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No stability lah, just sex and sabotage

The MCA election slogan is “Stability Above Chaos”. And here is MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek talking about his party campaign theme on YouTube.

Click to watch

Dr Chua’s Chinese New Year message was uploaded by the MCA headquarters two weeks ago and has so far garnered only 368 views. Sad.

The video clip received three thumbs down compared to a mere four thumbs up. Even sadder.

While his newspaper has been assiduously promoting the evangelistas, it has done nothing to boost Dr Chua’s image and hence his lack of popularity.

Lim Guan Eng’s YouTube (above) was uploaded also two weeks ago by Buletin Mutiara and has notched 3,825 views and 35 likes. That’s more than 10 times Dr Chua’s viewership.

Both party leaders are seen wearing festive CNY shirts but Guan Eng’s red colour is apparently more ‘ong’.

Battle of the buses

The Ubah Dream Machine was launched in late October 2012. They are colourfully painted trucks which function as DAP ceramah platforms on wheels.


Dr Chua unveiled the MCA Kestabilan Rakyat Diutamakan double-decker bus during his party’s Chinese New Year open house in Bandar Tun Razak.

You can see for yourself which party has the snazzier looking vehicle.

The Star reported Dr Chua “denied that the bus was similar to that of the Pakatan Rakyat’s campaign bus when asked”. Ouch. That was the subtle scissors stab to which we’ve become accustomed.

Shy lah for the MCA president to be embarrassed like that by his own party “mouthpiece” to the paper’s millions readership.


And the PAS Tiga Sekawan trailer

Star specializes in sex stories

Every newspaperman knows that sex sells.

That’s why the front page of the Star Online today is about “scantily-clad” GROs “forced into vice”. And sex and sensation stories sure do abound in The Star.


The only-to-be-expected rape (incest, molest, sexual abuse) stories in Star Online today (below):

Positive news about MCA is no news in The Star

When the MCA 2012 general assembly – the last formal party gathering before the imminent general election – was taking place, The Star chose instead to put “steamy” bloggers Alvin and Vivian on its front pages and running dozens of stories on our homegrown sex celebrities.

The paper’s daily coverage of the undergrad pair totally eclipsed the MCA assembly. You might well suspect it was a deliberate act of sabotage to sink the any chances the MCA may have for salvaging their party fortunes.

The Star Online

The front page photo above shows Alvin and Vivian being interviewed by the Star radio stations, i.e. three Star channels — Red FM, Capital FM and 988 FM. Only Suria FM, the Malay language Star station, had refrained from interviewing the two ‘Star’lets.

For the record, Utusan did not play up this story at all. As far as I’m aware, the Malay broadsheet only featured a single, rather dry report on the sexcapade at the height of the scandal.

The Star‘s pin-up girl

Hannah Yeoh recently preached at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC).

She quoted the following verse from the bible:

“He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him with proper respect. If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church? (1 Timothy 3:4-5)”

Hannah told her DUMC congregation:

“If you cannot manage your own family, how do you manage your duties as a politician? That is why people make fun of sex videos and sex scandals involving politicians, because if they cannot be faithful, if they cannot honour even their own wife, they are most likely to cheat on you.”

For the last five years, Dr Chua has been the opposition punching bag over his leaked hotel room video.

The Star once invited a tweeter who tweeted “Chua Soi Lek is an  adulterer” to be a guest on its programme. The paper has diligently promoted the public profile of those who are the harshest moral critics of the MCA and its president.


Star: Beng Hock’s death due to his own negligence

Yesterday’s story in The Star has arguably inflicted the worst damage to MCA that I can think of in terms of losing the Chinese vote.

The Star article, in its second paragraph said, “MACC and the Government are contending that Teoh’s death was due to his own negligence”.

This statement about TBH will cause any Chinese to hit the roof. The Star report seems to almost deliberately to want the Chinese to revolt against the BN.

To get an idea of the Chinese and Christian (The Star‘s target market) mindset with regard to government agencies such as the MACC, have a look at a tweet today by KL Chan, editor of the Selangor Times — The Star’s kissing cousin newspaper in terms of editorial orientation.

Chan’s Twitter thread exchange (below) complains that it was Malaysian taxpayers who had paid for the cost of the teargas sprayed at themselves during the Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 rallies.

Hannah Yeoh’s complementary tweet about how the taxpayer’s money is “misused, embezzled, abused” is retweeted from a Chinese man who gripes that other Malaysians, unlike him, do not pay tax.

The Star demography is the Hannah and Kevin types. The profit-minded paper, quite naturally, panders to the prejudices of its demography rather than telling readers about other points of views – for example MCA’s pitch on stability and harmony – that these urban, middle-class readers are not interested to hear.

And we mustn’t forget that the Star Media Group, including its four radio stations and command an audience of 5.63 million adults.

This tendency of the paper, on top of its sabotage and stab, does not help the MCA at all but hinders the BN’s best efforts. Who needs Komtar cybertroopers when you have media machinery like The Star?




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19 thoughts on “No stability lah, just sex and sabotage

  1. Hannah told her DUMC congregation:

    “If you cannot manage your own family, how do you manage your duties as a politician? That is why people make fun of sex videos and sex scandals involving politicians, because if they cannot be faithful, if they cannot honour even their own wife, they are most likely to cheat on you.”

    Anwar Ibrahim?
    LGE & Rainbow?
    few PAS politicians?

      1. Perhaps DUMC honors HY just like Catholics honor Mother Mary.

        Damn judgmental that chick. And yet the congregation of bible thumpers can accept what she preaches. Heck, they probably greeted her sermon with cries of Praise the Lord, Praise Jesus & Hallelujah! And them evangelists wonder why sooooooo many Christians, me included, refuses to attend praise & worship sessions.

    1. and they say “change”. take a leaf out of Hannah. she even “changed” the race of her daughters. first they called you sinners. then to rob you of what’s left of your dignity, they “change” the race of your children.

      now people should pay attention when Hannah and her ilk say we should all strive to be Malaysians. their insidious agenda starts with the race column of the birth certs. change that, change every newborn child of this country into “Malaysian” and you open the Pandora’s box to the eradication of Malaysia’s unique characteristics of multiculturalism. once the birth certs say all are Malaysian, they will say its time for Malaysian School. then they will start to encroach on our national schools and our vernacular schools.

      and when you resist, they will turn the tables on you and say “we are all Malaysians now, so it is appropriate that we have Malaysian Schools to reflect on our newly found “equality”. and as always, the dupes, the suckers, they will get on the Malaysian First bandwagon and proclaim “Yes ! we are now Malaysians. Yes ! equality ! Yes.

      if only Barisan Nasional, if only those that oppose Pakatan Rakyat, if only they could see through this insidious agenda of the Beyond Race Politics Sham of Pakatan Rakyat, the motley crew of Malaysian First Phoneys would have been defeated long ago and without expanding so much of our government’s resources through programs such as BR1M and the like.

      PM Najib, are you listening ?

  2. Helen,

    I think CSL is being blackmailed with maybe other videos. He explain that his competitor most likely to record his act on videos. I think at the time he meant to be his competitors within MCA. Otherwise, it is just impossibly incredible for him to sit tight watching the obvious act by the Star.

    Now the other videos could be in the hands of others.

    He fought like cat and dog to become president of MCA and yet he is so lame? This does not make sense.

    Perhaps he needs a “shock treatment” to wake him up.

  3. yeah exactly csl need a shock treatment to wake him up …..would suggest a prostate examination that would really give him a shock and wake him up from his slumber, ….mind you were are talking of csl i dont think 1 prostate examination would be enough to cure him .

  4. I kind of like CSL. As far as his sexcapade, I am a firm believer in what Bill Maher said about the French being cognizant of the reality that politicians without mistresses mean that they cannot multitask.

    CSL loses points with when he equated the Elizabeth Wong (?) photos with his indiscretions.

    Who knows maybe there is a sub rosa alliance between the DAP and MCA concerning the destiny of the Chinese polity in this country.

    Lord if you can’t even control your supposed propaganda organ, how the hell do you expect to fight the propaganda war against your party and be an effective partner in your coalition?

  5. Helen,

    I was skeptical of your claims that the Star was working against the MCA but since reading some of your older posts, I have to say I am persuaded by your arguments.

    Btw, with all those sweet young(ish) things in the DAP (HY, TK, TNC et al and yeah, Tony Pua and that Ong chap, why not?), makes Uncle Kit sound like a pimp.

    See, I made my stand against UMNO/BN a long time ago. Way before there was an ABU line in the sand. As a Malaysian Indian, I have almost nothing good to say about UMNO or the MIC.

    I do not hold much rancor towards the MCA since as far as I am concerned they did a far better job with the interests of their community than UMNO and MIC did for the Malays or Indians.

    I respect a few politicians in the Opposition alliance. They do some good work and if do not abstain in this coming election it would be because of solidarity with them.

    However, Oppositional politics these days is what I term Pimp Politics.

    The Opposition pimps out values such good governance, justice, equality, competency etc. and a certain section of the public buys it with their votes, with assurance that those values “love you long time” but the pimps and the johns understand that unlike a real relationship (that needs to be worked on), it is a temporary transaction at best.

    Actually, the kool aid drinkers buy into the fantasy that makes them benign but somewhat sad. The DAP apparatchiks are cynical opportunist who use those values knowing full well that their implementation would see the end of the communalist politics they claim to despise but which in reality they subscribe to.

    Oh well, I have given more short Sunday sermon.

    1. DAP’s chameleon colours show themselves in Jelapang. I’m all for (past posting) Saras, the PSM deputy chairman.

      There are 576 state seats nationwide. PSM is asking for that one in Perak. Is it so hard to concede one seat to a grassroots party that has already applied to join Pakatan given that the party’s EO6 (Emergency Ordinance arrest, Saras was one of the six arrested) travails gave the fillip to Bersih 2.0 inasmuch as Hindraf did for tsunami 2008.

      But no. The Perak evangelists argue that Jelapang is a Chinese-majority seat and hence a DAP rep would be able to better serve the constituency. Yeah right, wherever did the Bangsar M’sia rhetoric go?

      I’ve been following the reader comments in the alternative media on the Jelapang seat wrangle. One commenter pointed out that the Chinese papers have reported on the good work that Saras has been doing there, particularly after HYF’s defection, incl. PSM manning 3 service centres and how she has taken up the cudgels for affected locals in various issues.

      But this cut no ice with the Firster commenters who pooh-poohed the Chinese paper reports as somehow carrying less weight than English online media. Dapsters have a knee-jerk reaction to anything that runs counter to their kool-aid narrative and in the case of PSM groundwork in Jelapang, displaying just a plain refusal to recognise facts.

      And then they cast aspersions on Saras’ integrity and confidently claim that she (or Indian candidates like anyone from Hindraf) will be the first to be bought over by BN post-election. These DAP supporters are the ones I classify as Jerusubangites.

      1. Yeah, the Jelapang tussle is a good example. Reading the
        comments on Mkini, the only justification seems to be that the seat is in a Chinese majority area.

        This is never said outright but the fuckers go one about how Indians should be aware that the only way they would get voted in is if Malays and Chinese support them. And we all know that in Pakatan Rakyat it is all about “needs” not “race”. Don’t they see the contradiction in their comments ?

        When LGE debated CSL on the future of the Chinese or some shit like that, none of these so called Bangsa Malaysians, said, “wait a minute, isn’t the DAP supposed be to beyond race?”

        The hostility towards groups like Hindraf and PSM is obvious esp in Mkini. When PSM endorsed Hindraf’s Blueprint, the summary of the article read, “PSM, the Indian based party…” or something like that, before it was edited to something nuetral. I wish I had screenshot it.

        I remember reading a series of interviews of Uthayakumar (HRP) in which he made many allegations against Pakatan state goverments about land and fund allocations and nobody in the comment section chose to rebut them but merely threw racial slurs at him and the Indian community. Most of them judging by past comments were DAP “Bangsa Malaysians”.

        The reality is that in Pakatan they do not want an Indian voting block but rather a few Indian personalities here and there to satisfy the appearence of multi racialism.

        Most Indians who support Pakatan anecdotally speaking are the Christian types who have no problem mocking their brothers and sister in the name of Bangsa Malaysia.

        Btw, why did you stop writing for Mkini ? Being late to the party I may have missed the drama. Now there is only one writer who attempts reasoned arguments in his pieces.

  6. I don’t know about why CSL won the presidency of MCA with this sex-scandal being remembered by many. However, as a chinese myself, MCA as a whole already spoiled and with CSL at the helm, MCA reputation has gone down the drain.

    Malaysian chinese has been selective between MCA and DAP for a long time thus with the current MCA image, it actually does not help BN much.

    1. Actually I like CSL for his straight-talking, fact-based thinking and level-headedness.

      Also appreciate the fact that he’s concentrating on party matters and not going to stand for election or be in govt.

      He’s making sound arguments and a sensible case for MCA in the election campaign. Unfortunately due to the continuous brainwashing carried out by The Star, not many people are open to listening to the MCA message.

      Earlier the MCA paper did not give Dr Chua space. Lately I see that he has commandeered the space. But it looks like The Star may sabo the space they are now forced to provide him.

      1. Two issues
        1. Is CSL pendakwah kristian, and agrees to all the Star say.
        2. He did say that for MCA to be popular he had to be out spoken. Unfortunately najib had done most of the things that he want to complain, so najib is in his bad book!

    2. I like CSL not because I don’t care about his scandal. I like him because he owned up to his mistakes and had the courage to pick himself up again. I didn’t think he “won” the MCA presidency in the tight three-way fight. The fact that CSL won had a lot to do with the split in the party and the other two candidates are equally responsible.

      We may not always like our politicians, but CSL, in my book, did the right thing. He is not standing for elections, but it doesn’t mean he is trying any less hard to rebuild the party. His moral trangressions, surely, pales in comparison to his moral courage. I would have liked him better if he is more generous in his victory against OTK, but remembering how OTK behaved when he was in power, I can sympathize with CSL.

      Many Malaysians are quick to judge and seek the moral high ground. This is a man who has fallen and clawed his way back. That’s tenacity for you. Is he corrupt? You tell me.

      1. Just a brief tag-on:

        That’s tenacity — you said it. He took all the low blows yang bertubi-tubi tu, and is still standing. It’s more than just hits below the belt and foul language thrown at him. If you examine the unprintable insults, they’re really, really vicious — extending to his wife and son.

        Another reason I softened up to Najib, i.e. how he took the blows against himself and his family with equanimity, and still keeps on trying and trying — like his asking for the 2nd and 3rd time after the Psy Declaration as if he didn’t hear the first ‘No’ reply, haha.

        1. The same goes for Anwar.

          I think politicians should expect their lives to be scrutinized. I think it comes with the job. I think people should take all those personal attacks with a pinch of salt. We want results. Whether Najib is aloof or Badawi is friendly or Mahathir is arrogant is immaterial unless it affects their ability to do their job. Of course, to get the job done, they have to first prove that they can actually HOLD ON to the post.

  7. Just to clarify, I like CSL not because I do not care about his sex scandal – I do not care about sex scandals in politicians as long as they do not play the morality card – but because he knows the role of his party in the greater scheme of Malaysian politics (I disagree with this scheme), he engaged his political rival (LGE) without pussyfooting around like some of his other BN cohorts, he survived the political games of his party which is admirable in a Darwinian way.

    If he had better allies and was working in less toxic (UMNO) atmosphere I think he could be one of those who could have moved this country in a positive or constructive direction.

    Put it this way. If what they say abut Najib being hampered by elements within his own party is true, then someone like Chua working with an “unhampered” Najib, would be a positive thing for this country.

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