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FMT today featured an article titled ‘BN heading for political disaster‘. Penned by Jimmy Chua Jui Meng, the write-up made 190 readers ‘Happy’. It made only 10 readers ‘Think’.

Screenshot below of FMT reader feedback.


The pro-opposition supporters were happy because Jimmy Chua Jui Meng had declared that “Najib’s popular rating [is] falling by the day”, and “the only outcome for BN-Umno in GE13 is nothing short of political disaster”.

For good measure, the PKR vice president also proclaimed:

“Malaysians have BN and MCA to thank for selling out Malaysians, particularly the Chinese, big time for Umno’s self-serving wealth grab agenda. The Wealth Ownership policy will certainly benefit Umno leaders, their families and cronies, just like how the NEP has enriched Umnoputras, not the majority Malays.”

If you’re a rational person, the first thing that ought to strike you about his accusation that MCA sold out the Chinese is that Jimmy Chua Jui Meng seems to have forgotten he himself was:

  • an MCA member from 1976 until his departure in 2009 (33 years)
  • an MCA Member of Parliament for five consecutive terms (22 years)
  • a Deputy Minister/full Minister in the BN Cabinet 1990-2004 (14 years)
  • an MCA vice president since 1990 and making a bid for the party presidency in 2005 as well as 2008

If the MCA was responsible for selling out the Chinese big time, then what does that make him? Hey, the man tried twice to become party president!

Jimmy Chua Jui Meng additionally blamed the then MCA big four – Ong Ka Ting, Chan Kong Choy, Fong Chan Onn and Chua Soi Lek – for allowing the NEP to be extended to enrich Malays under a 30 percent quota asset divestment (well that’s what he implied in his article).

Is the current PKR vice president (nee MCA vice president) presently a poor man? Did his long career in politics sheltering under the BN umbrella impoverish him?

Jimmy Chua Jui Meng also fingered the self-serving Umno leaders for grabbing the country’s wealth for their families and cronies. He added that the NEP has only enriched “Umnoputras”.

Urm, weren’t those Umnoputras his very own colleagues in the Cabinet? For one-and-a-half decades he was rubbing shoulders with the very top of the Umno brass. Guess it never occurred to him until now that they were robber barons, huh.

Chua Jui Meng is a politician. But more importantly, Jimmy is an evangelist. Therefore, it needn’t surprise you at all that such miraculous views should come from him.

But then what do you make of the 190 readers thrilled to bits to read his article? Heh heh heh.

The behaviour of opposition supporters indicates to us their firm belief that Pakatan is in possession of a magic washing machine. It’s an appliance that spins and rinses clean any BN politician the moment he crosses over. (And don’t call him a frog ya. Katak is only reserved for labelling those who hop from Pakatan to BN.)

Everywhere around the world, people are sceptical of their politicians. Only in Malaysia are a very special breed of politicians regarded as the Holy of the Holies.

Do note that only 10 readers marked that the article made them ‘Think’ whereas 190 readers marked that it made them ‘Happy’. This ratio is surely one that gives Malaysia a reason to cheer Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna!


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52 thoughts on “Pakatoons

  1. bila diflush kluar dari bn semuanya menjadi suci murni lazat berkrim..dijilat dan diputihkan bak bayi yg baru dilahirkan…kata kata berbau wangi dan menjadi fatwa para pengikut pakatoon.

  2. Jui Meng nampak macam jambu saja. Masa Ketua Umum masih DPM dulu mesti Chua lebih jambu lagi. Hey, ada apa-apa ke?

  3. I agree with your points. Perhaps he has turn over a new leaf?

    My humble opinion will be during Tun Dr M’s time….nobody dare to stood against him. Because of the current situation where we see stronger opposition in terms of a coalition of voices against PM Najib, I think it gives people the boldness to come out against any wrong doings of the parties whether it be now or the past. Tun Dr M never faced such fierce opposition before because we all know, what he was capable of. But then against, that’s just my thought.

    1. Browny, what exactly is Tun Dr M capable of? You may want to elaborate. Ok, let’s see. Dollah Badawi stayed in the party even though he was seen to be more of supporting Razaleigh Hamzah during the 1987 breakup. What happened to him. Ok, he was cold storaged a bit but later became the DPM under Tun Dr M and later PM. Okay, we all know later Tun Dr M lobbied to get him out but that’s another issue altogether.

      Razaleigh, Rais and a few others quit UMNO, set up S46….bad mouth their former boss everywhere they went and went head-on against BN in the elections. Later, when S46 folded, they returned back to UMNO. Rais later become Minister. Razaleigh is still status quo. Nothing happened to them.

      Joseph Kitingan quit the coalition just before the 1990 elections. He too later returned. Guess what, again Tun Dr M welcomed him back. He’s still around.

      Anwar…well, he dug his own grave. In fact, it’s a blessing Tun Dr M kicked him out.

      So yeah Tun Dr M actually faced fierce opposition during his reign. Guess what…nothing happened. So, what’s your point actually?

      1. Di antara hojjah yg mantap lagi bernas disitu oleh pakcik kita!

        Cuba bandingkan dengan PAS…. hassan ali….. ust nasha….. ust kazim…. DAP? Aku pun tak ikut sangat, tapi 2×5 jekkk….

      2. Hi serialp0d,

        My personal opinion:

        1. Tun Dr M have led this country well in terms of development and unity but still is tainted with allegations of corruptions and cronyism. Also, recent Sabah RCI doesn’t reflect good on him and I will leave it to the verdict for us to know if he’s in the wrong.

        2. Tun Abdullah Badawi. You were right to mention that Tun Mahathir lobbied to get him out. My question is why was he still interfering and on what interest? And now, rumour has it that he’s plotting back scene to have Najib remove? Only time will tell.

        3. Joseph and Anwar. Both went to ISA. Was there a need to go ISA in the first place?

        4. For Anwar’s case, there’re still doubts: Documentary as below by Foreign Correspondent. Do view it with an open mind:

        Part 1:

        Part 2:

        Part 3:

        Part 4:

        Part 5:

        Part 6:

        What’s my point? My point is those who opposes Mahathir / his policy were either ISA-ed or removed. But then again, that’s just my personal view.

    2. I think we need not speculate the newness of the leaves of our politicians. Unlike plants, they can turn their colour in any season!

      The opposition gained traction with DSAI’s entry and Mahathir’s own high-handedness. The people had enough. The fact that sleepyhead won so big in 2004 showed that brand BN is still sound, it just needed new leadership. What was different in 2008? I believe PR was successful in selling their brand and the labelling of BN as crooks who struck gold. You must remember that in the 1990s, to be an UMNO member is the road to riches. Then it became as such that the gap between the wealthy and the poor grew, and flaunting of such affluence by the ruling elite and their cronies began to sour the Malaysian dream.

      When the masses felt that they cannot be rich through the American dream, susahlah. People need to be carried through a hope, a dream, a possibility of a better future. Kalau masa depan kita hanya lanun saja boleh berjaya, susahlah. BN never addressed that achilles’ heel of theirs. They should have highlighted how the poor became successful during BN’s watch (or showing the rewards reaped from compound interest (over time with BN = Brand Nasional)), that would have sustained their brand much longer. The younger crop of politicians weren’t cut out of the same cloth or they were too busy negotiating personal deals or contracts. They forgot people don’t resonate with big buildings or fancy big businesses – they like personal stories of triumph. Recently I saw some efforts made in that direction, smart. BN can no longer rely on providing water, electricity, roads, phone lines and cable tv, low cost airline or broadband. Itu semua sudah tak boleh pakai because it is now a failure if the need wasn’t met. They need to showcase high-end technological incubation, health care provision and education innovation. That’s why it is imperative for Najib to sell his GTP and ETP and the whole alphabet soup. BN cannot out contest PR on welfarism or bipolar disorder between secularism and Islamization, but it clearly showed that they have got big ideas in the bag for future growth. It is on this strength alone Najib is carrying the fight to PR.

      The irony is, PAS is at the same time the weakest as well as the strongest link in the PR chain. Expect BN to exploit that to the hilt. As for DAP, after decades of its existence, the “multiracial” label must sound a bit hollow even to its own members. I think UMNO was smart to have Perkasa and bring itself closer to the centre. I wished MCA could have had another President or more young professionals. I hope both BN and PR will up the ante and bring their best act to the three ring circus that is the world of politics.

      Mahathir, like Lee Kuan Yew, is a strongman of his time. However, both men have got balls of steel beyond measure and took big risks that paid off, economically over social development. Authoritarian men, both are statesmen who stuck around beyond their prime – one would not retire and aims to die in office, the other retired but didn’t quite get the message. It is easy to imagine both countries would have grew spectacularly under the leadership of different men, but looking around the region, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines… I dare not make that assumption.

      Perhaps the masses back then were hampered by restrictive information or news. Perhaps the masses back then valued economic growth and stability more than abstract ideas of justice, secularism and equality. Perhaps the masses back then are still healing and can be cowed by not too distant memories of racial conflicts. Who knows? Perhaps today our people, well fed on both knowledge and affluence, wants more than just basic needs but also social justice and equality.

      1. “What was different in 2008? I believe PR was successful in selling their brand and the labelling of BN as crooks who struck gold.”

        NOPE. PR won in PRU12 becoz Tun M campaigned against BN and Tun Dollah was a useless PM. A lot of BN supporters did not vote or voted for Opposition.

        Don’t expect the same outcome in PRU13. PM Najib has proved himself a capable PM. His only fault is keeping the saki baki of Tun Dollah people, the fossil fuels and dinosaurs in his cabinet. Once he wins PRU13, for his own sake I hope he will flush them out..

        1. So so so agree with RCZ. Isnt it obvious that in 2008, we all revolted against the sleeping PM and his un-winnable SIL? Tak ingat ke even the Pakatoons were caught by surprise when they won sampaikan huru-hara nak pilih MBs for the Pakatoon states. Hoi Pakatoons, 2013 is different. Today we go to the election loving our PM. Watch out Pakatoons & semua gunting-gunting! May you RUST in peace.

          1. “May you RUST in peace.”

            Superb! Absolute classic!! Have to pick myself up from the floor where I’ve rolled and rolled laughing.

        2. Tue bro..You hit the nail..

          PR never wins against BN that they wrested 4 states (kelantan is already an opposition state) from from was never due to popular votes. rather they won due to protest votes even from UMNO members who despised the way Dollah outsourced the running of the nation to the 4th floor boys.

          Yours truly is a case in point. Am a member of UMNO and has been voting BN candidates ever since. But for pru 12 gave my votes (DUN and Parliament) to the opposition candidates.

          But the same cannot be said for the imminent pru13. My votes will revert to BN again. And believe you me.. this is not an isolated case but is going to be the trend for the pru13.. i.e the protest votes will come back in drove to BN.

          1. Definitely agree with RCZ, Sharifah and Arizmaya as the same goes to me. PRU12 I gave my vote to PKR. Not only that, most of my friends in my constitution did the same. We also texts our relatives and friends at various DUN and Parliament in Selangor and then it’s history. Pakatan Rakyat were dreaming if they claim that they won. In actual fact they were given. Given a chance to prove their worth. For Selangor, being the most developed state, it’s easy to see how Pakatan governs….In a Malay word: Cakap Kena Serupa Bikin….is yet to be shown by the government of Selangor.

        3. I think few were expecting Badawi to lose as he did in 2008. It would be interesting to see how much swing the Malay votes would bring. Of course, if the election machinery of the largest Malay party is sabotaging itself, the impact would be significant.

          The people are generally very generous in their mandate. They had high hopes for Pak Lah, but they were less forgiving when it was evident that he doesn’t seem to be able to keep a grasp of things. I concur that the losses in 2008 stems largely from anti-sleepyhead factors, but the general weakness of BN is still on unchecked and rampant abuse of power, corruption and uninspired management of the state. PR doesn’t seem to offer better solutions either, but at least it created a more lively situation where public scrutiny became more commonplace with the rise of the fifth estate – empowered individuals with amplified public voice.

          I still think DAP has done more for Malay unity than Najib replacing sleepyhead. In the minds of many, replacing Najib with Anwar is just the same in terms of political baggage. Both candidates have long histories of controversies although DSAI has the less problematic spouse. If PAS witheld its election machinery, I doubt PKR or DAP can survive.

      2. Very good and objective comment. Agree absolutely that the two men (LKY and MM) were the right men for their times. If they weren’t, both countries wouldn’t be as they are now.

  4. You have to pardon CJM, Helen.. Old folks tend to suffer with memory loss – that’s why I hope CJM would increase his intake of Ginkgo Biloba, or else Tun M have to extend his ‘Melayu mudah lupa’ to ‘Cina oso mudah lupa’.
    I am taking a different route now by applying forgiveness across the board to all Pakatan politicos.

    1. I forgive HY for forgetting she’s an Adun whose jurisdiction to keep Jerusubang safe from harm by tweeting & delegating fault to the police.

    2. I forgive LGE for asking out of the ordinary from the developer whose main task is to built cheaper homes for Penangites. I mean why poor people chose Penang to settle down in the first place, can’t they go to the rednecks area such as Kelantan? The nerve of these peasants..

    3. I forgive PKR for the garbage, hey..if not because of them, we wouldn’t know that Puchong is easily prone to flood like today.

    4. I forgive Anwar for being the catalyst to the destruction of peaceful Malaysia – I mean, who needs peace& harmony when we can have drama, resentment, anger and riots? At least we have something to brag about internationally.

    5. I forgive PAS for misleading the muslim under the pretext of religion. Who would have thought they have direct access to God? Well, now I know!

    6. I forgive DAP for swaying from their original path as a good opposition. At least now, we can start any conversation with ‘that party that used to be good oppo, not sure what happened to them now?’..

    7. I forgive the Lim clan to go retro and do the whole dynasty thing.. I mean someone’s gotta do it, moreover, who else can you trust if not your son, his wife, daughter, cousin, etc to manage the nation? You guys are just jealous cos you only have pets!

    8. I forgive Dapsters for all the cyber bullying and hateful, racist, vicious attack – I felt like I’ve never left high school.

    9. I forgive the evangelistas for ‘hiding’ their agenda so well – now I know there’s a follower of Christ and there’s fan of him. Plus, without their supporters, I wouldn’t have guess you’re, yes Helen, you an anti-Christ. Wow!

    10. I forgive all oppo politicos for providing comedy for the past 5 years with their antics – though they’re not that bright but they’re quite an entertaining comedienne. Woop! Woop!

    1. I’ve got something to add to your point #4 :

      A quote from Orson Welles:

      “In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed — but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love, 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.”

      1. now, nice – The Borgias are famously known as the first family of crime, don’t you go saying something nasty of the exalted one!

        Maybe we do need a cuckoo clock – reminding us of the cuckoos that will popped up soon..ahhh, nothing like 50sen per cuckoo!

        “50sen per cuckoo”. You made me laugh so hard dunno if I can fall asleep now. — Helen

      2. Very nice, Helen. The Third Man is one of my favorite movies. First time poster here. Although I am Pakatan leaning, online Pakatan supporters are the worst. The hypocrisy of the DAP apparatchiks (don’t know where I first came across the term) is simply overpowering. The level of bigotry is matched only by their fanaticism. I am not saying all Pakatan supporters are like this but as online ambassadors for their cause, I doubt any objective voter would see any difference in their behaviour and the behaviour of those they claim to reject.

        1. Welcome to Helen’s online home.

          “DAP apparatchiks” is a description popularly used by Malaysiakini columnist Commander Thayaparan (rtd). He also calls the online fanatics “kool-aid drinkers”.

          The drink was born in Nebraska and popular in Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas (source). In other words, very Bible Belt.

          1. Ah, yes. I always enjoy the (rtd) Commander’s pieces, although he gets a right clobbering by the faithful. Greene is always useful when contemplating human (Christian) nature.

            Realized I didn’t comment on the topic. When you were a part of the system and switched teams, the only thing I want to hear is mea culpas and ideas on how your new comrades do not fall into the same traps as your former betheren. None of which is forthcoming from, Jimmy.

            Btw, Helen, can we expect the inside dope on the hissy fit between Jimmy and Boo ?

            I need to know which Overlord to pay homage to.

            1. I usually blog on Penang, Selangor and Jerusubang which is a virtual, breakaway state.

              One posting on Johor coming up next but I can’t promise that it’ll be any more insightful than what’s already out there.

        2. Postscript (for Conrad):

          I liked Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory.

          Methinks the Catholics have mellowed. ‘Tis the evangelicals who are fire and brimstone. The banana versions much more fiery even.

  5. LOL even karpal already said about this CJM

    “Penglibatan lama bersama MCA dan Barisan Nasional, kegagalan cubaan dalam perebutan jawatan presiden MCA pada 2004 dan keghairahan untuk mendapat kerusi Parlimen secara jelas mencerminkan masalah kredibilitinya,” – ..

    Karpal the Pakatoon already describe how low this CJM , now who in disaster laa ??? CJM now you can taste the democracy of dinosaur leaders in Pakatoons .

  6. Jui Meng, please stop all this nonsence!

    You still dreaming to become the first Chinese to hold Mentri Besar post in Johor right?

    If you are really ‘anak Jantan’, then please contest again in Bakri! Why you’re coward and want to contest in Gelang Patah, a majority Chinese voter area?

    Don’t you know that the Malay in Bakri, the Malay that you called Umnoputra, racist, perasuah, is the one who vote for you for a long time regardless that you’re Chinese, even then you can become the cabinet Minister?

    1. he’s not going to win even if he contests in a Chinese majority constituency. the Chinese know well what kind of a person this Jimmy Has Been is. he’s not going to get much votes from the Chinese voters. my take is that, he won’t be contesting. PR is not going to field a Mr Has Been. he’s just making noises, trying to drum up support.

  7. “The Wealth Ownership policy will certainly benefit Umno leaders, their families and cronies, just like how the NEP has enriched Umnoputras, not the majority Malays”

    I really don’t understand this statement.

    I am a rich Malay due to NEP (Education) but I am definitely not Umnoputras. There are so many Malay people I know that are even richer than me. They are definitely not Umnoputras either. In fact they are pro-Opposition!

    Due to NEP which resulted in peace, harmony and prosperity for the past 50 years, and also enabled the Chinese to accumulate a lot of wealth, these Chinese who are A LOT richer than me most definitely are not Umnoputras.

    Since at present the Chinese holds 80% of the country’s wealth, can it then be deduced that NEP actually enriched the Chinese instead of the majority Malays?

    1. I doubt the Chinese hold 80% of this country’s wealth. Since different parties use different methods to calculate the distribution of this country’s wealth, a true assessment is not possible.

      I would say the elite Malays of this country hold a significant percentage of our nation’s wealth, maybe even more than the Chinese. After all, as I have said earlier, different methods of calculations result in different numbers being tossed around.

      I tend to believe that those Chinese businessmen with the right political connections benefited enormously from the New Economic Policy. But then again, anyone who’s politically connected will benefit, whether here in Malaysia or anywhere else for that matter.

      While I say that an elite minority benefited, I also say that the majority of the people are significantly well off than, let’s say, 20 to 30 years ago. people’s lives have improved. Many Malaysians, whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, have move up the corporate ladder and into positions of leadership.

      The problem is that people think the other sides are getting a better deal then they are getting. The pent up frustrations, mostly imagined, were exploited by the opposition. When that happens, we have conflict.

      Yes, the frustrations are exploited into resentment on both sides. — Helen

    2. “Since at present the Chinese holds 80% of the country’s wealth, can it then be deduced that NEP actually enriched the Chinese instead of the majority Malays?”

      Yet Kee Thuan Chye, who not only drinks the kool aid but apparently brews it argues in his opinion piece The Chinese owe BN nothing.

      I would argue that UMNO’s failure towards the disenfranchised of the Malay and Indian communities is perhaps the only intellectually and morally tenable grounds for a change in leadership.

      It’s all well and good that the DAP’s current infatuation with Singapore style democracy hidden beneath the chants of egalitarianism has tongued the zeitgeist of the middle class but my reading is that Anwar intends to play the same game with a newly installed plutocracy in the form of the DAP.

    3. RCZ,

      Who are these ‘UMNOputras”? I know those who ‘worship’ DAP. But who are UMNOputras?

      The bitter truth is that vast majority of Malays including non Malays received benefit under the govt led by UMNO. that is the fact.

      So, are they “UMNOputras? I believe Dr koh tsu Koon, although a non malay, also qualified as an “UMNOputra as he became the Chief minister when UMNO holds the biggest number of BN seats in Penang.

      Also the MP say for Alor Setar. Alor setar is a predominantly malay area but UMNO allows a Chinese (against the good natured of UMNO never been appreciated) to win in Alor Setar.

      The problem with extremist within DAP is that they think “melayu mesti jadi papa kedana supaya tak dituduh kroni”.

      1. Shamshul,

        To put your sentiments in better perspective (for the benefit of other casual readers), you’re really saying that MCA should hold up its end of the bargain with the rest of the BN parties (read: taiko Umno).

        But I’m afraid 2013 is the election where we will see that the old communal formula carried over from the Alliance era has reached the end of its shelf life.

        MCA is not pulling its weight as we can see from the still stabbing behaviour of the bipolar Scissors.

  8. btw Helen, I forget to ask you, is it your dear sister Hannah Yeoh register her second baby as ‘Chinese’ or ‘Indian’?

    Or she still wrote ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ on the birth certificate? LOL

    p/s : maybe the time has come for the Government to introduce Chindian as a new race in the birth certificate.

    1. This is a piece of news that The Star SHOULD indeed cover.

      They can give her sometimes coverage of up to 3 stories in a single day, and daily over 4-5 consecutive days.

      But when it’s got negative implications or impact, the paper buat bodoh. Sebenarnya bukan Si Gunting yang bodoh. Yang bahlul tahap gaban ialah tuanpunya suratkhabar, Si Dinosaur berhajat nak pupus itu.

      Bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star.

      1. I’m inclined to think that the Star had formulated the following hypothesis: Most people distrust MCA and they know that the Star is the MCA’s mouthpiece. Therefore the people logically ought to distrust the Star i.e if the Star says Dapsters are good, they (Dapsters) should in actual fact be bad. So, the Star supposes that if they carry five positive reports on Jerusubang a day, people ought to be convinced Jerusubang is really baaaaad.

        1. Hahaha, reverse psychology won’t work in this case.

          If let’s say an article in FMT – like the one yesterday by Jimmy Chua – slams the BN, then its readers will cheer.

          However when the FMT article is critical of the DAP (check out the writings of the portal’s Penang-based writers Hawkeye and Athi), then its readers will curse and swear at the reporters for alleged bias or accuse them of outright lying.

          They have selective hearing: To them, any good news about DAP must be true. Any bad news about DAP is propaganda and spin.

    2. sorry but if the government were to introduce Chindian as a new race in the birth cert, the Malaysian First Loony Crowd that’s always in perpetual hysteria mode will say “racist”. anything that’s not “Malaysian” is racist. even this newborn child is named Kayleigh Imani Ram. after Shay Adora Ram now this one. I wonder what Ram implies. is it to placate her husband for writing Chinese on the race column ?

  9. Shay Adora Ram

    Kayleigh Imani Ram

    the name not sound Chinese at all!

    But for sure, she will bring her kids to SRJK(C) or Missionary School, not Sekolah Kebangsaan or SRJK(T), eventhough she always shout Malaysian First, Race Second.

    Anyway, there a lot of Chinese married Indian these day.

    Just for example, Vanessa Wong and Moots from Pop Shuvit.

    If Chinese married Benggali? Chinggali maybe. LOL!

  10. Saya adalah product mrsm yg merupakan product nep bn untuk hasilkn kaum bumiputra yg berjaya. .dengan adanya fb saya dapat berjumpa ramai bekas2 pelajar mrsm yg saya tgk hampir kesemua berjaya walau x kaya raya tapi hidup senang beli rumah dan kereta harga beratus2 ribu. ..ramai yg saya tgk tak sokong pun bn malah kuat berkempen utk pembangkang. ..cjm boleh kata apa saja tapi itulah hakikatnya cuma samaada kita sedar atau tidak saje. .

    Helen. .kalau kita rajin baca blog raja petra pun kita boleh lihat mcm mana raja petra mengkritik penyokong2 pr terutama bila dia post sesuatu yg menghentam pr. .teruk dia kena. ..malaysia bukan saja mempunyai pembangkang yg teruk tapi cybertrooper yg teramat2 teruk. .

      1. Pada pendapat saya blog anda antara yg terbaek terutama dari segi fakta dalam setiap posting. .no wonder mereka BETUL2 marah. ..harap anda tabah. .teruskn menulis

        1. Terima kasih tapi rasa letih juga kerana serangan bertalu-talu mereka yang keji dan begitu menjijikkan.

  11. 1. Some one alleged that you do not trust a Chinaman with a moustache !

    2. Ex-MPs carries a life-pension ex-gratia the taxpayers !

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