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Guan Eng jatuh air muka apabila jemputan disekat

Setpol Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang mengadakan satu sidang akhbar semalam berkaitan perkara Lim Guan Eng tidak dibenar untuk merasmikan upacara pelancaran buku yang dijadual berlangsung di Penang Club.



Blogger otai Pulau Pinang Anil Netto merupakan salah seorang speaker jemputan di acara tersebut yang dibatalkan secara mengejut.

Berikut ialah kenyataan akhbar Zairil Khir Johari

Tajuk: Penang Club should explain to Penangites why their elected Chief Minister and honorary member of the club was not allowed to officiate a book launch on their premises

“There is an oft-repeated story about how, in pre-Independence Malaya, the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah had been denied entry into the Lake Club in Kuala Lumpur on the basis that the social club was only for “white people”. Such was the discrimination during the day that even a Sultan was not spared. Today of course, the Lake Club not only enjoys royal patronage, but is also open to all regardless of skin colour.

Unfortunately, it would appear that a similar incident has occurred in Penang. Though certainly not on the basis of race, the Penang Club had abruptly cancelled at the last minute the launch of Kee Thuan Chye’s latest book, ‘Ask for no bullshit, get some more!’ for the simple reason that they did not want the Chief Minister to launch it.

The book launch and forum was scheduled to take place on 28 February 2013 at the Penang Club, and had been previously approved by the club.

According to the author Thuan Chye’s post on Facebook, the event was cancelled “because Penang Club approached me at virtually the last minute to say they would not allow the Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, to officially launch my book. They said they did not want to be seen to be politically aligned.”

Thuan Chye goes on to explain, “Penang Club knew from the start I had asked Guan Eng to do the honours but had said nothing against it till now. Besides, he is the Chief Minister of Penang. And an honorary member of the club, to boot! What political alignment?”

It is a sad day in Penang when the elected Chief Minister of the state and, as Thuan Chye highlighted, an honorary member of the club, could be treated in such an unceremonious manner. It is not only the Chief Minister who has been disrespected but also the people of Penang and the club’s own members, many of whom had already signed up to attend the event.

It is greatly disappointing that a respected organisation such as the Penang Club would stoop to such pettiness. The question therefore arises whether the Penang Club is attempting to take a political stand by disallowing the Chief Minister to officiate the book launch.

Whatever their reasons, it is only right that the Penang Club committee should issue a written explanation as to why, after initially agreeing, they decided to cancel the launch of Kee Thuan Chye’s book by the Chief Minister of Penang.” (2 March 2013)


Zairil menuntut penjelasan bertulis daripada pihak pengurusan Penang Club agar alasan munasabah dikemukakan kenapa Ketua Menteri telah menerima layanan yang begitu memalukan sekali (“could be treated in such an unceremonious manner”).


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11 thoughts on “Guan Eng jatuh air muka apabila jemputan disekat

  1. First of all, LGE was never an elected CM, unless you consider being chosen by his Daddy as an erection…er..election….

  2. seriously? people tak jemput you and you terhegeh-hegeh asking for explanation why tak dijemput? OMG .. ewwwww…ini ke rupa pemimpin Dapsters? Muahahahahahahha…Muahahahaha..
    Dear Ah Eng – ini bukan kindergarten ya.

  3. Yes, how could, nay dared, they give the Tokong such a short shrift? Don’t they realize that the Tokong even reserves the right to use the term Penang to himself?

  4. Elok juga sekali-sekala LGE rasa how it feels to be embarrassed publicly like that… afterall he did that to PM by ordering MPPP to take down Najib’s CNY wishes banners.

    1. Penangite,

      Guan eng feels that everyone must make way for the ‘son of heaven”. No prize for guessing who is “son of heaven”.

      Guan eng behaves like a spoilt “son of heaven”. to him, everything revolves around him. He sees imaginery enemies everywhere.

      Even lifeless “bunting’ welcoming the PM is a threat.

  5. Zairil the Chinese turned Malay should also hold a press conference as to how he magically became a Malay….and God willing, after GE his and LGE’s name will go down in history books as one of Malaysia’s most famous liars. Also LGE should explain how he mucked up the dap election results, that he managed to reduce Penang’s dept just a few months after taking office….and many many more. Send LGE back to where came from and Zairil to wherever he was born……..

  6. Below are excerpts from KTC’s statement regarding the issue;

    I could not understand why Penang Club was more concerned with the “few” complaints than the club members who had signed up to attend the launch-cum-forum. When I checked with the club last week, I was told 60 people had already signed up. Didn’t these people and their interest in the event matter?

    Judging by the comment above, the voice of “a few” should be disregarded & ignored. By his logic, the minority voice must be drowned & buried, never to be heard ever again.

    If that is so, why on earth is DAP so concerned about Chinese medium schools since they cater to “a few”? Or why Guan Eng resurrected the Allah issue which is pending judicial process since it is used by “a few”; less than 10% of the population?

  7. how dare you people ! how dare you all ! do you know who LGE is ? and the people’s response ? yeah who is LGE ?

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