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“Penang and DAP deserve each other”

Look at the ‘No, No, No’ debacle in the Han Chiang school field another way. It has sealed Lim Guan Eng’s reputation for kiasu-ness, that is if you weren’t already yet convinced.

The chief minister of the host state had asked participants to make a political protest out of a festive gathering by wearing Bersih yellow and Himpunan Hijau green colours. The Deputy Prime Minister said itu kerja bodoh. The Penang CM retorted that the DPM is “racist” for using the “bodoh” word, duh.

Then the Prime Minister’s CNY banners wishing gong xi fa cai were taken down by council workers. So were the 1Malaysia pennants put up to greet Psy and other guests to the BN Open House.

How spoilsport can Guan Eng get?

Finally to top it all, the pro-DAP crowd were led to cause public embarrassment to Najib Razak, someone who made the effort to don a Chinese-button red colour shirt as well as bring along his son to CNY functions to address the crowd in Mandarin.

Where is the graciousness of the Penang Pakatan people?

“Could have brought that Psy feller to Johor instead”

Rakesh Kumar commented 2013/02/13 at 2:33 pm:

“Holy Lucas, Batman! Am thinking of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones now. Factory loads of LGE clones unleashed…arrrrr……

“By the way, I think BN deserved the embarrassment when the crowd said no to it at that show. I mean, why would you want to go to a place you know so well is majority anti-BN, and you know that it is going to be mostly freeloading DAP supporters and ask if they support BN, I mean come on! You could have brought that Psy feller to Johor instead, there are more grateful people there.”

Han Chiang crowd were votes that BN never had anyway

My response to Rakesh originally here:


If sections of the crowd really shouted ‘No’ and other sections of the crowd jeered, then I think the BN should just face up to it and strategize thereon from this vector.

The kiasu behaviour reflects badly on the freeloaders and not on the PM who is seen to have made an effort to outreach to the other side.

Plus Najib can ride on the sympathy factor from the shoddy treatment meted out to him — the federal chief executive who’s willing to venture into ‘enemy’ territory and make offers.

The ‘No’ rejection is of little consequence as after all urban Penang is already in DAP pocket and whatever reception – warm or cold – given Najib wouldn’t change the outcome of the voting there. Those people in Han Chiang that day were votes that BN never had anyway.

However the behaviour of the Penangites led by their Malacca import (two states which are former crown colonies of Britain) has been put on display for the rest of Malaysia to see. Najib would have scored points with the non-Malay fence sitters.”

Other views along the same track

It takes two hands to clap

Shamshul Anuar reminds: ‘May this incident makes Najib realises what the Malays have been saying all this while … That Najib should not forget the time tested saying ‘it takes two to tango’.”

On the ‘middle finger’ incident that occurred in Penang during the same day:

Don’t be mean, don’t be petty

Bongek wrote 2013/02/13 at 12:34 pm (partial extract):

“I think Pakatan have to restrain their supporters. Their leaders must have the quality of being magnanimous, ie loftiness of spirit enabling one to besar trouble calmly, not to disdain meanness and pettiness and to display a noble generosity.

“I could not see that quality in LGE, Anwar or Hadi. I tried very hard not to be bias but honestly, I could see that quality in Najib despite all his shortcomings.”

Ask direct question, get straight answer

Suzaku wrote 2013/02/13 at 10:10 am:

“I really think what PM Najib did was a brave and the right thing to do.

If he really want to know the grass root then he need to meet them directly.

He gathered the people and ask them a direct question and he got a straight answer.

Now there is no other excuses can be given on the failure of MCA and Gerakan and they wont have a say if they are being sidelined in the next government if BN still in power.

Another point scored by our PM is by being in this situation he had made himself a victim of the Chinese and DAP and thus gather more support from the Malay and other races.

This can be a great political mileage if used wisely. To all BN supporter please be honest… The Chinese already made up their mind and we need to except the fact that this coming GE its Chinese vs BN.”

“Let Penang keep DAP and vice versa”

Garrett wrote 2013/02/12 at 11:20 pm:

“With regards to the PSY performance, the DAP’s critical comments and heckling of the concert and party’s host smacks of sour-grapes! They can’t have PSY but they want to spoil the party. How Hannah Yeoh (low-class) can you get?

“And for the Penangites who went there for the free food and free show, but jeered at the host, that’s in extremely bad taste and goes to show how cheap they are. Thus, let Penang keep DAP and vice versa. They deserve each other.”

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Republic of Singapore North?


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54 thoughts on ““Penang and DAP deserve each other”

    1. very important to note if you check out the video link below right after the three times, you can hear no and you can hear yes which is slightly longer than no, and you can hear people asking so is it yes or no? I was there and I can tell you it was not a majority no and it was not majority yes and in between a high percentage of kiasus who are afraid to be label by Dapsters or BN supporters or maybe they are atas pagar. Looking at that, the chances of taking Penang is quite high and I am telling you this as I myself swing couple of times with my vote. I feel really sad looking at all the expensive condos with only few units occupied. What is happening to my home town..??? My family is not liking this. I discovered out of 13 of us voted for Oppositions last time 4 still voting for DAP 2 will split their vote, they want to give federal to BN and state to DAP, 3 sure going back to BN and the rest still atas pagar.. I am sure the malays are going all out voting for BN this time around also Indians are going to do that too.. Actually many Malays opt not to vote in 2008 because they are fed up with Pak Lah and some voted for oppositions because of the same reason.
      Nothing has changed to the Indians, Buah Pala incidents really a bitter experience.
      I think this time around you will see a huge numbers of voters turnout, so it will be a very close fight. I am not surprise if BN take over or hang. If DAP won very likely with a seat or two. People will be harping on economic growth and Penang was growing only a bad 2%.
      Footnote: sorry helen am copy pasting, as penangite i think this is important

  1. Re: Then the Prime Minister’s CNY banners wishing gong xi fa cai were taken down by council workers. So were the 1Malaysia pennants put up to greet Psy and other guests to the BN Open House. How spoilsport can Guan Eng get?

    Did they obtain permit or not from the council? Did you check? If no permit then no banners :-) We’re govern my laws and yes, even Ministers and Ministries.

      1. I normally drive along Old Klang Road towards Puchong to visit my parents. Along the way, especially from the army camp at Kinrara all the way to Puchong Jaya & the IOI Mall pedestrian bridge I see numerous banners featuring mainly Teresa Kok, Gobind Singh & Khalid Ibrahim hung haphazardly & definitely without any permit. In fact, a banner featuring the 3 can be found at the Kinrara – Bukit Jalil traffic light wishing everyone a happy Deepavali which is in tatters. If the powers that be are such vanguards of the law, why the inaction over these banners?

        And don’t even get me started about MPSJ’s ineptness

    1. Then may i ask all those sprouting massage parlors and spas in Selangor got permits or not. Impossible if they have, Employing of china dolls without legal permits is a total nop no, comprende.?

    2. This is why i dislike the oppositions so much.

      Everytime its about BN, they talk about this or that law and when they spread allegation they dont bother at all about truth or fact. When its about Pakatan, they dont care about breaking law and when their leaders are being exposed of scandal or corruption, they scream for more proof when enough proof are provided.

      The cant accept the fact that Pakatans are also materialistic human beings, not cicak or katak or arnab.

      Whenever a court decision favours them, they hail the judge but when the decision is against them they scream corruption.

      When Ibrahim Ali said “burn” something illegal they said its terrorism but when Wong Tack threaten to burn something legal they said its emotion.

      And when Helen pointed out here about the kiasus “double standards”, this mr Brownny who first raised the issue couldnt even bother to acknowledge or explain why. Coz he was caught flat-footed in his hypocracy and could only move on to comment on another subject.

      How can you get away just like that Brownny. Say something lar. Or accept lar that DAP Pakatan indeed practise double standards and are forque tongue human species.

      What a bunch of bloody hypocrites. Wtfish.

      1. Hi Kiasu…don’t be so kiasu la. I don’t have all the time to check this blog but now that I have, I will answer you. Furthermore I don’t receive comments notifications via email, mind you.

        Anyways, I have done my readings and apparently there’s a double standard in the Penang issue. I acknowledge that and let’s see what LGE have to say (and please don’t be too quick to put words into his mouth).

        I accept that I was ignorant in this double standard issue :)

        The question is, where does this common double standards stem from if both parties are doing it?

        To say that it’s from govt first or the opposition first is a chicken and egg thingy. I see it as a reactory to what the opposition have received from the govt in the past. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth in this issue. But then, this is just my layman opinion. When there is a law to follow, we should. If either party breaks them, they should face the consequences.

        But knowing the case in Malaysia, the implementation have been below par. And we need to ask, who have been ruling this country the longest that it has not set a good example in its implementation? I’m not shifting the blame but something for us to ponder on.

        In this case, we cannot deny that BN broke the law ie not having a permit. That’s a spot on. Is it their common practice in their ruling state that they can also place banners without a permit? I doubt.

        The contention now is why the double standard? Then the answer will be who first sets the double standard that it have became a ‘norm’.

        If it is indeed true that after investigation that there is a misuse of power, the I do agree that the Council should apologise for such act :-)

        1. How ironic.

          You admitted Pakatan’s double standard. Then you start to blame BN for being the first to set double standard practise to justify Pakatan’s double standard.

          Just because the first person steal a cow then the second person who steal a cow is okay because the first person steal a cow first.

          Haiya, if the second person is same or no better than the first, in this case is worse coz he is a hypocrite, then what Change or Ubah are those Oppos talking about!!!!

          Actually its not so much about putting banners with or without permits, its not a major offence compare with wild allegations or corruptions or like that, so removing them is like childish affair lar, actually its all about HYPOCRACY and UBAH CRAB! Nothing to ubah what, when a supposedly cow police also steal cow.

    3. How ironic that you should mention about being governed by law. After all there is a segment in society that encouraged Malaysians to break the law as a means of protest. Ah well, double standards & hypocrisy can be found aplenty nowadays no?

  2. Sad to see whats happening of my fellow Malaysians. My daughter’s non-Malay friends at university welcomed the RM100 book coupon but told her not to vote BN. Another of her Chinese friend referred to the PMs 1Malaysia theme as ‘1Malaysia My Arse’! These are the rudeness and the utter idiotic thinking of some of our kids.

    Sadly, they are at an age where they believe in everything bad and evil thats been fabricated by the opposition. Between the racist attitude of both PAS and DAP and the ‘too many skeletons in the cupboard-Anwar’, they are tearing the country apart and they dont seem to care two hoots about it.

    We need a healthy opposition party in Malaysia but not the ones we have now. The government is not perfect but none of the leaders in the Pakatan Rakyat gives a damn about the ordinary man in the street…Its not the government that we have to change but the whole lot of the opposition. We need to go forward, but not with the PR lot that we have now.

    1. re: “they believe in everything bad and evil thats been fabricated by the opposition”

      The Dapsters are also spreading lies about me in blogosphere and my regular readers (who have alerted me to them) can tell you the fitnah that they can cook up is something awful.

      Unfortunately, they have an audience who believe them, as outrageous and as baseless as the accusations are.

      Even non-partisan doctors get the Dapster treatment, as long as your views challenge theirs (on Lynas, below):

  3. Out of the thousands of Anti-BN comments on the web, you chose the few pro-BN ones. Fighting a losing battle lady. As far as I know, first time voters, the youths, had enough of the lame old fashioned dirty politics which might be admirable for you. We cant be bought over by one concert.

    1. Agree there are tens of thousands of anti-BN comments on the Net. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are millions.

      Nonetheless, your own comment here shows that you didn’t do your homework b’cos “the few pro-BN” comments I quoted are embedded with url links — which you should have clicked to check first since you’re making a disparaging insinuation.

      All the comments featured in the article above are sourced from or in other words, they’re localized — from my own blog readers. e.g. Shamshul Anwar is a name which would be known to regulars here.

      I’ve not denied that my readership, and consequently those who comment, tend to lean pro-establishment.

      This is easily explained. My highest traffic referrer has been RockyBru ever since this blog started in July 2011. This has been openly acknowledged by me and I’ve thanked Rocky for his moral support.

      The second most number of redirects last year come from Syed Akbar Ali’s blog.

      So you can take it that a good number of my readers are Rocky and SAA faithfuls. It would be reasonable to assume that they’re predisposed to the establishment to begin with.

      Another reason why the readership of my blog is skewed is because a lot of the postings are written in BM. If you were to visit a Tamil blog, it makes sense that most of the readers would be Indian.

      The Malay medium of my blog is a self-selecting process. Either the readers are bilingual (with a smaller number being multilingual) or they’re monolingual in BM — an interpretion which I deduce from looking at my traffic data.

      Those who look down on BM, like many Dapsters, would encounter a language barrier (I know this b’cos my dashboard stats indicate that some read through using Google translator) and thus would be deterred from visiting regularly.

      The factors I’ve listed above plus the contents of this blog itself (focus on Papa & Mama) result in my readership being somewhat pro-establishment. Therefore the tone of the reader comments here is understandably pro-govt.

      Ergo, your statement: “Out of the thousands of Anti-BN comments on the web, you chose the few pro-BN ones” – which implies that I went out of my way (scouring for any few BN-positives against the abundance of BN-negatives) to select pro-BN is way off the mark.

      Which is another reason I don’t suffer pro-Pakatan commenters gladly, i.e. you guys refuse to put in any legwork to research or to assess the inherent logic before shooting your mouth off.

      Next, I don’t dispute that first-time voters and youths may incline to Pakatan.

      After all, the MCA photos on this page itself – showing senior citizens who have been party members since the time of Tun Tan Cheng Lock – will naturally infer that MCA does not have the young vote. And furthermore I’ve also mentioned that DAP membership has tripled (implying strong recruitment, and most likely among the young) since 2008.

      So your setahun jagung comment (“We cant be bought over by one concert”) is like teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs while your other remark “the lame old fashioned dirty politics which might be admirable for you” (meaning you believe that I admire and condone dirty politics) is a cheap shot.

      When you opposition supporters come here and insist on making the type of comments that you guys repetitively dish out, do you honestly think you can convince me that the tree (party leaders) from which the fruits (party followers) fall is a good tree?

      On the contrary, the more I have to process accusatory pro-Pakatan comments, the more my opinion of Pakatan is reinforced.

      1. >> When you opposition supporters come here and insist on making the type of comments that you guys repetitively dish out, do you honestly think you can convince me that the tree (party leaders) from which the fruits (party followers) fall is a good tree?

        Similarly, when BN supporters go around trying to disrupt pakatan ceramahs, calling people ‘babi’ & ‘keling’ on the internet, or their satraps go around threatening holy wars & burning holy books, do you think you can convince the others that the tree (party leaders) from which the fruits (party followers) fall is a good tree… to use your own words?

        Ah, but you will gleefully ignore these antics, or even insinuate that its the other sides fault.

        As for Najib, he asked a question, and got an answer. He got too overconfident thinking people can easily be bought over with a song & dance from a fat Korean. Even that fat Korean kept Najib waiting on the stage for that yee-sang tossing event.

        Maybe Rais “Dicapati” Yatim will get Psy banned for next month’s Future Music Fest.

        1. Re: “Similarly, when BN supporters go around trying to disrupt pakatan ceramahs, calling people ‘babi’ & ‘keling’ on the internet, or their satraps go around threatening holy wars & burning holy books, do you think you can convince the others that the tree (party leaders) from which the fruits (party followers) fall is a good tree… to use your own words? Ah, but you will gleefully ignore these antics, or even insinuate that its the other sides fault.”


          Let’s examine your accusations. Is it true that I “gleefully ignore these antics”?

          (a) re: “BN supporters go around trying to disrupt pakatan ceramahs”

          Read my postings: (i) ‘Samseng serang ABU, seorang cedera dibelasah’ and (ii) ‘Kalau ABU tak boleh di kawasan Melayu …’

          In both, I’d said that the people who disrupted the ABU ceramah were samseng and that the oppositionists should be allowed to hold their event in the multi-purpose hall they had rented without being harassed by people seemingly affiliated with Umno.

          So you’re wrong on the count that I ignore BN supporters who go around trying to disrupt Pakatan ceramahs.

          (b) re: “calling people ‘babi’ & ‘keling’ on the internet”

          There have been close to 19,300 comments processed so I can’t guarantee that I have a 100 percent clean slate but generally speaking, there is no “babi” or “keling” name-calling in this blog.

          Furthermore, I do filter words like ‘DAPigs’ (and a few other labels) which you don’t see appearing. “Chingkie” has been discouraged and your nemesis Warrior 231 voluntarily withdrawn from commenting here. So again you’re wrong to allege that I “gleefully ignore these antics”.

          (c) re: “their satraps go around threatening holy wars & burning holy books”

          I did not ignore Perkasa’s bible burning. In ‘Amok Ibrahim Ali, I described his statement as an “inflammatory call” and “a dangerous incitement”. These phrases are criticism. So you’re mistaken to say that I gleefully ignore.

          On the other hand, it’s so easy to gleefully bash Ibrahim Ali. Everybody can knock him online in the safety of Dapster numbers but does it get us anywhere nearer a solution?

          (d) re: “even insinuate that its the other sides fault”

          I said that to light a fire, you need to rub two sticks. The Christians are not faultless in all of this.

          Over the last 3 years, I’ve been moving towards the position that we might end up with a collective blanket sanction (i.e. b’cos of Malay distrust of peninsular evangelistas, the Sabah & S’wak natives would suffer the collective punishment of a ban).

          I also said that Ibrahim Ali is threatening to go amok. I don’t believe he’s a jihadist. I think he’s a calculative political operator who may “just succeed in get some hotheads to light the bonfire”.

          The Internet whingeing by English-speaking oppositionists will not be able to cool the tempers of our madrassah Talibans. Therefore, all the hentam-ing of Ibrahim Ali by commenters in TMI, MK, M2Day, FMT, MC is quite useless. Our potential amokers don’t read those portals. Therefore even tho’ the commenters syiok sendiri thinking that they’re keyboard warriors when they whack Perkasa, their rebukes are actually pointless b’cos they miss the target audience.

          So I made a more sensible suggestion for the Majlis Syura to issue their advice. The fundamentalists who “go around threatening holy wars” (your words) are more likely to listen to the Majlis Syura than to TMI Christian readers commenting in English.

          You accuse me of “insinuat[ing] that its the other sides fault”. I’m quite tired of the Christians posturing as martyrs on this kalimah Allah issue as if they are innocent lambs. If you put it that way, then yes, I do want the other [Christian] side to shoulder their share of the blame.

          1. >> The Internet whingeing by English-speaking oppositionists will not be able to cool the tempers of our madrassah Talibans.

            But that did not stop IA from eventually making a fool of himself, and as a tin kosong… all talk, no action. All his threats were not taken seriously & none bothered to even come to his counter-Bersih march at the Lake Gardens.

            Now, I didn’t accuse you of sanctioning racial slurs being used on your forum, but your seemingly indifference to it being used on the internet…. on pro Barisan blogs. And seemingly, the same pro Barisan garbage blogs that you will openly cite as a source.

            1. (1) It’s the influence of the powerful men behind Ib Ali whom you should consider.

              (2) I find the pro-Barisan blogs, esp. the ones based in Penang, to be highly useful sources of info. Particularly under the circumstances that bad news for DAP is good news for MCA but no news in The Star.

              Blogs can beat mainstream in breaking stories, y’know. Ustaz Nasha’s sacking from Majlis Syura is a recent example of how blogosphere got it first. The Penang Umno bloggers are doing a good job of monitoring the Tokong.

              (3) I’m not an enforcement officer to compel the pro-BN blogosphere toe the line in political correctness. Although some Jerusubangites have over-estimated my capability – they call me the “anti-Christ” – but I can assure you I’m not as all capable as the arch demon. I’m only human.

    2. Thanks for your input Stan. Good to know that 1st time voters & the youth will be anti establishment. At least as far as you know lah right? So, how many in this demography did you collate your data from? Probably all of 10 or 20 right? Good for you.

      Btw, are you making a cameo in the 3rd installment of Iron Man?

    3. Stan Lee,

      can you give examples of dirty politics ? with proof ya (I mean solid proof and not some links to deceitful media such as Mkini, TMI, Harakah etc) ?

  4. If anyone dare to venture to a place where people bets heavily, he/she would witness how the thuggish looking Dapsters are transforming LGE’s island into a safe haven and a sovereign territory as well.

    This kinda of “no one can touch me” attitude is good for Tokong in the short run but in the long run, when a totally out of control phase is reached, It will be too late for Tokong to straighten thing out.

    Don’t belief? Just wanna wait and see? That is your problem, Sir.

  5. Najib did not lose any since in the first place the Penang Chinese have already made their mind to vote DAP. However, PKR and PAS are the biggest losers. Penang Malays will abandon these 2 clowns in droves thanks to LGE and his zombie troopers.

  6. Me thinks that is a great experience in future economics ventures. Firstly, I will put the money where there is political stability. Secondly , any foreign countries that will wants to invest in monies will absolutely wants to have a federal government backing before investing, and thirdly all foreign governments will and must invests with a legitimate ruling government of the day.

    So, sendiri mau ingat lah, Malaysia has and will always be the land of the plentifuls, with the various states ever willing to accommodate investors, foreign governments friendly.

    Let Penang be the state of the opposition, the crown jewel of the oppos. When they do exports manpowers to other states as it is now, (ever noticed penang number plates abundance, in other states). Tourism is of no shortage in Malaysia, else its abundance, let the feds promote tourism in Malaysia to the rest of Malaysia, no big deal.

    1. Agree with you wholeheartedly! If Penang and its cheap and bad-mannered DAP supporters believe they are so great, let them be. Let DAP give them free education. Let LGE promise them the heavens and earth. The federal government should just slam the doors on them and let them come begging.

  7. I think Najib did well and showed his sincerity in reaching out. I personally quite like him and I think he is the best PM so far. When he first came as the successor to Badawi, I wasn’t thrilled. Over the years, he did won me over. Kakakaka

    1. yup… i agree… PM will have the fence sitters votes after this incident… LGE DAPsters lost it due to their uncouth mannerism…

  8. i have to admit that my heart goes out to Najib – it’s humiliating to be treated like that being his stature. What i find most offensive would be my ex fb friends sharing the MKini, some weird ‘laporan jujur dari Singapore’ etc links – that’s just vile, crass and ill-mannered to me.

    But, in the end – which i believed being echoed all around, Najib managed to expose the true colours of oppo supporters which is rude, ungrateful, cocky and so kiasu that Malays and a lot of Indians, being an emotional race finds the humiliation are directed towards them.

    In the quest for Putrajaya, though the oppo managed to wrangle quite a number of chinese to be their bitch, they also made these chinese to be shrewd, calculative, unreasonable, arrogant and above all racist in the eyes of the fence sitters. Great job oppo, you have made other Malaysians become so aware over the consequences should DAP take over the country.

    1. How can DAP take over the country when they’re not even contesting more than 40% of the Parliament seats?

      Hey, Najib asked them a question whether they’re ready for BN. They said no, no, no. Why get mad at them?

      Kelakar sungguh penyokong BN ini…

      1. Look at S’gor Times. It is in English and Chinese.

        Look at its the editorial board (latest line-up): Editor (1) K.L. Chan, reporters (2) Tang Hui Koon, (3) Chong Loo Wah, (4) Gan Pei Ling, (5) Basil Foo, (6) Alvin Yap, (7) Gho Chee Yuan, (8) Brenda Ch’ng, copyeditors (9) Nick Choo, (10) James Ang, designers (11) Jimmy Lim, (12) Chin Man Yen, advertising (13) Timothy Loh, (14) Ivan Looi, community editor (15) Neville Spykerman

        There are two Malay advisors i.e. the MB’s pol-sec and press sec, but otherwise out of the 15 names listed as ST staff, 14 of them are Chinese, one Indian (Christian presumably) and no Malay.

        DAP has 12 Selangor Aduns whereas PKR & PAS combined have 22.

        Your rhetorical question: “How can DAP take over the country when they’re not even contesting more than 40% of the Parliament seats?”

        How come the evangelistas have managed to take over S’gor Times, pray tell?

        1. Postscript:

          Pakatan holds 34 seats in the S’gor state assembly. DAP with 12 seats has a 35 percent share of the DUNs.

          Where is the PAS presence in Selangor Times?

          Who or which faction is in control of the publication? Do you think Faekah Husin or Arfa’eza Abdul Aziz exercise any control oversight over the Mandarin content?

        2. Selangor times is taken over by evangelistas just because PKR and Pas allowed it to happen on the basis that ST operating cost relied heavily on Dap’s coffer?

          If PKR and Pas never had any qualm about allowing many impossible things to happen to Selangor Times this time around, at other times, would they (PKR and Pas) have the balls to say “enough is enough” to Dap?

          Hopefully they have the balls. But if they are to pooped to say “no” to Dap, it is up to voters to take them to task for their inaction in which the millions of rakyat’s money has already been placed into wastage.

          1. Buletin Mutiara cost the Penang taxpayers RM8.5 million, see

            I should think that S’gor Times cost the state more. It was launched under the auspices of the MB’s office, and Khalid’s pol-sec Faekah & his press sec Arfa’eza are the paper’s advisers.

            If ST was independent of the state, the two ladies from the MB’s office would not be sitting on the editorial board.

        3. And what about PKNS and other state government bodies that really matter? Selangor Times is a mere ‘kecik’ newspaper, I myself don’t even read it. Nor do my friends & colleagues. The Sun does a much better job in getting me to question the government, both federal & state.

          Why focus on a mosquito state-sponsored newsletter?

          1. re: “Why focus on a mosquito state-sponsored newsletter?”

            LOL. B’cos I did journalism in uni and I worked in the newspapers lah! If you were an auditor or an actuary, then you’d focus on the financial aspects of the state admin. We blog about the areas we’re familiar with. Tak kan you want me to talk about things I don’t know.

            The staff composition of ST is a good litmus test. If you insist on saying that it will be impossible for DAP (which is contesting only 40% of the constituencies) to sit in the driver’s seat, then what has happened with the paper debunks that theory. ST has clearly shown how a minority in numbers is able to take control.

            And Selangor Times is a “newspaper”, okay, albeit a small one. It is not a “newsletter” in terms of its budget allocation, size of its operations and reach of its circulation. Forrrestcat had mentioned before that the paper was distributed to the mosques during Friday prayer.

        4. Helen,

          Good that you have analyzed the editorial line up of Selangor Times. But what is the correlation/connection between the editorial line up of Selangor Times and DAP taking over the country? How do you show that both are related? I can see a big gap in your argument.

          1. My exchange with Jonnymalaya was on the issue of numbers. It is said that the DAP claims since it is only contesting 40 percent or less of the seats, therefore Malays should not fear that the party can overpower its Pakatan partners who between them are contesting the greater number of seats.

            Let’s split them a one-third share of seat allocation each. So DAP contests 74 seats (Chinese majority & mixed) and PKR-PAS contest the remaining 148 seats (Malay/bumiputera majority & mixed).

            Let’s say DAP wins 70 percent of the seats it contests, trashing MCA. That’s 52 seats.

            And let’s say PKR-PAS win 40 percent of the seats they contest because Umno has made a recovery.

            Together the two Pakatan parties win 59 seats, and so the Malay predominant PKR and Muslim predominant PAS combined are stronger than the DAP. But still, individually PKR and PAS are each weaker than DAP. Which is exactly the current situation as DAP has 29 MPs, PKR 23 and PAS 23.

            So clearly DAP is the strongest party in Pakatan.

            The 222 MPs does not take into account Sarawak’s separate state election. Let’s look at it separately now.

            DAP contested 15 seats in S’wak and won 12. That’s a success rate of 80 percent.

            PKR contested 49 seats in S’wak and won 3. That’s a success rate of merely 6 percent.

            So it doesn’t matter if DAP is contesting in far fewer seats than PKR and PAS if it can win big whereas the latter two, although contesting in more seats, are unable to win.

            The S’wak results are an indicator.

            (Second part of my reply to follow).

          2. Who will be in charge — the Malays or the Chinese?

            But before that, is ethnicity a factor? The S’gor Times editorial line-up (i.e. paid staff) comprises 15 names. I exclude Faekah and Arfa-eaza b’cos they are paid by the S’gor MB’s office and not by the paper.

            14 out of the 15 editorial staff are Chinese or a whopping 93.3 percent. Would a different ethnic and religious make-up in their reporters alter the content and tone of the paper?

            For a clue on the inclination of the S’gor Times editor, below is a tweet from him.


            Hypothetically speaking, say we sack all 15 current staff of S’gor Times and take in 15 journos (incl. editor) from Utusan on secondment. Do you think the Selangor state paper under this replacement line-up would remain the same paper as it was under the DUMC-ish stewardship?

            Next, can we relate the political inclination of media practitioners to the political parties?

            First of, without doubt Selangor Times is a Pakatan propaganda rag sheet. After all, Pakatan set it up.

            I’ve contended that its pro-opposition bias is more slanted to Chinese (DAP-PKR) than it is to Islam (PAS).

            Previous analysis of its contents proves this, i.e. PAS and PKR have several Malay state excos but coverage of them is scant. This has been shown empirically in data entries. Whereas, as I’ve revealed before, every week Hannah Yeoh must be featured.

            To link ethnicity to the strength ratios, DAP has 12 Aduns whereas PKR-PAS combined have 22. So in terms of Pakatan strength in Selangor, it’s 1/3 DAP strong and 2/3 PKR-PAS strong.

            Yet it is not PAS nor PKR calling the shots in S’gor Times.

            If PAS bolstered by PKR (2/3) was stronger than the DAP (1/3), Selangor Times might appear more focussed on Malay and Muslim issues, and resembling Harakah. Instead the ST contents tend more to Chinatown Herald.

            Quite naturally BN would discourage Malays from voting opposition by planting the fear that if DAP becomes too strong, then this and that could happen (e.g. turn Malaysia into “Christian state” or abolish Article 3, which is stretching things too far)

            However I do believe that S’gor Times is a fair example of what could be an outcome even when the DAP strength is only one-third, i.e. the paper has English and Chinese editions but no BM.

  9. anakjamil, amen brother.

    If the character and the abusive ways of a certain section of the people in Penang is any indication of how Malaysia is to be in the near future, it is a very difficult and dangerous future.

    From the calls to burn Lynas, to the calls by LGE when Psy was to come, to the treatment of the Queen when she arrived in Penang, to the rude behaviour of those who came … this is not the Malaysia I know.

    But what I know is that – there are several people who are directly responsible in sowing this crude hatred, which will only drive a wedge between fellow Malaysians that will take a long time to heal. And I will never entrust these group of people to represent this country.

  10. About the tree and the fruits you talk about above, Helen I fully agree with you.

    I’ve been observing some U-Tubes videos of LGE’s speeches and my conclusion is that this man is a coffee shop politician unfit to be a leader much less a state’s CM. He is so base, has no class and his main appeals are gutter politics like running down other political characters, telling half-truth, making streetwise remarks along with a demeanour so confrontational and full of snigger that to say the least is revolting. Yet audiences adore him. (They’re the fruits).

    He would take to the stage as if he is the equivalent of the Prime Minister in status. He would run the man down as though there is no decorum to be uphold and respect to be paid to the highest public office holder in the land supported legitimately by the biggest majority in the poll.

    Sickening. It would have been better if the DAP can saparate its Secretary General from the Chief Minister. One can play politics whatever he wants to and the other to govern a state guided by public policies.

    Then Guan Eng has no need to wear two hats which are too heavy on him any which way.


    1. Md Mahzir,

      Guan Eng, being the son of Kit siang, is so used to behaving like a spoilt “son of Heaven” in DAP.

      I am not surprised. as for as I can remember, Kit Siang self styles himself as the owner of DAP. He has been there since the days of Tunku.

      Guan Eng, like his father, likes to over emphasizes his influence . He may find willing listeners within the realm of DAP. But outside PR, I am afraid he is found wanting. Glaring weaknesses have been exposed many times.

      I remember how Dr koh “bantai” him during the first debate. No need to talk about the 2nd with Dr Chua. It was a one way traffic, reminding me on how Japan outclassed Harimau Malaya last years on Asian qualifying round. In every aspect, Japan outclassed Malaysia .Had not for the superb performances of Khairul Fahmi, Malaysia would have suffered a dozen goal deficit. But again that is another story for another day.

      What happened in Penang during Najib’s tour should serve as an eye opener. Even without power at federal. Guan eng has shown he tolerates no one challenging him or Lim Dynasty. He ordered buntings on Najib’s visit to be taken away.

      This was the action of insecure man with no ultimate power. o, please let your imagination tells us what kind of “BRUTALITY” that he is able to inflict on us should he assume power.

      For those who are still “blind”, May Allah have mercy on us.

      “Kalau masih tak nampak, mungkin patut benar dapat bala “.

  11. You know Helen, after all this of, the chinese better hope & pray the DAP will win the election, else they might lose big time, vengeance is never pretty but so does ungrateful & ill mannered behaviour

  12. Helen,

    Lesson learned from Singapore by election, Punggol East. As we all know Workers Party won hansomely at expense the ruling party PAP. Smelling victory at the eve of the announcement, Workers party cancelled the victory celebration. They know the the moods and the under current of the anti PAP (for fear of going over board).

    They played down their victory and even acknowleged that they are not ready to run the country even after winning 54% of the popular votes in Punggol East.

    They even declared that they do not have the quality candidates to field in all seats.

    That is being responsible and clever at the same time. Chances are they will attract new talents and they will be formidable in the next GE.

    I do not mind to vote this type of opposition as I know they are very responsible and putting the nation first before their own interest. They have a sustainable products.

    Compared that to our opposition. They are completely the opposite.

    1. Bongek,

      Yup. Looking deeply into Anwar or Guan Eng’s antics, I pray Allah have mercy on us. Whatever mistakes we may have made, please spare us from being ruled by these lunatics.

    2. Boget,

      I find your comments on recent By-election in Singapore most apt and most fair. We need to have a good and responsible opposition, very much like Workers’ Party of today in Singapore. The opposition parties in Malaysia are miles away from being good and responsible. They are a bunch of opportunistic, power crazy individuals who would do anything to try to gain power.

      DAP is not chauvinistic as many people claim. They are just being opportunistic, trying to win Chinese votes at all costs, and by whatever means. They are not concerned about Malay votes because they do not contest in Malay majority areas. And, in fact, they are not even concerned about well-being of Chinese.

      PAS are only interested to get Malay votes, so they do not bother about what DAP are talking. These 2 parties get married anyway, anyhow for sole purpose of winning. And, they just make use of Anwar to win some voters in the middle. But PKR are just a bunch of drop-outs from BN.

      If we had an opposition party who are as responsible like Workers Party in Singapore, I would have no hesitation to give them a good look. But right now, my vote goes to Najib and BN.


  13. Salam dek Helen, Selamat tahun baru Cina, juga untuk semua yang lain.

    Kejadian di Pulau Mutiara menceritakan banyak kisah, dari sisi pandangan masing-masing. Dari satu sisi, yang dilihat adalah begini,

    Dalam menyambut perayaan tahun baru Cina, rasanya tak perlulah nak tanya “bersedia ntuk bn ke tidak?”, yang datang tahu ianya dianjurkan oleh mca-bn. Selalunya kita bertamu kerana kita suka dan rela. Dalam “mood” perayaan, mungkin ada yang jawab “No” sekadar bergurau, sesuai dengan pertanyaan yang tak bertempat tadi.

    Dalam masa yang sama ada “No” yang bersungguh-sungguh dengan penuh kebencian. Ini sifat kurang ajar yang terserlah apabila rasa diri dah ada kuasa sikit, kucing dah mula keluarkan kuku. Kalau tak suka jangan datang, datang dan rosakkan majlis memang tak beradab, ini yang membuat orang lain hilang percaya.

    PM perlu sedar dan jangan rasa terlalu selesa, agenda dan gagasan yang baik dan terancang pun kalau penyampaiannya tidak kena gaya tidak akan dapat sokongan.

    Setiap kali berucap, bila ada seorang dua saja hadirin bukan Melayu, terus berbahasa Inggeris. Ada pelbagai tafsiran disitu, pertama, PM sendiri meminggirkan bahasa kebangsaan negaranya, kedua, warga Malaysia diberi gambaran duduk letaknya bahasa kebangsaan sebenarnya, ketiga momokan “Memartabatkan BM memperkasakan BI” satu ungkapan penyedap ucapan perasmian sahaja, dan akhirnya masyarakat Melayu merasa PM lebih utamakan mereka yang tak fasih BM yang sudah tentu bukan Melayu, jadi tak salah orang Melayu takada rasa nak utamakan PM dan partinya.

    Sekadar coretan penghujung, kalau nak bagi BRIM ke BROOM ke, janganlah buat penerima macam peminta sedekah, kena duduk dengar ceramah berjam-jam dulu kemudian beratur panjang, salam empat lima orang baru dapat sampul.

    Kerana bawang harum sedapur, kerana sayang kita menegur….

    1. Manisnya baris akhir, Pak Ard …

      Saya abadikan di laman FB saya. Terima kasih kerana mengajar saya peribahasa baru!

  14. Pak Ard
    Saya sangat bersetuju dengan pemikiran kritis di atas. Memang PM patut ditegur atas kesilapan yang dilakukan. Harap Pak Ard lencongkan saranan ini ke Facebook DSN.Terima kasih.

  15. i’m only wishing BN gets Kedah in the PRU13..then let BN Kedah with the influence of Sultan Kedah wrestle the state from DAP as Penang is actually part of Kedah…and because the lease contract is still going on until today…after that let’s see if Guan meroyan talak tiga..haha

    1. Can you direct us to the precise details?

      I’m aware that Penang is still paying Kedah but what is the exact amount and form of payment? And what are the terms of the agreement?

      Britain eventually had to return Hong Kong to China as time’s up.

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