is being prosecuted at court and Shahrizat’s term as senator was not renewed. I acknowledge these points. Please allow me to raise other pertinent questions:-

            1. Why the RM250 mil was not refunded to the government?
            2. Why Shahrizat waited for her term as senator to end instead of resigning immediately?
            3. Why Shahrizat still retain her position as Wanita UMNO chief after the end of her senatorship?
            4. Why is the contract given to Shahrizat’s family at the first instance?
            5. Muhyiddin was the Minister during that time. Why he was not held accountable for the NFC scandal?

            Helen, I note that you featured the current edition of Selangor Times with the picture of Hannah Yeoh. I managed to obtain a physical copy of the same. However, my attention is not on Hannah Yeoh or the list of sidang pengarang. Would you not want to comment on the title of the front page, i.e. Big Guns Get Cheap Land?

            Aidil Yunus,

            You said:-

            “They don’t even aware that Rafizi was not even publishing NFC bank statement but rather an individual banking account with nothing to with NFC.”

            Please refer to this link:


            And I quote the relevant paragraph for your reference:-

            “He was accused of having access to four customer profile documents relating to the balance summary of the National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd, the National Meat and Livestock Sdn Bhd, the Agroscience Industries Sdn Bhd and corporation executive chairman Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail.”

            Additionally, you may refer here:-


            And I quote again the relevant paragraph for your reference:-

            “He had pleaded not guilty to unauthorised disclosure of the Public Bank Bhd account balance statements of National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp), National Meat & Livestock Sdn Bhd, Agroscience Industries Sdn Bhd and NFC chairman Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail, to Yusof Abdul Alim and Erle Martin Carvalho.”

            1. Hi rakyat,

              Fair enough that you raise the subject ‘Big Guns Get Cheap Land’.

              Since I’m not privy to any classified info, I wouldn’t presume to comment on the accusation of BN land swipe.

              However I will maintain my assertion that S’gor Times is a one-sided propaganda sheet that serves to run down the state opposition as well as the federal govt without fail in every single edition. Nothing of the sort in reverse (to the story you cite) would see print if the alleged culprits belong to Pakatan.

              As a Selangor resident, I don’t see ST as serving the half of the population who are not Pakatan supporters.

          7. Helen,

            You said:-

            “They can’t even return independence to the local councils in their own states by having [reintroducing] local council elections.”

            Penang wanted to restore the election of local councils and has passed the Local Government Elections Enactment. The power to conduct such election is vested with the Election Commission. If the EC refuses to conduct the same, the Enactment remains academic. Bear in mind that local council elections were suspended/banned under a Parliament legislation, i.e. section 15 of the Local Government Act 1976. Under the concept of federalism, we can see that the Penang Enactment is ultra vires the said Act.

            1. For your consideration:

              “As Clause 1 refers to parliamentary and state seats, clearly the state government has jurisdiction over whether to hold election for municipal seats since local government is under the State list. The Ninth Schedule of the Federal Constitution of powers within the State List explicitly states that the state government decides over local government elections.

              “… the State government issue a Gazette notification exempting all the local authorities within Penang from applying Section 15 of the Local Government Act. This would result in section 15 not being applicable in Penang and is the first step towards seeking a court declaration to compel the Election Commission to conduct local government elections.”

              Apparently above is what the Penang Chief Minister said.

              Side topic: His anti-hopping bill is supposedly ultra vires the Constitution too.

          8. >> And since the discussion is on Allah, why don’t you – for starters – provide us a few urls from Malaysiakini, TMI, FMT, M2Day articles


            semuasama2 148p · 3 weeks ago (+23 votes)
            Who started this fire in the first place?. It is the home minister under Pak Lah administration. So, it was started by BN/Umno. And now, why everyone only question PAS only. What about the one who started the fire?. This is a very sensitive and emotion issue played up by certain party for political purposes. Just let the court handle this issue.

            Ridzwanjude 149p · 3 weeks ago (+80 votes)
            Home minister is at fault in this issue. Let the issue be decided by the court of appeal as soon as possible.

            Meanwhile, your own blog also has its share of one-liners where critics are accused of drinking holy water.

          9. Dear Rakyat,

            I want to point out a few things about Cow-gate.

            First, Rafizi’s disclosure contravened BAFIA. Nothing to debate there really. Matters related to the law and points of legal process (or procedures) is clear – it is up to the lawyers now.

            Two, the focus of Cow-gate should have been the JUSTIFICATION of its awarding. The correct questions would be related to the selection process, the decision-making chain for high profile initiatives like NFC, the financial arrangements, terms etc.

            Many people are, however, zooming in on the abuse of the RM250 million LOAN. I did not think Shahrizat’s husband acted any differently from other men who got a durian runtuh. He also didn’t act much differently from those family businesses where children of the bosses are appointed into executive positions. The act to enrich oneself is as logical and totally expected of a businessman.

            Unfortunately, many Malaysians are incapable of really seeing the issue. I don’t even think the related civil servants got as much as a slap in the wrist. It is a fallout containment exercise (implicating the TDM or PM? Who knows), and if THAT route is pursued, it might open up a whole can of worms on how hundreds of millions are being dished out left, right and centre with little accountability. The best example would be Ng Yen Yen and the Ministry of Tourism. I would love to audit her books.

            A right-minded opposition should educate the electorate to ask the right questions. The Cow-gate scandal was first highlighted in the Auditor General’s report, not BAFIA-stained Rafizi. I cannot blame Rafizi the opportunist, but I am sure as heck interested in flushing out the staff who clearly violated his or her banking principles in a self-serving exercise to remit “justice”.

            As for the LOAN repayment, NFC has received a disbursement of about 50% of the total RM250 million. Now, we need to ask ourselves – how is a frozen asset situation going to yield returns to recoup the taxpayers’ losses? Is any lay person on the street going to answer that? The right steps would be to immediately seek legal avenues to take over NFC and manage it properly to make sure our earlier investments did not go to waste. But who WANTS to pick up the toxic waste?

            As for why Shahrizat is still holding party posts, let me put it delicately – perhaps the skeletons in the closet is not just limited to the NFC, and she has certainly been prosecuted enough for a mishandled and misallocated loan – in a den of thieves where all kinds of wheeling and dealing goes through.

            1. re: “why Shahrizat is still holding party posts”

              Wanita Umno grassroots – huge! numbers – the best election campaign workers there are to go to the ground and they did not give her vote of no confidence.

        3. Helen, you’re generalizing my statement when I said it’s only LGE. Did I mentioned any other DAP leaders? Oh my, you really know how to twist and turn really well! Also, I was making a point of transparency. LGE was transparent enough to declare his assets. Will Muhyidin be transparent enough to declare the details of NFC? How was the process and why it was awarded to Sharizat’s husband when then have lack of knowledge in running such like business. Don’t deflect my question like a typical politician la. Also, don’t put religion into everything…haha, Holy Water…you must be such a paranoid!

          1. Helen, I was not reading about your rosmah and the ring part. I wrote that because DAPsters like him will for sure believed such a thing.. I was using that as an example which I think is quite a spot on. They don’t even aware that Rafizi was not even publishing NFC bank statement but rather an individual banking account with nothing to with NFC.

            We always welcome whistle blower but we should never encourage these penipu besar!!

      2. Hmm, good point.

        Looking at Muhiyiddin’s antics & silly statements, he certainly isn’t Prime Minister material. Even Najib I would rate as a better statesman than him.

        1. Johhny,

          What is wrong with Muhyidin’s statement. He just said the truth. Guan eng is simply being paranoid. He loves behaving like a spoilt “son of Heaven” when nobody thinks he is like that.

          As for NFC, ever wonder that sharizat’s husband won the tender?

  10. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family – may the new year brings you joy, happiness, prosperity in the comfort of love by your family.
    Take care and God safe and happy throughout the season!

  11. Dear Helen
    Would like to take this opportunity to wish n yr family “Gong Xi Fa Cai”.
    Sigggghhhhhh…, berapa lama la helen taking a break ni. Im like addicted to yr blog ma. Will wait patiently though.

  12. guan eng nampaknya cuba melabelkan dirinya sebagai wali org cina sebagaimana mursidul am pas menjadi wali pasele pada lobai2 pas..kritik nik aziz = hina islam, usik guan eng = rasis.
    at least berjaya jugak nik aziz mentarbiah guan eng..

  13. bila ada perayaan aje nampaknya lim guan eng keluarkan kenyataan bersifat perkauman.

    tak bolehkah orang sambut raya dengan aman tanpa kontrovasi.

    lim guan eng peminpin yang tidak baik untuk rakyat malaysia yang aman ini.

  14. 恭喜发财,希望今年的蛇会激励你和游客更加努力地去实现一个共同的目标,那就是允许主宰一切的自我宣称义的不良影响,必须了解尽可能多的人尽可能。

  15. Helen,

    Selamat Tahun Baru Cina kepada Sdri Helen dan semua masyarakat Cina di Malaysia.

    Walaupun saya tidak mengenali Sdri Helen secara peribadi, menjengok laman beliau seolah sudah menjadi rutin kepada saya. Dulu saya tidak pernah berminat mahupun mengambil berat langsung mengenai DAP. Nama-nama tokoh DAP yang saya kenal hanyalah Lim Kit Siang dan Karpal Singh sahaja.

    Bagi saya DAP hanyalah sebuah parti yang memperjuangkan kepentingan masyarakat Cina dan ini dibuktikan apabila hampir kesemua pemimpim DAP bukan sahaja terdiri dari bangsa Cina tetapi juga kerusi2 yang dimenanginya adalah dikawasan-kawasan yang majoritinya terdiri dari masyarakat tersebut.

    Perjuangan sebegini tidak menjadi halangan kepada orang Melayu secara umumnya dan saya sendiri menghormatinya kerana adalah menjadi hak mereka untuk menyuarakan kepentingan kaum Cina agar sentiasa releven didalam masyarakat majmok ini. Cuma platform yang dipilih adalah berbeza.

    Namun tulisan-tulisan Helen telah membuka satu presepsi baru mengenai DAP. DAP kini telah menjadi sebuah parti yang telah menjangkaui batasan bangsa dan budaya dimana kini telah diresapi oleh anasir-anasir kristianiti yang mempunyai agenda terang-terangan yang boleh memecah-belahkan keharmonian masyarakat yang telah wujud sejak sekian lama.

    Tindak-tanduk pemimpin yang mana pengikutnya telah menjadikan pemimpin mereka seolah sebagai kaltus tidak banyak bezanya dengan PAS telah menunjukan bahawa politik Malaysia kini berada diambang yang merbahaya jika tidak dihentikan dengan segera.

    Oleh itu, kewujudan penganalisa politik yang unik seperti Helen dalam membongkar motif dan modus operandi dalang-dalang ini amat bermakna dalam kita menilai kembali perkembangan politik tanah air ketika ini.

    Saya mengerti Sdri Helen sudah tentu didalam kepenatan dan beliau sebagai manusia biasa juga perlu untuk berehat namun saya berharap Sdri Helen cepat sembuh dan kembali menulis seperti biasa kerana tidak ramai yang mampu menganalisa maklumat seperti saudari di alam yang penuh dengan informasi ini.

    Salam dan Gong Xi Fa Cai.

  16. Selamat menyambut tahun baharu cina dengan kegembiraan bersama keluarga dan teman-teman anda Helen.

    Saya mempunyai banyak sampul-sampul angpow untuk diberi kepada Helen, tetapi didalamnya kosong tiada berwang.

    Yang ada cumalah permohonan maaf dari saya jika ada kata2 berbaur kesat atau rasis yang anda tidak menyukainya apabila saya memberi komen….kerana ada masanya darah naik bila membaca komen2 pembaca tertentu.

    Gong zi fa chai.


    1. LOL. Lim Guan Eng was the Grinch Who Stole Last Christmas.

      Similarly his kiasu behaviour yang tersangat melampau during CNY shows that he’s got very little respect whether it’s for religious festivals or cultural traditions.

      Imagine hordes of Little Tokongs rolling off the assembly line of the DAP 2.0 factory… all programmed to behave like him.

  17. Holy Lucas, Batman! Am thinking of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones now. Factory loads of LGE clones unleashed…arrrrr……

    By the way, I think BN deserved the embarrassment when the crowd said no to it at that show. I mean, why would you want to go to a place you know so well is majority anti-BN, and you know that it is going to be mostly freeloading DAP supporters and ask if they support BN, I mean come on! You could have brought that psy feller to Johor instead, there are more grateful people there.

    1. Agree.

      If sections of the crowd really shouted ‘No’ and other sections of the crowd jeered, then I think the BN should just face up to it and strategize thereon from this vector.

      The kiasu behaviour reflects badly on the freeloaders and not on the PM who is seen to have made an effort to outreach to the other side.

      Plus Najib can ride on the sympathy factor from the shoddy treatment meted out to him — the federal chief executive who’s willing to venture into ‘enemy’ territory and make offers.

      The ‘No’ rejection is of little consequence as after all urban Penang is already in DAP pocket and whatever reception (warm or cold) given Najib wouldn’t change the outcome of the voting there. Those people in Han Chiang that day were votes that BN never had anyway.

      However the behaviour of the Penangites led by their Malacca import (two states which are former crown colonies of Britain) has been put on display for the rest of Malaysia to see. Najib would have scored points with the non-Malay fence sitters.

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