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DAP Chinese muscle into halal industry

Former DAP vice chairman Tunku Aziz Ibrahim’s most recent column is titled, ‘Say farewell to hypocrisy‘ (NST, 2 March 2013)


Tunku Aziz writes that some hypocritical DAP leaders are “shrilly, strident ideologues, particularly those with a blinkered, distorted vision of national unity”.

The DAP “religious bigots” (Tunku Aziz must mean the evangelistas) desperate for Malay votes will do what they’re best at — hypocritically posturing as preachers.

Seed grown into tree


Photo (above): Penang Umno chief Zainal Abidin Osman

The hardcore Umno supporters among the Malays are furious at the way DAP is still riding on a hate campaign against Umno, writes Joceline Tan in her column today.

So many senior BN politicians as well as those in Penang have openly condemned the way that the opposition has been trading on the politics of hatred and disaffection. Yet the Pakatan politicians themselves still maintain the hypocrisy that what they’re preaching is the politics of love.


All is fair in love and war

The opposition will stop at no hypocrisy, it seems, in their quest for Putrajaya.

Take for instance their politics of subterfuge revealed through Zairil Khir Johari’s recent defence of his boss.

In his press conference, Zairil points out that Utusan was found guilty by the court for defaming Lim Guan Eng after the paper was sued for implying that the DAP sec-gen is anti-Muslim.


Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

Guan Eng administration promoting halal

The Penang Chief Minister’s pol-sec also lodged a police report against Najib Razak a few days ago for insinuating that DAP would oppress the Muslims.

Whether fairly or unfairly, Guan Eng and DAP have long had a reputation of being anti-Islam. However Zairil proclaims that, quite to the contrary, orang Islam memang ditatang bagai minyak yang penuh oleh DAP.


Did the DAP Subang Jaya fundraising dinner serve halal food? (see Hannah Yeoh tweet, above)

Hasnah Yeop craves for dim sum

According to Zairil:

“Land valued at RM80 million has been allocated for the construction of a seven-floor Syariah Court in Penang that would replace the current two-storey building that houses the court. In addition, the state government has been actively promoting the halal industry, has acquired land to enlarge Muslim graveyards, and has increased allocations for mosque staff and religious schools.”

What Zairil stated above may be factually correct but nonetheless it doesn’t take away from the hypocrisy of his political party which is most adept at playing the religion card.


Dim sum not pork meh?

In her tweet this morning, Hannah Yeoh tweeted about how painful it is to look at her Twitter timeline which is “filled with photos of people having dimsum” for their Sunday morning breakfast.

As everyone knows, dim sum is full of pork dishes. So much for all the tudung wearing unless Hannah is craving for Pork-free Dim Sum.

The fact that DAP has cynically strategized its playacting (providing small allowances for mosque staff, allocations for agama schools, etc) to woo the PASters surely hints at the hypocritical methods of party’s Christian chameleons.

Hannah herself gives sedekah of RM1,000 to the suraus in Subang Jaya during puasa month.

By escalating the emphasis on religion and more religion as it is doing now, the DAP is not only raising the stakes on the religion card but, with typical Chinese efficiency, is attempting to out-Islamize even PAS.


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10 thoughts on “DAP Chinese muscle into halal industry

  1. even after they get to Putrajaya, they will not stop. why stop ? there’s scores to settle. to get even. ask Anwar. ask Kit Siang. ask Guan Eng. after all, hatred must be consummated. get even with BN. get even with UMNO.

    just look at how they treated that photo hugging Koh Tsu Koon. remember what Guan Eng did to him ? in his first 2 years as CM of Penang, he couldn’t and, why should he stop, berating, lashing at Koh ?

    he went to jail under the phony pretext of defending a Malay girl’s modesty and badly calculated and spent a few years behind bars and he rightly thinks he’s entitled to exact revenge on anyone, just anyone as long as that person is from BN. what better target to pick than that Look At Me Call Sued Goon of Gerakan

    as for dim sum, wait till Pakatan get to Putrajaya. what they are having now, in those 4 states under their administration, is just the opening course. when they get to Putrajaya, they are not going to taste the dim sum. its going to be a buffet, but of course, only for those invited. can you guess who’s going to get invited ?

  2. T Aziz; Helen Ang; Outsyed; Bigdog & others bn’s bloggers, we have made up our mind how to VOTE! No matter WHAT U write will not be able to convince us to CHANGE our MIND for CHANGE! Anyway, enjoy your paycheck while u can.

      1. not in a million years will i vote for political parties that is making a mess of my belove country. no way PR!

  3. One day the Daddy’s Action Party is Chinese chauvinist. On another, Daddy’s Action Party plays THIRD fiddle to PAS and PKR. And confirmed by Dr Tony Pua who went up to Cambridge like Lee Kuan Yew by the back door that our beloved Malaysia’s politics is BUMIPUTRA (MALAY) based. It took the good Dr and Daddy’s Action Party 44 years in the Opposition to find out and sat out of the mainstream waiting for the Malaysian Chinese goose to be properly cooked before jumping in as the knight in shining armour. You are great ! Go home to Daddy, Daddy’s Action Party !

  4. Commentor at 11:53,

    Nobody needs to change your parasitic mind. I don’t give a rats arse on who you are going to vote. But your like has crossed the line by showing your true colors and the Malay vote will make you pay.

    I voted for opposition and after what has happened for the past five years of watching you scums trample over the Malays with your greed is enough to show us that you are not worthy of calling yourself 1malaysian.

    It’s not going to be another 2008 this time.

    Go back to sipping your latte at Starbucks subang and enjoy thinking that Malaysia is the small area around your housing estate.

    You idiots have truly underestimated us.

  5. Those surau that take Teh donation from DAP reps should ask the source/origin of the money. Make sure it comes from Shariah compliant sources since it will be utilised for surau’s activity. Jangan main ambit je. DAP does not understand this even the so called Malay origin political sec.

  6. I never liked Tunku Aziz even when he was a DAP groupie but I do admit he is the perfect person to mumble on about hypocrisy.

    I used to think it was a choice between two different kinds of hypocries but the reality is that they are very similar in substance just not in form.

    This would be bad news for voters if they were interested in making rational choices.

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