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Hannah and her bot-bots

One thing I’ve noticed. Jerusubangites talk just like their mama.

DUMC is the Damansara Utama Methodist Church. It is rich and powerful. Like City Harvest. See photos here.



‘Dr Xavier’ mentioned in Hannah’s tweet (screenshot above) would be the PKR Selangor exco who said that it’s correct procedure to demolish an unlicenced Hindu altar in an Indian home — see here.

Kata orang ‘pemalas’

Hannah told her church audience that “People do not respect lazy leaders”.

Najib Razak and Chua Soi Lek are very hardworking. But still their diligence cuts no ice with the Firster ideologues who mock Najib as “demeaning” himself — see here in Lim Kit Siang’s blog (RECOMMENDED).


Tuduh orang ‘kaki ponteng’

Can you believe that Hannah Yeoh scolded three BN Selangor Aduns for being absent from a sitting? (tweet reproduced below)

But look at her own attendance in the state assembly. It is she herself who holds the record for paling banyak ponteng throughout the whole year (Bukan saya yang cakap ni. The Hansard shows this fact.)

And yes, it’s the very same year that Hannah hentam the BN reps. Plus who can forget her legendary Facebooking when the Dewan was in session.


Dakwa Umno ‘diktator’

Kritik MCA perkauman

Kecam penyokong BN periuk hitam yang mengata cerek



“May God have mercy”

If you’re not in the DAP good books, habis lah sure kena WHACK!! by the Dapster heroes (see poster below by Hannah Yeoh).

The heroine with the big stick in the photoshop is Hannah by the way. [Update, 2.20pm: Her face is superimposed on the kung fu girl, and Hannah tweeted the poster herself — explanation provided here just in case Yeopies want to accuse me bermacam-macam).

And if you’re not in the good graces of Twitterjaya, kena whack juga.

Hannah tweeted to tick off other politicians whom she says “should never use social media if they lack the ability to think before tweeting”.

Hannah’s reminder to lesser politicians that they are unfit to use social media was even carried by Yahoo! News.



Leadership by example

See below.

The Rocket gave a cover story to Hannah who believes that “Insecurity is the heart of racism“.

Her party publication also reported on the National Registration Department rejecting “Anak Malaysia” as a race classification in her baby’s birth cert.

The Rocket had earlier reported the big news ‘Yeoh welcomes baby girl‘.

Yeoh welcomes baby girl 2012-07-15 09-12-49


But best of all

In the newspaper that is the second most dedicated Hannah cheerleader,

(yup, this one — Bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star)

Its associate editor a couple of days ago wrote in his column that the concept of Race is a myth, and told The Star readers how his mother-in-law Madam Lee “did not discriminate against anyone based on race or colour of skin”.

There … I told you that Jerusubangites talk exactly like their mama. Even The Star associate editor uses Dapspeak.

Part I:

‘And a big hullo to all my darling bot-bots too’


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11 thoughts on “Hannah and her bot-bots

    1. “Remember that you’re perfect, God makes no mistakes…” Bon Jovi

      She sure as hell is perfect. The perfect example to others to not emulate.

  1. i know this is so out of topic – when I saw the title I thought it was Hannah the Bot Bot, which ironically in my household BotBot means fat or chubby..LOL!

    1. :) ‘Bot’ is robot. Some of the followers are really like automatons, programmed in Dapspeak. Their reactions are so predictable.

  2. Some people just can stand on their own feet and they don’t really need any help but there some who just can’t stand on their own feet without first getting a daily dose of the holy phrase stimulant. In this aspect, it seems that HY is pretty aware of what the congregants actually want in this life.

  3. Kalau dalam bahasa komputer “bot” tu cheat engine atau software yang buat kerja yang dijana secara automatik . Biasanya untuk tujuan exploits. Kena sangatlah tu dengan Mak Yong di atas ni. Post di Twitter pun laju semacam pakai autotweeter. Gamaknya, journalist di The Star & The Rocket kalau nak tulis berita pun dah kena ikut cakap Sensei DAP kena makan ubat tepat ikut masa seperti yang tertulis dalam preskripsi . Kalau dah tahap kritikal sangat macam ni, kena hantar Chemo Mak Yong ni.

  4. Kak Helen… does MCA leaders really read ur column?… looks like ur hard work exposing STAR falls on deaf years… is there another agenda at work?

    1. Well, I’ve been reliably informed that The Star monitors me 24/7, quite understandably.

      The paper would of course prefer that none of the MCA leaders read my blog. I think some do but I’m not sure how high up the awareness of my exposes go.

      It’d be appreciated if readers here could TWEET UP to the leaders in the other BN components since MCA seems to be still making dunno and their “media machinery” (konon) adamantly refusing to tackle any critical stories about the evangelistas.

      I can give one example:

      Last Chinese New Year, “Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh’s [angpow distributed to the public] featured a blooming peony and a Bible verse from the Book of Proverbs on the cover, and HER PHOTO AND CONTACT DETAILS AT THE BACK.” – Star report here.

      It’s a CNY angpow envelope. What’s a bible verse doing printed on it?! And how come The Star didn’t find the whole exercise strange tapi boleh dok lapor dengan selamba aje.

      This year she most likely repeated the stunt. And The Star which used to report on her activities daily, and sometimes even two or three stories in a single day, this year pula pilih untuk buat tak tahu in their CNY coverage when they could have pursued the story angle above.

      The Star Media Group claims that they reach an audience of 5.63 million. Their other arms like the Mandarin radio stations fall further under the radar … nobody keeps tabs on what they’re up to.

      When MCA keels over, the party should know who scissored them in the back. I doubt that the other BN parties would like to share the same fate too.

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