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Orang Sepanyol pula yang mendarat di Sabah?

Betulkah dakwaan yang berikut? — “The influence of the Spanish missionaries coming mainly from neighboring Philippines resulted in Christianity, in its Roman Catholic form, rising to prominence amongst Kadazans in Sabah (screenshot halaman Wikipedia).

Demi merebut ‘Allah’, orang Kristian Malaysia sebelum ini memakai hujah yang mengatakan ‘Bible’ terjemahan mereka telah menggunakan kalimah tersebut sejak 400 tahun dahulu.

Sekarang ditokok-tambah pula dengan dakwaan bahawa ianya mubaligh Sepanyol yang menyebarkan agama Kristian di Sabah, konon.

Blogger Ellese mengesan bahawa sekerat masukan Wikipedia, di bawah tajuk ‘Christianity in Malaysia‘ telah di-UBAH baru-baru ini untuk memuatkan ayat yang tersebut di atas berkenaan mubaligh Sepanyol.

Ellese mengolah tajuk ‘The extent of lies these christians??? do to win the Allah argument‘ di blognya The Right of Reply pada hari ini.

conquistador ship

Bila hari pula Spain came to Sabah to convert?

Ellese menyangkal dakwaan bahawa agama Kristian sudah lama bertapak di Malaysia serta dakwaan terbaru bahawa orang Sepanyol dari awal-awal lagi pernah mendakwah kepada orang Kadazan di Sabah.

Beliau menulis:

“Man. Can you believe the deception people do to win an argument. They amend wikipedia. For goodness sake. The more falsehood you create the more inconsistent it becomes with other historical facts.” (screenshot blog Ellese)

Kata Ellese, “Jahat betul these Christians [???]”

Beliau mengesyaki bahawa ia adalah orang Kristian yang mengubahsuai masukan itu atas alasan “Only the Christians have interest to amend the Wikipedia. The other more precise way is to refer to “those supporting the Christians who wants to use Allah” [aka christians??] but this is too wordy.”

Untuk membaca seterusnya tentang Kristian yang kiasu, sila ke blog Ellese.

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Seorang pembaca blog saya yang menggelar dirinya ‘anakmelayuIslam‘ menyumbang komen 2013/02/27 at 3:17 am disalin-tampal di bawah:

“memang lawak la depa ni…beriya iya nak guna kalimah Allah..padahal Allah sendiri pun bakal humbankan mereka ni ke dalam api neraka kerana mengatakan tuhan ni ada tiga…

Untuk mengetahui selanjutnya tentang penipuan Kristian atas Bible “400 tahun” mereka, boleh baca sini.

Untuk mengetahui takat putar-belit evangelista DAP, sila ke blog Dhanyaraam Chinathamby dan blog Cikgu Shashi (MIC).



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11 thoughts on “Orang Sepanyol pula yang mendarat di Sabah?

  1. It’s quite a dilemma, isn’t it? The poor judges who will preside over the case, I feel for them. If they don’t allow the use of the word Allah, the evangelists (especially Jerusubangites) will ‘melenting”. On the other hand, if they allow the Malays will not only mengamok, but it may lead to malaysia’s version of apocalypse. And yet on another hand, they cannot do an “Anwar trial” (you know that berapa banyak kali postpone) since unlike Anwar, the issue will not die.

  2. i am waiting for the day when they edit how the chinese come to Malaysia – i hope they include spaceship or some portal to make it more exciting. Since rumour has it that Hang Tuah and co are actually chinese, hence the Hang in front of their names..similar to Hang Li Po.

    I am also waiting for the inclusion of other races such as the Irish, the Italian, the Americans are part of the other races that has settled here apart from the portugese – I mean, it could be true you know since we have italian food and we celebrate Halloween and St Patrick’s Day.

    Last of all, I hope they moved us up a bit geographically to say, Mediterranean level hence our national language can be altered to English.

    LOL .. here I am thinking that the fiction in the manifesto is as low as one can get.

    1.’s the first time someone noticed, i’s not that most Malaysian internet users would frequent educational sites in drove, most click on fb, porn and, there are chances of editing done in similar type sites.

      1. Really?

        I thought politician pages on wiki would be edited heavily by either haters or followers, or even the politician, never bothered to check any up though.

        Also probably pages on controversial events like Mei 13.

        1. I’ve heard urban legends of two opposing camps ding-donging in their counter edit of Wiki.

          But in any case, do pls check out Ellese’s blog and the posting there that is specific to this ‘Christian’ edit issue.

          It’s a slimy thing to do and acts like this really undermine public trust which will lead to anomie where eventually and ultimately nobody will believe anything anymore.

          You wonder ‘how low can they go?’ And it’s beginning to be no surprise anymore that some people are capable of the most despicable fitnah.

          I can give one example of a low blow (by BN): the mainstream media brouhaha about the cross pattern on KuLi’s tengkolok which was a hit at him under below the belt.

          1. Well, putting aside intellectual dishonesty I seriously don’t see why the Christians think the actions of past colonial missionaries is a good thing for their evangelical cause.

            Like missionaries using Allah in bibles to convert the natives, it’s like they’re admitting that’s why they want to use Allah in bibles now. That wouldn’t end well.

      2. It was the intellectual dishonesty that made Ellese angry, i.e. putting in a footnote citation to give the impression of credibility but then in reality, the footnote not having any bearing. This is a very low thing to do.

        So essentially Ellese was highlighting that just in order to bolster their claim to Allah, the individual who inserted the claim into Wiki was resorting to tipu muslihat.

        Anyway, this Sabah thing comes in the middle of the story. Better you check out Ellese’s blog to get the head and tail of it.

  3. 1st of all, thanks for highlighting another good blog.

    As for wikipedias, dont trust the content 100% or just forget about it. It is not even legit to be quoted for research publications and journals. All universities reject any citation from there and even suspend any thesis report/ article that has any quotation from Wiki. As academician, citing from Wiki means you’re either mr syok sendiri or just plain idiot. There goes the title Prof Wiki. Free2 je kena repeat writing report.

    Kalau dalam ceramah ke, rebut dalam debat ke, if you petik from wiki, your ceramah, penulisan, artikel or whatever is considered as useless. nak baca, boleh. tapi kalau nak orang percaya, tak mungkin.

  4. Helen,
    The current malay bible is not just another editable books it is just another wikipedia that they claimed as absolute truth words of God.

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