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Tee Keat’s candidacy: “A slap on the face for MCA”

The Malaysian Insider landed a scoop yesterday in revealing ‘BN will field Tee Keat as direct candidate‘.

TMI executive editor Leslie Lau had the exclusive on an “elections war room” meeting chaired by BN chairman Najib Razak that decided on the former MCA president Ong Tee Keat to contest in Pandan.

Chua Soi Lek recently announced that Tee Keat was not on the his party’s GE13 slate for the Selangor Parliament seat where the latter is the incumbent.

A Feb 21 article in The Star headlined ‘Tee Keat dropped from Pandan‘ reported that Dr Chua had even introduced 39-year-old lawyer Gary Lim to reporters as the MCA’s choice.


Now it appears that the MCA has been overruled. Chua Soi Lek’s loss of face is not wholly unanticipated. The possibility was tweeted four days ago by the former three-term MCA state assemblyman for Subang Jaya, Lee Hwa Beng.

Hwa Beng (tweet screenshot above) is a member of the Christian right.

He makes a perfectly valid point that this “pleasant surprise” for Ong Tee Keat will reinforce the “Chinese view of MCA as subservient to Umno”. Hwa Beng is also correct to say that it “may affect other safe MCA seats”.

Najib in selecting Tee Keat over Soi Lek’s head sends the signal that “MCA is irrelevant” (see Hwa Beng’s Twitter exchange below).


Therefore the decision to field Ong Tee Keat does not merely impact on the Pandan seat alone but has ramifications on the MCA-Umno relationship.

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Soi Lek had previously indicated that Tee Keat might jump ship if certain eventualities arose.

Past actions which bolster Chua’s belief include Tee Keat putting up an opinion poll in his blog shortly after March 8, 2008 asking ‘Should MCA leave BN?’ About 76 percent of the survey respondents said ‘Yes’.

Another move by Tee Keat was his joining Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s Amanah group together with former Tourism Minister Kadir Sheikh Fadzir who quit Umno last March, former MIC deputy president S. Subramaniam and several other ex-BN leaders.

The rationale behind the BN high command’s endorsement of Tee Keat – if the TMI story is to be believed – is that his candidacy would help them “claw back some Chinese support which is now at a low point”.

Such a course of action may win the battle but it will lose the war. It is tantamount to a vote of no confidence in the MCA. Furthermore, it strikes at the very underpinnings of the BN consociationalism formula.

MCA stands with PM

I’ve written before that The Star gleefully promotes those people who make the harshest criticisms of Dr Chua and his party. Well, Lee Hwa Beng tweeted that the Ong Tee Keat development is a “slap on the face for MCA”.

Screenshot below is a snippet from a Star article yesterday. The MCA newspaper felt it necessary to mention that Hwa Beng watched a basketball match in the company of the Subang Jaya DAP state assemblywoman and the Kelana Jaya PKR Member of Parliament. What earth-shattering news.


What makes The Star allocate so much space for Lee Hwa Beng? (discounting the rumour mill that he’s in the running to be appointed the paper’s CEO)

One reason he stands in good stead with The Star is that he mirrors the paper’s values.

For example, let’s look at the MCA bashing that is going on in Lee Hwa Beng’s Twitter today, taking particular note of its language and tone.


The threads in Hwa Beng’s Twitter touch on:

(1) The “No! No! No!” response from a Malacca crowd to MCA vice president Ng Yen Yen

(2) “shame on her!” [Ng Yen Yen]

(3) Message directed to Chua Soi Lek: “@drchuaSL  MCA will officially close shop aftr GE13 by decayed dirty politicians and unwanted by Chinese voters. Ha! Ha!”

(4) “@hwabeng  @hannahyeoh  perhaps nothing wrong with party… it is the peoples leading the party…”

How can anyone forget the “Shame on you! Shame on you!” tongue-lashing that Lim Guan Eng gave Chua Soi Lek during their debate 2.0? Lee Hwa Beng’s Twitter exchanges reek of the very same attitude.

While Hwa Beng may talk about MCA’s apparent subservience to Umno, the fact of the matter is that the BN Chinese component has already lost whatever little clout that the party used to have. The Tee Keat slap not only leaves MCA red-faced but sends it reeling.

One can see that his own party newspaper considers him irrelevant. Dr Chua is incapable of exerting any influence over The Star (a business entity whose staff receive their salary indirectly from the MCA).

On the other hand, Lee Hwa Beng watching a basketball match is more relevant (worthy of news coverage) in the eyes of the The Jerusubang Star.

Uppermost in the mind of a Chinese would be the thought that if Chua Soi Lek is himself not even able to catch the eye of his party newspaper, how in the world then can he get the ear of the prime minister?



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31 thoughts on “Tee Keat’s candidacy: “A slap on the face for MCA”

  1. Hwa Beng drank one bottle too many of Hannah’s Kool-aid fortified holy water rejuvenation beverage. Drink one today for free salvation, enlightenment & church membership!

  2. I don’t believe the news from TMI. For starter, PM would not embarrass MCA President like that. I mean, a good leader would find other ways to negotiate a sensitive matter like a PRU candidacy rather that overwriting his partner’s decision blatantly like that.

    No, I don’t believe Najib would jeopardise UMNO-MCA’s relationship.

    Those people who created and propagated the story must be MCA’s enemies.

    1. Okay, I get what you’re saying.

      But the Star scissors is subtly turning on CSL. Akhirnya senjata makan tuan juga.

  3. Helen, If Barisan FIELDED Tee Kiat it is not only a slap for MCA but for UMNO….Tee Kiat will not get votes from Chinese pro to MCA nor he will get votes from Malays who have been asking for a Malay candidate in a Malay dominated area- 60 percent of Ampang Constituency are Malays……I believe Ampang will go to another Malay Candidate-that explain how Ampang was won by Zuraidah-not based on her record nor capacity-she was a fruit monger-but because of her race

      1. I don’t think so because during PRU12 the mindset of Malay voters are against Pak Lah sleepy governance !! People would even vote DAP if they have candidates in Pandan during PRU12.

  4. Pandan constituency breakdown Malays (49.3%) – 32,048; Chinese (45%) – 28,912; Indian (5.2%) – 3,315; Others (0.5%) – 222. Najib is smart in supporting OTK. With the latest squabble between Vel Pari & Palanivel (MIC), I won’t be surprised if a new trend is set to emerge with independent blocks aligned with BN. PR will be licking their wounds very soon because BN is evolving with the sentiment of the community.

      1. Yes Helen somewhat. UMNO being the pinnacle of BN should have evolved much earlier when they can see that their major counter part like MCA and MIC incapacitated with their past personal glories with little benefit to their respective communities.

        The direct approach by Najib and his gang irrespective of the origin, ethnicity for Malaysians are welcomed but they need to identify the right candidates and their movements. UMNO should have hired you as their political strategist.

        1. re: “UMNO should have hired you as their political strategist.”

          LOL. My ‘consultancy’ is an open and interactive public forum. Everyone’s input is welcome.

          Unlike the DAP moneybags of today that are hiring Jerusubang evangelistas and spreading their gospel of superiority and hate.

          1. You too need to evolve Helen, why waste such talent like yours who can dissect and decipher for the benefit of the community at large without any party or political affiance in your effort as long as that is the truth for the community without any expectation. Why waste such talents that work for the benefit of the community?

            1. For the moment, it is inertia and immersion. The upcoming elections does suck any politically minded Malaysian into the vortex.

              Secondly I do not think that my personal sacrifices for this blog have been a waste. It is a necessity b’cos the Dapster cyber thuggery has made sure that I’m unable to get any platform in the media.

              And for sure The Star ain’t gonna gimme any space. So I’m not allowed a voice in alternative media which is staunchly pro-opposition or in mainstream media either as The Star considers me their public enemy.

              However I’m tired. Fatigued. That’s why I’ve said myself that my blog needs to go in a new direction — one that is less exhausting.

  5. Helen, take your time in your inertia and immersion but don’t despair as truth does not disappear. I am sure our commentors here can carry some of the weight. Tell us how we can help you to keep you going and doing with your righteous agenda for the community?

    1. I do want to pass on the weight for the regular commenters to carry.

      I intend to make my own postings much shorter b’cos quite frankly I’ve already reached saturation point with my anti-Jerusubang agenda.

      And I hope that commenters will be willing to share your views in more depth and detail, and discuss and debate among yourselves so that this blog will evolve into a forum.

      Hannah Yeoh bores even me now and there are enough people out there who diligently monitor LGE’s every move. However Si Gunting remains in my gunsight, heh heh.

  6. Helen, you say “I do want to pass on the weight for the regular commenters to carry”. Well that is not your choice, but rather your commentors if they are ready for it. What more can i say. You put it out, see what your evolving commentors are willing to contribute then maybe you can make your judgment the direction that you need to seek.

  7. Helen,

    Should it be true the OTK will be a BN’s direct candidate, then a slap in the face to MCA (CLS, LTL and other MCA’s supremo) is okay to wake them-up. But will they?

    The way I see it, it probably a start for MCA’s transformation….

    As for one BN party…I believe it should be done long ago and let’s wait till PM Najib announce the Barisan1Malaysia Party.

    Hopefully soonest.

  8. in the meanwhile another storm is brewing in Wangsa Maju. Liow Tiong Lai already endorsed a ‘winnable candidate’ in the shape of Yew Teong Look – who lose spectacularly in the last GE.

    Can somebody explain the definition of ‘winnable candidate’ to MCA?

  9. I guess the ‘winnable candidate” to MCA is LTL ‘syok-sendiri’ vision because he surely forget that he himself is not a doctor but trying to be one…..

    My personal analysis, any MCA candidate in this coming GE will lost except OTK (but he is a direct candidate to BN).

  10. The Prime Minister is makes the final decision of naming the candidate to contest in GE13 and it must certainly be a winnable candidate. OTK is winnable in Pandan as he is popular with the Malays n Indians n still has some support amongst the chinese. CSL is too obsessed personally with OTK and so is mistaken here n should reconsider fielding a separate MCA candidate. CSL should focus on other more important issues and areas. What happens to OTK re post GE13 scenarios, PM is smart enough to be able to deal with it. So no need to jump the gun for now.

    1. Agreed with jason. OTK play it right. he is well known in pandan and his face and name is everywhere and his face is also a pleasant to look at.

      He reminds me of Lee Lam Thye, altho is he from Dap but he is very humble and famous and malay likes him. why cant we have many chinese candidate like him.

      No doubt this election especially will be more on race based but malay will still vote a chinese candidate if the person is like OTK or LLT. My personal opinion and observation.


  11. We need to take whatever MI prints with a pinch…oops…a ton of salt. It doesn’t make sense on several points:

    1. CSL will not announce the candidate’s name without Najib’s approval.

    2. Najib will not field anyone that MCA does not endorse in a seat belonging to MCA. Even if he does, it will be in an UMNO or non-MCA seat. Probably under Gerakan ticket.

    3. LHB is hardly a reliable source of information and he has been hard at work to blacken the BN and MCA’s name. I guess MI’s source is LHB himself.

    The issue of MCA being subservient to UMNO is one of DAP’s strategy and I am not surprised by such rumours especially spread by ex-MCA traitors like LHB.

    People don’t understand and under estimate Najib’s political acumen. Though I am not in politics but I have noted the vast diiferent between Najib and Pak Lah. I think many people will only realise this after the GE13. You can pick this up if you read the news carefully enough (from MSM and not the propaganda churned out by the alternative media).

    I wish I can share some of the things that I had observed but since this blog is crawling with creepy Dapsters, I would skip that. However, one thing that I can point out is the way Najib has handled the date for 13GE. In fact there will be more surprises to come, I predict. When finally Najib annouces the date and along with a few other “annoucements”, Pakatan and the Pakatoons are in for a shock of their low lives.

    BTW did you notice that Pakatoons have started their march and are going berserk with all kinds of videos and propaganda? All kinda nonsense is being spread, some of these are so ridiculous that it is hard to believe there are people stupid enough to believe it. But then Pakatoons are not exactly blessed with IQ.

    1. re: “Najib will not field anyone that MCA does not endorse in a seat belonging to MCA.”

      There has been precedents where BN has over-ridden MIC recommendation. Also happened in Sarawak with one or two pribumi candidates.

      re: “The issue of MCA being subservient to UMNO is one of DAP’s strategy and I am not surprised by such rumours especially spread by ex-MCA traitors like LHB.”

      LHB has not yet left MCA. And it’s true his party is subservient. How can they be at parity when Umno has 79 MPs and MCA 15, many of whom represent Malay-majority constituencies.

      1. Helen,

        You are sharp, aren’t you? Yes you are correct.

        True as it was the case of MIC at Ulu Selangor. I am not sure what happened in other cases but I am familiar with the Ulu Selangor one. I am not sure how much of this i public domain but the information that I have is from inside MIC. What happened, at least from my source, is this (BTW I have omitted some confidential info and others that might give insight into MIC/BN).

        The way Najib operates is he never accepts a single name as a candidate as it was in the past. His requireement is that the candidate must be winnable and that the party submits a list of candidates. Of course the party can submit the list in the order of its preference. I can’t tell whom MIC submitted but he rejected the top ones and went for Kamalanathan who was at the bottom.

        And his reasons for the decision was rather telling and very revealing of his mindset. I can’t reveal all reasons for accepting Kamal and rejecting others. But what I can tell is that Kamal was selected because he was young, clean, highly educated, impecable background and most importantly are acceptable to all component parties and able to speak well in three languages. Of course at that time MI, MK and FMT were full of BS about MIC being snubbed and being subservient. But I was impressed with Najib’s decision making process and thought process. Furthermore he knows (from extensive research) about the other candidates and his rejections were based on facts.

        As such, I very much doubt the story about OTK being fielded at Pandan unless UMNO or other parties gives up another seat to MCA in return of “losing” Pandan. It wouldn’t be a case of Najib over-riding MCA or doing it without their knowledge or without some sort of quid pro quo arrangements.

        Another point is that MCA won almost all seats in Malay majority areas is also rather revealing…This means despite all the talk about Bangsa Malaysia, DAP is more of a Chinese party than MCA since they won all their seats in Chinese-majority areas.

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