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Manyfatso tapi Anwar perut dah tak buncit dah

Ingat, “manifesto itu bukan janji”, pesan Khalid Ibrahim.


gender segregation

Upacara pelancaran manifesto ‘Harapan Rakyat’

Bahawasanya kami sepakat mendokong muafakat mengikat kain pelekat seluruh tenaga dan usaha Pakatan Rakyat untuk mencapai cita-cita Harapan Rakyat berdasarkan ikrar … kejap, “Oi lu pompuan ke tepi sikit, pentas tengah ni hanya untuk kaum laki aje”.

Manifesto pembangkang, versi bahasa Melayu (pdf) / bahasa Inggeris (pdf)

Manifesto Pakatan Simbol Kristian?— blog AIDC

‘Janji Besarkan Gereja Dalam Manifesto Bukan Janji !!?’ — blog AAKJ


Komen Christopher di sini


Apakah yang anda mahu untuk dimasukkan dalam manifesto BN?

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16 thoughts on “Manyfatso tapi Anwar perut dah tak buncit dah

  1. Apakah yang anda mahu untuk dimasukkan dalam manifesto BN?

    – Insentif (mungkin dalam pengecualian cukai) bagi golongan yang berumur 30 hingga 45 tahun, yang tidak merasa BR1M atau, rebat telefon pintar atau yang beli rumah sebelum Belanjawan 2012 (kalau tak silap).

  2. A fuel subsidy mechanism that is targeted towards those really in need of such subsidies. Factor in family size into the equation. I believe it can be done using MyKads with the smart chip. In fact, I know for sure that Petronas & Maybank collaborated on the project back in ’09.

    I think it is unfair for a well to do person driving a 2400cc car filling 50-60 litres of subsidized fuel 2-3 times a week. Perhaps a certain amount of full subsidy a month. If you exceed that quota, you get fuel at a reduced subsidy rate until the ceiling consumption is reached. Thence, no subsidy until the month is up.

    I don’t know if it is feasible, but hopefully it will reduce our expenditure on fuel subsidies & the funds saved can be diverted to other areas.


    Tax break for those using public transportation. More free or nominal charge parking lots could be an incentive to encourage public transportation use.


    More effective engagement with the various religions. While the administration is doing it now, there don’t seem to be any concrete actions as a result of these engagements. The assurances are being considered as filibusters out to gain support for elections. Also, I truly believe the PM is sincere in his overtures towards other races & religions. He is however bogged down by his underlings who have their own agenda.

  3. Kurangkan aktiviti keagamaan, seperti membaca doa, di sekolah-sekolah kebangsaan, untuk menarik lebih ramai bukan Melayu. Hanya ada mata-pelajaran ‘Pengetahuan Islam’ untuk berlaku adil, lain agama boleh juga boleh belajar agama masing-masing. (Buddha, Hindu & Kristian). Anak yang tiada agama atau atas pilihan ibu-bapa, boleh ikuti mata-pelajaran Sivik.

    Aktivi agama Islam seperti belajar Quran dan doa hanya boleh di lakukan selepas waktu sekolah tanpa mengunakan pembesar suara.

    1. Setuju! Lebih baik kalau boleh remove terus mata pelajaran ugama dari sekolah kebangsaan. Pelajaran Sivik lebih patut diutamakan. Ini untuk memastikan yg orang Malaysia ini appreciate and respect diversity. Berbudi bahasa and tahu menghormati hak orang lain dan harta awam.. Bukan asyik nak judge orang masuk neraka aje..

      Patut ada separate schools for religion.. macam kat Johor. 1.5 hours of religion school everyday (not compulsary though).

    2. Saya tak setuju. Berapa peratus non-Muslim di setiap sekolah SK or SMK? Lagipun setakat baca doa di perhimpunan mingguan, di mana non muslim tidak dipaksa atau disuruh aminkan doa pun. dan perlu diingat, agama islam adalah agama persekutuan. Sepanjang saya bersekolah di SK dan SMK, tiada pula non Muslim convert kerana ada bacaan doa. malahan kwan saya di SJC tiada pula onvert to hindu or buddha. Tapi m/pelajaran sivik untuk semua murid, saya setuju.

  4. Fix the civil service to make it more accountable and performance-based. Weed out the bottom 1-3% every year, deny them the pension and put them on EPF or smth, or anything. Reward achievement and punish the incalcitrant.

    Plug the holes. Acting on the Auditor’s report and broadening their powers. MACC lost all kinds of credibility. Time to put it under the Parliament.

    If you need to acknowledge the UEC, recognize the IB and also centrality of English. Make passing BM not only mandatory in all streams, but make it so for private schools too.

    Increase the tax for sale of homes to rein in excessive profit-taking. If housing developer makes and sell more expensive/luxurious homes, they should be tax disproportionately so that there will be incentive to build more for the middle class. Many people don’t need BIG homes, they need quality and comfortable living quarters for about 5 people. The current situation is untenable in cities. Smaller homes should cost less (more house per land plot) and make it more affordable.

    The local government must create clean and efficient business environment for small traders, or eateries. Well planned public spaces can encourage not only trade but also tourism. An orderly and sizeable night market can be a tourist attraction. Give the masses an avenue to do business like forums and arcades.

    Empower the civil society and NGOs to create a stronger social safety net. Forget the government as main provider of welfare. The government must realize that the days of cash transfers are numbered and meaningless without strong emancipation program. Encourage social enterprise initiatives with triple bottom line and get big GLCs to engage in long term and sustainable CSRs.

    Retain the Malay and Bumiputera priviledges in clear terms but focus on what kind of social engineering targets are planned. Civil service majority is clearly achieved and their path is now obvious. Other areas must remain focus on poverty alleviation and educational opportunities. Economic preference should be focused on two ends, the incubation of Malay entrepreneurs (not subsidy) and the competitiveness of GLCs. Low income families must be assisted, regardless of race and opportunities must be accorded equally.

    A respect for evidence-based policy planning and directions. We need intelligent arguments, facts and data, not merely emotive ones. We want a culture of health respect towards knowledge and pursuasion based on logic, reasoning and discourse.

    Just some quick thoughts in no particular order.

    1. ihns, awesome points, as usual!

      [btw, there was another comment of yours that i read last night on what are important to the chinese-malaysians which i found really superb and spot-on. i want to go back and “like” it at least but cannot remember which thread it was on. :( ]

  5. though i already made up my mind by voting BN this coming GE13 to replace PKR for Selangor but I do hope for

    1. A tax relief/deductions for singles (not legally married) for those above 35 like myself. At the moment, no offence to those with family, I am paying more tax than any of my friends who are bloody married (with or without kids).

    2. I will echo CS point by agreeing that we should get deductions/relief for using public transportations – as it is i am paying close to 1.5K a month for taxi services to fetch me to/from home to work. I don’t own or intend to own a car as Msian drivers are just crazy..and i don’t intend to be a part of the statistics.

    3. I adopt stray cats like Angelina Jolie adopt children. How about some rebates so i don’t have to pay through my nose whenever i visit the vet.

    4. Enough la with all these perks for the Malay Uni students, they getting too manja for their own good. I am all for the Indian students though.

    5. How about an Amanah Saham thingy for the Indians like ASB, ASN.

    1. re: “I adopt stray cats like Angelina Jolie adopt children.”


      Anyone care to check out the Pakatan manifesto see if they have said anything about animal welfare?

      1. helen, helen, helen…(sigh!)..if Nik Aziz is the yardstick, the whole content of the manyfatso is for animal welfares. Not the whole zoo but still ..

      2. Animals don’t vote.
        Though humans vote, you can guess which people they don’t expect votes from reading their manifesto too.

  6. I wanna share something from my boss facebook… he is a regular here too, funny thing this PR cybertroopers they actually commented using his name too since his comment is quite pedas.. anyway here goes – from AY facebook
    1- I wanna see you do spring cleaning soon kick the corruption out! 2-. I wanna see many young blood as our policy makers. I wanna you retire many old dinos with bad track records.
    3- I wanna see you do more for Sabah, Sarawak.
    4- I wanna see you do more to increase the quality of higher education, don’t let our citizens pay their PTPTN for nothing.
    5- I wanna see you do more to encourage entrepreneurship by giving us more seeds and angels.
    6- I wanna see you do more for our healthcare it is actually quite good but can be better.
    7- I wanna see you do something with our sales and services people ‘Oh Yes’ it is important, imagine we have the rotten apples everywhere and how they are affecting our standing as tourism destination.
    8- While you fix our service standard please do more for tourism. 9- I wanna see more affordable public housing across the country with easy access to transportation etc.
    10- I wanna see you do more for manufacturing industry and shared services sector.. that’s all for me Sekian Terima Kasih

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