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Whose Islam? Umno: Muslim Malay; PAS: Malay Muslim (2)

By anonymous

Original comment @ 2013/02/27 at 12:11 am | In reply to vector

You need to realize that in Malaysia, Malay and Islam is viewed as synonymous, and Malays view Islam as not only a religion but a way of life. You can see this through various things like the syariah courts, Islamic banking and such.

A Malay party embracing Islam and therefore implementing Islamic details is inevitable. Continue reading “Whose Islam? Umno: Muslim Malay; PAS: Malay Muslim (2)”

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They’re lovers, not fighters

One of my blog readers ‘allabih’ made the following comment @ 2013/02/28 at 9:35 am (in the context of an earlier 400-year-old Malay ‘bible’ discussion):

“In Islamic theology or usuluddin, christian creed do not have laws governing their daily conduct. Jesus came to enhance Davids preaching including laws. Thus ‘thou shall not cheat’ may be do not apply to Christian. Thats the reason they quote bible about love all the time.”

The part about Christians incessantly quoting the Bible on ‘Love’ rings very true. They preach love endlessly. Because they’re so full of love that it overfloweth, they must needs love their enemies too.

And that is why they don’t join the armed forces generally. Continue reading “They’re lovers, not fighters”