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MCA is deaf, dumc and blind

A regular commenter explains that without there being any longer the Chinese race in Malaysia, what reason should there be to maintain Chinese schools?

Whom would these vernacular schools then serve? Remember, the DAP 2.0 ‘ethnic cleansing’ is going to wipe out traces of Chinese and Indian ethnic identification.

If there is only a sole Bangsa Malaysia, then all the next generation Bangsa Malaysia children would be attending a single-stream school — Sekolah Malaysia.

Ahmad Ibrahim wrote (reproduced below):

and they say “change”. take a leaf out of Hannah. she even “changed” the race of her daughters. first they called you sinners. then to rob you of what’s left of your dignity, they “change” the race of your children.


now people should pay attention when Hannah and her ilk say we should all strive to be Malaysians. their insidious agenda starts with the race column of the birth certs. change that, change every newborn child of this country into “Malaysian” and you open the Pandora’s box to the eradication of Malaysia’s unique characteristics of multiculturalism. once the birth certs say all are Malaysian, they will say its time for Malaysian School. then they will start to encroach on our national schools and our vernacular schools.

Twitter - @hannahyeoh- I'm going to submit an app ..._1313609164011

and when you resist, they will turn the tables on you and say “we are all Malaysians now, so it is appropriate that we have Malaysian Schools to reflect on our newly found “equality”. and as always, the dupes, the suckers, they will get on the Malaysian First bandwagon and proclaim “Yes ! we are now Malaysians. Yes ! equality ! Yes.

if only Barisan Nasional, if only those that oppose Pakatan Rakyat, if only they could see through this insidious agenda of the Beyond Race Politics Sham of Pakatan Rakyat, the motley crew of Malaysian First Phoneys would have been defeated long ago and without expanding so much of our government’s resources through programs such as BR1M and the like.

PM Najib, are you listening ?


The above comment by Ahmad Ibrahim is originally here – ‘No stability lah, just sex and sabotage’. The screenshots of the Hannah Yeoh tweets have been added by this blogger.

It is not only Mr Hannah Yeoh who is “disgusted” with the MCA. More and more BN supporters are beginning to wonder which side the Chinese party is really on.

Why is it that bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star?



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14 thoughts on “MCA is deaf, dumc and blind

  1. What will racists like you do then Helen? Who will you bitch about? Which religion will it be? I guess that would very much depend on which way the wind blows a lalang like you.

    1. It is obvious the the SRJK C and I has failed to provide pride of being Chinese (ancestor worship/buddhist) and Indians (Hindus).

      More and more Chinese are ashamed to be associated with the Chinese race and history and China. Why is this so?

      Isnt the vernacular school purpose is to enhance their historical links to the motherland? Now Chinese refuse to admit their children are Chinese and give them names like Williams, Allen, David, George, Richard.

      Hello, there is nothing wrong with chow kit, Goh Tong or thambypillai or Muniandy. Of course Muniandy reminds me of the grass cutter but that is history.

      What is the use of Chinese vernacular schools if the Chinese themselves are ashamed of their Chineseness?

      What is wrong with ancestors worship that they want to pray to the Italians mafia?

      What is wrong with Hindus although they are not allowed to celebrate Valentine doesnt meant they have to be in the Catholic cult.

      Govt must relooked the vernacular school syllabus. They are not producing Chinese or Hindus but confused people.

      1. re: “More and more Chinese are ashamed to be associated with the Chinese race and history and China. Why is this so?”

        Blame The Star.

        re: “Govt must relooked the vernacular school syllabus. They are not producing Chinese or Hindus but confused people.”

        MCA must look into the contents of their paper. They are not producing Chinese or Hindus but confused people.

        1. the thing with Chinese schools today is that, they produce people literate in the Chinese language, i.e know how to read and write the Chinese written script. in other words, the language itself has become just another economic instrument.

          let me ask you, how many Chinese educated Chinese know the titles of The 4 Books and 5 Classics of China ? how many of these Chinese educated Chinese know the contents of The 4 Books and 5 Classics of China ? even those from Chinese Independent Schools cannot answer these 2 questions.

          The Star is not the problem. The Star is just a part of the problem. when you have parents who are too busy chasing money and material worship, the children are going to end up just like their parents. even these parents do not know what they have become.

          these people are not a confused lot. in fact, they ceased becoming Chinese a long time ago. when you ask them who they identify with, they say “we are Malaysians”. there’s nothing wrong, I mean by saying that we are all Malaysians, because our nationality is Malaysian.

          but when people are too ashamed to admit their racial descent, it shows the failure of that community to connect and reconcile with its own identity and heritage.

          1. The people you describe are the ones DAP 2.0 is soliciting. Their newly appointed social media strategist is a Hannah Yeoh clone, remember?

      2. Do you know 1.3 Chinese in China do not know much about chinese history and culture? The Hongkees are more chinese than chinese in China. You go and figure out. Also why don’t you see and say the same as chinese Sinkaporean or even chinese in Taiwan?

        But very good to hear from you that those schools are not producing Chinese and hindus as many accuse them to be.

    2. ‘ang on a moment..Helen chinese, Hannah err, pseudo chinese..and now Helen is a racist? Errr..against her own race? Can you let us know how you can come to this formula..cos I am so interested!

    3. Tell Kit Siang to denounce his race first. And while we’re at it, Guan Eng & Betty should do the same. Then we talk about what Helen’s gonna bitch about next.

      Btw, why didn’t Anwar, Hadi, Nik Aziz etc & by extension all the Malay leaders in PR didn’t come out with statement to support Hannah’s personal crusade? So in future since everyone will be classified as “anak Malaysia”, what becomes of bumiputeras? Will we all be bumis now?

      And finally, what of a kid born of a marriage between a Malaysian & foreigner? Anak what? Anak pendatang? Anak asing? Or anak haram?

      1. he denounced his Chinese race a long time ago, he did it by calling himself Malaysian First Chinese second.

      2. Mamak word is created. So is Eurasian. In this case could it be Indochinese or ChinesIndo?

  2. Saya sokong Helen.

    No more mention ‘race’ in birth certificate. Everybody is Bangsa Malaysia. Then all sekolah Malaysia. No more SRJK(C) or (T).

    Satu Malaysia.

  3. Bangsa Malaysia, Sekolah Kebangsaan dan Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Malaysia dengan bahasa utama Bahasa Malaysia. Setiap papan tanda tiada lagi Bahasa Cina atau India. Semua diwajibkan dalam Bahasa Malaysia!

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