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Dr M: “yang memperalatkan agama akan dimakan oleh agama”

“Politik kerap kotor”. Semua orang mengetahui perkara ini kecuali mungkin pengikut kultus taksub yang menganggap si politikus Jerusubang mereka adalah jelmaan malaikat.

Baru-baru ini Dr Mahathir Mohamad memberi peringatan bahawa mungkin mereka-mereka yang memperalatkan agama akan akhirnya sendiri dimakan agama.

Tegurnya jikalau agama dibenar bercampur dengan politik (benda yang kotor) maka tak dapat tidak ia akan tercemar juga.

Beliau mengimbau peristiwa lawatan permaisuri England untuk Sidang Komanwel pada tahun 1989. Katanya ketika itu Ratu Elizabeth pun dilarang melawat masjid Shah Alam atas alasan tidak dapat ditentukan oleh pihak berkuasa masjid sama ada baginda yang berusia 64 tahun itu datang bulan atau tidak.

Tambah Dr M lagi, “Sekarang kerana politik, perempuan bukan Islam yang masih boleh hamil dibenar masuk dalam masjid untuk bersyarah …” — sumber: ‘Bahana agama dipolitikkan‘ (Utusan, 3 Feb 2012)

Gambar bawah: Kesemua YB-YB yang beraksi di masjid adalah wakil evangelis DAP

TERESA KOK – Ahli Parlimen Seputeh merangkap Adun Kinrara


TEO NIE CHING – Ahli Parlimen Serdang


Teo Nie Ching senam

HANNAH YEOH – Adun Subang Jaya




JENICE LEE – Adun Teratai



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67 thoughts on “Dr M: “yang memperalatkan agama akan dimakan oleh agama”

    1. I am not a politician. I do not work for any political figure or any political party. I do not lead any political campaigns. I’m not even an ordinary member of any political party.

      I do not go around politicking – fishing for votes so that I can gain political office.

      Unlike our Lady of Jerusubang who is a lay pastor and constantly preaching in the various churches, I do not preach. Even in my writings you do not see me quoting verses from any of the holy books or the great religious personalities.

      I do not make a show of myself in mosques or churches. So I don’t see how any sensible reader will share your point of view.

      Happy New Year and don’t get your fingers blown off lighting firecrackers. Such mishaps tend to happen with people lacking sense.

      1. Hell, do you even believe what you just wrote? Easy on the lies, lest you start believing them…and oh yes, kpanjang…you csn fuck right off.

        1. Laa.. what’s not to believe? She’s not a politician, she does not preach, and she does not make any appearances in any mosques or churches.

          Do you have any evidence showing otherwise? If you do, please show them and prove to everyone that Helen is indeed lying to everyone as you say.

          If not, then as you had said it yourself, you “csn fuck right off.”

          1. Servant of god…youve just illustrated why youll always be a parasite. Grow a pair asshole..unless ure hell that is

            1. Cantiknya bahasa. Salute to Helen. How do you deal with these idiots. Diorang ni mak bapak tak ajar ke Helen?

        2. Bangang ke apa mamat ni? Apa yang tak fahamnya – typical Cina DAP. Spewing lies and hatred.

          So far UMNO refrains itself from bringing out the big gun – Islamist tendencies of the new Malays. Kalau terpaksa, what the hell, let all hell break loose.

          Susah-susah sangat kita buat je lah Hudud PAS. Just to give middle finger to DAP.

      2. I found this blog which claim you are Mahathir drum beater.
        “Here’s the Aku Cina Malaiyoo drumbeater on the rise of PAS Islamism for which Mahathir was singularly responsible by bringing in Anwar Ibrahim but she would say otherwise, veiling the lie (or is it her stupidity) in classic newspeak language:

        [In] Islamic fundamentalist Malaysia under Mahathir, there was no hudud. And Mahathirites wouldn’t have thrown stones at a teenage boy and a teenage girl holding hands in broad daylight strolling in a public park, you’d think. ”

        While I have no interest in his quarrel with you, it must be brought to every Malay men and women the injustice that Mahathir had done to Malay women and culture by adopting Indian Muslim syariah laws.

        Helen, do you know that Malay women will be caned if they report being rape without bringing 4 malay men who watched the act? Is this acceptable? The woman must sms her male friends to come and watch so that they can be witnesses in syariah court.
        What sick mentality is this? And this is what Mahathir said the Arabs taught the Malays.

        Do you know Mahathir made laws that would whipped malays if they drink Tiger Beers?

        These laws are being applied on a handsome young man who reported that he was sodomised by his boss. The young man must bring 4 other pious malay men not women, while he was sodomised.

        1. What are you smoking?

          Hudud was never implemented in Malaysia, not to say that PAS did not try. You claimed that Mahathir has done gross injustice to Malay women and Malay culture by “adopting INDIAN Muslim syariah laws”. WTF?

          Yes, Islamization happened under his watch (as well as Badawi’s), but I can assure you, it is not a trend even the mahafiraun could have bucked. I think you should realize that the existence of the likes of Afghan Prof. Mohammad Hashim Kamali and many others would have shown that we did not escape Wahabbism by chance. The fact that Dr. Kassim Ahmad is still around is evidence that we held back the more conservative and fundamentalist faction with a tiny spark of liberal Islam.

          Mahathir tolerated State Islam, not hudud. And you clearly have no idea about ta’azir or qisas.

          1. “Mahathir tolerated State Islam, not hudud. And you clearly have no idea about ta’azir or qisas.”

            It seems you are the Mahathir drum beater exposed yourself do you and moronic religious n sync hater, whatever that is. Dont pride yourself as liberal western music listerner. Sufi and nasyid instead of nsync whould be your kind of stuff.

            WTF is tazir or qisas? Who need this medieval arab way of life for the Malays. Is there such a thing as tolerating, you dumb fuck. Its more like abusing religion. Mahathir didnt not tolerate State Islam, he used religion as opiate to satisfy the ignorant lots while he made Chinese kafirs and Tamil hindus/islam/christian billionaires. You dumb bugger never read who are the richest people in Malaysia.

            You think it is liberal of Mahathir to let Malay girls who could be your wife, daughters, sisters being raped in front of 4 malay men? You think that is modernity? Mahahtir you remember is Tamil Muslim hence he followed the Pakistani dictator laws.

            In Pakistan women who report rape must bring witness. So now KL is like his fatherland.

            Semut seberang sungei nampak, gajah depan mata tak nampak. Kenapa anak dia dan pejuang hak asasi wanita tak nampak hal ini?

            1. What are you talking about? Seriously. Helen, what’s up with this?

              PAS dalam pakatan, Mahathit jugak kena ….lol … gila ke apa orang Pakatan.

              I think that’s it. Malaysia is doomed. Half of the population is officially crazy.

          2. Yeah, you can chalk this one as completely lost.

            Is English your second language? Do you communicate better in other languages? Is the confusion because you don’t understand what you read? I mean, tak sedaplah kalau saya menuduh Facts: Mahathir dan Mangsa rogol itu sebagai bicara orang sewel. The comments clearly showed someone who has no idea about Islam, hudud AND Mahathir.

            Can’t accuse you of being a shit stirrer, most likely you are acquainted with Shuzeng, the one and only. He can’t even differentiate between Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

            If you want to talk cock, at least try and get your shit together. I don’t know what is a “liberal western music listener”. You have no idea what hudud, tazir or qisas is, nor any idea what Mahathir did during his time. I think you sincerely believe in the crap you have written, and I recognize the strain in your cognition to digest all the contradictory rants. You don’t even know that Saiful’s case was heard in a civil court under archaic common law and our syariah laws do not try criminal offences like rape.

            Judging by your spelling of sungei, the incoherent English and the obvious ignorant comments, you must be some middle-aged Chinamen who live overseas. Can’t be a western country because they don’t need to scaremonger Islam using news from Malaysia. I think the scrap of misinformation can only occur in Asian countries, but since you don’t know fuck about the struggle between civil and hudud laws in Pakistan, you must be from the yellow-skinned side – China, Hongkong, Singapura or Taiwan?

            I love the internet, it gives a voice to the people, even very stupid ones.

        2. What are you talking about? Bestnya jadi cina dap ni. Meludah merata-rata. Proof tak payah.

          I tell you what. UMNO will pull all the stops to work with PAS on Hudud law customised to your liking. Cool? Happy now?

          Muhyiddin, anak tok guru for new PM. Najib dan Rosmah boleh berehat la. Layan cucu.

        1. No! Really? Get outta here!


          But I think you’re right, bob. It’s just that fff is supposed to be the hardcore, ruthless, makan-taik DAP**, while the brownny is supposedly the moderate, sensible and sweet talking scammer.

          Brownny, if you really are a genuine fence sitter, then you have serious issues. I will admit that I’m no psychoanalyst, but fence sitters just don’t talk like you. And I’ve talked to quite a few.

  1. Tun M boleh berbicara soal ekonomi, keamanan sejagat dan politik global 24/7, ibarat beliau mengkisahkan cerita 1001 malam. Justeru, TM tidak perlukan penyamaran di gereja, tokong dan kuil untuk mengekalkan sokongan.

    Berbeza dengan Adun2 ‘bidan terjun’ yang masuk politik berbekalkan wajah dan fizikal badan tetapi berminda cetek dalam soal ekonomi, keamanan dan politik (baik lokal mahupun sejagat). Yakni kalau dibandingkan dengan TM adalah ‘jauh pangang dari api’.

    Justeru, pendekatan paling diminati oleh Adun2 mentah tetapi berlagak masak serba-serbi agar kekal relevan dalam gelanggang politik adalah dengan cara redah masjid, tokong dan kuil dalam keadaan menyamar sebagai ‘musang berbulu ayam’.

    1. Bro, tak payah justify. TDM, satu dalam ratus-ratus juta.

      If not for Dr. M takde lah pulak melayu/cina tak sedar diri kat Malaysia ni.

  2. There’s nothing wrong for an ADUN to enter into places of worship if rules and regulation of the place is followed. Also it is upon the respective invitation from these places that the ADUN attends. An ADUN’s role is to care for the people in his / her constituency. We live in a multicultural society in Malaysia. Our PM promotes 1Malaysia. So what’s wrong with ADUN visiting these places during festive occassions or even being invited to speak in these places as and when there’s invitation?

    Your heading of “Gambar bawah: Kesemua YB-YB yang beraksi di masjid adalah wakil evangelis DAP” is indeed slanderous and malicious.

    Why do you have to put “wakil evangelis”? Are you implying something that, they are there for the purported Christianization? :-)

    Oh well..a ADUN gotta do what an ADUN gotta do, which is to be there for all people regardless of race and religion. Sourgrapes will always be sourgrapes ;)

    1. Firstly, all their DUNs and Parliament (Serdang) are in Selangor. The Sultan who is head of Islam in the state has indicated his murka (displeasure) at their shenanigans.

      TNC specifically has been issued a warning by MAIS prohibiting a continuance of her previous activities in the mosques.

      Secondly, the S’gor Islamic departments have already sent circulars to the mosques and suraus disallowing political activities in the premises.

      Thirdly, the Sultan has bertitah a few times already that he frowns upon the use of mosques for political purposes. Since all of the DAP reps are Christian, they can’t be going to there to pray (which is the legitimate use of the house of worship).

      Fourthly, Dr M has brought up the matter of “datang bulan”. If they’re menstruating, then it is ‘wrong’ for the Adun to enter the mosque.

      Fifthly, since when did 1Malaysia become a campaign to Occupy Masjid by politicians who do not believe in tauhid as understood by Islam?

      1. Thanks for explaining. So the pictures above, did it happened after points 1 to 3 or before?

        And, like what I mentioned earlier they can’t be attending if there’s no invitation in the first place right? Shouldn’t the peopl who invite them know better? tsk, tsk, tsk… ;)

        1. Tsk, tsk, the end blame others.
          You heard it folks, if you vote these people you can only blame yourselves.

          1. antiPR…if you misinterpret my message as a blame than too bad you have such a shallow mind that resulted in such a lack of depth in your reply. It was a question of why did these places of worship invited these ADUNS knowing that they are politicians? If you see this as blame, then too bad. Like what I said earlier, ADUNS are there to be there for their people in their constituency. So if they are invited and the people wants them to be there, who are you then to scream like a mad person crying politicians should not be there? Tsk tsk tsk….grow up kid.

        2. Hi Helen, any reply as to the visitations above is done after or before the 3 pointers you shared? :-)

          1. Tsk tsk tsk, sure la man, people who don’t buy your excuses have shallow minds, in short it’s everybody else fault lah.

            Stay pretentious, people can see your true mentality seeping through your posts. Just like these blog exposes DAP’s nature through their own actions and internet posts.

            Grown ups can see though your antics clearly.

      2. Helen,

        May I add that one of PAS hallmark is using (or rather abusing) mosques for its own benefit.

        So, DAP is not the only one. I have heard it often enough on politically motivated sermons. At one time, Dr Khir was accused as being “munafik” simply because the public holiday in Selangor is on Monday instead of Friday. The person giving the sermon completely ignorant on the fact that the choice on public holiday is in line with other countries practice.

        But today the very same Khatib says nothing when the public holiday is still Sunday. Just because the party of his choice is in power.

        Religion is a potent weapon. For decades PAS was able to “force’ the Malay community to accept PAS as the sole guardian of Islam. Its self appointed role with ability to “excommunicate (just like pope) Malays to hell for defying PAS.

        Pas self styles itself with Islam itself. Dr Mahathir was condemned numerous times for challenging PAS. To PAS, challenging PAS is challenging Islam. You may not want to hear the insulting remarks on Datin Hasmah, Rosmah simply because they do not wear “hijab”.

        PAS completely ignores Islamic teaching that reminds Muslims to be firm, compassionate but not rude. Surely praying that these 2 ladies whose husband are Prime Ministers (to cover their hair) is more polite and profesional. Instead, they insult especially Rosmah with unprintable words.

        YET PAS wonders why until today it has not been able to upstage UMNO even at UMNO’s weakest time.

        It is ironic that the very party that PAS accuses as ‘kafir” (UMNO) is actually showing more Islamic than PAS itself has ever shown.

        1. Since the Malays have “been there and done that” (i.e. already exposed to gejala kafir-mengkafir, sembahyang dua imam & Amanat Hadi), does it mean that it’s easier for Malays to latch on to the evangelista deceit while the Chinese remain hoodwinked since having no prior exposure?

        2. “YET PAS wonders why until today it has not been able to upstage UMNO even at UMNO’s weakest time. ”

          Do you yourself wonder why PAS lost in Terengganu that they were ruling. Malay versus Malay and PAS lost. They were given the chance but arab lifestyle got nothing to offer the arabs youth themselves hence the Arab Spring.

          This is should be the lesson. Malays want fun/ Sure heboh, songs and dance.

          When PAS were ruling Terengganu, they could only watch on TV3 other states rocking. Thats why simple. Just a bunch of stupid Malays thinking they have found heaven on earth by burying their head in the sand.

          “It is ironic that the very party that PAS accuses as ‘kafir” (UMNO) is actually showing more Islamic than PAS itself has ever shown.”

          Unfortunately these hypocrites Malays now hitch on to UMNO, tyring to make UMNO what it is not. You have Berita Harian splashing sensational artist at the same time some PAS headed article on Siti wearing tudung. Parasites…thats what these PAS malays are.

          I just saw these pictures of “ustaz” azhar idrus in ferarri at Unspinners blog. Yes… he of the jilat kemaluan advisory has made it big it seem. And someone’s children too has youtubes in sports car..

          Talk about peralat ugama. Azhar Idrus, Nik Aziz (who cut rainforest) and Mahathir are the same though on different level of kekayaan…hehe.

    2. There will always be those who agree & disagree on this issue. As for me, when I go to church, I go to fulfill my duties as a Catholic. I go to pray as a community with my brethren. I go to listen to the word of God. I go to share in a communion with my Catholic sisters & brothers. I’m not there to listen to a political ceramah. I’m not there to listen to how it is my duty as a Catholic to vote for a particular party. Neither am I there to hear slander, lies, insinuations & all that does not to conform to God’s teachings being preached in God’s name.

      Politics has no business being in places of worship. I’m sure there are a lot of Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus etc who share the same thought. So please take your politics out of our sacred place & shove it!

      1. MY worry is when UMNO is forced to use religion to regain supports. God forbids.

  3. Ada lak nanti ah liPAS yang kata ‘masuk surau tak apa.’ (untuk awek DAPster yang datang bulan).

    1. PAS kata Lim Guan Eng baik sebab menyelamatkan maruah gadis 15 tahun :)) It’s already happening.

  4. Re: Why don’t you compile the chronology since it is of interest to you?

    Why not share with me what you have since you’re the expert in such matters? I’m sure you already have data at hand right? Else you would not have been super bold in your claims.

    I’m just a newbie. Good for the guru Helen to help right? :-)

    1. Why should I indulge a sneering reader like you who’s constantly throwing diversion bombs and who previously told me off – in my own blog – and I quote:

      “If not, please zip your [Helen] mouth and don’t politicise the whole issue [of [Hannah Yeoh’s baby] by dragging in racist statement “insult to the Indian man”. Malaysia will be a better place if people like you change the way you think.


      If you’re “a newbie”, all the more reason for you to do your own homework. I, on the other hand, have earned the right as a “guru” (your word) to blog my stuff without having to pander to newbies like you.

      You want to assert, fine, go ahead. I’ve said that I’m providing you the space/platform here to prove your assertions or disputation.

      And quit with all the patronizing smileys. As a newbie, the emoticon smirks that you’ve been lacing your comments with are not winning any favours with me.

        1. These Christians very langsi.

          I can imagine how the Malays and the Muslims are feeling right now.

          I mean, I don’t have any emotional stake in the kalimah Allah but even as someone watching from the sidelines, I can see how their smugness (as demonstrated by Brownny) and taunting is extremely provocative. They’re asking for it, really.

          1. Judging by his patronizing remark towards Catholic beliefs, you can only imagine how he’d happily trample all others who don’t believe in Jesus Christ.

            These are the archetypal ones who will spew bible quotes for every situation as long as it agrees with their agenda. These are the types who will preach of love & forgiveness while their actions are driven by vengeance, hatred & bile.

            These are the types who will not think twice about selling out their faith in the name of political expediency. And they are also the ones who claim to be God inspired, God driven & God’s defender here on earth when their actions show otherwise.

            I’m Catholic, I’m a sinner. I don’t love a lot of people the way I’m supposed to. And I sure as hell hate truckloads of God’s creations here on earth.

            On that count, at least I won’t be accused as a hypocrite when my judgment comes.

            1. Remember the Hannah tweet that went “May God have mercy on …”(?) ,)

              It’s hard for those affected by their behaviour to consciously make the distinction that there are the evangelistas and there are other Christians who don’t behave like the Jerusubangites.

              Similarly that there are Chinese who don’t support Dapsterism.

              Sadly when the dam breaks, all of us (Chinese who are non-Dapsters, Christians who are non-evangelistas) will nonetheless be taken too by the flood of Malay-Muslim anger. The Jerusubangites are intent on provoking amok.

              1. That what my chirstian friend said. Today he said to me :

                The way they go on and on and on, makes the malay simmering with anger. They stroke those ambers until one day the malay have enough and will strike back.

                By then they will use every means available to protect themself. He said, he’s not suprise if those who start it will be the first to run away from this countries. Example LKS during 1969 commotion. But this time around, only by a little as wisper, they will kaput using their kroni private jet.

                The one who have to face all this, is ordinary chinese people like him. Where to go he said when you cannot even go to Agung requesting for special protection because these baboon makes a fool of themself by insulting his royal highness.

                And when he said that, I really feel sorry for him and now you also utter the same tune, it strike me that it can become reality if we cannot prevent it now.

                :[ sarah

                1. re: “The way they go on and on and on, makes the malay simmering with anger. They stroke those ambers until one day the malay have enough and will strike back.”

                  I agree with your friend. I can see that every day they just provoke and provoke non-stop. They do not know their limits.

                  And when anyone just mentions beware “Malay backlash” or put their race ‘Chinese’ to the tsunami, they go ape shit and call for sedition arrest.

                  Itupun Malays are very slow to be provoked to anger. If other races yang lebih panas baran (Italians?) are confronted in the same way, awal-awal lagi dah … .

                  1. My friend teach karate as part time.So he mingling with different self defend master He said, the majority who learn karate and teakwan-do are malay. And a lot of malay also learn silat..Majority of his student were/are malay. He know what he’s talking about.

                    1. Sorry tertekan post….

                      He said, “Malayu lambat panas tetapi lambat juga sejuk. Sekali berdendam sampai ke anak cucu akan diingat.”

                      :[ sarah

          2. Calvin, I have issued an apology on your comment in other posts. I’m a sinner too and like what I told Helen, I am not perfect either.

  5. :-) A well written matured reply which is not emotionally charged no matter how upset you are. Keep it up! Yes, I will do my homework but at the mean time, since you could not provide me an answer that the pictures above were before or after points 1 to 3 (mentioned earlier), I’ll assume that it was BEFORE. I believe no politicians would dare to go against a Ruler’s decree. Else, they would already have faced the consequences by now.

    1. Keep it up Brownny! Do show how the gentle Christian always turns his other cheek and keeps up the grin :-) despite my exposure of your previous mulut celupar and provocation.

      Your assumption that is was “BEFORE” is wrong.

      The mosque raids continued AFTER the MP was chided by the Sultan — “tidak mengambil iktibar daripada teguran Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, terhadap kelakuannya sebelum ini”

      “KUALA LUMPUR, 31 Dis — Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (Mais) mahu memanggil nazir Masjid Taman Cheras Jaya untuk menjelaskan kehadiran Ahli Parlimen Serdang, Teo Nie Ching, dengan memakai pakaian ketat dan tidak menutup aurat semasa menyertai senamrobik di pekarangan masjid baru-baru ini.

      Timbalan Setiausaha Mais Abdul Halem Hapiz Salihin berkata, pihaknya juga akan menyiasat mengapa tindakan wakil rakyat daripada DAP itu yang tidak menghormati adab ketika memasuki kawasan masjid tidak ditegur oleh pihak pengurusan masjid.

      Sambil melahirkan rasa kesal dengan sikap Teo yang tidak mengambil iktibar daripada teguran Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, terhadap kelakuannya sebelum ini, beliau menyifatkan wakil rakyat itu tidak menghormati baginda.”

  6. Thanks for the reply Helen. I really appreciate it. What about Teresa Kok and Hannah Yeoh as purported in the pictures?

    We’re not all perfect. Furthermore, I’ve apologized in your previous post if I was harsh. I have to smile because generally I like to smile :-)

    Perhaps all of us should smile more.

  7. 1. I don’t think all of those are invitations from the mosque. I believe some of them are coming from the ADUN initiatives. For example, the `buka puasa’ might be invitation from the mosque or it can be a function organized by the ADUN. On the other hand, giving limau or donations cannot come from the mosques people. It must be from the ADUN. It doesn’t make sense if the mosque invites the ADUN to give donation/limau.

    2. The law/rule to prohibit non-muslim to be in the mosque(praying area) is not new. The law that prohibit non-muslim to enter mosque area without proper attire is not new as well. I knew about these rules since my childhood.

    It surprises me that these ADUNs don’t know about this rule. Maybe because as local people. they never visit any mosque unlike the foreigners. The foreigners visit the mosque especially the National Mosque as one of the attractive sites and it is quite obvious that they have to cover themselves with the robe before entering the mosque and they can’t enter the praying area.

    For a start, perhaps, these ADUNs should try visit National Mosque or Putrajaya Mosque, then maybe they will understand about the rule.

    3. This rule is nothing new. There might be so many reasons behind this rule and one of them is a proactive measure to avoid religious conflict. Some people may ask…how can freedom to enter the praying are can start a religious conflict ? The answer is, when someone (especially non-muslim) abuse the freedom by making fun of it. It may not be a problem, if a muslim making fun of the praying area, but if this is done by the non-muslim, it will surely cause a serious implication.

    All these kind of rules including the `Allah’ issue are the one that making Malaysian in this multi-racial country living in harmony. There maybe religious reason behind it, but keeping the country in a harmony by closing all the possibilities that can incite a racial/religious conflict is one of them and as a Malaysian, I’m happy with it.

    What is the point of freedom if you can’t live in harmony.

    1. Thank Anon, I love the way you replied. It opened my mind and kept me thinking. Makes more sense now.

  8. Helen sebab tu dalam islam kita tak boleh tuduh orang lain kafir tanpa asas kukuh.. kalau tak ia akan kembali kepada penuduh. .sekarang pas dah makan balik apa yg dia tuduh umno dulu. .. Bagi dah lama ikut politik dan mau berfikir banyak bukti boleh kita nampak

    1. Evangelista pun sama perangai aje. Saya dituduh “number one kafir”.

      Sebenarnya mereka memandang terlalu tinggi terhadap saya. Dah lah “anti-Christ”, ini pula bukan sekadar kafir tetapi kafir “nombor satu” wei.

        1. The biggest test of me is Patience and minding my language. And trying to keep a good humour in the face of the King Kongs.

  9. See what’s this commenter posted here :

    [ orginally posted by Patricio Ephraim Carnivara via Facebook :
    Sprinkle mamakutty with some holywater.]

    Komen yang ditujukan kepada TDM. Nampak sangat taksub kepada Kristian tahap Gaban ala-ala seorang pencinta tegar DAPster. Jarang sekali saya terjumpa komen negatif dari penganut Buddha/Hindu menyumpah-nyumpah mantan PM atau mana-mana negarawan dengan menggunakan perkataan berunsur provokasi yang mempunyai elemen/material keagamaan (agak “rare”). Membuat komen melampau,mencaci maki secara mengkhinzir buta di blog/laman social memanglah mereka handal macam abang besar kerana mereka hanya mampu menyorok disebalik skrin PC/tablet yang mempunyai saiz, bentuk yang leper lagi nipis sama macam kotak pemikiran mereka.

    Untuk gambar-gambar diatas:
    Kalau nak masuk rumah ibadat orang Islam, sekurang-kurangnya patuhilah etika berpakaian sempurna. Anehnya, orang-orang alim di dalam masjid tersebut semacam kelu lidah (pinjam kata-kata pengomen di FMT : macam kena renjis dengan air suci) untuk menegur mereka semata-mata nak jaga hati sebab nak terima hamper & goodies. Mungkin syllabus Pendidikan Moral yang KPM buat di sekolah-sekolah tidak cukup/meliputi untuk mengingatkan adab susila kepada non-muslims ketika menziarah masjid dan subjek Pendidikan Islam juga mungkin tidak cukup bagi muslim mengingatkan kepada penziarah dikalangan non-muslims ketika berada di masjid . Hai, entahlah…

  10. Man, what a good discourse above. I thought we have lost the value of give and take which was so fundamentally entrenched in our constitution by our forefathers. We have never been governed by ideals but overriding principle of common grounds. Now people push to extremes pushing others in a different extremes. No one backs down to compromise as if empathy is a dirty word. It too has forced me to take a hardened stand on various issues for that seems to me to be the only way to tell theirs are not the exclusive truth.

    Congrats to you Helen and readers for providing hope that reason and sensibility is still alive and kicking in Malaysia.

  11. Politic have been shredding the fabric of religion since time immemorial.

    In Islam, two of the first deviator as the result of politics are Shiite and Kharjite. The rift caused by the movement that gave birth to Shiite and Kharjite is still difficult to bridge until today.

    Along the history of Islam, even those who want to reform society can cause unproductive and damaging rift.

    People should open history books and see what happened when religion is used as political tools – it create zombies (among others) who were creating havoc to the balance of society.

    I think politician who are sincere don’t have to harp religious tone or look religious. Action speaks much louder than words. Incorporating religious values in actions and policies might affect more people positively.

    1. Teo Nie Ching pakai macam air stewardess SIA giving takzirah di mesjid?
      Macam nak buat promosi MATTA fair di mesjid kot. Visit Singapore Year kot.

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