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The problem with Pakatan people

is that some of them have kepala batu.


I will address the Firster charge that the name ‘Hindraf’ “sounds very racist“.

Let’s take Sisters in Islam for comparison.

Do the Pakatan high classers get on SIS’s case because this women’s group is concerned with feminine gender issues, and consequently neglecting the men?

Do Pakatan have a problem with SIS because the concerns raised are ones affecting Muslims – as per their organization name – and hence Buddhists and Sikhs are not championed?

Or we can look at another example. The Bruno Manser Fonds takes an especial interest in the Penan tribe of Sarawak.

Are the Pakatan people demanding that BMF activists must not sideline any of the other problems threatening the rest of the indigenous and minority communities? And that the BMF concern about saving the rainforest must extend also to saving the whale, the giant panda and the Nokia 3310?

The Anak Bangsars so like to spit their scorn at Hindraf for being focussed on targets issues. This focus is condescendingly labelled by them as “racist”.

If only we could see that there is any Jerusubangite willing to dirty their Sunday dresses with issues like displaced estate workers (DEW), then I reckon Hindraf might have no problem rebranding itself as the “Democratic Action Integrity Ethics Righteousness Hosanna Hallelujah Party” (which you can call ‘DAP’ for short).

Yet for all the badmouthing of Hindraf that the Pakatan do, they themselves initiated a failed clone called ‘Indraf’ — the Indian Rights Action Force.


See photo (above) who graced the Indraf launch. TMI report here.

Penang deputy chief minister (II) P. Ramasamy – seen in the pix above one step behind at the side of the Imperial Yellow Lord – organized the event on 27 May 2012 and is one of the pro-tem leaders of Indraf.

So if the Dapsters insist that Hindraf is “racist” for having ‘Hindu’ in its name, is not Indraf – set up with DAP backing – just as racist too? Furthermore, Hindraf’s Hinduism is a religion whereas Indraf’s Indian is a race.

Hindraf national advisor N. Ganesan issued a brief press statement today. He described the Pakatan thus:

“I can understand their logic, said and repeated in so many ways. They only want the votes from the Indians but not their representation in the august houses of parliament and state assemblies.

“The working class has no business there.

“Their refrain is – just remain a pressure group, do not ask for seats, do not ask for leadership of ministries, just stay out there, get us the votes and then maybe we will give your Mandores some crumbs.”

Ganesan remarks that the Firster logic is “said and repeated in so many ways”. It’s this logic that makes ‘Hindu’ a dirty and racist word to them.

And the reason is that the Anak Bangsar double standards are set in stone — cemented in huge concrete blocks and consecrated.

People who live in stone houses think they’re serving the Lord. One cannot argue with stone. If that’s how they think and that’s how they’ve been thinking the last five years, who is Hindraf to reason with them?




‘Soalan-soalan anda (pembaca blog ini) bagi Hindraf’


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9 thoughts on “The problem with Pakatan people

  1. sometimes i wonder, how much or how many humiliations must Hindraf endure with/inflicted by the oppo, until they realised that they’re being manipulated? Until when must they terhegeh-hegeh expecting ehsan from the oppo or even be taken seriously by them?

    I am not generalising the Indians, but they are not the most financially stable and I do hope that BN can really do something about this.

  2. Rafizi said that “the manifesto is for all and not only for Indians” but yet DAP apparacnhiks and kool aid drinkers can offer no rational argument as to the numerous race specific measures in the document with nary a mention of the Indian community as some writers have commented.

    It has come to the point where they do not even bother to respond with their normal bigotry but simply deny the argument put forward.

    If you agree with my point that the Opposition merely wants to assume the racial roles of the BN component parties, then one has to wonder why the rejection of an Indian based party into their ranks?

    One of the more interesting comment on Mkini was by a reader that wrote that Hindraf offered PR a bunch of fig leaves and were rejected.

    If it boils down to an eventual Chinese/Malay conflict as Helen thinks it would, then we will look back to the day when fig leaves would have at least offered a symbolic sense of camaradirie in the Opposition alliance.

    1. Aaaah, that reader. At first I assumed he meant olive branch and that he got his metaphors mixed up, but then again on second thought, you’re probably right about fig leaves.

      re: “the Opposition merely wants to assume the racial roles of the BN component parties, then one has to wonder why the rejection of an Indian based party into their ranks?”

      I see the Hannah baby charade – rejection of Indian ethnicity – as being symbolic of what you describe.

      re: “eventual Chinese/Malay conflict”

      Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa are about upfront hostility.

      With the Firsters, we can see the way they treat people in a much weaker position, like Hindraf. The Indians know the patronizing shit that’s being heaped on them by the Anak Bangsars. But it takes a lot of dedicated patience to methodically unravel their sickening subterfuge.

      Here’s my theory on conflict resolution. With the Perkasa types, the two sides will shove around and let fly punches and walk away battered. But steam is successfully let off after the encounter, and mungkin dendam tak disimpan dalam hati after the physical bout.

      With the Firsters, it’s not a matter of physical violence but the fact that they will shout down (through verbal thuggery incl. memfitnah) any reasonable arguments – kalimah Allah a case in point where the Muslim scholars can trot out all the relevant nas and dalil but it’ll be water off a duck’s back.

      Dealing with the Jerusubangites is dealing with people like LGE. Recall his revealing interview and all the subterranean rage and deep-seated grudges that he holds.

  3. The problem with Pakatan people

    Philipine Intelligence report say that ,opposition members from Malaysia link with Anuar Ibrahim are instigating the stand of in Lahat Datu.
    Gadai apa sahaja untok Putra Jaya.

  4. Helen, can you stop using the word Anak Bangsar? I am a true blooded Bangsarian and I find it insulting that the Bangsar is used in the same breath as these low lives.

    1. You are most unfortunately a victim of collective punishment due to place-ism :) An interesting predicament.

      1. Another thing and this may sound petty but….Anwar musing that Hadi Awang and Lim Kit Siang may be DPMs and then backtracking…..I mean c’mon.

        If you’re gonna’ whore out the post at least include poor old Karpal in the mix since Dapsters always go one abour serving the party and let us face facts, he is probably the only politician amongst them who has maintained stands even in the face of his own coalition antagonism.

  5. My brother’s daughter & the one in the oven is/are 100% Anak Bangsar(s). I feel for Nama (wajib) & my niece/future nephew/niece for being subjected to the indignity of being born in the area.

    Enough with Bangsar already. Why on earth is a Malay father-daughter combo & Chinese father-son + stooge trio taking prominence of place at an Indian rights group launch? Does that in any way give us a clue on how they truly feel about those they claim to “sponsor & support”?

  6. It took Dr Tony Pua up to 2 March 2013 to realize our beloved country is ruled by the Bumiputra with full legitimacy and by traditional convention. No wonder he went into Cambridge by the back-door like Lee Kuan Yew into the bottom ranking Fitzwilliam House. He did not even realize the significance of those sitting next to him and now wants to change the incumbent BN Government as led by the UMNO with 14 component parties successfully since 1951. Go home to Daddy Daddy’s Action Party !

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