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Xenophon and the perception of “widespread election fraud and corruption”

I. NICK XENOPHON, the Australian senator refused entry into Malaysia, told BBC News how he has repeatedly voiced his fears that our GE13 could be subject to “widespread election fraud and corruption”.

The keyword is perception. Pakatan has convinced its supporters that the coming election will indeed be “the dirtiest ever”. They seem to have managed to convince even foreigners of the same.

A reader of this blog commented from Australia, “going by the media coverage here, the great [Anwar Ibrahim] will be the next PM of Malaysia”.


Therefore if “the great AI” is not gifted by God (Anugerah Tuhan) to become prime minister following GE13, expect the Pakatan followers to echo Xenophon and cry “widespread election fraud”. That’s the widespread perception that the federal opposition has successfully put out.

Similarly, the self-hypnosis therapy of the Dapsters have made them think that this time they have a strong chance of taking over the federal government — a misplaced confidence which derives from all the misconception they feed on.

Dapspeak vocabulary

“Corruption” is the other word mentioned by Xenophon alongside “widespread election fraud”. DAP has been the most successful in making its supporters believe that the BN is corrupt to the core, so much so that with Dapsters, the word “corruption” ranks number one in their anti-BN arsenal.

The DAP hardcore also shriek “[BN] corruption” at fence-sitters as if the word were a holy crucifix, that when held aloft, will be able to ward off the incumbent BN’s reentry into Putrajaya.

This accusation of corruption against the BN is juxtaposed with the standard DAP lexicon such as “transparency”, “accountability”, “integrity”, “good governance”. These words, which Dapsters associate with themselves and their party, have been successfully lodged in the circle jerk too.

Pakatan definitely beats BN hands down in the perception game.


II. HANNAH YEOH, in her tweet, screamed “Pathetic journalism!!” at a news report titled ‘Malaysian lawmakers agree with Xenophon’s deportation‘ (The Star, 16 Feb 2013).

The article was written by Sira Habibu. I had blogged on the first of January that The Star has thousands of journalists but you can count those who have ever written critically about DAP 2.0 on the fingers of one hand — Joceline Tan, K. Baradan, Wong Chun Wai and Sira. (See ‘Something seriously wrong with arrogant MCA‘)

Therefore Sira Hibibu is the one-in-four exception out of the several thousands of Star journalists who do not ever write anything critical about DAP.

Sira as a writer who is critical of DAP gets slapped with the label “[practitioner of] “pathetic journalism” by the Star poster girl Hannah Yeoh, and this is tweeted to the evangelist politician’s 60,000 followers on the social media and retweeted to several thousands more.

It is The Star, through its dedicated promotion of the evangelista cult, which has actually enabled Hannah Yeoh to become a mini media outlet in her own right. Comparatively, a small newspaper might have a readership of 60,000. Well, Hannah Yeoh has 60,000 readers on her social media.

Her extensive reach has largely been cultivated through The Star under the auspices of the paper’s constant and consistent support of her publicity blitz.

I’m willing to bet that the paper’s editorial staff – many of whom are Jerusubang Twitter followers – will take the side of the DAP evangelist politician rather than their own colleague Sira.

In the same boat with Sira is Joceline Tan who had earlier been targetted by Hannah Yeoh as well (see screenshot below). Joceline is often the victim of the vicious cyber gangsterism carried out by the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.


III. SHEN YEE AUN, president of the Kami Sayangi Selangor outfit, wrote an article yesterday titled ‘Is Malaysian government really that bad towards the Chinese community?

The way Shen framed his question presumes that the Malaysian government is guilty as charged in the court of Pakatan public opinion, and he’s sacrilegiously asking his blog readers to reevaluate whether this belief is genuinely true.

One perception which the Chinese community hugs close to its chest is that the Umno-led government has been unfair to the country’s minorities.

As one example, a major dissatisfaction with the Chinese is the quota system that favours the Malay home owner, for example the 30% bumiputera reserve in any new housing project.

But when the PAS government increased this NEP quota from 30 to 50 percent, and then to 70 percent in Kedah, the DAP supporters somehow fail to register that the Islamist party is worse than the Malay party Umno in its treatment of the Chinese community.

The 70 percent Kedah quota was reported as early as November 2008, barely half a year after the March 8 tsunami. So the fact is that within a very short period of acquiring power, the PAS state government amended a quota figure that the BN has been implementing for several decades.

Yet mere perception has successfully trumped reality and today we can hear some Chinese Christian opposition diehards swearing that they would rather choose PAS over Umno anytime.


Shen Yee Aun had observed wryly:

“Whenever there is anybody who supported Pakatan Rakyat, then they are good people, clean and not being paid. Whenever there people who supported Barisan Nasional, then they are bad, dirty and being paid.”

Among other popular perceptions are that everyone in BN is corrupt [yes, that key word again]. But if the BN politicians hop over to Pakatan, then they are automatically cleansed — the DAP ‘Dream Machine‘ does a Bersih Rinse, Spin and Wash.

On the other hand, anyone from Pakatan who crosses over to BN must have been bought. Sold his dirty little soul for filthy lucre. That’s the Dapster perception for which they have no hesitation in voicing out most vehemently as if it were gospel truth.




IV. REGINA LEE is a Star reporter and a Hannah Yeoh BFF in Twitterjaya. She tweeted her mocking comment on the Xenophon deportation vis-a-vis an article about the Immigration Department which had earlier appeared in her paper.

Some of you may still recall the “Big Mama” tweet, the “dinosaur” tweets as well as many other destructive ones by Star editors and executive journalists. In fact, the reporter who vilified Rosmah Mansor was given a promotion by The Star shortly after the “hu-hu-hu” (laughing at the PM’s wife) episode.


Let’s examine the Star article which Hannah Yeoh rubbished as “pathetic journalism”.

Sira Habibu had interviewed the Immigration director-general Alias Ahmad, independent MP Wee Choo Keong, independent MP N. Gobalakrishnan, independent MP Tan Tee Beng, Sedar Institute (a think tank) executive director Tan Chuan Khoon, and Election Commission deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.

Is there any valid reason for Hannah Yeoh to trash Sira’s efforts as “pathetic journalism”? Heaven forbid had it been Umno MPs who were interviewed.

Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day
Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day

She must imagine that the propaganda sheet Selangor Times, which features her in its pages every week without fail, is the exemplar of free and fair journalism. She may be justified in her view as you’ve never heard any Dapster complain that ST is a purveyor of pathetic journalism, have you?

But why did Hannah go ballistic over Sira’s article? It implies that Hannah Yeoh feels she has a proprietary right over the paper’s contents. It is hardly surprising that she should feel this way. Just look at the kind of tweets that Star senior editors have been sending her (screenshot below).


To revert to the query on how Pakatan has managed to beat BN – game, set, match – in the perception war, just consider how the Star Media Group has shaped the mindset of its 5.63 million-strong audience over the past 5 years.

The Star Media Group is not operated by robots. There is one Sira Habibu in The Star compared with hundreds, if not thousands, of Regina Lees. (Regina was formerly with Malaysiakini, by the way.) So how do you think the paper’s contents will turn out? The answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

And imagine, by publishing the Xenophon piece by Sira Hibibu (certainly a rare species in The Star habitat) the paper incurs the wrath of its Jerusubang idol.

When will BN start holding MCA to account for the malfunction of its media machinery? The Star has undoubtedly contributed to the public predisposition to perceptions in favour of fact.

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  1. Pakatan ni teruk betul, orang datang menyanyi diorang taknak bagi datang, si senator asing penyibuk takde kerja yang memperburukkan sawit Malaysia diorang nak bagi masuk.
    Nak menang sangat sampai sanggup hina negara sendiri, awal-awal dah tunjuk perangai cakap nak demo bila tak menang.

    DAP tu ingat diorang pandai sangat, orang cam Anwar tu kalaule berkuasa nanti dia pakai geng dia sini dengan geng dia oversea tu buat tebas DAP dengan PAS sekali.

    Just biding his time, that guy. Don’t know if that RM2 billion rumor is true, but if it is just shows he has clandestine subversives supporting him.

  2. I hope MCA will wake up soon.. for PRU13 it may be too late to do anything to the Star but they should aim to wrest back the control for PRU14..

  3. Don’t you have anything else to write or complain about apart from your daily attack on the star and HY?
    It is ok if there are new issues but it seems you are just crying over the same issue day in day out. Did HY grab someone you admired from you? :)

    1. Don’t you do anything than stalking Helen and spew out pro-PR and anti-BN posts? What Helen does in her blog is her business and you can vote with your feet if you disagree.

      1. ya lah.. wahai ravin..buat apa sibuk sibuk kt sini kalau tak suka.. org melayu kata jenis ni muka tak malu atau muka tembok..

        pergi la memuja blog atau website dapsterss

    2. Ya lah Ravin. Tak ada kerja lain kar. Kalau tak suka pergi jilat HY. Dia suka itu sangat sangat.

      Ini rumah Helen. Helen cakap apa yang benar. Kalau orang kata tengok porn tak baik, dan kalau kamu suka itu, kami tak ada hak untuk halang kamu. Kamu suka yang tidak benar, penipuan dan PERKAUMAN, pergilah kerumah DAP. Itu hak mereka yang racist seperti kamu. Hidup mati kamu akan dikelilingi oleh mereka yang racist dan sukakan kebencian kaum dan ugama.

  4. Eff off Ravin. If you don’t like what Helen writes, just don’t read. She hasn’t invited the likes of you to comment. We like to read what she says that makes some sense out of all these lies, distortions and misperceptions that abound.

    You must be bitter because someone you admired has been grabbed by someone else, thus the question you posed (from personal experience I guess; can never forget that episode in your life ya?)

    Start your own blog la. Then you can give vent to anything you like. In the meantime, please make a greater effort to keep away from here. Your silly and empty comments are unwelcome.

    1. shut up la, AYAH. nobody is asking you to make any comment.

      i say whatever i like and i can vent anything i like so long it is within the boundary.

      you can continue advocate your master-slave type of administration. For us, we are only concern about economic well being and ketuanan rakyat. The rest, we dont give a damn

      And, before i forget, stop being biadap. you can ayah or ayam, we dont give a damn. we dont owe you a living :)

      1. ravin terasa ‘butthurt’ kalau baca blog helen..atau tertekan atau emosi stress.. kasihan.. pergilah makan buah limau free.. menambah vitamin C..kahkah

      2. Oh my… this guy is ravin’ mad at everything…..easy to criticize others but himself can’t accept criticism.. typical of pakatan mentality…

        Already you are biaDAP…masuk rumah orang buat peragai macam beruk kena belacan…memalukan. Just keep your anger to yourself or set up your own blog…. or most probably don’t know how but ride on other people’s name and popularity…again very very typical of pakatan esp dap and pkr…..go get a life silly brainless ravine….

        1. Ride on others’ popularity? You mean najis and flom is it? :)
          Aiyo so malu :) got snubbed by PSY …..
          Hahaha…. What a silly excuse from BN after being snubbed :)

      3. So, do u think ayah owes u a living? He don’ why so butthurted..u can comment and he don’t…wht kind of democracy is that?

        And ya..u r the one who is being biadap…we dun give a damn about u really, but masuk rumah org and bg komen kurang ajar…tht deserve some smack on your head la..

      4. Raving
        Vindictive or Vile

        Sounds a lot like Le God & his posse no?

      5. If you concern about economic well being and ketuanan rakyat, you will not support Pakatan Rakyat.

        1. Haha…. Even if pakatan nominate a cow to be the candidate, I will still vote for it instead of BN ars hole :)
          Mind you, there days cows are smarter than the BN dungus :)
          At least they stay in 1 menerung, courtesy of the BN whore :)

          1. Good for you. Your parents brought you up well. They must be so proud of what you’ve become.

  5. Not believing Dapster might be using “doping” in order to win “races” is the same as not believing Armstrong was doping himself when he won Tour d ’France. Hopefully SPR is aware of this possibility.

  6. Xenophon is Anwar’s BFF and known for his drama-queen antics. He claimed that he was detained and managed to make a call while in detention. Wow, I guess that’s why Immigration dept says its pleased to serve as it provides free international calls from its detention cells.

    Actually he was never detained but blocked from entry. He was banned for his anti-Malaysian palm oil campaign.

    I hear from my Aussie buddies that he has a reputation for being fruity character. I wonder why Pakatan and its supporters and leaders seemed to be full of such weird and mentally unstable people.

    1. A proud Green-ie observed that Mr X is a fashionable politician who lacks substance. He takes up causes which are in fashion.

      A couple of years back, it was fashionable to bash scientology so he became the poster boy against the church of scientology. A high proportion of aussie still thinks Dr M is the PM of M’sia which makes the great AI fashionable by association, coupled with high visibility on the commerce front making M’sia fashionable. And so, it’s no surprise when Mr X takes the catwalk.

      However, when check Mr X’s record on carbon tax or asylum human rights, you can only see tumble weeds on those issues.:-)

  7. Xenophon jangan salahkan negara lain kerana bersikap Xenofobia tetapi salahkan diri sendiri kerana sikap anda terhadap negara lainlah yang membuatkan anda ditolak oleh negara berkenaan.

    Sesunguhnya, era di mana Whites jadi penegak kebenaran untuk negara membangun dan negara mundur telah berakhir bilamana mereka didapati tidak bebas dan menangguk di air yang keruh

  8. what is it about the oppo that they so hardup over ‘ketuanan orang putih’? Is it the (orang putih) validation, affirmation & acknowledgement that they so unashamedly after?

    Going around town with ketuanan rakyat, last check Xeno is not even Malaysian thus he can’t even vote, so Ravin came in with his master/slave comment – first, that’s the gayest thing I ve ever heard and secondly, it confirms how googly-eyed & fascinated they are with orang putihs..and coming from an Ozzie, I think that’s rich..(the aborigines’ rights, the tragic rabbit fence, that woman MP that spews nothing but hate over foreigners, the increase of hate crime over asians and muslims – or are these being swept under carpet?).

    Similarly with Singaporeans press – what is it about Malaysia that gets you butthurted? Oh yes..their freedom of press not being able to criticise their own govt but it’s ok to run down others.

    Sometimes I do wish journos armed themselves with thesaurus and dictionary- detained and blocked at entry point carries different meaning all together: it’s as different as Pakatan equals zero corruption.

    btw – is LGE still renting or has he moved back to the official residence for CM? If not, it must be a bad termite or pests infestations for it took almost 5 years to be resolved. LOL..

    1. Saya hairan kenapa Xenophon dibela sedangkan kerajaan Xenophon yang menolak mentah-mentah permohonan PR yang dibuat oleh YB Banana Subang Jaya. Pelik sungguh.

      Lebih pelik, kerajaan dan Raja yang menganugerahkan 1 juta IC biru tidak dianggap lebih liberal dan mulia berbanding Xenophon yang langsung tidak ada jasa kepada Dapster.

  9. Xenophon is an insignificant MP representing an elitist Eastern suburb in Adelaide, his constituents holds very few pensioner voters, hardly a politician worth mentioning in South Australian politics, let alone Malaysia’s.

  10. Just imagine the uproar if it was Perkasa’s function that Najib attended.

    Anyway we don’t hear any hint of objection from Perkasa. Do we? Ibrahim Ali or Perkasa must be very moderate, after-all. If not for Dong Zong & Hindraf, Perkasa would not have existed.

  11. Xenophone was blocked to enter Malaysia is because he violates :-

    1.Article 4(1a) and 4(2a) of the peacefull assembly act.
    2.Article 41 of Geneva Convention.

  12. Waaah, Ravin can get angry ya. That’s good.

    He tells people to shut up because he isn’t asking for any comments.

    Hahahahaha, what a silly bloke: he should apply his advice to himself. Stupid Ravin” mad Dapster!

  13. For Xenophon. The Greeks were called Grecians by Bush Jr. The Turks of Ottoman Empire walloped them, 1492 to 1918. Hitler walloped them in 1941. Their Royalty walloped them in the late 1940s followed by the Communists. Just 25 years ago on Cyprus, the Turks walloped them again. I do not see how Xenophon=Erdogan ? Xeno should lobby the British for the return of the Elgin Marbles, sort out the mess in Athens, investigate the over 2000 Greek Swiss Bank accounts and leave us alone !

  14. The Athenians now the Greeks/Grecians outlasted the back-side fellows the Spartans since 250 BC. Vide. Singapore Business Times, S. Rajaratnam. Foreign Minister, Singapore.’Athens and Sparta’ 1982. He drew conclusions between the short-lived ‘Rugged Society’ spiel of 1970 Singapore and Sparta !

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