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Pulangkan paku buah keras

Lidah pengarang akhbar The Times (of London) pada 2 Julai 1957 berkata:

“… one need only look at the Constitution [of Malaya] and the latest amendments incorporated to be reminded how great is the divide between the Malays and the Chinese.”

[Laporan Suruhanjaya Reid telah disiapkan pada Februari 1957 dan Perlembagaan Persekutuan diterbitkan kemudiannya dalam bulan Julai. Perjanjian Persekutuan ditandatangani Ratu Elizabeth dengan Raja-Raja Melayu pada 5 Ogos 1957.]

Uskop Paul Tan membayangkan rusuhan kaum dan agama mungkin tercetus

Dalam satu temuramah hari ini dengan FMT, Uskop Paul Tan berkata langkah-langkah pencegahan harus segera diambil untuk mengelak daripada kemungkinan meletusnya rusuhan di negara kita. (“It is my conviction that all precautions must be taken to ensure that racial or religious riots do not break out in Malaysia.”)


Uskop Paul Tan menganggap Dr Mahathir Mohamed dan Ibrahim Ali sebagai bertanggungjawab meningkatkan ketegangan kaum dan agama. Rujuk ‘Stop Dr M before he burns M’sia, says Bishop‘ (FMT, 14 Feb 2013).

Dia juga menggesa agar tindakan keras undang-undang dikenakan ke atas orang yang sengaja memecah-belahkan masyarakat. Dia berkata mereka yang mengapi-apikan sentimen hanya mahu mengambil kesempatan politik dengan membuat tuduhan bahawa orang Kristian berhasrat menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara Kristian.

(“Action must be taken against those who for political expediency accuse Christians of trying to make Malaysia a Christian country and those who make false accusations against any ethnic group without concrete proof to enflame the already tedious and fragile fabric texture of the Malaysian society.)


Dr M membayangkan rusuhan kaum dan agama mungkin tercetus

Bersambung daripada posting semalam “Yang memperalatkan agama akan dimakan oleh agama”, kata Dr Mahathir.

Dalam warkahnya (screenshot bawah), Dr M telah memberi amaran bahawa “tidak ada sesuatu yang lebih bahaya daripada permusuhan kerana agama”.

Mantan perdana menteri itu juga menjangka bahawa mungkin akan berlaku rusuhan sekiranya golongan bukan Muslim masih meneruskan kegiatan-kegiatan mereka yang mencemar Islam.
“Agama Islam akan lebih dicemar oleh orang Islam sendiri. Jika ini disertai oleh orang bukan Islam maka akan berlakulah ketegangan hubungan antara kaum dan rusuhan di Malaysia.”
Seterusnya @
Seterusnya @

Sejarah rusuhan kaum

Persengketaan di antara Melayu dan Cina hasil daripada Pendudukan Jepun:

“The racial feeling in Malaya which has given rise to this and to a number of other clashes during the last four months [Jan-April 1946] between the Malay and Chinese communities in different parts of the Peninsula, is the direct outcome of the Japanese occupation.” (pautan)


The Straits Times, 15 Feb 1946, mukasurat 1

Peristiwa bunuh-membunuh

  • 1945/6: Batu Pahat, Johor
    pembunuhan beramai-ramai di Parit Gumong, Parit Kecil dan Parit Kali (pautan)
  • Nov 1945: Kuala Pilah, Negri Sembilan
    40 orang Cina terbunuh diserang Melayu (pautan)
  • Dis 1945: Teluk Anson, Perak
    4 orang Melayu terbunuh, 14 cedera diserang Cina (pautan)
  • Feb 1946: Batu Malim, Raub, Pahang
    30 orang Cina terbunuh, 16 cedera diserang Melayu (pautan)
  • Mac 1946: Bekor, Kuala Kangsar, Perak
    56 orang Melayu terbunuh diserang Cina (pautan)

Senarai di atas tidak lengkap kerana terlalu banyak bab-bab pembunuhan yang perlu dicatat


The Straits Times, 15 Julai 1964, mukasurat 1

Saling bertikaman antara Melayu dan Cina

  • Januari 1957: Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
    Juga digelar ‘Rusuhan Chingay’, 12 orang cedera
  • Mei 1959: Pangkor, Perak
    Seorang terbunuh, 10 cedera
  • Julai 1964: Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang
    2 orang terbunuh, 13 cedera, perintah berkurung
  • Nov 1967: Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang
    Juga digelar ‘Rusuhan Hartal’, 4 orang terbunuh, perintah berkurung
  • Mei 1969: Kuala Lumpur

Pada zaman 1940an sehingga 1960an, percanggahan timbul ekoran perbezaan bangsa, budaya dan bahasa. Pada hari ini, ia dirumitkan dengan pertembungan dua agama.



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34 thoughts on “Pulangkan paku buah keras

  1. Paul Tan ….’all precautions must be taken to ensure that racial or religious riots do not break out in Malaysia….’

    To whom is this statement addressed? Surely it’s not to the authorities alone! What about the Church itself with their provocative stance on a number of issues sensitive to Muslims? Remember the saying that had its roots in the bible: reap what you sow?

    I have a suggestion for Paul Tan. Why not take a cue from Ranau PKR which conferred the Huguan Siou title on PR’s Prime Monster designate and appoint him the new Pope. Considering he had been billed by the PR as the Imam Mehdi and The Gift of God, one would think that he and he alone has the capability to avert riots, other than those the Ketua Umum himself likes to unleash on the general population from time to time, that Paul is concerned about.

    1. Oooooops!!!!! and before you confer or annointed Paul Tan as the next pope, another candidate worthy of consideration is that twitter queen from subang jaya, the one who thinks she is god-sent and god-chosen [].. now she is quite good…. quite good at being a bad, bad, bad adun, rep and a good example of bad citizenry, and extremely good at fanning racists sentiments in her very own sweet subtle way….

      Perhaps subang jaya residents are overall typical of their rep….and yes, please carry on voting people like her to be aduns…twittering all over but no real work done and only help in destroying any goodwill within the community…..

      1. What? Hannah Banana to succeed Benedict?

        What would she be called? Popess? Popette? Ponana?

        But the Pope is Catholic. Is Hanana Catholic? I forgot! Someone please help me!

    1. Helen,

      Nak tambah sikit…

      Sept 1834 – Lukut Massacre – Chinese miners slaughtered the royal family and hundreds of Malays

      1857 – Bau Rebellion – Iban and Malay warriors loyal to Rajah Brooke slaughtered 100s of Chinese miners after their failed rebellion against Rajah Brooke

      December 1950 Natrah Riot Singapore, 18 dead and 173 injured

      Mei 13 1969 Kuala Lumpur

      As far that I know , except for the Natrah riot, there was no clashes between the Malays and Chinese due to religion. Please remember prior to 1975, the Malays were mostly non religious. During this time wearing miniskirt and getting drunk at cabaret and bar were common to the Malays. The Natrah riot was not led by the Malays but was instigated by the Indian Muslims, the Malays then were mere followers.

      Interesting to see the pattern of other clashes between the Chinese and the Malays. The Malays were then reactive to the provocation of the Chinese.They were in response of the Chinese aggression against the Malays or the government of the day. In 1945 incidents that happened in Batu Pahat and Kuala Pilah, the Bintang 3 communist were ruling the country at that time and some of them become big headed and tried to subjugate the Malays.In Kuala Pilah, the Chinese was capturing an imam and on the verge of transporting the imam when the villlagers fought back. It was a battke between parangs and guns but the parangs won the battle.

      It is interesting to see downsouth how the Singaporeans reacted to their blotched history, Instead of trying to hide their dark moment, they openly analsyed and studied it, trying to understand the reasons , root causes of the clashes and try to learn important lessons .By learning they will prevent future clashes.

      In Malaysia, we tend to avoid discussing it. .and thus we loss the opportunity to educate the young generation the important lesson of our history. If we forget to learn history, the history will repeat again.

      1. Yup, previous ones were racial, and not religious, clashes. But I wouldn’t agree that in all the episodes the Malays were only being reactive to Chinese provocation. It was tit for tat, tit for tat — a spiral of violence.

        Looking at recent history of violence bloodshed and at other countries, Muslim vs Christian clashes are bloody. There’s an overlap between racial and religious clashes, and if the two sides are different in both, then double whammy.

        All the press clippings (scanned above) were front page news in The Straits Times but yet many Malaysians, esp. young ones I daresay, are unaware that the ethnic conflict goes some way back and May 13 was not an isolated incident happening in a vacuum. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking that ethnic strife only started with Dr M.

        By sweeping our history under the carpet, we get the oblivious Dapsters now behaving like they do today.

        I wish Malays could be like they were during the Saloma days. I like this picture of Tun Rahah Noah.

      2. so true… the young generation have not gone through the pains of japanese occupation and the likes where curfew and bloodbath is more often than not… mayb Anwar is right, we should have an Arab Spring… we may need civil wars once a while in Malaysia so as to teach these young generations and the new popes and priests what its like not to have food on the table and eat ubi kayu most of the time… mayb thats what LKS wants, to relive the good old memories of May13… Malaysia is like a dream come true, it has been too peaceful and prosperous for too long…

  2. Siapa yang mewujudkan ‘Ibrahim ali’ dan seangkatan dengan nya, kalau bukan orang jenis yang ego terlalu besar anggap semua benda boleh dipermainkan atas nama ‘kebebasan bersuara’.

    Uskop Paul Tan perlu lebih melihat akan realiti dan memahaminya tanpa kebodohan mahu pun kebebalan – kalau tidak dijoloknya sarang tebuan, masakan tebuan itu menyegat kita.

    Ambil contoh isu Bakar bible yang kononnya akan dibuat oleh ibrahim ali. Adakah ianya terjadi tanpa apa-apa sebab?

    Siapa yang mengapi-apikan akan hal ini hingga menjadi besar? Saya rasa orang itu adalah tidak lain dan tidak bukan ‘Tokong guan eng’ sendiri melalui akan perutusan hari natal.

    Kita mampu hidup dengan aman – jika golongan tertentu tidak tamak inginkan KUASA.

    1. “Siapa yang mewujudkan ‘Ibrahim ali’ dan seangkatan dengan nya, kalau bukan orang jenis yang ego terlalu besar anggap semua benda boleh dipermainkan atas nama ‘kebebasan bersuara’.”

      “Ambil contoh isu Bakar bible yang kononnya akan dibuat oleh ibrahim ali. Adakah ianya terjadi tanpa apa-apa sebab?”

      Your words are truth. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Paul Tan can go to hell for all I care. I don’t hide behind ecclesiastical office when making rabid accusations & insinuations. I don’t claim to be a shepherd of God’s flock in justifying my political leanings.

    And I sure as hell don’t pretend to be a Catholic that Christ want me to be. Having received the sacrament of Holy Orders, “His grace” should be mindful of his word & deeds as these actions will reflect either favorably or other wise on the church of which he is the titular head of in Malaysia.

    The clergy in Sabah & Sarawak are more measured with their response over various issues affecting worship there when they’re the worst affected by controversies relating to the usage of Allah. Instead we have others who are self proclaimed defenders of the faith who are making incendiary & decidedly callous statements, interspersed with bombastic words in a show of scholastic might.

    It is by such acts of blatant disregard of the church’s well being that Jesuits are viewed as aggressors of the church. If history of the Catholic church had taught you nothing, then it is obvious you are led not by the Holy Spirit but by some evil spirit.

    Is it any wonder that Catholics & Christians are now viewed with an unhealthy degree of suspicion by the masses as a result of the actions of a recalcitrant few?

    Shame on you Paul Tan. Do the honorable thing today by resigning your religious office while you assiduously pursue your passion in your brand of justice through politics. Memento Mori.

    1. Once upon a time I heard a pastor talk about the evils of cloning. He had no clue about the science nor its applications, but that sure as heck didn’t stop him from rambling on for about an hour.

      The congregation? Quiet as a bunch of mice. Took me all my restraint to remain silent throughout. At least that taught me patience.

      So, to the likes of Paul Tan and the attacks on Pakiam, let me just say this – tolong-lah, you put the Church in the firing line of politics, you reap the harvest of fruitscake-lah.

      1. Patience is bitter, but it bears a sweet fruit – Moroccan saying.

        I admire Archbishop Murphy’s restraint over the Allah controversy. He handled it with grace, diplomacy & in what can best be described as Christian-like. Even at the height of it all, he invited the PM for Christmas tea & played gracious host. The PM returned the favor in kind which shows what a magnanimous person he is.

        Unlike the posse of “radical priest”, Archbishop Murphy’s actions were a great advert on the faith he professes. I attended mass at CDM Shah Alam once when Fr Paulino made this statement at the start of the homily – “Today, I am not going to talk about the readings we just heard.” and launched into a diatribe on the evil that is BN. After 5 minutes, I couldn’t stomach it anymore & walked out.

        I know there are instances when the church made a stand towards what is perceived to be tyranny. The then Archbishop (later Cardinal) of Manila Jamie Sin was by the side of Corazon Aquino in the uprising that toppled Ferdinand Marcos. Was it justified? Yes, because the tyranny was proven.

        What about here in Malaysia? Is there tyranny? Injustice? Lets be honest about a few things. There is a bias towards certain a race & religion. But we are in no way enslaved to the extent that we have no free will to do as we wish within the confines of the law right?

        If we go back to history again, do remember the role the church played in granting indulgences in exchange for material things. Or how the grand master of the Knights Templar was burned on a stake for refusing to “confess his sins”. History is littered with corrupt & dishonest Popes despite their supposed “infallibility”.

        By this account, members of the clergy should not be too zealous into believing in their own infallibility. They should not use the age old excuse that they are driven by the Holy Spirit to “speak out” when all they’re spitting out is vitriol & catty comments.

        Paul Tan should examine his conscience in all honesty before God. He can put up a show to fool a huge number here on earth but he sure as hell can’t fool the Creator. Perhaps he need a reminder about the “false prophets” Jesus spoke of in the Gospels?

          1. Incidentally, during Pope Benedict XVI’s final homily (sermon) at St Peter’s Basilica, he condemned the “hypocrisy” of those who use their religion just for show according to Reuters.

        1. I won’t limit it to just the Christian fathers. Throughout history, we have lessons of what happens to organized religions when it tries to dabble with State politics – Iran, as a case in point. Shamans too close to the throne represents convenient tools as well as scapegoats, so I hope we will learn our lessons, from the likes of Harussani Zakaria to Paul Tan. I’ll not spare Nik Aziz, but then again PAS has been at it for years.

          Some disclosure might be warranted – I’m somewhere between a deist and an atheist, I think.

          1. I agree with that. World history is littered with the incompatibility of religion & politics. But men never seem to learn do they?

            Deist & atheist in between? Maybe we should coin a term for that if there isn’t one already. Deatheist???!!! Jokes aside, faith is personal & should remain so. I truly despise the “bible thumping”, hallelujah spewing etc etc Christians who seem to think everyone with the exception of themselves need saving to enter God’s kingdom.

          2. i can’t begin to say how much i’ve enjoyed reading this particular string between FFC & ihns.

            have to admit that reading this thread really got my shackles standing at attention, esp wrt the hypocrisy of bishop paul.

            thank you gentlemen, you have unwittingly valved the seethes of my resentments. :)

            but honesty, how cld a god-fearing man by profession [and by profession!] join in the fray of politics, – partisan politics pulak tu?

            if he is such a PR/DAP sympathiser to the point where he’s willing to collude with them in their obscene twistings, then perhaps he shd quit his day job and do a TGNA!

            in some ways, i can accept all the constant ca-caing by those born-again and born-just-now evangelists. everyone knows they’re kooks and full of shit. god [or their tokong or god’s gift] help them, for they can’t help themselves. but catholic priests?

          3. One of his recent acts of hypocrisy is when he claimed Mat Sabu as “a friend of the church” over MS’s comments that Christians can use the term Allah. When MS made a u-turn on the stand, Paul Tan kept his counsel on whether MS remains a friend.

            As a Catholic, I cannot accept such blatant acts of hypocrisy from the shepherd that is supposed to lead the flock. FYI, The Herald is littered with political op-ed pieces, biased opinion pieces & letters.

            Catholics should think & think thoroughly if you want to be led by a clearly radical member of the clergy. Me? I don’t. I will walk out of a Mass if he happens to be celebrating it. I no longer recognize his authority as a clergy. He is no longer credible.

            Catholics must not be deluded to the “holiness” of their priests. Even in Sarawak, a few priest “slipped quietly away” after their dalliances with women. The church prefers to keep what they may regard as elegant silence but to me, they’re just avoiding the reality of it all & are passing the buck.

            I’ve been chastised before by Catholics for being critical of the clergy. I stand by my words & I will take full responsibility for them when I face God for the final judgment.

            As such, if Paul Tan is so led by the Holy Spirit as he would like the flock to believe, he should have no qualms in defending his actions & words. If he indicates so, I would be more than happy to be defend my words & actions against him in a public discourse, live.

            A nameless, faceless lay Catholic facing a Jesuit, theologically trained clergy face to face. I don’t see a reason for him to chicken out of this since he’s led “by conviction”. We could always use the hall in St Ignatius or Church of Assumption or CDM or SFX or any church for that matter. Personally, I’d prefer my home parish St Joe’s Kuching.

            So as the hymn goes;

            “Go tell it on the mountains,
            Over the hills & everywhere…”

            Bishop Paul Tan, you are challenged. He could confirm his acceptance here on Helen’s blog. (Tumpang ye Kak Helen….)

  4. If they say race-based politic is a thing of the past, by right same thing applicable to religion-based politic.

    So, when DUMC pointing the finger at the race based org as this and that…but at the same time they are pretending that there is no such thing as a religion-based politic, do we agree to it?

    As for me, I can only smiles and have to accept the fact that when the GE is getting closer and closer, it is normal for a religion based org indulged their political mania, waving bigotry flags and chanting “holier than thou”.

  5. It takes both hands to clap.
    It’s stupid to blame this on any single person, especially when it’s some other current politician and chief minister who keeps igniting provocative issues when making holiday speeches.

  6. Tambah sedikit lagi. Saya bukan hendak membangga diri. Orang Melayu secara fitrah adalah lembut dan amat bertolak ansur. Dua sikap yang dianggap lemah dan diambil kesempatan Cina DAP.

    Bukti dua sikap tersebut ditunjukkan oleh TAR dengan memberi kewarganegaraan tanpa tapisan era 50an!

    Selepas tahun PRU 2008 siapa yang sentiasa membuat provokasi, Melayu atau Cina DAP? Contoh terbaru perbuatan biadap pengikut Cina DAP terhadap Permaisuri Agung dan perbuatan perbuatan lain terhadap DSN. Kalau benci tidak usah datang. Tiada bentangan carpert merah yang mempelawa anda!

    Setakat ini belum ada reaksi keras orang Melayu kecuali dalam bentuk Ibrahim Ali. Tapi jangan sangka orang Melayu tidak ada perasaan marah. Berdiam bukan makna bodoh dan boleh dipijak pijak sesuka hati.

    Saya gunakan peribahasa Melayu yang indah, Sikap Cina DAP seperti ‘Sudah murah lagi menawar’, ‘Jangan sudah terantuk baru hendak tengadah’

    Ingat perkataan Inggeris ‘amuk’ datang daripada bahasa Melayu. Itulah sikap orang Melayu bila semakin mereka bersabar, semakin terus dicabar. Seperti bangsa lain kami ada maruah!

    Orang Cina secara keseluruhan adalah bangsa yang baik dan rajin. Hanya Cina DAP sahaja yang begitu.

    1. Bukan saya hendak menyokong Tun M tetapi hakikatnya ialah tidak ada individu yang telah berjasa dalam membangunkan negaranya mahu melihat pembangunan itu lenyap begitu saja

      Justeru, pengkritik Tun M di atas itu harus bertanya pada diri sendiri apakah jasa mereka terhadap pembangunan kerana lojiknya dalam situasi semasa ialah pihak yang tidak ada jasa lebih menginginkan kemusnahan berbanding pihak yang ada jasa.

    1. Laaa… bukan Anwar Ibrahim ke yang sentiasa keluar negara untuk dapatkan sokongan orang asing?

  7. My mom just reminded me to stock some dry food as we’re getting closer to GE13. She has always been asking me to do that whenever there’s an election or some unexpected events have happened (like how DSAI was unceremoniously kicked out from the government in 1997/98). I hope we don’t resort to violence as we’re more educated and progressed now, compared to those old days of 1940s-1960s where brawn ruled the day. Once violence has started, it’s very hard to turn back. In any unfortunate turn of event, I think Chinese will be the biggest loser.

    1. Bila baca link2 tu semua rasa berderau darah. Tak nak negara kita jadi macam tu. Sekarang dah serba selesa, jangan dimusnahkan apa yang dah dibina.

      1. Let nature take its course. Let the forest burn so that the soil may be more fertile for regeneration. Ground zero is not a bad place to sort out priorities and to realise that life is not necessarily a zero-sum game.

  8. Helen,

    Many chinese are not aware that actually DAP is bringing the chinese to directly collide with the Malays. And I must emphasize the collision would be physical and the consequence is not going to be pleasant.

    Why the insistence to use “allah” by christian when God as per Christian teaching is polar apart from the concept understood by Muslims? why? To agitate the Malays into objecting it. Naturally when they object, they(the malays) would expect that the very party that holds power(UMNO) to defend the interests od Islam.

    Then DAP can say “see I told you. UMNO plays the racial card. “. As many Chinese has minimal understanding on Malays and islam and seldom read newspaper beyond STAR or Malaysiakini, they are unable to appreciate that the reason why Muslim object is due that sharing the name is actually threatening the very basic foundation of Islam.

    Contrary what Chinese feel, UMNO is not racist. Defending the legitimate interests of malays is not sign of racism. [edit]

    As for foreign media. for UMNO to earn political power (by winning election) is already a sin.

    1. Shamshul,

      If the Chinese not aware, there is always the MCA-owned Star Media Group that can reach an audience of 5.63 million.

      How come nobody telling the Chinese?

      1. Helen,

        Because many are not willing to listen. Just like PAS members who are “taught” to “idolize” PAS leaders, DAP has been drumming to chinese that it (DAP) is the only party that cares for chinese.

        That is why many of my chinese friends are surprise when I told them how Malays generally feel about them or DAP.

        As for MCA, it continues to ignore “fascination” STAR has on DAP as it takes the easy way out of surviving on Malay majority areas like Alor Setar. MCA is not bothered to fight DAP in Chinese areas.

        Which is why now Malays are telling UMNO leaders to stop putting MCA in Malay areas. Bereft of its life line, MCA will be forced to fight tooth and nail in Chinese majority areas.

        1. Kalau talian hayat dipotong dan justeru itu MCA jatuh tersungkur, macam mana pula nanti?

          Saya pun sudah begitu jemu sekali dah dengan gelagat MCA yang terang-terang enggan menggalas tanggungjawab untuk mematahkan kemaraan DAP malah parti itu juga lepas tangan sahaja membiarkan jentera medianya sendiri asyik menggunting dalam lipatan.

          1. Helen,

            Kalau dah tersungkur, berusahalah bangun.

            Seperti juga Melayu ingatkan UMNO walaupun UMNO ada tempat istimewa dihati orang Melayu, tidak bermakna UMNO dipuja. Maksudnya jika tak kena caranya, akan ditolak juga.

            Orang Melayu dan UMNO pun tahu perkara itu. Sudah diingatkan dalam alquran bahawa “allah SWT boleh memberi kuasa dan menarik balik kuasa lebih cepat dari sekelip mata’.

            Jadi, jika tak mahu tersungkur, jangan buat perkara bodoh berperang dengan Melayu yang menyokong MCA tetapi begitu tiada otak pertahankan STAR yang “condong” pada DAP. Itu bodoh namanya.

            Dalam bahasa mudah, jika MCA enggan buat kerja sebagai jurucakap orang Cina (tetapi biarkan DAP menguasai segalanya), maka akhirnya bukan saja orang Cina tolak MCA, tetapi juga orang Melayu.

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