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There were no Raja-Raja Cina ruling Malaya

Continues from ‘Silent anger among Malays is growing’

The headline refers to a passage penned by a reader of this blog ‘Ayah‘ who commented:

“In 1969, there was anger amongst the Malays; there was anger too in 2008. And the anger has been growing since then but it has been silent anger.”

The operative word is ‘silent’.

In fact, the readership of my blog too comprises a large silent majority who do not make any comment. They just read very quietly. Continue reading “There were no Raja-Raja Cina ruling Malaya”

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Silent anger among Malays is growing

By Ayah

Helen, the speeches by DAP leaders to mainly Chinese audiences during the campaign leading up to the 2008 GE were reminiscent of what took place in 1969. I attended some of these campaigns in 2008 as I did in 1969. Continue reading “Silent anger among Malays is growing”

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Pecah undi Melayu: Berjasa lwn MCA, Perkasa lwn Gerakan

Gerakan kata ia sebuah parti majmuk tetapi kesemua 12 orang calon Parlimennya adalah kaum Cina. Baik mengaku sahaja sebuah parti “pelbagai bangsa” ala DAP.

Sebelum ini, kita pernah membincangkan tentang pengerusi BN Pulau Pinang yang mendakwa kononnya tidak tahu menahu identiti penganjur ‘Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu’ yang diadakan baru-baru ini. Continue reading “Pecah undi Melayu: Berjasa lwn MCA, Perkasa lwn Gerakan”

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Why save the MCA’s sorry arse in Johor?

In his exclusive interview with Sin Chew, Lim Kit Siang talks up the “whirlwind” that DAP has got planned, and why it is aimed at Johor.

“Johor is not only the cradle of Umno, it is also a strong fortress for both MCA and Umno.

“If they are thumped by Pakatan in the coming election, there wouldn’t be any chance for them to stage a comeback,” said Kit Siang. Continue reading “Why save the MCA’s sorry arse in Johor?”

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Does Guan Eng have something against mamaks?

In the last general election, Gerakan contested in the Parliament seats of Beruas, Teluk Intan, Puchong, Bukit Bendera, Tanjong, Jelutong, Batu Kawan, Segambut and Kepong.

In the last general election, DAP contested in the Parliament seats of Beruas, Teluk Intan, Puchong, Bukit Bendera, Tanjong, Jelutong, Batu Kawan, Segambut and Kepong.

Continue reading “Does Guan Eng have something against mamaks?”

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Perkembangan terkini di Gelang Patah

Petikan rencana tentang pengaruh media sosial:

  • Access to social media sites is the highest [compared to other websites and online news sources] according to the Malaysian Digital Association report.
  • Sites such as and attracted 6,467,257 and 4,238,824 unique browsers while attracted 926,874 unique browsers in the same period [2012] from Malaysia. Continue reading “Perkembangan terkini di Gelang Patah”
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“Evangelistas look down on Indians” / On mamak and mualaf too?

By MalayPrincess

That’s what I was trying to deliver in my comment of previous entry about the dress…

Google image search result only showed HY [Hannah Yeoh] wore a Punjabi dress… NO RESULT for SARI… even for Elizabeth Wong, Teresa Kok and Teo Nie Ching. Even if they had wore, the result maybe not in the top 10 pages in Google search. Continue reading ““Evangelistas look down on Indians” / On mamak and mualaf too?”


Hindraf meeting Najib today

By Malaysian in New York

I think it is very welcomed where the PM can hear it direct from the very people who represent the downtrodden one unlike hearing it from the apple polishing Indian-based coalition partners like MIC, PPP, MMSP, AMIPF, etc. These other buggers have only been filling their own pockets without bring to light the genuine problems of the poorer segment of the Indians.

Continue reading “Hindraf meeting Najib today”

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Ubah.TV berbanding MCA punya tv

Janganlah pula sesetengah pembaca menyangka bahawa Kit Siang sudah uzur. Dia masih lagi “sihat dan kuat” (kerana banyak minum Milo, kot).

Baru semalam bakal YB Gelang Patah itu naik pentas untuk berceramah. Ia sebuah acara yang ditayangkan melalui live streaming oleh Ubah.TV, iaitu sebahagian daripada saluran media DAP. Continue reading “Ubah.TV berbanding MCA punya tv”

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“Corruption is corruption, whether more or less”

‘Political expediency’ is telling people what is music to their ears but going to another group of people and telling them something else, says Wee Choo Keong. Principles and not political expediency will ensure that national interests come first.

Excerpts from an interview with the Wangsa Maju MP titled ‘PKR’s gadfly, BN’s critique‘ (The Sun, 14 March 2013) are copypasted below. Continue reading ““Corruption is corruption, whether more or less””

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What song do The Scissorettes sing every morning?

By Fakin’ Fake Calvin  

Sad sad day for journalistic world when an art competition is deemed more important than poverty. Shame on the editors & journalists for their slapdash work so that they can spend more time to glorify the queen bee of SJ. I wonder if they sing “[God] save the queen” with gusto every morning before starting the work day? Continue reading “What song do The Scissorettes sing every morning?”

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Now do you see what I mean

The last I heard, The Star has 27 reporters on its Metro desk. The Metro desk does Jerusubang stories.

It once sent a photographer and a reporter to a Subang Jaya shopping mall to do a story on a children’s art competition graced by the Yang Berbahagia Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Puan Hannah Yeoh.

But The Star could not allocate the requisite manpower and column inches so that justice could be done to a story about 44,643 extremely poor families. Compare the two Star articles below and come to your own conclusions. Continue reading “Now do you see what I mean”

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Lim Senior & Boy-Boy power in on Johor DAP

When I posted my hypothesis that it would be a good tactical move of the DAP to field an Indian candidate in a Chinese-majority area, I had based it on an announcement made by Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

However Dr Boo had said that a fortnight ago. My theory on Labis – following up on Dr Boo’s remarks – sounds like reasonable strategy on paper but that might be as far as it goes. There’s a popular saying “A week can be a lifetime in politics”. Continue reading “Lim Senior & Boy-Boy power in on Johor DAP”

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But Hindraf, you have declared war on Umno before, bukan?

Hindraf chief P. Waytha Moorthy believes that politicians merely ride on the issues to gain political mileage.

“The poor Indians have seen 12 elections before this and many have voted in many elections believing in the promises of both divide. They are tired and have given up hope on politicians,” he said. Continue reading “But Hindraf, you have declared war on Umno before, bukan?”

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Tahniah Gelang Patah bakal pecah rekod: Ahli dewan paling lanjut usia (76 tahun)

Ketua umum sudahpun mengumumkannya.

Lim Kit Siang yang lahir 20 Feb 1941 dicalonkan untuk bertanding kerusi Parlimen Gelang Patah, Johor.

Parlimen yang ke-13 nanti dijangka tamat pada 2017. Maka apakala masuk akhir penggal Parlimen kelak, Kit Siang akan berusia 76 tahun. Continue reading “Tahniah Gelang Patah bakal pecah rekod: Ahli dewan paling lanjut usia (76 tahun)”

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Chinese and Christians can expect payback after GE13

Malaysia Today yesterday aggregated my posting ‘Hindraf Q & A’. There is a comment there from regular M2Day commenter temenggong, which I’m reproducing below.

temenggong, March 17, 2013 19:44:44

“the chinese and christians fantasize over racist and bigoted analogies, as in this instance. I cannot recall buddhists and hindus having any hostile agenda, ever, in any part of the world! Is is it hard to understand for the muslim/malay mind?

Continue reading “Chinese and Christians can expect payback after GE13”

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Wong Chun Wai, I buy you a mirror neh

In his column today ‘Political chameleons‘ about the changing colour of the anti-Lynas DAP Bentong candidate, head honcho of the Star Media Group Wong Chun Wai wrote:

“That’s precisely the trouble with NGO leaders, especially some activists in Penang, who decide to take a partisan political stand. They begin to make compromises and, worse, they begin to lose their neutrality as they openly side with Pakatan. Continue reading “Wong Chun Wai, I buy you a mirror neh”