9 thoughts on “Tilikan ahli nujum di ambang pilihanraya

  1. I don’t know about the elections, but if Najib recognizes the UEC (Tong Kao) by the Independent Chinese High Schools (ICHS) during his CNY visit to DJZ this week, it spells the end for our national education system. I wonder if Muhyiddin as Minister of Education have thought this through.

    It reeks of desperation and I fear the wide coverage in Sin Chew is setting up BN for a fall. MCA wasn’t anywhere near the coup.

  2. I’m eager to read RPK or TDZ’s predictions but they haven’t say anything yet. TDZ has said something early last year with NST and China Press, but things have changed since. They have been pretty accurate in the past.

      1. Thanks for the link.

        I guess one of the key points from Matthias’s piece (to tie in with what this particular post is probably trying to say) is this:

        The stand taken by Lim Guan Eng on the “Allah Issue” will be the straw that will break PAS’ camel’s back. Given that this issue is so close to the hearts of all PAS members and the blatant and very public refusal of DAP’s leadership (especially Karpal Singh and Lim Guan Eng) to make a tactical compromise is an indication that when the crunch comes, the retention of Penang as a DAP stronghold is a bigger prize for DAP than the prospect of securing Federal power.

        Then last Thursday, Timbalan Mursyidul Am PAS Haron Din, again voiced up his (second) objection against DAP’s stand on Allah issue (I found the news on RPK’s website).

        1. Lousy engineer,

          “…Given the issue is ……hearts of all PAS members….”

          CORRECTION. The issue is of paramount importance to all Muslims,, be they are PAS or non PAS member. The issue affects the very foundation of islam.

          allowing Christians to use “Allah” is tantamount to negating whatever Prophet Muhammad SAW said about Islam.

  3. From where I’m sitting at the east cost of downunder, if going by the media coverage here, the great AI will be the next PM of Malaysia. However, if going by groups of fellow Malaysian citizens-Australian PRs who will vote this coming election, Najib will retain his position..:-)

    1. hmmmm…. you must be in the BN Bubble that surrounds a small corner of the Malaysian Consulate. We folks living/studying/working here in Oz are gonna be voting ABCD

      Asal Bukannya Cap Dacing :-)

  4. My crystal ball says the PR would capture Putrajaya. Among other things, the Ministry of the Interior would be renamed Ministry of the Posterior.

    LOL. You’re on a roll today. — Helen

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