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Why Hannah Yeoh must undergo surgery


Reproduced below is a portion – ‘Maklumat Ibu/Bapa’ (particulars of the father and mother) – of the National Registration Department birth certificate application form that Malaysian parents must fill.

Both the father and the mother are required to state their keturunan, a term generally translated as ‘Race’.


According to a Malaysiakini report (screenshot below) on 22 June 2011, Ramachandran Muniandy – better known as Hannah’s husband – and the Subang Jaya DAP state assemblyman had both filled ‘Anak Malaysia’ in the form’s keturunan box.

Besides seeking the creation of the DAP 2.0 ‘Anak Malaysia’ new race for their mixed parentage baby, the state assemblyman and her husband also identified their own ‘race’ as Anak Malaysia.

Since Ramachandran claimed in the NRD official documentation that his race is ‘Anak Malaysia’, this means he rejects being identified as an Indian. Similarly Hannah’s claim that her race is ‘Anak Malaysia’ means that she rejects being identified as a Chinese.

Both of them emphatically reject their race.


Now let’s look at how the opposition supporters have reacted to Ridhuan Tee whom they accuse as rejecting his race.

There are plenty of choice comments to choose from but we shall just pinch a few of the latest ones from the deluge.

All the reader comments below are excerpted from a Malaysiakini report today titled Sinar Harian apologises over “racist” article’.


One rule for Ridhuan, one rule for Hannah


This Malaysiakini commenter insists that “One can never, and I repeat, NEVER change one’s race! Yes, you can change your religion, but there’s nowhere one can change one’s race! You are a Chinese.”

That’s what he says to Ridhuan Tee. But has he tried telling that to Hannah Yeoh?


‘Donkey’ says that Ridhuan’s behaviour is what happens “when a Chinese guy embraces Islam and tries to be more Islam than Islam” … and that Ridhuan “deliberately say things to get popularity, which is of course often misplaced”.

Oh I say, old chap, how about the behaviour then of a Chinese gal embracing Christianity and trying to be more Christian than Mary Magdalene? And deliberately saying and doing things – urm, like wearing tudung – to get popularity, which is of course often misplaced.

hannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists


This Malaysiakini commentator (above) says:

“Ridhuan Tee. A person’s race and religion is separate matter. You can be Chinese and become Muslim, Hindu, Christian. Still your race is Chinese. Even you IC is written Chinese, also your birth Cert. Even the forms you fill at Govt offices, banks etc will list yourself as Chinese for race and Muslim for religion. This is perfectly normal.”

Since the guy calls himself a ‘Thinking’ person in his pseudonym, would he agree that similarly:

“Hannah Yeoh. A person’s race and nationality is separate matter. You can be Chinese and become Malaysian (or for those who elect to emigrate, become Singaporean, American, Australian, Canadian, etc). Still your race is Chinese.  … you will list yourself as Chinese for race and Malaysian for nationality. This is perfectly normal.”

So, are the politicians most idolized by the Jerusubangites quite “abnormal?”


This Malaysiakini commentator (above) says, “…Why can’t Ridhuan remain a Chinese and be a Muslim at the same time?”

Is it so impossible for Hannah to remain a Chinese and be a Malaysian at the same time?

Remember, she refused to fill in the application form identifying herself as a Chinese. Hence Hannah Yeoh rejects being seen as a Chinese. And she’s always preaching about turning Malaysia ‘Race-free’.

Ridhuan Tee, on the other hand, states in his blog biodata his race as ‘Chinese’.

It is jaw-splittingly hilarious (if only the Dapsters be could just a little less Holier than Thou) to see how they insist that Ridhuan MUST absolutely identify himself as a Chinese because they reject his bid to be a Melayu celup.

But at the same time, they cheer Hannah Yeoh’s Anak Malaysia bid.


Joe Lee says that “Authentic Melayus don’t have a problem with being Melayu.”

Well, I don’t have a problem with being Chinese but I’m not so sure about Joe. The guy calls the Chinese race “Cinababi” and tagging on “Muslim” to apply to Ridhuan whom he labelled a “Cinababi Muslim”.

And then we have this gem of a comment from BujangSenang on why “this Ridhuan Tee chap should undergo surgery first before he changes his race!”

Hey, is BujangSenang gonna say the same to Hannah?





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57 thoughts on “Why Hannah Yeoh must undergo surgery

    1. How come Kutty is not an Indian as his father is an Indian from India but become Chow Kit Road Malay?

      1. Because in Peninsular Malaysia, if either parent is Malay, they can be included in the legal definition of Bumiputera.

        A better answer would be, dunno, tanya mak bapak dia lah.

        1. Did Kutty’s father made himself a non-Indian? Or made his seedings non-Indian in the early years of Malaya before the consitution of Malaya was written. He must be oredi an adult over 18 years when Malaya become independent. Before that, there is no definition of a native of Malaya. So he is in the same situation as Mother Mary of Subang.

          1. More mind bogging than what Ahmad at 6.46am had to say. Here are the POSSIBILITIES and GUESSmation about Kutty born in 1920s becoming a non-Indian

            1. Father become a non-Indian

            2. Registered his seedings as non-Indian
            All these taking place When Kedah is a Unfederated Malay State under British protectiion only. Federation of malaya does not exist from 1920s until indepenence in 1957.

            3. Making himself as non-Indian after registering as a Indian Student in Sinkapore Uni as he graduated before 1950s before independence according to wikipedia.

            Very interesting and mind bogging background as compare to mother mary of subang.

          2. The general consensus is that Mahathir’s paternal grandfather is a Malayalee Muslim from Kerala, India. I think by the time Malaya became Independent, his parents would already have decided his ethnicity, as evident by their family’s identification with the Malay race.

            As the Federal Constitution said:

            Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom AND – (a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born of parents ONE OF WHOM was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or was on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore; or
            (b) is THE ISSUE of such a person;

            Quite clear who a Muslim is, imho.

          3. No question and fully agree that the Malayan and Malaysian consitution allows one to become a Malay. But has you say, this can happen on and after 31 Aug 1957. But before that Kutty is supposed to be an Indian following his father who supposed to follow his father. Before Malaya Independence, Kedah is a unfederated Malay State only and question – does it allow others to become a Malay through spouse? So mind bogging question – when does non-Indian take place and under what regulations/laws when Kedah is just an unfederate Malay state with British just providing protection? There is no dispute that he can be an non Indian in1957.

          4. I think Mahathir’s father is still a mamak. I doubt in pre-Independence days (or even till this day), Mahathir can deny he is 1/4 Indian. In a paternalistic and male dominant society, I think Mahathir would not have been able to deny his lineage (and indeed, he couldn’t). Even Tunku Abdul Rahman is called an anak Siam (his mother is Siamese).

            Like I’ve said, in a mixed marriage, the child can have the ethnic identification he likes (more likely his parents’ like) between the two. Some children have mixed blood, i.e. Portugese, Indian AND Chinese etc, and heritage assimilation is a very interesting experience. Mixed marriages forces us to examine what makes us Malay, Chinese or Indian (what constitute a race?), it forces us to acknowledge that we are all of the same human race, despite our skin colour and physical features.

            1. When demanding parents start dictating to the NRD to create new categories to suit their whim, then what ‘race’ would your Portugese, Indian & Chinese mixed baby be? Inportunese?


            Wrote much on the subject before the internet swallowed it. Essentially, in short, the definition of Malays were outlined under the Tanah Rezab laws in pre-Independent Malaya. That should shed some light on Mahathir’s Malayness.

            Look at the definition of Malays for the respective states and especially Kedah, 1931:

            Melayu ertinya seorang yang menganut agama Islam dan lazim bercakap bahasa Melayu yang sekurang-kurangnya seorang daripada ibubapanya adalah bangsa Malayan atau berketurunan Arab.

            Even the Siamese in Perlis and Kedah are allowed possession of Tanah Rezab. Non-Malays can too, under specific circumstances as per approval of the Sultan. Interesting similarity in most instances with ASNB and ASB, don’t you think?

  1. Hmmmm… Which part of the anatomy needs an appointment with the scalpel anyways? The head? The face? The heart? Or perhaps remove the whole skin much like the movie “Painted Skin”?

  2. These hannah yeoh and spouse, joe lee and bujang senang are […] behaving such arising from their background for staying far too long […] supervised by Kit Siang and son Guang eng.

    (edited :)

  3. So how come zairil can forego his chinese mother & father & become a Malay?

  4. Where are the DAPsters? Lost their marbles or their balls? The likes of Hannah Yeoh not only denies their own ethnicity, but also would like others to call Elohim Allah. Anak Malaysia kenalah pakai bahasa kebangsaan, bukan begitu? So Hannah kena praise Allah!

    1. you know what..I am beginning to like Dapsters & Jerusubangites: Mortal rules & regulations doesn’t apply to them..moreover, they’re like teflon to logic.

  5. Helen;

    I read this from Riduan writing

    I quoted him…

    ” Apa yang ingin saya tekan di sini adalah, seseorang yang telah memeluk Islam akan terus beramal dengan budaya bangsanya selagi mana ia tidak bercanggah dengan Islam. Malah ia amat dituntut sebagai dakwah bil hal, dakwah contoh teladan. Menunjukkan bahawa kita tidak masuk Melayu, tetapi masuk Islam. Maknanya, kita akan mati dengan agama dan bangsa kita. Jika kita Cina, maka ia akan berakhir dengan Cina Muslim atau India Muslim atau Iban/Kadazan Muslim. Namun, bila berlaku pertembungan antara agama dan bangsa, sudah tentu agama lebih penting daripada bangsa walaupun bangsa itu juga anugerah dari Allah.”

    Selepas itu, abang saya meninggal dunia. Pengalaman pertama ketika kematian bapa telah mengajar saya bahawa kita harus belajar, jangan hanya dengar cakap orang. Maka di kala itulah, saya menguruskan urusan kematian dan pengkebumian abang saya. Bermula daripada membeli keranda sehinggalah mayat abang saya dikebumikan. Saya hanya tidak campur dalam urusan sembahyang mereka. Itu urusan dan hak mereka. Biarkan. Tanggungjawab saya ialah mengurus sehingga selesai termasuk berpakaian hitam sebagai tanda sedih. Saya tidak peduli apa orang nak kata, yang paling saya takut apa akan saya jawab nanti jika Allah tanya tanggungjawab saya kepada ahli keluarga yang tidak Islam?

    Persoalannya, apakah salah kita memakai baju hitam? Saya tidak nampak sedikitpun ada masalah keagamaan di situ. Malah kita dituntut bersimpati terhadap keluarga si mati. Ingatkah lagi kita pada cerita bagaimana Rasulullah SAW berdiri memberi penghormatan terhadap mayat Yahudi yang kebetulan lalu di depan ketika Baginda berada di situ? Sudah tentu kita ingat. Justeru, di manakah salahnya seorang anak turut memakai baju hitam sebagai tanda penghormatan dan kesedihan seperti mana kita berkabung ketika berlaku kematian di kalangan para pembesar negara.

    Saya bersama adik yang baru berjinak dengan Islam seterusnya turut menguruskan soal penguburan dan mendirikan batu nisan kubur abang saya. Boleh dikatakan sayalah yang menguruskan urusan fizikal pengkebumian abang saya dari mula hingga akhir, tanpa mencampuri urusan sembahan mereka. Malah, kini setiap tahun memang menjadi amalan saya dan adik-beradik yang lain menziarahi kubur bapa, abang dan datuk nenek ketika perayaan Cheng Meng (ziarah kubur).”

    Does Ridhuan abandoned his Chinese roots and culture? He embraced Islam does not he mean he become a Malay.

    1. If they want to criticize Ridhuan, the fanatical born agains should be subjected to the same criteria that they subject him to.

      It’s the Dapster double standards and hypocrisy that’s on show. The “bin Abdullah” name is a slur (word) if applied to a Chinese but names like “Kayleigh Imani” and “Shay Adora” no problem and instead cheered on.

  6. Dear Ms Helen, this write up is entertaining, really. You have quoted blogs and social media remarks to weave your narration. I salute you for that. Anyway, don’t think your approach warrants any rational comment. Just want to point out that both RT’s parents are Chinese. As for HY and husband, you know the facts and the child is really not Chinese nor Indian. She is indeed Malaysian of mixed parentage. Like many of my US friends, they call themselves Americans and then they talk about their cultural heritage and genetic pedigree. Simple. You read too much into the situation. I suggest you talk to HY and hubby before such tirades.

    1. You must surely be getting a neck crick from all that walking around with your nose in the air. Or perhaps Jerusubang air smells so good that you’re compelled to sniff it with your nostrils flared?

      *** *** ***

      You point out that both Ridhuan Tee’s parents are Chinese. So what’s your point?

      Can you show me anywhere that he’s denied he’s a Chinese? It’s the Dapsters who are on a crusade to disallow him from being a Melayu celup.

      A parallel is how the opposition supporters have made a brouhaha the last 2-3 years about Najib not setting the election date. They make their own predictions and then they launch their tirade at Najib when he doesn’t fulfil their forecast.

      *** *** ***

      So the crux of your argument is that Hannah Yeoh’s child is special case because she is “NOT REALLY CHINESE OR INDIAN”.

      Are you saying that Hannah Yeoh would be satisfied with “Chindian” or “Indinese” in the birth cert? Shall the NRD create other categories for all the very, very special children of the DAP pollies?

      Like “Chilay” (Chinese + Malay), Chingali (Chinese + Bengali), Chinjabi (Chinese + Punjabi) or Malindian (Malay + Indian). After all, the very special children of DAP pollies are not really Chinese nor really Bengali, so Chingali lah according to your argument.

      The father claims his race is Anak Malaysia. The mother claims her race is Anak Malaysia.

      So let’s use your Ridhuan Tee equation on Hannah Yeoh.

      You insist that both RT’s parents are Chinese.

      So if both HY’s parents are Chinese, how did she change her race to become bangsa Anak Malaysia?

      1. Thanks for your response. I am not sure if you are married to a Chinese or non-Chinese. Neither do I know how many children you have. But if your husband is an Indian, what do you think is an accurate description of your child’s race?

          1. why do I suspect the Jerusubangites think Malaysia is like a mini-USA or taking the US of A as their yardstick for everything?

            I seriously think our TV is showing too much western programmes that even our people are confused where they are geographically..

            1. Kool-aid was born in Nebraska and popular in Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas (source). In other words, very Bible Belt.

          2. I do agree with you.
            Indian father + chinese mother : children race is indian (follows father).
            malay father + chinese/indian mother (covert) = children race is Malay (follows father).
            but how about chinese/indian father (convert) + malay mother = children race….?
            I noticed the NRD is having problem in this matter….

            1. I think the NRD gives the freedom of choice, and that’s why the dept did not insist that the Yeoh baby must be recorded as Indian.

              Rather than acknowledging how liberal JPN has been in the matter, YB Hannah turns around and accuses that it’s the “lowly” clerk’s fault the ‘Chinese’ categorization had been “forced” on her daughter.

              When I’m shocked at Dapster behaviour I always wonder, what kind of people are they, that they can fitnah here and there without any qualms.

              Now I can see that it’s leadership by example.

        1. I’m born out of a mixed marriage & my race follows that of my father. If that is an accurate description of my race, than perhaps I should have my race amended to that of my mother & my surname changed to reflect my mother’s maiden name perhaps?

          If HY insists that the elder of her kids, Shay is a Chinese, perhaps Shay should be christened Shay Adora Yeoh instead? What do you think?

          1. The second child then? still Chinese?

            If Indian, then kinda weird ‘cos two girls born of the same parents but different race pulak.

          2. Second child don’t want to speculate until we know if she’s Chinese or Indian according to her parents. We all know the firstborn is supposedly Chinese.

            1. Since the readers of this blog and me myself are in no position to ask the mother, that’s why we want The Star whose reporters are Hannah Yeoh’s BFFs to report on the matter so that the public may be aware.

          3. By the way, Colin, if that’s your name, is Wong the surname of your mum or your dad, if you don’t mind us asking.

        2. I think, according to the law, the race of the child should follow the father’s race.

  7. A thought just bubbled up.

    Hypothetically, if HY gets, with God’s blessings of course, a son in future, will the son be classified as Chinese or Indian?

    Next up, IF (and it’s a big IF) he’s classified as a Chinese, what would his surname be? Ram or Yeoh? And if he’s married, what would the children’s surname be?

    Anyone can clarify?

    1. If Allah permits, with blessings of Nabi Isa and Ibu Maryam, perhaps Hannah Yeoh (a.k.a. Mrs. Muniandy or Mrs. Ramachandran) will call her son ZACHARY URAEKA Ram (God Has Remembered/Humble Before God [Hebrew] – Universally Useful/Student of the Word [Omatha])

      For some interpretations using Kairos, the names actually mean:

      SHAY ADORA Ram
      (From the Fairy Place/Blessed [Irish] – Beloved/Gift of God [Latin])

      (Crowned/Wise [American] – Believer/Illuminated [Middle Eastern]

      Hannah Yeoh is free to name her children anything she likes, she seems to be the one deciding it anyway. But knowing the naming convention headaches, it seems that Hannah Yeoh has created a new surname – Ram for her husband which is a bit westernized in nomenclature. Let me explain…

      Ramachandran Muniandy (I assume it is Ramachandran a/l Muniandy, hence surname Muniandy). Nowadays he is Mr. Yeoh, I bet.

      Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan (surname Yeoh)

      Now, if the children are Indian, it is either Shay Adora a/p Ram or Shay Adora Ram a/p Ramachandran Muniandy.

      I suspect if the children are Chinese, Ram the surname.

      She will determine this because in ANY application form or any form at all, you need to fill up your SURNAME. I assume Hannah created a new surname for her Chindian children. Good for her!

      Usually my Chiandian friends have a combinative name (Chinese and Indian). Hannah Yeoh managed to give her daughters Christian names which washes all trace of Chinese or Indian in them. Praise Allah!

      1. re: “washes all trace of Chinese or Indian in them”

        Hail, Bersih DAP 2.0’s ethnic cleansing

        As for Mr Hannah Yeoh’s circumcised name, there’s a description for Ramachandran becoming Ram. The word is ’emasculated’.

      2. Now, if the children are Indian, it is either Shay Adora a/p Ram or Shay Adora Ram a/p Ramachandran Muniandy.

        Yeah, that’s what I initially assumed as well with HY’s first born full name. I guess in future when her children wants to fill up any forms like most American, Australian forms, she’ll have to fill the First Name as Shay Adora (or Middle Name as Adora and Last Name as Ram; very ang moh (westernized) feel.

        On the other end of the spectrum, Thuan Chye named his kids Soraya Sunitra Kee Xiang Yin and Jebat Arjuna Kee Jia Liang.

        1. No comments about Kee Thuan Chye. Like I’ve said, parents are free to name their kids whatever they want. Some people are comfortable naming their children officially and use another personally. Naming your children Patrick Ahmad Chong Muthusamy is just reflective of the parents’ determination to reflect/announce their own supposed multiraciality, not their children’s.

          I have no problem with names. I have problem with people who think given personal names somewhat have a bearing of their parents’ enlightenment, Kee or Hannah. The convention is that parents give their children names which they hope their kids would recognize or aspire to. To use the name of your child as an advertisement, well, some parents could do worse.

  8. just got hacked. Don’t know if it is ultra kiasu / scared of being exposed ? Gag order in another form ? where’s freedom of speech ?

  9. Hey! Hey! Hey! In all-India, each Indian has a caste since ancient times. See the Sunday Bombay Illustrated !

  10. You cannot be Malay if you are fair-skinned, so says Joe Lee. To be Malay you must have “chocolate pigmentation”. What a bloody racist this Dapster is!

    1. OMG, for so long I thought I’m a Malay. I was wrong, I must be chinese, I’m fairer than a lot of my Chinese friend and also has that Chinese, mata sepet. Even when I wear my tudung people still think I’m Chinese. hahaha

  11. Bangsa Malaysia ke, bangsa india ke, yang pasti bila orang cine tengok anak dia mesti cakap macam kelingkui dan orang india akan cakap anak pasembor!

  12. If Hannah Yeoh was honest, she’d admit this whole drama on her child’s race is because she is embarrassed that he husband is indian and to carry forth her husband’s race onto her child is unthinkable to her; hence her rantings.

    Had she snatched a caucasian husband, I betcha she’ll be walking with nose high up announcing her child is a caucasian. Alas, burden of a deluded nouveau riche – not white enough and not thin enough..:-)

    1. so true. the in future use the causasion child for DAP promotionlah. Black brown sepet child no one wants.

  13. The fact that the race is ‘Anak Malaysia’ does not indicate that they wish to reject their own race, they might have merely wanted to place the fact that the race does not define ranking this has obviously been happening in Malaysia for many years already,

    1. If you’re who I think you are, then your “messages” are in Trash where they rightly belong.

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