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Kena londeh

Orang ini, yang menulis sepucuk Surat Kepada Pengarang, telah mendakwa dirinya sebagai:


  • “do not belong to any political party”
  • “I am just a young voter”
  • “Like all my peers, I am out to seek politicians who are in sync with our desire for free and fair elections, a stable government of our choice which upholds the rule of law, separation of powers and protector of basic liberties of speech, assembly, religion and property.” [blah, blah, blah]
  • “We have to get rid of politicians who are inefficient, tainted, corrupt, shortsighted, irresponsible, dominated by special interests and those incapable of adopting policies for the public good.” [blah, blah, blah]

Nama si penulis surat (yang bersikap positif terhadap pencalonan Ong Tee Keat di Pandan) ialah Ronnie Tan Tuan King.

Ronnie menggambarkan dirinya sebagai seorang pengundi muda yang tidak berpihak kepada mana-mana parti serta hanya mahukan pilihanraya dijalankan dengan adil dan berkecuali untuk melantik sebuah kerajaan yang akan mempertahankan hak kebebasan bersuara dsb serta mahu menaikkan para politikus yang bersih, cekap, amanah dsb untuk menjadi pemimpin negara.

Pendek kata, cara Ronnie Tan menulis itu adalah dengan niat untuk menyakinkan orangramai bahawa dia seorang yang tidak berkepentingan dalam kemelut Ong Tee Keat-Chua Soi Lek.

Akan tetapi si Ronnie ini rupa-rupanya ialah peguam Ong Tee Keat — laporan Bernama/Sin Chew di sini.



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13 thoughts on “Kena londeh

  1. No wonder Tun Dr.M had sniped lawyers in Parliament, years ago, “Hang the lawyer” or something to that effect.

  2. Dear Helen,

    Kita tahu lah sikit-sikit the situation in MCA regarding CSL & OTK. Well, let MCA to sort it out among themselves.

    As a resident in Pandan area, we could always see OTK ‘turn padang’. He could be seen everywhere. Most people in Pandan are proud to have him as a MP because he serves the people who elected him. He gets the job DONE for the people. When most BN candidates fell like dominoes during 2008, OTK won.

    The people on the street would greet him as if he is a superstar. Read an article couple of months ago in a local daily. If not mistaken PM Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak mentioned that he selected OTK as Pandan BN Chief for the coming election. Eventhough the election months way, our PM already selected him to lead BN in this area. Means, our PM thinks highly of OTK.

    On CSL? He make himself look like a fool with his comments couple of days regarding OTK before getting the feedback from the ground.

    Words on the street says MCA is now doomed with CSL comments.

      1. I hope CSL will refrain from saying stuff that he has no control of, like the fielding of candidates. the PM has the final word, let him decide. the PM knows who are the winnable candidates. what we do know is that CSL is not a winnable candidate. so he should keep quiet. don’t embarrass our PM and BN. please.

    1. Dear Helan, I am a resident at pandan area too and I agree with Umar. OTK really know how to bring himself well among the people reside there.Whenever I go to my children school for some event for sure his name will comes out as a donor etc2.

      You can feel his present and majority people knows him and people will be surprise if his name is not in the candidate list in pandan.


      1. Okay, your POV noted.

        So now OTK is a BN-backed candidate minus MCA’s endorsement. This new direction is in line with an idea I mooted earlier, see here about BN evolving into a supra, multi-racial single party.

        It looks like Umno is leading the way to Ubah the political landscape, like how the opposition pressured for the abolishment of the ISA and Najib agreed to do it. Let’s see how far Umno is willing and able to take this rebranding.

  3. He maybe someone related to OTK but I agree with him on quite a few points. We do have to get rid of politicians who are inefficient, tainted blah bla blah. But here’s the problem, most of the time people tend to look at the messenger not the message.

    And here’s the paradox for most voters: we have a one, two-term BN representative who has done the absolute minimum for his/her constituents and who seems to be quite clueless as to the function of a rep. We don’t want them anymore but what if they are still the GE13 candidate for BN? If we vote them in, they think and behave like they are God’s gift to their area, but if we don’t vote for them, we get (shudders) PR.

    1. re: Evaluate message, disregard the messenger

      What you say is fair enough insofar as evaluating the contents of the message goes.

      However, what rankles is when the messenger wants to preach to us but is hypocritical in that he applies double standards.

      e.g. when BN gives handouts, it’s pork-barreling but when Pakatan does the same, it’s prihatin — taking care of the rakyat’s welfare. When BN dangles carrots, it’s election bribery but when Pakatan does the same they don’t scream that the Election Commission or MACC should take action. When BN politicians swipe land, it’s corruption but when evangelista politicians get logging concessions, they sweep under the carpet and the Dapsters don’t complain about the DAP gag order.

      So when we look at the chest-thumping blah-blah-blah, the lofty rhetoric rings hollow.

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