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“Malay-sia” and the northern gangland

Look at The Star report on the MCA president today (screenshot below).


It’s ‘Malay-sia’ to The Star

I do believe the MCA newspaper is trying to popularize this hyphenated spelling “Malay-sia” of our country.

At the bottom of this page is a screenshot of the contents listing today in Star Online. Again same spelling: “Malay-sia”. Is the MCA paper trying to tell its millions of readers something?

In the article ‘MCA: PAS will ruin country‘, Dr Chua Soi Lek is quoted by The Star as saying the Islamist party will ruin the country. Hmmm, ruin the Malay part or the Sia part?

(Postscript: Among hyphenated country names are Bosnia-Herzegovina and Guinea-Bissau.)

Anyway, the same article also informs us that Kulim is an MCA state seat.

What looks like a gangland killing took place in Kulim earlier on 25 Jan 2013.


Execution: Shot in the head

A 38-year-old Chinese contractor was shot at close range by a gunman and died on the spot from a bullet to the brain.

There appears to be a marked increase in Chinese triad activity. This kongsi gelap trend was noticeable in Penang but Kulim is MCA territory.

What organized crime is going on in the wards administered by DAP and MCA politicians?



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44 thoughts on ““Malay-sia” and the northern gangland

  1. Helen,

    I am in Riyadh now and at the King Khaled Airport I was greeted “you Malazeea” by the immigration officer. The moment I nodded, the rest become easy and he said a lot of things in arabic but I have no clues. The one I could comprehend are ” Malazeea good and Mahathir good”.

    You know the Saudi treated passengers like a herd of cattles, Malay-sian are spared. The same are treated to passengers from our neigbouring countries except Malay-sian.

    Good to be Malaysian or Malazeea or Malay- sian!!!

    1. I wonder what is the image – I mean perception of physical appearance – that foreigners have of the typical Malaysian?

      With Japanese or Hong Kong(ite) or Scandinavian, one can imagine the racial stock stereotype.

    2. I wonder what is the image – I mean perception of physical appearance – that foreigners have of the typical Malaysian?

      With Japanese or Hong Kong(ite) or Scandinavian, one can imagine the racial stock stereotype.

      1. Helen,

        We have no stereotyped faced being a Malaysian. That is the unique part. I am just holding our red passport and the officers took notice immmediately.

        The treatment are so distinguish from other passengers. I dont think the officers bother about my religion. The fact about me being a Malaysian is enough to give him some degree of confident and comfort. I am being guided to a special lane which far more shorter than the rest and for less scrutiny passengers.

        Viva Malaysia!!!

        1. :) I was wondering if religion was a factor for the nice treatment. Thanks for the claification.

          1. Helen,

            I think nothing got to do with religion. Our neigbouring country is a bigger Muslim Country. They are being treated like a herd of cattles.
            For Malaysian, we have a brand of a Muslim Country with a good governance and a successful one. That is what most Malaysian are taking for granted. Outside peoples recognised this except our own.

            I have many experiences being treated nicely by being a Malaysian in many places and many continents.

      2. I believe in middle east they think Malaysian are more Malay like while for Hong Kong and Europeans they tend to think Chinese are the Malaysian look.

        I’ve met someone in Europe (chinese) upon learning that I am Malaysian start talking Cantonese to me? I was like, ‘do I look like I am a Chinese?’ She said ‘she tought Malaysians are more Chinese’, so my brown skin doesn’t really matter.

        It is not their fault though. Muslims or Malay tend to go to middle east especially Arab Saudi for Hajj while chinese tend to go to Europe for holiday, i guess. :)

        1. LOL. Yes, I can imagine that in a white university town should the Malaysian students be more predominantly Chinese, then the locals there might think Chinese is the default Malaysian face.

        2. Americans would probably be mixed.

          You probably have American who think Chinese rule the country like in Zoolander and on the other hand I’ve read novels written by people who think Malaysia is just like Indonesia and Afghanistan, terrorist homeland.

          Probably why the opening scene of the first episode of 24 has a CIA agent phoning in about the Presidential candidate’s assassination from Kuala Lumpur.

          Well at least nobody still thinks we live on treehouses and swing from vine to vine.


          Those in Dearborn, Michigan probably think Malaysian young ladies wear tudung? — Helen

          1. Had met China national that was surprised to see a Malay lady colleague of mine not wearing tudung, he sys he tot all Malay women wear d tudung.

            The lebanese american Engineer at my office was also surprised that Malay Malaysian are quite dedicated Muslims as many Arabs always think us as less pious and extremely liberal like the Indonesians (i guess the only Muslim Indonesians that went overseas are usually rich people with Western lifestyle) and he thought about moving from Texas to KL as he enjoys our peaceful mosques.

            Many people around the world have many interpretation of us depending on the Malaysians they have encountered before,we are multicultural. Malaysia IMO continues to be an enigma to many, chaotic yet peaceful, fundamentalists yet tolerant.

          2. Malaysia has many Malaysians or ex-Malaysians abroad. Plus, the tendency of Malaysians to marry ang-mohs, it does us a lot of favours, and then some.

            Some of the surprise is at the pervasiveness of English usage. They could understand Singapore being Anglophiles, but they underestimated the colonial influence on our country. In any case, the expats love us – a lot.

          3. If you have Chinese features and you reside in America you’ll be categorized as Asian and if you are of indian descent you’ll be known as South Asian. You would have to tell them you are Malaysian and that’s when you’ll confuse them. But if you are Malay and say you are from Malaysia, you can actually see the look of acceptance on their faces.

            1. In the situation you’ve described (setting:USA), would a Dapster be as insistent that his race is Anak Malaysia or would he settle for Asian or opt for the Chinese category if the option is available?

          4. The choices for race is normally White, Black, Native American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander and Other. So Dapsters yang nak guna Anak Malaysia will have to select Other. That will surely confuse people, like huh, isn’t Malaysia a country not a race? But maybe they’ll tick White, hmmm?

              1. Postscript:

                That would be their first choice in the USA.

                However, at the Selangor JPN, we still don’t know what race is Hannah Yeoh’s second child.

  2. Let’s not also forget that the flourishing criminal underworld can lead to corruption in the law enforcement agencies.
    Perhaps corrupt enough to have moles committing hits on witnesses detained in law enforcement offices even.
    After all, the opposition will always choose to capitalize on such things to run down the current government.

  3. Dear Helen,

    Just need a clarification. In the context Chinese language (not sure whether its Hokkien, Cantonese etc). Malay-si-a means Mati la Melayu. Is it true?

    1. Ma lai xi ya 马来西亚

      xi 西 is west, cardinal direction of compass

      si 死 is die, character written and pronounced differently in Mandarin

      1. Hmmmm.. so it depends on that particular person whether to utter the word as xi (west) or si (mati) la kan? Ikut niat masing-masing.

        Thanks Kak Helen for the enlightenment.

  4. ok..i am going to berbaik sangka with The Star and presume that the program they’re running autodash it when the word is too long and had to go to the next line.. Of course, I know I am going to be slagged off for this naivity but what the heck!

    anyway – not even 24 hours, something stupid had to be committed. LOL..

    1. Hi,

      Pls see my reply to Conrad.

      If you have a hardcopy of The Star with you, can you (or any other reader) pls check how the word appears on kertas and whether it’s in the middle or at the end of the line?

  5. As for the treatment by Saudis of Malaysians, I have never heard anything good from my Muslim friends who have made the Pilgrimage.

    As for the general perception of foreigners of Malaysia, my experience has been overall positive. Most of the time they are just surpised that I speak English.

    The Star’s “Malay-sia” comment is rather queer. It is rather doubtful that it is a typo, so there must be something subliminal going on.

    Triads and politics is like coffee and brandy. This nonsense has been going on forever. Our law enforcement has already been infected. If as a former PM thinks of our current political scene as devil filled, I will run with the analogy.

    In the hellish intersection of business and illegality the UMNO devil is no stranger to shaking hands with the Chinese triad devil.

    I think what the DAP has done is legitmize these relationships. Anecdotally speaking, the area I live in used to vote MCA but now is DAP.

    Since the switch, these “gaming outlets” have sprouted up. Where there was one now there are five and oddly enough four have the same “discreet” logo.

    These and what is obviously a brothel, are the new additions in the predominately Chinese and Indian area.

    I am ambivalent since the lads who jaga these places are polite and crime seems to have dropped. Of course this may be because we have become a “gated community” and the so called “guards” instead of scoping out places are now “patrolling”.

    1. re: “It is rather doubtful that it is a typo”

      The Star Online copy is not line justified (i.e. align right), so no other words were broken (on my computer screen).

      Am betting that the print copy is also Malay-sia.

      1. It is but it seems to be an end of block para thingie (sorry do not know the techinical term). The same thing happens with the word negative – nega-tive.

        Pity. The subliminal theory was way cool…….

        1. Actually you might be on to something.

          The word “negative” appears twice in the copy. The first time in the first paragraph “negative impact” which we can see in the screenshot above of the online version, and the second time in the following paragraph (screenshot below).

          In both instances, “negative” appears as a whole word online.

          Whereas the Malay-sia glitch not only occurred in the article proper but also in the content listing as well.


  6. the reason for my bersangka baik is I experienced it when I was doing my publicist round years ago at NST & The Star. The program would do an autohypenate and even when it’s submitted to be stories, the dash would still appear whether the text is at the end or wherever. It used to be that the text are printed out and pasted by the Paste Up artist, hence the dash can be omitted when they go to FA or mock-up.

    1. Aaaah, you’ve revealed your age.

      Job of “paste up artist” belongs to the era of bromide.

      1. OMG..oh yes, bromide..and negatives & positives. Remember when the colour separations came in film, all 4 pieces of them. Ahhh…what a sweet memory of yesteryears gone by. Incase, you’re putting me in the 45 and above bracket, sad to say I am not.

        Let’s just say I start working after SPM. I come from a poor rural (then) Malay family: mom’s a cleaning lady and my late father work in a factory. I am selfmade..for someone who never go to uni, no degree, an ok command of the English language, I have had a blessed life.

        Back to The Star, I still think it’s the software issue like Excel for DAP!

        1. Wonder what little act of sabo will The Star do tomorrow?

          Hope readers will keep a sharp eye out. Just for the fun of it.

  7. Kulim is part of Penang island’s “hinterland”. It takes less time to travel from Kulim to the island now than it used to be. Many live in Kulim but commute to Sebrang Prai or Penang Island to work; Penangites who cannot afford to buy houses on the island make their home in Kulim as Bukit Mertajam is also getting expensive. One can buy a couple of bungalows or many semi-dees in Kulim for the amount one has to pay for the same on the island. Lunas is about 5 miles from Kulim town. People can just drive up to the expressway that is located just outside of Lunas town if they want to go to Penang.

    What happens in Penang or what goes on in Penang will have an effect on Kulim. If gangsterism or triad activities are rampant in Penang then Kulim will feel the Heat as well. To close for comfort la. Being a so-called MCA territory does not mean that the MCA can stop the spread of 24 or 08 activities. The Ghee Hin and Hai San era will come soon. There is Ayer Merah in Kulim, a name given a long time ago because the stream turned red with blood from the gang battles then. Kulim was a tin mining area and the Ghee Hin and Hai San were fighting over territory.

    Boleh terima explanation ini kah Helen? Just to answer what you were wondering about as Kulim is supposed to be so far away from Penang island.

    1. Thanks.

      The police should be asked if the gangsterism began spiking after 2008.

      Thuggish behaviour is seen even online in Dapsters.

      1. Helen,

        I was born and bred in Kulim, Kedah. Kulim has an interestring history. Tunku used to be the District Officer there during the war. At that time, sultan Badlishah( father of current Yang diPertuan agung) was the Ruler of kedah.

        British Resident arranged for sultan to stay in Singapore as Japanese army is advancing to Kedah. On sultan’s way to singapore, Tunku “kidnapped” his brother(Sultan). Tunku told the then sultan that his place is with the rakyat.

        As for Kulim being “MCA territory”, I am not so sure about that. For decades MCA won the place although it is until today a Malay majority constituents. But MCA lost in the last election.

        1. Thanks for clarifying.

          You’re right. PKR won the seat. So what Chua Soi Lek meant was that it is an MCA seat to contest in GE13.

          Hmm, so the gangland killing took place in an opposition DUN.

          1. Helen,

            Then MCA must do more Dr chua should better understand the saying “nobody is indispensable’. Meaning to be relevant. MCA must deliver Chinese votes.

            and the only way to earn respect is by telling Chinese outright on the reality. Meaning although their vote is significant, it is not the ONLY DECIDING FACTOR. MCA must tell chinese outright that UMNO is not racist as portrayed by DAP.

            And stoop making useless statement that MCA lost badly in the last election due to UMNO. The reverse is the truth. Had not for it ties with UMNO, MCA would be best suited in a museum only. It is the alliance with UMNO that delivers sizable Malay votes.

            1. re: “MCA must tell chinese outright that UMNO is not racist as portrayed by DAP.”

              On the contrary, the Star associate editor in his column alluded to “racists” and “bigotry”, and no discerning reader can miss who his target is.

              re: “MCA must deliver Chinese votes.”

              It is. The Star is delivering the votes to DAP.

              e.g. the paper reported that the govt blamed Teoh Beng Hock’s own negligence for causing his death. This is the kind of statement that will make the Chinese public hate the MACC (Malay-dominated state agency) and the govt (Umno-led). None of the other media carried but Star strangely had the story.

              It is ‘strange’ when you think about how the paper was unable to publish the other stories that enjoyed a field day, such as Guan Eng’s Christmas message and Patrick Teoh’s rant. But here is The Star leading the pack on the TBH story which no other media had.

  8. All Malaysian Chinese stand up and vote BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties to beat the copy-cat Opposition hands down to create a fantastic country for the World. Bye Bye Lee Kuan Yew ! All Singaporeans are welcome !

    1. re: “All Malaysian Chinese stand up”

      Is Hannah’s second daughter Chinese too? Or does DAP decree that there is no such thing as ‘race’ same like what the Star associate editor wrote?

  9. Rename our country Bukan Tanah Melayu. This will certainly satisfy the Tongsan mali group be they MCA or DAP, even Nicky.

    1. DAP lacks cognitive consonance.

      On the one hand, there’s this kiasu phobia of acknowledging the 1948 name of Tanah Melayu but on the other hand, Hannah Yeoh, Ng Wei Aik and the DAP evangelistas insist that their race has ubah to become Anak Malaysia rather than 唐人.

  10. Helen,

    Actually STAR is not the issue here. How STAR is managed is a poor reflection on how MCA portrays itself in Malaysian political arena.

    MCA I must say has “outlived’ its relevance without realising it. and it “outlives’ its relevance due to 2 main factors; UMNO’s babysitting MCA by allowing it to contest in Malay majority areas AND MCA more importantly (from Malay views) willingly tolerates DAP’s antic in order to show how “chinese’ MCA is.

    The days of UMNO’s alowing MCA to win in Malay areas is coming to its end. the sooner UMNO realises it, the better. Constituents like Kuantan, Bandar Tun Razak Teluk kemang, Lunas, Kota raja, Pasir Panjang were won by Malay politicians as malays has “wise” up. why bother electing a non Malay in Malay majority areas and adding to insult be accused as racist.

    So, If UMNO wants to continue putting MCA say in Malay areas, be ready to accept that the constituents would likely be won by PR candidates who happened to be Malays.

    SPEAKING ABOUT UMNO, what is it with Najib’s administration that it simply refuses to act on those “fitnah”. Remember the ridicolous statement by Nizar that govt (meaning UMNO) did not distribute the RM207 billion ALLEGEDLY compensated by Japanese Govt during the tenure of Dr Mahathir’s administration. Tokyo has denied the allegation.

    What Najib or our AG is doing. Charge Nizar. This will serve as a reminder. I wonder whether STAR is not alone when it comes to “gunting dalam lipatan”. IS AG sleeping or “refuse” to act?

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