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Kantoi: Rocket kata ada 3,000 hadirin, Antarapos kata 300

Tajuk berita di Antarapos berbunyi ‘Konvensyen Pakatan bermula hambar‘ (25 Feb 2013).

Portal tersebut melaporkan “Hanya kira-kira 300 orang mengisi dewan persidangan Pusat Konvensyen Shah Alam” semalam (gambar di bawah).

pr hambar

Manakala pada hari yang sama The Rocket melaporkan, “The manifesto, titled ‘Manifesto Rakyat’ was tabled before more than 3,000 attendees gathered here at Shah Alam Convention Centre, with the event carrying the theme ‘Pakatan Harapan Rakyat’.” (25 Feb 2013)

The Rocket tidak memaparkan gambar perhimpunan di dewan.

Sebaliknya gambar di akhbar tersebut (screenshot bawah) hanya menunjukkan Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Anwar dan Hadi Awang sedang duduk di pentas yang mempunyai latarbelakang warna merah.

Jika dikaji sekali lagi gambar Antarapos di atas walaupun ia agak kabur tetapi boleh nampak juga sebuah pentas berlatar merah.

Gambar di bawah menunjukkan lebih 300 orang hadirin tetapi tidaklah sampai 3,000 orang.

Kemaskini (11.30 pagi): Mungkin ada 1,100-1,200 orang yang mengisi tempat duduk. Kiraan di sini.


Tempahan dewan persidangan di Pusat Konvensyen Shah Alam itu dibuat atas nama acara PKR.

Gambar The Malaysian Insider (bawah) menunjukkan dif-dif kehormat menduduki baris depan.

Boleh tengok Elizabeth Wong di tengah-tengah, duduk di atas kerusi yang dibalut seperti macam dengan “kain kapan putih” (sila rujuk silang gambar Antarapos yang menunjukkan kerusi-kerusi sama yang kosong di belakang).


Ukuran dewan ialah 24m x 17m, iaitu keluasan 408 meter persegi.

Paling banyak pun dewan bersaiz 408m² boleh memuatkan kira-kira 730 buah kerusi.

[Acara diadakan di Ballroom manakala Dewan Plenary itu lain.]

Jadi bagaimana pula The Rocket boleh memberitakan bahawa “lebih 3,000 orang” telah menghadiri acara?

Akhbar DAP ini nampaknya tak ubah macam sibertrooper-sibertrooper Komtar yang asyik hendak kelentong sahaja.



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51 thoughts on “Kantoi: Rocket kata ada 3,000 hadirin, Antarapos kata 300

  1. You can tell from the picture that PR is not race base, there is no representative from the Indian community on stage. If it was a BN function you’ll have all races up there, because BN is race based.

    And how come DAP is represented by Father & Son while the other parties have only one rep? And why must the Father & Son sit together?

    And I love the way the PR machinery plant the seeds of distrust in the election process. So you can already foresee that if PR lose it’s because the election process is faulty, phantom voters etc. I’m actually looking forward to to PRU13. It’s gonna be a huge circus.

    1. re:”And how come DAP is represented by Father & Son while the other parties have only one rep? And why must the Father & Son sit together? ”

      DAP have two reps reflecting the the party hierarchy in Pakatan. You can see Azmin Ali & Mahfuz Omar sitting in the audience (front row with Eli Wong) and not on stage.

      DAP is represented by Father & Son as they are a Christian party. The Holy Ghost is not visible however but it is the spiritual force that hovers over Guan Eng b’cos he is godly like Mama Dapster.

      re: “And I love the way the PR machinery plant the seeds of distrust in the election process.”

      The DAP machinery has been planting the seeds of distrust against my writings too. That’s because they’re kiasu and when they cannot persuade with facts, they attempt to blunt the opponents arguments through character assassination. You can see their kongsi gelap genes and how in the DUNs that they control, the kongsi gelap is operating an underworld and executing people gangland style.

    2. PR is family and crony based. you have father and son teams. you have husband wife daughter team. you have other families too, like cousin and cousin. then you have the office boys as well.

  2. Maybe Antarapos took a picture before the event started.

    Anyway have a good read of the full manifesto. Very interesting, especially the 30% women in leadership positions, housewives provident fund (by SOCSO not EPF), annual cash transfer for ALL older persons (RM1,000), UEC recognition, creating two new state oil companies, household income of AT LEAST RM4,000 after PR’s first term in power, AT LEAST RM1,100 minimum wage, 5 NEW technical universities, 26% tax for those who earn more than RM400k, immediate shut down of Lynas, new armed forces dividend over and beyond LTAT, R&D investment 5% of GDP, 50% reduction rate in traffice congestion in 5 years, ANOTHER national housing board, free tertiary education with living allowances, cancellation of PTPTN, cancellation of AES, 15% increase of police salaries, free public health and improved doctor to population ratio to 1:550 in 5 years as opposed to the current 1:800, Welfare assistance from RM300 per month to RM500, ANOTHER national SES database, doubling the fund size of Tabung Haji, and of course a fictatious Adlan in Damansara in 2023.

    I won’t even start by commenting how much of the initiatives overlaps with EXISTING government programs, but the internal logic and inconsistency is astounding.

    IF the household income becomes AT LEAST RM4k in 5 years, the minimum wage cannot be AT LEAST RM1.1k, unless ALL household members in Malaysia are working. The increase in welfare assistance would be moot because unless the poverty line moves, NOBODY is poor.

    In a PR world where NOBODY is poor and EVERY household earns AT LEAST RM4k a month after 5 year with AT LEAST RM1.1k minimum salary (good luck with the employers), welfare assistance programs are not needed because poverty will be eliminated. PR will be the first government in the world to achieve the feat.

    PR aims to increase the threshold of maximum tax (26%) – essentially a tax break for the upper middle income group, but no tax break for others. It will also be the first government to REDUCE traffic congestion by putting CHEAPER cars and fuel on the road. This is because Malaysians like to buy imported cars and take free public transportation.

    The entire manifesto offered no NEW engine of growth, no NEW sources of revenue and no NEW economic plan, yet they aim to keep Malaysia growing by increasing the salary of the police and revise the salary structure of civil servant, creating new provident funds, new state oil companies, evict Lynas and break IPP and highway contracts, free health and education (new unis and study loan cancellations) = SPEND SPEND SPEND SPEND SPEND.

    I am normally not an alarmist, but how populist can the PR government get? They make an election manifesto that promises more goodies than Santa Claus! Strangely, nothing on EPF, very interesting. I think our PR friends are going to raid the kitty like nobody’s business.

    1. Thanks, I noticed the 26 percent tax threshold yesterday. Will take a closer look at the manifesto.

      re: “Maybe Antarapos took a picture before the event started.”

      Wish the photo was clearer. If the VIPs are on stage, then that’s a fair point to consider that the event has started.

      From the aerial shot, the participants look to be about 800.

      1. I noticed some archaic Malay spelling. Anyway, the part on the tax is essentially moving the 26% maximum tax upwards. This is presented as a fairer redistribution of wealth. Actually, it is a tax break for those earning more than RM10k per month. If it is set at RM400k, it is actually a tax reduction for those with a personal income between RM10k to RM35k.

        Is that the sweet spot for Bangsarians and PR supporters?

        1. It’s the coalition for Anak Bangsar Malaysia after all.

          Btw, have you noticed that LKS’s blog has been carrying an inordinate amount of Translated-to-BM material of late.

        2. I remembered Penang (RM1,100) and Selangor (RM1,500) has promised a higher minimum wage for government and GLC staff. Has it been implemented? Shouldn’t be too hard no? Why be silent on a good achievement? Because the private sector and average non-Malays won’t like it?

      2. I think from the aerial shot, assuming it is reliable, it could be 2000. I mean, one row 20 persons, one block about 20 rows, with 5 blocks… can’t be 300, perhaps 2000. I found a link that specified SACC’s capacity around that figure.

        The Dewan Plenary fits about 300, the main ballroom about 2000.

        SACC Convec yang dimiliki sepenuhnya PKNS tetapi diuruskan syarikat swasta dilantik, Siera Management Sdn Bhd menyediakan dewan utama seluas lebih 2,000 meter persegi yang mampu memuatkan kira-kira 2,000 pengunjung.

        Selain itu, SACC Convec menyediakan Dewan Plenary di tingkat satu seluas lebih 400 meter persegi yang mampu menampung kapasiti 300 tetamu, lapan bilik mesyuarat dan bilik seminar di tingkat satu dan dua untuk kegunaan majlis rasmi atau persendirian dengan ruang bilik dan saiz berbeza mengikut kehendak pelanggan.

        1. Thanks for looking up SACC and you’re correct on the ballroom venue.


          Like you I’d counted 20 rows. While the depth of 20 rows is uniform, their width is not.

          And I concur that there are 5 blocks. The middle block #3 is aligned to the stage and ‘Pakatan’ backdrop.

          If you look at the Antarapos photo which is block #5 at close range, you can clearly count 10 chairs per row. So the wing blocks are 10 chairs.

          The middle blocks are 15 chairs (see close up crop below)

          Therefore blocks #1 and #5 (20 rows x 10 chairs x 2 blocks =) 400 seats.

          Blocks #2, #3 and #4 (20 rows x 15 chairs x 3 blocks =) 900.

          Max seated = 1,300 if every seat is fully occupied

          However, not all the seats are taken. Block #4 (nearest camera, have some empty spaces in the front rows. Even in the close-up back rows, there are empty seats in between (see below).

          I estimated 800 from sight in my 8:39 am comment because we’re unable to see block #5 which is off-camera and which the empty seats in the Antarapos photo show (but possibly taken earlier than the photo).

          1,100-1,150 seated perhaps? Still a far cry from the Rocket‘s “more than 3,000”.

    2. Reasonable analysis. The biggest bluff I guess is, Pakatan pledged to increase the minimum household income to RM4,000 per month in its first term in power. Yeah right!!!, We will be overtaking even US that would have a minimum poverty guideline below Malaysia during the PR reign

      see link There are 79 federal programs providing cash, food, housing, medical care, social services, training, and targeted education aid to poor and low-income Americans. This welfare programs differ from general government programs. They provide aid exclusively to persons (or communities) with low incomes; second, individuals do not need to earn eligibility for benefits through prior fiscal contributions. This is roughly over US$900 billion and there is no mean test.

      Such half fetched populist agenda with half fetched knowledge by PR will be their downfall. Like you say with this, welfare will become moot so what are we going to do with the welfare funds in Malaysia?

      Aaisah!!! I forgot the disfranchised poorer segment of the displaced Malaysians Indians from the estates and their stateless condition, can we throw them some bones to them to achieve the utopia as well under the PR manifesto?

    3. with the PR manifesto, what we have is essentially the same as that presented by the ruling coalition. the genius of PR is to steal what’s essentially the work of the ruling coalition and repackaged it as something new via linguistic gymnastics.

      I mean, after all, there are loads of spinners in PR.

      speaking of fulfilling election promises, heck, if they are still talking about the same stuff after almost 5 years in office, well, don’t bet on it happening soon, after the elections or if ever.

      a friend of mine from India had this to say of politicians and their “promises” after serving 2 terms and are now campaigning for their 3rd terms. these are the things politicians say to Indian voters:

      “during the 1st term, I worked hard for my cronies because they were the ones funding my campaign.

      in my second term, I worked hard for my family as I have already satisfied the demands of my cronies.”

      now that we are in election mode, in my 3rd term in office, I promise that I will work hard for you, my constituents when I m re-elected.”

      so when politicians from both sides of the political divide speak of fulfilling their election promises ………. you know what I mean.

  3. Helen,

    Is shutting down the Lynas plant a “race based” initiative or an enviromental issue ?

    1. Guan Eng promised:

      “Jika BN enggan melindungi kepentingan kesihatan rakyat dan persekitaran dengan membatalkan loji Lynas kerana melanggar syarat, dan lebih mementingkan keuntungan kroni, maka PR akan melakukannya apabila kita mengambil alih Putrajaya kerana loji tersebut boleh dibatalkan kerana melanggar syarat tanpa membayar satu sen sebagai pampasan.”

      The next logical question following on is whether he and his party took up the cause for green or for Chinese reasons. Have a read of the Red Guards ordeal a typical Chinese* Lynas dissenter is subject to, and the stark contrast between attackers who assault from hysteria and the victim who argues from a scientific vantage point.

      *I’ve made a point of the dissenter’s Chinese race b’cos in the general landscape, Malay public opinion has been for Lynas while the Chinese public opinion is vociferously against, with placards such as “No Lynas, no mutants” and “Balik kampung, tanam jagung”.

      Reader comment from a prominent Kuantan doctor reproduced below:

      ““The anti Lynas Red Guards have deployed an army of cyber harassers and cyber thugs in all the Malaysian blogs and other news media to intimidate anyone who oppose them and they are very successful so far.

      “Very few people dare to speak up, and all those who dare to do so are being intimidated, harassed and boycotted by the brainwashed zombies.
      “The main aim of these cyber thugs has nothing to do with getting rid of Lynas, or anything to do with helping china maintain their grip on the ree market, but they are using this golden opportunity to brainwash and instill hatred for the present government, thus enabling them to win the coming general election.”

      Comment originally here.

      You can search my blog for other comments from the same individual under his handle ‘looihw88’ as well as read ‘Reason Lynas protesters are mostly Chinese‘.

      1. My question was my attempt at humor. You do it very well when you post but I come off sounding like the freakin’ Borg. However, it is a good thing that you reposted some of the salient points of your criticisms of the Lynas Red Guards.

        I know that some Pakatan supporters visit this blog and they should be reminded of the truth, which they can deny and obfuscate but never bury especially once it is online.

        For the record, while I am not against Lynas per se, I am persuaded by the criticisms of Dr.Jeyakumar who points out amongst other things the bureaucratic missteps of UMNO and the fallacies of their own spin.

        I off course deplore how the DAP apparatchiks have attacked credible criticisms against the pro Lynas movement, which is symptomatic of the how the DAP deals with deviations from its groupthink.

        On a similar theme, this culture of hate is best exemplified with PAS’s warning to “instant citizens” not to vote. Now I am very well aware of the deficiencies in our electoral process but I think this warning is odious for a variety of reasons, which I could elaborate on if you ever write a post about it.

        Briefly, however, I will say that

        1. This culture of violence concerning Malay politics is something present in PKR many of whom jumped ship from UMNO and brought with them the less savory aspects of UMNO politics.

        I cannot recall the name of the PKR….wait Saifuddin Nasition (sp) is it. who in his UMNO youth days on orders (he claims) from his UMNO handlers disrupted the East Timor conference.

        2. This furthers my theory that if there is violence it would emanate from the Malay polity who in this instance find themselves at the electoral mercy of interlopers who could either assist or hinder a Malay power base from claiming power.

        1. Yes!! PKR was started by an Umno outcast and takes in the Umno rejects.

          If the Dapsters wanna complain about Umno, then their coalition partner is the nest pond of Umno dregs. Even worse calibre.

          As for Lynas, if it were in my backyard, I would have reservations certainly and say ‘No’. But since I don’t live there, I’m non-committal. Okay, admit I’m bad (only human).

          Initially I stayed off the Lynas issue as I didn’t want to take the trouble to sieve through the science. However I became concerned when they did the Long March from Kuantan to KL.

          My reaction was a Chinese tingling, looking at Wong Tack and his people wearing those (Chinese peasant-looking) big hats. It was like the victimhood-cum-heroic struggle ploy, and the imagery would have appealed to the Chinese heightened emotionalism.

          I became alarmed when I saw the pictures of the Himpunan Hijau rally descending on the heart of KL — same Chinatown areas as May 13.

          Not only was the behaviour of the jubilant and arrogant Chinese crowd reminiscent of May 13, even the media propaganda images seemed to have been deliberately crafted to convey and accentuate a Chineseness.

          In fact, my suspicious mind went to the extent of wondering whether it was a set-up as in the Himpunan Hijau leader being an agent provocateur (recall Lai Tack the communist party sec-gen).

          The alarm bells started ringing loudly when Wong Tack threatened to torch Lynas, prompting me to ask if DAP had gotten punke’d in the light of the close association of the party and its leaders with HH.

          See my posting ‘Who is Wong Tack?‘ which needs some reading between the lines. I think you will get it. The pity is that the Dapsters are so blinded and belligerent that they reflexively reject any exhortations to evaluate facts and to THINK!

          They will be the authors of their own destruction. I’m recording this inexorable path to destruction in my blog as objectively and with as much detachment as I can. That’s what scribes have felt compelled to do since time immemorial. Writing talent is a gift as well as a curse.

  4. DeeDee Helen…

    Hahaha… diorang sudah salah kira kot… diorang kira skali dengan kakitangan SACC dan pengunjung kompleks membeli-belah tue kot…. hahahaha… lawak aaa…

  5. Aku penat la balik-balik Pakatan takda sambutan, meja kosong, dewan kosong, kerusi kosong. BN kena boo. dewan kosong. Gambar menipu dan photoshop… ini benda bangang je nak dibuat isu.

    Boleh tak dicerita isu yang membawa kesejahteraan rakyat, menyuruh rakyat buat baik.. berbudi bahasa kepada mak bapak, jaga anak dengan sempurna, memperjuang kebahagian dan kepatuhan beragama.. segala tu awat korang semua tak tulis? Baik Pakatan baik BN… bloggers nya kurang wawasan ke arah situ

    1. Isu pokok di sini ialah orang Rocket yang suka buat kira-kira ala “kesilapan teknikal” Excel.

      Sikap mereka adalah berikan apa-apa angka sesuka hati.

  6. I was just doing a rough calculation of their expenditure if they get their fingers in the jar. At a glance, around 300-350b. That’s an increase of 50-75% of current budget. They can finance that by getting funds through internal sources such as Khazanah, Petronas, SOCSO or even, God forbid, EPF. Otherwise, finance it through external borrowing which will double our debts to equal GDP within 3 years.

    Even if you download the whole manifesto, you can hardly find all the answers to your questions on implementation as well as the mechanics in financing the policies. Some are pretty vague while others are left without explanation.

    As far as the minimum wage is concerned, it will create an economy that is bloated with artificial inflation due to rising costs of doing business. And all these costs will be passed on to us as consumers. The facilitation fund of 2b is a drop in the ocean considering how quickly it will be depleted. In fact if they subsidize 100 a month for 4m wage earners, it will be gone in 5 months.

    And to top it all, PR screwed everyone who downloaded the full manifesto as 5 pages were blank.

    1. Yang blank tu dia Ada tulis “This page is left intentionally blank” ke tidak? Kalau tulis memang blank, kalau tak mungkin sebab yang buat manifesto tu yang “blank” atau dia nak isi kemudian bila dia terfikir perkara yang baru. Dan dia boleh cakap you download tak complete. Wow, macam saya ni ahli spin PR pula.

      And for sure dia akan habiskan semua reserves yang ada kalau mereka ingin tunaikan segala janji mereka. But I wouldn’t worry too much about that because in case you don’t know, campaign promises are just promises, not meant to be kept, as already shown by them in the current legislative environment.

      1. My bad. I counted the cover as a blank page as it was a rehash of the 3rd page plus some graphics. Pages 2, 36 & 37 are blank with only the page no printed & page 38 will be what they call the back cover. So 4 blank pages plus a fancy cover without any explanation whatsoever. As an added bonus, we get to read a two page letter written in 2023 about how the country has changed since PR came to power. Malaysia has unlocked the secrets of time travel! Malaysia & PR memang boleh!!!

        1. in 2023, Putrajaya will be called Mordor. LGE will be the all-seeing eye. DAP/PASters will be the orcs…either that, we’d be known as United States of Malay-sia.

          1. A republic then? So our political masters will cast the royalties off their thrones before ascending themselves? Now where’s the guillotine when you need it?

        2. You don’t say? Damn! Now, I’m gonna have to download the stuff, I LOVE time-travel fiction. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Back to the Future series.

  7. hahahaha..zaman teknologi ni semua orang boleh dapat maklumat mudah je ..lagi nak menipu …kihkihkih

    baca manifesto pru PR macam cerita dongeng je ..cuba bandingkan kerajaan PR dengan sebuah keluarga ..ambik contoh sebuah keluarga dengan 5 orang anak ..berbanding dulu pada masa depan si bapa janjikan anak2 kenaikan duit belanja beratus kali ganda , upgrade kenderaan anak dan macam2 incentive lagi ..tapi si bapa bekerja macam biasa je tanpa penambahan p[endapatan … dah macam rangcanag Astro ..betul atau bohong je aku tengok …kihkihkih

  8. Helen,
    I hate to do this cos I think this is the problem with us self-righteous types, we try to be fair when the competition never is. But here goes.

    Based on the picture, there is a total of 6 sections in the hall, 3 on eah side of the center walkway. Each section contains 20 rows of chairs with 15 chairs in each row. This would make the total seating capacity of the audience to be a maximum of 1,800.

    Given the picture, only 80% of the seats are occupied, which give an estimate of 1,400 persons in the audience.

    This is half of the 3,000 figure reported by rocket but a lot higher than your estimate of 700 and 300.

    For a national convention of 3 big political parties, this is a disappointing low turnout. Is this a sign?

    At least it is a sign that they don’t know how to count.

    1. Thanks Adait.

      Agree: 20 rows

      Agree: 15 chairs each row

      However the wing (at extreme right and extreme left of Dewan) rows are narrower and have only 10 chairs — see Antarapos photo which is close range, so can count clearly.

      I-hate-n’sync and I counted five blocks ‘cos the middle one (block #3) is aligned to the stage while block #5 (nearest our view) is largely off-camera.

      So I’ve worked out the number of chairs prepared as at 1,300 (see calculation here).

      Taking your estimate of 80 percent occupancy (80% of 1,300), we get 1,040 people seated in the Dewan.

      The figure I cited of 700 [730] is based on maximun capacity calculated from floor space of the Plenary Hall. However i-hate-n’sync pointed out that SACC has a grand ballroom and I concede accede that the ballroom is the likely venue.

      Thanks for counting the 15 chairs. That took me a while, so I appreciate someone else cross checking. Cheers.

      1. Agreed with the max figure around 1,300. I was being generous in my estimates. I think the turnout is not an issue at all in reality. Of course, the matter in contention was the clear exaggeration where a 3k turnout was claimed for a venue with 2k capacity.

        I have very little doubt about the draw of PR events. At the end of the day, the manifesto is not the real star – it is the event that signifies the readiness of PR for polls which is the message.

        I hope PR will do well enough to give BN a run for their money. As Harford noted, “confidence in the permanence of political institutions, whether democratic or dictatorial, is self-justifying”. The basic model of rational revolutions revolve around the elites and the masses.

        “If they (the masses) are sufficiently indignant and are able to get themselves organized, the masses can rise up and demand greater democratic rights. They (the masses) do this because they rationally forsee that promises of different economic policies are not credible; only a chance in political institutions will do. Or elites may realize an uprising is likely and offer reform to forestall it. Again, new policies are not credible but new institutions might be.”

        – Harford, T.

        The credibility of the new system is the issue here, not political coalitions – BN or PR. Hardcore ground supporters of both coalitions realize that the elites ARE being prosecuted. The question here is that the elites must realize that change is necessary, whether BN survives or PR reigns. To imagine that the old elites can cling on to power using outmoded tactics is laughable. The elites WILL find ways to perpetuate their wealth and influence, whether PR or BN is in power. The masses must realize that their best bet is not in one coalition over the other, but the party who is willing and able to implement institutional reforms without breaking the eggs. I know what some people are thinking, they want to make omelettes, I just feel that we should have hard boiled ones.

        It is not a coincidence that the pace of liberalisation is quickening in the past few years, minimum wage, minimum retirement age, direct cash transfers, expansion of welfare policies, etc. Populist measures get the priority, despite the inefficiency costs. But once you give one side too big a strong majority, the incentives and impetus to democratize dies with it. We have not addressed the problem of productivity and innovation because neither BN or PR is willing to push the matter too hard before the GE. At the moment, everyone will be so focused on the carrots that other matters will just be pushed to the background.

        As it stands, a majority of the items promised in the PR manifesto is just simply impossible. Even the ones which appear easy have long tails in terms of ramifications and impact which I doubt the masses thought through.

      2. Now that I have studied the picture again. Yes there are 5 sections and a little over 1,000 attendees would be a more correct representation.

        At least we can agree that there is no way 2,000 could have crammed into the hall let alone 3,000.

        Any self-respecting person with a modicum of intelligence would have gathered that the manifesto is nothing but empty talk. That is why after a few sentenced, I stopped reading it.

  9. “Jadi bagaimana pula The Rocket boleh memberitakan bahawa ‘lebih 3,000 orang’ telah menghadiri acara?”

    Silap..300 tu yang duduk kat kerusi kain kapan tu je. Selebihnya 2700++ lagi termasuk org bunian dan golongan Jin.

    The Pakatoons got the sixth sense mind you, as what happened in Perhimpunan Hijau and Bersihs, they can see what others can’t.

      1. well…probably they counted the ‘Holy Spirits’ of each person in the dewan. tu sebab dapat more than 3000++…

  10. u say u are cina above your picture, (aku cina) actually u are a shame for chinese sociaty, look at korea, taiwan etc ,malaysia more advance and good resources then them 20 years ago , now c wht truth dont lies, many success country party keep rotating not DICTATORSHIP pls dont shame of yourself idiot…

    1. Dear Dump-Dump-You,

      I’ll finish your etc for you.

      Look at Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, Singapore and Hongkong, Malaysia was ahead of them and rich in natural resources more than 30 years ago. They are now more successful countries!

      Mana boleh right!?

      Bumi mana yang tidak ditimpa hujan? We need to work on our shortcomings and improve as a nation. Jangan main cakap saja and expect prositive development on a silver platter.

      If rotating political parties = success, consider the following evidence:

      Post-war Japan – The LDP has been in power since 1955, except for a brief 11 month period between 1993 and 1994, and from 2009 to 2012.

      Taiwan – The KMT the government under a one-party authoritarian state until reforms in the late 1970s through the 1990s. First competition with DPP started in 1986. KMT lost power between 2000-2008 but came back in style ever since.

      South Korea – Riddled with military coups and the coming and going of political parties, it is a country of strongman politics, with amazing economic progress first achieved in the 1960s – 70s under Park, the 3rd President, a military coup Dictator, whose daughter just won the 2012 Presidential elections via the Grand National/Saenuri party. The first real democratic victory didn’t appear until 1993, where civilian and long time Opposition leader Kim Young-Sam became President. The conservative GNP staged a return in President Lee in 2008.

      Singapore – Lee Kuan Yew and PAP. End of story.

      China – Mao & Deng and Communist party. End of story.

      India – Chaotic politics with dominant INC party (Yes, Congress where the ghost of Gandhi is resurrected via Nehru’s daughter Indira, whose husband Feroze is NOT related to the Mahatma). Primary opponent, the BJP. From 1950 to 1990, barring two brief periods (1977-1980; 1989-1991), the INC enjoyed a parliamentary majority. INC formed minority government since 1991 until BJP managed to gorm a government in 1996-1998. Until the NDA (first non-Congress government) in 1998, INC is the dominant party. In 2004, INC came back with a veangence and formed a new coalition UPA and in 2009 won more than 200 seats.

      So my darling Dump-Dump, which is the more successful country? You want me to add Thailand and Indonesia to the mix?

    2. Dude, get an education first. Your English is so atrocious, it left me thinking if I should laugh or cry. And don’t go on blaming the education system because no amount of education can help you if you won’t help yourself.

  11. Helen…………. ok la sudah tu pasal numbur… ko cerita benda ni kalau ko betul pon, mak pak aku masih kena pinjam duit dari jiran untuk beli beras la…

    1. Akbar .. ni bukan sebab silap kerajaan tapi rasanya sebab ko fail sebagai anak untuk menjaga kebajikan atau kasik det kat mak pak ko kut?

      1. Macam mana nak bagi depa duit. Aku keje warung kat keramat. Gaji aku pon tak cukup. Aku tak salah pada kerajaan tapi benci pemimpin pemimpin yg janji nak bawa kebahgian epada rakyat kelahi perkara perkara bodoh macam jumlah beuk ysng datang majelis depa

        1. Tu le dulu mak pak ko antar gi sekolah kebangsaan soh blajar rajin2 tapi ko ponteng kelas, ko gi tengok wayang time tiusyen, kenkawan ko masuk maktab kolej universiti ko masuk rempit, ko dapat keje despatch boy ko ponteng pegi bawa geprend smpai majikan buang ko keje.

          Last- last sekali ko keje kat warong keramat ko tak peduli mak pak ko smpai mak pak ko kena pinjam duit jiran beli beras sbb ko tak balik2 jengok.

          Balik2, ko marah2 pemimpin sebab tak bahagiakan ko dengan Brim bulanan RM500 maka ko tak dapat beli i-pon baru mcm kenkawan ko yang grad maktab kolej universiti.

          Macam ni lah, ko masuk saja join pakatan tu, busuk2 pon depa janji gaji ko kerja kat warung tu rm1100 sebulan siap makan free, bila ko kahwin depa janji rm4000 sebulan. Ko tak percaya? Hah, pi tanya pak syiekh.

    2. Kesian juga mak bapa engkau tu brader. Apasal tak minta bantuan dari JKM? Takkan kat bumi bertuah ni pun ada rakyat kebuluran. Yang engkau tu pun satu. Mak bapa nak harap jiran ke bagi makan? Jangan jadi Tanggang brader. Allah tu adil. Silap haribulan lain kali engkau pulak pinjam duit dari jiran beli beras pasal anak engkau semua tak peduli.

  12. Lepas ni pihak yang memerlukan bantuan kebajikan bukannya rakyat biasa (kerana mereka dah jadi kaya) tetapi majikan yang terpaksa isi borang minta bantuan dari jabatan kebajikan kerana jatuh bankrupt gara-gara terpaksa bayar gaji lebih kepada pekerja. Pasal tu lah Tokong, Khalid, Nicky dan Azizan tak bina rumah-rumah murah di negeri-negeri pemerintahan mereka kerana mereka dah ramal rakyat malaysia akan jadi kaya raya sedikit masa lagi.

    Sapa kata mereka ini tak pandai tadbir negara. Cuma tak pandai hitung undi pemilihan exco parti dan terlalu demokratik mengendalikan mesyuarat agong parti sehingga berlaku kekecohan yang amat memalukan serta pertelingkahan antara ketua-ketua parti komponent dalam perkara-perkara dasar.

    Aku tak sabar-sabar menantikan kerajaan baru yang akan dikepalai oleh pedokong land of the free Dari segala segi; agama, sexual preference dll.

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