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Star editor insists that ‘races’ have never existed

An associate editor of The Star, M. Veera Pandiyan, is determined “to prick the bubble of those using race to woo votes”.

Methinks he’s taking his scissors out to stab Umno, MCA and MIC that are perceived as using Race to woo votes.

Veera blames the imminent general election for the issue of race “being used to win votes”.

His article pursues the theme that “Race is really a myth but racism is very real”.

Methinks Veera is implying that those using race to woo votes are racist. Hence he is implying that BN is racist.

“We all are the same”

Veera’s column yesterday was headlined ‘The myth of race and reality of racists‘.

He wrote in The Star:

  • “biologically, the concept [of Race] is a myth”
  • “All humans are of the same species – Homo sapiens”

***  ***  ***

Well actually, at least one of the Dapsters hailing from Subang Jaya is really a beruk (the commenter going by the pseudonym King Kong) but perhaps this little factoid may not be of much interest to the Star editor.

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Get this through your head — there is no such thing as Race

Veera wrote in his Star column yesterday:.

  • “there is no national, religious, linguistic or cultural group or economic class that constitutes a race”
  • “wouldn’t life be much more pleasant if people get this through their heads?”
  • “Here in Malaysia, there is no escape from the issue of race.”
  • “one ‘race’ is being persuaded to keep its hold on political power and another seems to have been swayed over to oppose this”
  • “With bigotry getting worse by the day as we approach the polls, we should perhaps pause and look at our biological similarities rather than our inherited ethnical differences.”


This Star associate editor Veera writes as confusedly as if he is channelling Hannah Yeoh who had once tweeted “racists must be taught how to love” (screenshot above).

“Our biological similarities” huh, say what again?

What does Veera mean when he asks us to “pause and look at our biological similarities”?

What similarities do we share? Urm, I have two legs, you (dear reader) have two legs and Veera has two legs. And your point is, Veera?

Veera writes that “one ‘race’ is being persuaded to keep its hold on political power”. Methinks he means the Malays.

Veera further writes, “With bigotry getting worse by the day as we approach the polls …”

Somehow I don’t get the feeling when Veera speaks about “bigotry” that he has the DAP in mind.

So who are the bigots?

Veera says that because the election is looming, the politicking is daily making bigotry worse and worse.

So according to the logical conclusion of his argument, it is the politicians and their parties who are the bigots. The question is which one?

The Star has a big readership in Penang, the Klang and Kinta valleys as well as in Johor.

You can imagine how, for the last five years, The Star readers would have been bombarded with many articles just like Veera’s.

Can you imagine the kind of public opinion that has been shaped by this MCA-owned paper?


This Star editor is telling his readers that there is no such thing as Race (which divides human beings and causes disunity) but nonetheless, that racism is real in Malaysia.

Since there is really no such thing as race, the parties making Race an issue must be deliberately creating a bogeyman for the purpose of scaring voters and winning votes.

Umno’s slogans are ‘Hidup Melayu’ and ‘Untuk Bangsa, Agama dan Negara’.

Therefore the Star editor would naturally disagree with Umno’s political philosophy which hinges on Melayu (a race) and whose three prongs include safeguarding Race, Religion and Country.

DAP’s motto is race last and Malaysian First.

Therefore the Star editor would quite naturally be in agreement with DAP’s political philosophy which desires to wipe out Race identification in birth certificates and other official documentation.

The upshot is that The Star has many other editors identical to Veera who have made the paper what it is today. These editors can reach an audience 5.63 million. How nice for the MCA, the owner of the paper.


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49 thoughts on “Star editor insists that ‘races’ have never existed

  1. No need for Chinese school then, just Malaysian school. Also whey there is a need to celebrate Chinese New Year, we’re not China?

    1. Hahahana typical akal keling. No race? muahaha. Tamil should be proud of their language and use it at home and everywhere. Thats where Tamil vernacular schools comes in. Tamil like Veera should not be ashamed of his Indian roots as to declare he is raceless. You are keling get it Veera? And Indians came from India brought by the British as labourers no shame in that earning an honest living.

      These racists Indians and Chinese living in the STAR just conveniently become raceless..muahaha.

      Ok, so let us Malays go to China and India to be bumiputeras there friends.

      Just so, the British are not here anymore so maybe its time for self deportation back to India? India balek india and cina balek cina seems to a good solution for race relations and leave the Malays in peace.

      Whats not to like about India? Mumbai poverty, hay wire democracy, name it you have it. And that Tamil Fernandes even have daily flights to Mumbai. Cheap flights. now every indian can balek kampung hehe.

      thanks to Toni and your kerala friend Mahathir iskandar kutty

  2. What is this veera pandiyan comment when nga kor ming tell the PR audience that Perak MB is ‘hitam metallic’, just like his skin colour?

    & if we are all the same, why DAP always push the government to set up ROC to investigate pendatang from mindanao in sabah?

  3. Veera has an inferiority complex. This sort of thinking is indicative that he is not proud of himself as Indian.

    There is the likelihood he wants to be an orang putih and living in Australia or UK.

    Another Hannah Yeoh who is not proud her baby is to be registered as Indian. In his case, he is not evan half Indian.

  4. To Hannah Banana,

    Walk your damned talk, woman. Love the so-called racists first. Right now it seems the Jews are loving Hitler more than you do your opponents. Else, GTFO.

    1. “Right now it seems the Jews are loving Hitler more than you do your opponents.”

      Statement ‘non sequitur’ macam ini membuktikan orang BN memang sudah hilang akal

      1. To you, it’s a non-sequitur because it shows what a bloody hypocrite you are. Konon jonnymalaya have such high standards, tapi bila “cinta” diperbuat seperti cenderahati, buat-buat bodoh pula.

    1. Thank you. Understandable, what with all the distractions caused by the deities. Even I was distracted and the festive mood spoiled last Christmas by the stunt that LGE pulled.

  5. Hannnah Yeoh’s blogs and twitters are the utmost racists ever.

    Do not hide behind religion and race. You can sing and praise hallelujah for all you want, but me thinks its pure bullshitt. What do you think, subang jaya is full of christian fanatics bulldozed by this Hannah Yeoh’s disciples?

    What actually comprised by racial comparisons and religious faith in the electorates of Subang Jaya? Yo Hannah yoh, dream on man, the only reason you’ve got votes from the rest of the non christians is because they are fed up with dollah badawi during the last election.

    So you thinks that by going to mosques and giving sermons thru the pas dominated masjid, you’ve made it? Not now, thanks to that idiot LGE and his father and their running howling dogs, even pas members are hating you guys already. A million plus points to BN. Thank you.

    Allah is not christian to you and never will be. Yo. an indian born kid thru the scrotum of an indian man does make that kid a chinese. Wake up and behold. So the next one in the belly is what?

    There’s a limit to run down others, now it’s your turn babe. What comes around goes around.

    Gaji buta, masuk dewan hanya mau layan facebook, baik tak payah, kawasan sendiri pun bersepah ngan maksiat dan sampah. Time to go lah, Bye bye. Wishfull thinking if you are dreaming of being in the next term. Has been.

  6. Why not test market: go around to the rests of subang jaya through every households and gain acceptance, instead of only the church. Only the church is subang jaya and subang jaya is the church. dream on lah wei. So the rests of the citizens of subang jaya who is not from the churchgoers is not from your flocks?

    You are being hoodwinked by you own beliefs and self resurrections. When was the lasts time you pay penance and asks forgiveness from the priests to annul all your sins thru him. My thoughts is that the greatest sinner is a person who uses religion to propagates their one sided thoughts upon others. Religion does not teach us this way, SATAN does.

  7. Malaysian are a very funny lot – instead of us celebrating our uniqueness, diversity, different cultures & languages, we opt for being boring & similar. Are we that hard up or obsessed with utopia or are we in denial and delusional?

    Life is never fair and that applies to everyone, not just one particular race … Ahh! It must be hard living a life assuming the victim role day in & day out instead of brushing the dust off & keep on walking!

  8. Not sure whether this is correct, but penance and the Hail Mary bit only applies to Roman Catholic – just like Islam, Christianity has different sects as well. Thought you should know..

    1. anakjamil

      Only Catholics pray the Hail Mary. It is our belief that we pray for Mary’s intercession to Jesus on the basis that a son would listen to the requests of his mother. It is one of the marked difference between Catholic & Anglican denominations.

      As for penance, I believe what you mean is the sacrament of reconciliation, more commonly known as confession. Penance is the act of penitence for the sins confessed. The penance vary, from the usual prayers to acts of charity or acts of restitution at the discretion of the priest hearing the confession.

      1. Thought that we should know this. No where in the Bible that it state we should pray to Mary. If there is, mind sharing to me the Scripture? :-)

        1. Who’s praying to Mary? Don’t twist my words. Catholics pray for Mary’s intercessions to God in a similar we way pray for intercessions from the saints. We DO NOT PRAY to the saints. Since you’re so smug & claim to know a lot judging by your assumption that “we should know this” it is a surprise that you don’t. I’ve always respected the religious beliefs of other even if I don’t agree or don’t understand them. But when you don’t have such respect within you, we have all this pissing contest on whose religion is true or whose is the greatest.

          Borne out of this disrespect we see opposition politicians manipulating churches & mosques by preaching their ideologies despite constant reminders.

          And yes, you will go back to the argument that they were invited. When you’re an elected rep or aspire to be one, you are expected to lead, to be an example. When you know that the invitation will fall foul of your principles (if you have any at all) the right thing to do is to decline & explain the reason why. By claiming that you’re invited & shifting the blame, it sure as hell reflects well on your take on shouldering responsibilities.

  9. Ah, politics can never unite the people. That’s the truth. Let’s watch sports like football when Harimau Malaya takes on its opponents :-) Me think sports unites more people in Malaysia than politics :-)

  10. From my humble 3rd party point of view:

    BN consists of 3 major component parties which are UMNO, MCA and MIC.

    UMNO – Only Malays. Can a Chinese or Indian join?

    MCA – Only Chinese. Can a Malay or Indian join?

    MIC – Only Indians. Can a Malay or Chinese join?

    PR also consists of 3 major components parties which are PKR, DAP and PAS.

    PKR – Malays, Chinese and Indian can join.

    DAP – Malays, Chinese and Indian can join

    PAS – as long as you’re a Muslim regardless of race? (this bit I’m not too sure :-) )

    From the above, we can see that BN is already segregated into race base component parties.

    While for PR, inclusion for all races in all component parties are there.

    So who is practicing race base politics? :-)

    Looks like we’re far away from a true democracy :-)

    1. The “two-party system” that you oppo supporters are yourselves promoting means BN vs Pakatan.

      If you want to split BN into its components Umno as Malay, MCA as Chinese etc, then it would no longer be the two-party system that you’re touting. It would instead be 13 parties vs 3 parties.

      BN: Umno, MCA, MIC, PBB, SUPP, Gerakan, PPP, LDP, PBRS, Upko, PBS, SPDP & PRS; Pakatan: DAP, PAS, PKR

      Umno, MCA etc do not go into the election using their own individual party symbols.

      On the other hand, DAP, PAS and PKR will go into the election using their recognisable Rocket, Moon and Eye symbols.

      When the voters step into the polling booth, they pangkah the Dacing symbol. Under the umbrella of Dacing, there are not only Malay, Chinese, Indian but also Melanau, Iban, KDM and many other ethnics whom are far more representative of our diverse population than those candidates standing under Pakatan’s three peninsular parties.

      1. I think it is not 13 versus 3 but 14 versus 3. Reason?

        BN is a registered party, hence anyone can apply to become direct membership of BN. This group actually forms the 14th component of BN.

        However, none of us can apply for PR’s membership cos PR is metaphorically an illegal entity. By right, there is no PR but there are Pas, PKR and Dap.

        Since Pas, PKR and Dap will take part in the GE but under their own banner, this coming GE will not be a 2 cornered fight but most likely 4 or more.

      2. Helen, you have a good point and I like the pangkah Dacing remarks :-)

        Who controls BN? UMNO. What is UMNO made of? Refer my point above. So it’s still a one way thing isn’t it? :-)

        1. this is where you are wrong. BN is not controlled by anybody. But you can say that UMNO is the dominant party in BN. That is why the government is very strong because of this race-less coalition. UMNO will not do anything that will hurt other races and similar to MCA and MIC. Yes, UMNO will focus more on the malays, MCA on the Chinese and MIC on the indians but everything is done by the provision of laws and constitution. You will never see they go overboard because of the BN coalition spirit. Maybe the government wants to abolish the vernacular school, but since MCAs and MICs object this notion, it is not happening.

          you will not see this in the opposition since even though they try to be multi-racial party, but they don’t have mutual understanding and respect among them even among the different races in their own party.

          with BN, we can achieve unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation.

    2. halo bro, freedom of choice and association la. but if you choose to slant it this way ,it your choice , cause you got ‘slanty ‘ eyes. :)

    3. If PR is not practicing race base politics, why not ask DAP to field a Malay candidate (if they could find one) in PJ Utara (incumbent is Tony Pua) or ask their candidates (instead of candidates from PAS or PKR) to contest in Malay majority areas like Shah Alam, Pasir Salak, etc? CSL already asked DAP to field their candidates against UMNO fellows instead of MCA’s. See whether they can win or not. I guess delusion has no limit here.

  11. ‘Race’, biologically have never existed? I agree and disagree with this statement. Race is more of a study on social rather than biological. Therefore, the statement is true but incorrectly define.

    According to wikipedia, “Race is a classification system used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, or social affiliation.”

    Of all the business journals’ articles I encountered, they always look into the ‘race’ segementation in order to determine the cultural effects on the business need. That is in business. How about politics? Surely politics and business are more or less the same. Thus, in my opinion politics will never be gone from looking at things from ‘race’ point of view.

    In Malaysia particularly, the Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dusun, and a lot of others are basically having different anatomy, culture, history, linguistic, religion and social affiliation. We can’t simply knock-off this traits. We must understand the differences and find the similarities. We must be firm with our belief but tolerate others.

    To acknowledge that you are championing a particular race is not racist. To say that you will destroy the other race, now that is racist, just like what the Nazi did. To show disrespect to the tradition, culture, history or any other traits of a race is racist, just like what that Pei Hoe did. By the way, just read Metro today that he has been prosecuted today. Can anybody confirm? I might be wrong.

  12. Maaf yer..

    Kalau sebegitu hendaknya maka bubarkan segala perkara berkait dgn bangsa..

    Perkara pertama negara, apa guna ada negara jika bangsa tiada!!

    Kedua bahasa, masing masing kena sepakat hanya guna satu bahasa sahaja!!

    Yang ini sensitif, agama, aku tinggalkan “fill in the blank” jela..

    Adalah lebih baik sebelum kita berbicara kita berfikir sejenak.. Ish ish.. The Star patut malu ada editor sebegini!!

    1. Pohon pembaca sila tolong tweet up kepada pihak-pihak yang berkepentingan (didahului dengan ucapan terima kasih dan terhutang budi).

      Sudah terlalu lama api dalam sekam ini dibiarkan sahaja untuk membuat apa yang si evangelista suka.

  13. I believe in evolution and I believe there are two types of races in Malaysia. Those who were descended from the beruk and those who were not. You can guess which political parties have followers and leaders who are descended from the beruk and monget.

    1. Kiki..
      Spesis monyet pun ada berbagai bagai bangsa (kalau boleh dikategori sebagai bangsa la.. Kiki).. Kita ada beruk, ungka, proboski, cimpanzi, kat Jepun ada yg berpipi merah!!
      Ini kan manusia, sudah semestinya berbangsa bangsa!!

  14. Konflik yang berlaku di Kashmir tiada perkaitan dengan bangsa. Pertumpahan darah di Uighor tiada pertalian dengan bangsa. Begitu juga pembunuhan beramai-ramai di Serebrinica satu masa dulu tiada kene menggena dengan bangsa.

    Nampaknya, editor Star tidak nampak atau buat-buat tidak nampak aspek yang mana satu yang telah, sedang dan bakal menggugat keamanan. Makanya, kita tentu hairan kenapa isu bangsa dibangkitkan walhal isu lebih utama ialah “a loud-mouthed opinionated bigot”

    Kalaupun bangsa boleh di tiadakan apakah Star ingat bahawa mulut “lebih sudu dari kuah’ dalam hal keagamaan mampu ditutup? Bukankah ‘kerana mulut badan binasa’ tetapi tiada peribahasa yang ini: “kerana bangsa badan binasa”. Nah, bila pulak Star nak ulas tentang ketaksuban terhadap kultus dan impak-impaknya?

  15. Helen,

    “dan Kami(allah SWT) menciptakan kamu berpuak puak, berbangsa bangsa……’.. Quranic verse

    There is nothing to be embarassed about the thing called “race’. There is a country called Saudi arabia. Saudi refers to Bani saud, the ruling family of ther country. arabia refers to ‘land of the arabs”.

    similarly there is a country called India and china for reasons all known to mankind. as such, there is a land previously known as “negeri negei Melayu’ as the inhabitants are Malays and the sultans are also malays.

    there is no need to be a hypocrite. Nobody expect a Malay to be the PM of Singapore the way nobody expects a Chinese to be the PM of Malaysia.

    If we want to erase this racial tag, then start with one school system. Otherwise, just shut up

      1. Browny,

        Good question. We already have Speaker in DUN who are not Malays.

        And how many non Malay ministers in Malaysian Cabinet? How many Malay ministers in singapore? Only recently (few years back) a one star Malay General was appointed. Check on many non Malay having high ranking positions in Malaysian army.

        You know anytime malaysia is more “advanced” with regards to having minority occupying senior positions as compared to that of Singapore.

        1. Thanks Shamshul for your reply. I just hope we can have more competent leaders. Which means Cabinet Ministers should be chosen base on their competency.

          1. Brownny,

            then maybe it is time you advise Chinese policians( some of them) to accept reality that this is not china. Who among the malays would want to believe about meritocracy when they see Chinese (in general) as racist.

  16. Hanya di Malaysia no races? Bila dpt mcm Singapork, habis diangkut Cina Mainland. Get away with SJKC SJKT la kalau there’s no races. Cakap senang. Ini Tanah Melayu la ..

      1. Concur…concur… we should celebrate our differences but they try to segregate it…

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