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They’re lovers, not fighters

One of my blog readers ‘allabih’ made the following comment @ 2013/02/28 at 9:35 am (in the context of an earlier 400-year-old Malay ‘bible’ discussion):

“In Islamic theology or usuluddin, christian creed do not have laws governing their daily conduct. Jesus came to enhance Davids preaching including laws. Thus ‘thou shall not cheat’ may be do not apply to Christian. Thats the reason they quote bible about love all the time.”

The part about Christians incessantly quoting the Bible on ‘Love’ rings very true. They preach love endlessly. Because they’re so full of love that it overfloweth, they must needs love their enemies too.

And that is why they don’t join the armed forces generally.


Quote above: A. Kadir Jasin in his blog on 3 March 2013

Reader responses to Kadir can be read in Malaysia Today

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“With great power comes great responsibility” — quote

With Rights come Duty too.

Our Malaysian soldiers were killed in Lahad Datu in the line of patriotic duty.

Some Malaysians demand for what they consider to be their inalienable rights as Malaysian nationals. Along with these, they also demand freedoms, among which is the freedom of religion. For them, contained within this freedom of religion is their ‘right’ to use kalimah Allah to refer to their Christian god.

Since they demand that the country give them their rights and freedoms, can the country in turn demand that they discharge their duty to Malaysia?

Kadir Jasin suggests that “perhaps there is wisdom in getting more Chinese and Indians to join the armed forces so that they too can die for one Malaysia”. As to be expected, he has been branded a “racist” for mentioning the ‘C’ word.

To oblige his critics, let’s rephrase by taking away any mention of race.

Perhaps there is wisdom in getting more Malaysian Firsters to join the armed forces so that they can be the first to defend our country Malaysian Malaysia.



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87 thoughts on “They’re lovers, not fighters

  1. How to fight and kill la Helen. Love means never having to kill. The firsters will only fight on the streets, in stadia, Dataran Merdeka etc. You think they will fight the enemy? They only fight against our policemen.They would rather incite others to do it for them rather than doing the killing themselves. Love, love, love. Cheat and love, yeah, yeah, yeah.

    But to be fair, many Chinese and Indians and other races risked their lives, nay, gave their lives, in the fight against the communist terrorists; even those who joined the Federation Army at the height of the Emergency, at the risk of being despised and called “anjing Federation”!

    1. Yes, I’ve noticed the fondness among some for name-calling “anjing” or “dog”. It is an insult to animals. Four-footed and furry creatures are much better than the name-callers.

      1. Helen;

        sejak bila the C* words dah jadi macam the P* words…First time saya dengar the C* race become sensitive on this matter..

        During the call of duty during the fight against communists, berape orang C* yang menyahut seruan Call of Duty.. Seingat saya dari berjuta C* yang diberi taraf warga negara hanya 200, saya ulangi hanya 200 yang ada telur.

        Yang lainnnya senyap, dan pulihan ribu lain ambik kaki berhijrah kenegara lain.

        Kalau krisis nanti tengoklah gerenti geng C* ni akan cabut lari kecuali sedikit termasuklah orang orang macam Helen ni.

        1. Helen,

          Would like to seek your opinion in this hypothesis of mine – in the old days, most Chinese people came to Malaysia to run away from “oppression” in The Middle Kingdom and this “distrust” of the government that bred “dislike” of both police and the armed forces have been carried on to the present day …

          1. With ref. to your time frame, I can’t comment as I’ve not done any prior research on the period and its historical circumstances.

            However with regard to the present time and within the limited scope and sphere of my own observations,

            the dislike could be fuelled by a suspicion and aversion of the authorities in general which besides the police & army extends to the uniformed services like customs or those agencies having enforcement officers like MACC – in whose custody Teoh Beng Hock was tortured

            Recently, after the spate of Indian custodial deaths, there was a young Chinese man under police detention who was suspiciously found dead as well as a separate case where a young Chinese woman was shot dead during a police car chase

            And then just some decades ago there was the Briggs Plan by Lt-Gen Harold Briggs which put ordinary Chinese under curfew behind barbed wire and army patrolled New Villages to prevent them from becoming communist sympathizers

            Plus there is the Chinese belief that the army (except the S’wak units) were not impartial during May 13

  2. They lighted candles for Bersih.

    I hope someone put flowers for our fallen at Tugu Negara.

  3. What nonsense is this? I deplore the idea that Non Malay non-participation in the armed forces is because they are not patriotic enough of some shit like that.

    Non-Malays have a tradition of participation and achievement in the service that has been deliberately overlooked by UMNO.

    Some trace the decline of support post 69′ when racial politics made it extremely difficult for non-Malays to actively engage in not only the armed forces but also other sectors of the public service.

    Let us not even go into the lectures of Ridhuan Tee who unlike many other commenters here and elsewhere have probably never been to one of his “lectures” unlike me who has, are malicious to the point of criminality and this motherfucker is part of the apparatus that shapes the culture of the armed services.

    Claiming the public service is not racist is as absurd as claiming that the Chinese dominated private sector is an oasis of egalitarianism. Both are subject to the racial imperatives of those who claim dominion over them.

    Kadir Jasin is a hack in the vein of Kee Thuan Chye. Both share the uncanny ability to warp ideals until they become meaningless sound bites that are greedily guzzled by their fawning admirers.

    As for the idea that Christians are overflowing with love history of course proves this axiom false. As for the Firsters jumping into the trenches, it is as likely as those so-called patriots in UMNO sacrificing their children or themselves in the name of God, King and Country.

    As usual, it is the poor and disenfranchised who will pay in blood only this time it is the poor Malays who will do the dying and the partisan hacks from both sides who will attempt to the moral high ground, not knowing where the moral high ground is.

    1. Hope the uni authorities thoroughly investigate the plagiarism charges against RT.

      Public pressure should be exerted in this direction and since the public is traditionally so loud against him, the decibels should be channeled productively to attain a targeted objective (i.e. action for plagiarism).

      If found guilty, then the RT edifice (the public speaking engagements, the chairs, awards etc) will start to unravel and crumble.

      Let’s see the Firsters swan dive into the trenches. Trust me, AKJ has tapped into a twitchy vein here.

      I’ve got some data in this blog on application to join the police. Lemme search and will provide the url shortly.

      1. I have no doubt that Kadir has tapped into a rich vein of racial discord. Nobody certainly not the bigots are going to make a distinction between venal hypocritical politicians and the average Joe cina or Joe india. And maybe that is the point.

        I may be mistaken but I think applications for the police and other security apparatus by the Non Malays have increased. However, what I think needs to change is the culture within these public service organizations.

        I apologize for the abrasiveness. Participation in the Service(s) has a long tradition in my family but times have changed. What I found interesting was that back in the day, parents encouraged their children to join the security apparatus in this country not only because of a sense of patriotism but also for educational opportunities.

        The irony being that these days the educational opportunities are abundant in the armed forces but parents do not encourage their children to join because of their experiences have been less than satisfactory, race playing a big role in those experiences.

        1. Yes, I know about participation in the service(s) being a long tradition in families. It’s the “times have changed” bit.

          And how they’ve changed. Take the conversion of members of the Chinese community to Christianity.

          People are simply not like how they used to be. Chinese didn’t use to born agains.

          True that minorities used to serve in the army and in the police (Calvin-S’wak shares with us that his dad did). But today parents of all stripes overly pamper and over-protect their kids.

          In the old days, everyone respected teaching as a noble and honorable profession. Today I suppose being a politician has more allure. And if you’re a Pakatan pollie, there’s the added bonus of your worshippers even believing that you’re in it purely to serve the rakyat.

          1. While I agree that today’s overly commercialistic culture has resulted in a loss of “traditional” values I do think that signaling out the Evangelicals muddies the waters when it comes to this hot button issue and detracts from the systemic failures that plagues public service in this country.

            It does however set up a convenient dichotomy when it comes to patriotism and the security apparatus of this country. Evangelical (Chinese) hypocrisy and pseudo pacifism on the one hand and Islamic (Malay) hubris and mendacity on the other.

            Whether this is, a false dichotomy I think is not something this particular blog post is supposed to answer but I guess I am not the target audience. My disdain for the DAP evangelicals unfortunately has a limit .

            1. I guess my disdain is greater and still to reach its limit!

              I can’t speak for AKJ but my sense of it is that the reaction (AKJ and other Malay bloggers) against the pseudo pacifists is that they – i.e. those without any tradition of family in the police and army – have been unable to hide their sheer disinterest/lack of feeling for the bereaved widows and orphaned children.

              I’m aware that I’m exploring an issue that masks far deeper undercurrents. Some people are predicting that the pent-up feelings will blow up. My blog readership is middle-class and professional in the main, and we try to articulate through words.

              But what the AKJ quote encapsulates is the anger ‘out there’ felt by perhaps people not so inclined to articulate in words. If the pent-up feelings are not framed in words but felt no less, it will be released in other forms.

              The hypocrisy of the evangelistas rankles more than just you and me alone but it’s not so easy to put a finger on ‘it’ (why they’re not our favourite people).

              It takes me a lot of effort and patience and steady determination to do what I’ve been doing step by step, layer by layer.

        2. The vein is rich indeed, but lets look at this from another perspective.

          Today, 300 ex-policemen were at Tugu Negara to demonstrate against Tian Chua. I feel very sorry for them. This is a time for unity, not politics. Tit for tat is not what we all want. Imagine all the good it would do if a non-Malay group or a Christian group or a Buddhist group can start a campaign to lay flowers at the national monument as a support to our men in uniform. Just imagine. Why can’t that get reported intead of all the hate and venom flying back and forth?

          We are all Malaysians, and even if you are a Sulu or Tausug, you must learn that this is a country that hates violence. But if it comes, we will back our men and women in the armed forces to do what is necessary.

          1. TC’s words on Twitter are “wag the dog drama”.

            Utusan is running the human angle photos as is TV3. The Malay general reader/viewer will likely react, wtf (re the oppositionists claiming that it’s all just an Umno sandiwara).

            There is a distance between those who are disinterested in what befalls the uniformed services and those who have family serving (generally the Malays & Borneo natives as AKJ has highlighted).

            The Firsters refuse to recognize that this distance exists. And they react in the usual Firster fashion.

  4. Hullo Helen,

    Did you forget there are Christian bumiputeras from Sabah and Sarawak serving in our armed and police forces?

    That means the Christian bumiputeras now have the right to use ‘Allah’. Not a surprise, as that Christian demographic are the ones using ‘Allah’ in the first place. :D

    Wonder when will AK Jasin send his kids to enlist?

    1. You’re right. There are Christian bumiputeras from Sabah and Sarawak serving in our armed and police forces. And rendering fine service too.

      But I did specify Firsters.

      As to whether the elites enlist, I was surprised to learn that Tunku Aziz had been in the police before. I think more people would have been aware that TA is an anak polis as he did speak about his father’s job but fewer people would have known about TA’s own involvement in the services.

        1. “A distant member of the Kedah royal family, Tunku Aziz began his career in the police force before joining Guthrie Corporation and later served as an adviser with Bank Negara.”

          (originally Malaysiakini news story)

          “Tunku Aziz’s brother was a police officer who has published his memoirs of his days in the force and has recently launched the Malay edition of his book, A Policeman Remembers.”

          Another bit of trivia in the public domain is that their father was the Alor Setar OCPD

  5. I will just say this.

    Kadir’s piece was peddling the same old narrative that the Non Malays have not shed blood for this country and this has always solely been the fate of the Malays.

    It would have been less mendacious if he had directed his arguments against the Evangelicals, but I suppose this would have been too much of an intellectual burden for him.

    His kind of propaganda ignores a whole history of sacrifice for this country by the Non Malays and that even if we choose to deny it, the soil of this land is drenched with the blood of all races who even though in life may have been estranged by politics, religion and race, death does not acknowledge such petty distinctions.

    If they are pent up frustrations in a segment of the Malay polity than it is up to those who choose to articulate those fears to do so without resorting to racial or religious sleight of hand. I am not accusing you of anything Helen, but I have to say this particular post disturbs me. I’ll leave it at that.

  6. Another thing, to give credit to Kadir, in his blog post he did say in an unusual nonpartisan manner that those responsible for the fiasco should be brought to justice, BN or if rumors are to be believed elements within Pakatan.

    I think the mistake here was to concentrate on just one small part of his blog post.

    1. Basically AKJ is asking his critics to put their money where their mouth is.

      copypasted from AKJ blog,

      A KADIR JASIN said

      Having read an outpouring of sympathy among the non-Melayu debaters and having taken notice of their condemnation of my alleged “racism”, I hope to see the following:

      1. Non-Melayus lining up to join the police and the military at all ranks, starting from the mata-mata and the soldadu.

      2. The police and the military giving special attention to recruiting the non-Melayus and non-Bumiputras.

      3. Better still make the Singapore-, Israeli- and Swiss-type compulsory national service compulsory for all Malaysians under 40 irrespective of the rempits, doctors, engineers, towkays, millionaires and billionaires.

      Thank you.
      7:18 AM

      1. It is not incumbent on the Non Malays to put their money where their mouth is. It is up to Kadir to prove that only Malays have died in defense of this country. If he can do this then all his critics should shut their mouths.

        As for what he hopes to see, laughable considering we cannot even have an honest discussion on the systemic discrimination within the public sector not to mention the private sector which has been “given” over to the Chinese.

        Like I said, I will give him a little credit but once a hack always a hack.

        1. Actually, if we had the data – there probably is, only that the ordinary Joe would not normally have access to such sensitive info – it would go some ways to establishing a more evidence-based narrative rather than the perception held by AKJ and those in his timezone.

          re: “died in defence of this country”

          We need a base year. I think it should be 1957 or 1948.

          We haven’t really had any major wars, with the exception of the communist Emergency which ended in 1960 and the Indonesian Confrontation.

          There would have been some fatalities among those in the peacekeeping troops sent abroad.

          All said, I believe that the perception articulated by AKJ is widespread and more strongly held.

          An attitude comparison can be made in the public reception to the ‘National Service’ by Malay parents and non-Malay parents.

          1. Re: data and perception held by Kadir and those in his time zone

            However, the point is that Kadir believes that only Malays have sacrificed their lives for this country. Whether this is due to ignorance on his part – a supposed well respected journalist who belongs to a generation who lived through a tumultuous period of this country – or merely parroting propaganda is the point of this exercise.

            In addition, there is data available just that it is not well known. Whole narratives have been buried to give the impression that Kadir seems so keen on propagating. In fact, our good old RT has been known to spread this meme as well.

            If the Establishment had any interest in fostering the idea that the Non Malays had contributed to the armed forces, they would have made these narratives known instead what we get are armed forces personnel themselves (Malay) casting aspersions on the patriotism of the non-Malays.

            Indeed a little known fact is the propaganda war against the communists by our intelligence service had many Chinese agents who infiltrated and carried out operations in which they lost their lives.

            Of course, beyond this there is also the questions of the deaths of non-Malays who had built the infrastructures of this country either as labor or what have you. We could of course choose to ignore their contributions as “Malaysians” which would be convenient but indicative of how history is ignored to further racial agendas.

            Re. base year and Non Malay deaths
            I believe there is such data available or at least the ministry of defense should have a casualty list of those who perished in the service of their country.

            The fact that such lists have not be made available or used as starting point to discover exactly why there has never been much enthusiasm for Non Malays as far as the armed forces is concerned points to the fact that this conversation and all that it would possibly unearth is something that the Establishment does not want to contend with.

            Re. Perception articulated by Kadir and throwing down the gauntlet.

            I believe that the perception articulated by Kadir is exactly what the Establishment wants. The narrative that only the Malays have died for this country (and proportionately they are the majority) and that the Non Malays have contributed nothing.

            I believe it is a perception that the Establishment encourages because widespread reforms in the armed forces is something that the Establishment has no intention of carrying out.

            As I said, Kadir knows damn well that racial politics had a huge impact on Non Malays lack of participation in the armed forces which is why we get these nostagic anecdotes of realtives participating in the security forces of this country when it (racial politics and deliberate racial reengnieering) was not as pervalent in the armed services.

            As far as the perception on non Malays of the police force, do not believe the propganda. Even Malays have a low opinion of our boys in blue depending on which side of the political divide thay are on.

            The deaths in custody, the blatant use of the police force which results in discrepancies of treatment of various political marches, makes most Malaysians whether Malay or Non Malay sceptical of them.

            Re. National service

            The perception of Non Malay parents was that it was (is) an ill-conceived idea and not because they did not believe in National service. The numerous controversies/scandals that have erupted over it further fuel this perception.

            The problem here is that the Establishment wants to frame the
            discourse as far as patriotism is concerned within the confines of government institutions and where there is criticisms of it, it is against Malay sovereignty.

            1. re: “The narrative that only the Malays have died for this country”

              I think of more immediate concern among those debating (whether online or in the print media or man-in-the-street interviews on TV) is the different reactions to Lahad Datu, which could well split along racial lines, i.e.

              the pro-establishment morally rallying behind the troops whereas the anti-establishment finding fault with the conduct of the military engagement

              I doubt that any Ordinary Joe debating publicly is really digging into the historical past, as in who had served in the armed forces but the bone of contention is the behaviour of non-Malays here and now.

              Discounting the anons and those using pseudonyms, there has been (among the public figures) Tian Chua’s reaction and – as has been pointed out by Orangkampung, the Facebook entry made by the S’gor speaker which derides the strategy on transporting men and materiel.

              I’m afraid that if the Chinese are perceived to be behaving insensitively over this entire affair (and the DAP has shown enough examples of their brand of insensitivity, such as Kit Siang’s tweet on the little dead boy, as one example), then the racial fault lines will deepen.

              I’m not sure that I know how to explain this to you but the DAP folks have got satu macam punya perangai, very Guan Eng-ish is all I can say

              (e.g. like all the scorn poured on Najib over the Psy business). They can’t help themselves and it’s gotten to be a reflexive habit that they will pour the same scorn over episodes they should well leave alone, such as making light of the Lahad Datu deaths.

        2. Apa kata kamu bagi senarai bukan Melayus terutama Cina terkorban mempertahankan negara ini??
          Cakap berdegar degar tapi habuk tiada!!

          1. Mungkin senarai penuh anggota-anggota tentera yang gugur itu berupa maklumat yang tidak dibenar untuk didedahkan kepada awam.

            Namun yang rajin untuk mengGoogle boleh buat carian atas anugerah pingat keberanian, contohnya Pingat Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa, dsb

        3. There is no need for death statistics. Either way it could be interpreted the way you like. The faulty argument lies in armed forces = patriotism. We all could contribute and serve in many ways. AKJ’s appeal to more non-Malays in the army and police force is justified, but to imply that non-Malays are any less patriotic because of the low composition is illogical. I see that the civil service ratio is also lopsided. I suppose that is also indicative of patriotism? How about civil society organisations? So, by the same logic, we can say that the Malays are uncompetitive because there are fewer of them in the private sector. Same brush strokes, just different colours.

          Never liked nor trusted AKJ and he is considered the archtype Malay.

          1. I think AKJ’s ‘Malay’ thinking (recalling also his Berita Harian ties and background) needs to be paid attention.

            It is a mistake for the Firsters to rely on Azmi Sharom, Haris Ibrahim or the Loyar Burokkers as their compass to Malay sentiments.

  7. From looking at the reader responses in AKJ’s blog, I gather:

    (1) AKJ has thrown the gauntlet

    Would the non-Malays (but I suppose it’s really the Chinese who are fingered since our race politics is a binary) really be willing to enlist?

    When the Malay becomes a soldier, it boils down to a preparedness to literally lay down his life for his country.

    (2) As far as I’m aware, AKJ does not suffer the Firster fools gladly. And their reaction (fully anticipated) is that they absolutely refuse to let him touch on the subject, i.e.

    indisputable fact, there is a dearth of non-Malays. Only the reasons / excuses given are different – two narratives

    (3) Among the alternative narrative strands trotted out is that there were Chinese SB officers during the communist insurgency

    Yes, but. All this is harking back to nostalgic stories like “When my Uncle was in the police (in the 1960s)

    That’s 50 years in the past. Well, 50 years ago Indians were rubber tappers.

    The present is that the few Chinese who are in the police force today would be viewed as worse than dogs. Malay police officers are called “anjing Umno” all the time.

    Imagine then what the very, very few Chinese police would be called and how they would be treated, e.g. if they were doing crowd control at the Himpunan Hijau rally.

  8. salam,
    saya terjumpa satu blog yang mempertikaikan kenapa pengorbanan pegawai & anggota bangsa Cina dan India terutamanya (kerana Sabahan dan Sarawakian dianggap bumiputera) tidak dipandang oleh kerajaan. dan saya komen tapi lupa nak guna screen name.

    jika kita baca senarai penerima pingat PGB & SP dari wikipedia memang tersenarai penerima berbangsa Cina, India, Sikh dan dari Sabah serta Sarawak. saya rasa kerajaan tidak menidakkan malah mengakui pengorbanan mereka dengan itu mereka diiktiraf.

    tapi selama manakah kaum Cina (terutamanya) hendak berbangga-bangga dengan sumbangan pada masa lalu kaum mereka? sumbangan masa lalu itu patut diteruskan pada masa sekarang dan masa akan datang melalui generasi muda mereka.

    isu yang saya fikirkan ialah, dari segi gaji yang rendah, masa bekerja tidak menentu, kehidupan disiplin yang ketat adalah punca kaum bukan Melayu menjauhkan diri daripada kerjaya polis dan tentera. mereka lebih rela bekerja di sektor swasta malah terlibat dengan gensterism, ah long, skim gores menang, sindiket dan macam2 bisnes haram kerana pulangan lebih lumayan.

    jika masuk kerajaan pula, terus-terus mintak nak jawatan tinggi, atas alasan quota Non-Malay? pulak…alasan meritokrasi tak nak diguna pakai pula dan tuduh kerajaan diskriminasi bukan Melayu untuk tidak naik pangkat jeneral-jeneral.

    tapi mereka tak nak tengok Singapura, semua jeneral dan pegawai tertinggi adalah bangsa Cina. sebab pemerintahan Cina di Singapura meragui kesetiaan orang Melayu. ranking paling tinggi tentera Melayu boleh dapat mungkin mejar atau kolonel. mungkin sama juga di sini, tetapi saya ada baca ada brigidier jeneral berbangsa Cina atau India cuma tak pasti kor/rejimen apa?

    jika DAP, MAC, MIC ikhlas mereka boleh promosi kerjaya askar dan polis kepada belia2 Cina dan India lepasan SPM, yang menganggur, daripada terlibat dengan perniagaan haram atau gangsterism.

    dan jika DAPster terutamanya membaca sejarah ketenteraan & kepolisan dengan hati yang terbuka, mereka akan lihat senarai pegawai dan anggota berbangsa Cina. masih tergamakkah mereka memanggil penerima2 anugerah PGB dan SP ini “anjing kerajaan”?

    1. Adalah keterlaluan untuk melabel keseluruhan institusi keselamatan negara dengan melabel mereka sebagai anjing kerajaan. Tidak kira parti apa yang memerintah, keseluruhan penjawat awam terikat dengan akujanji untuk berkhidmat bersama kerajaan seperti yang terkandung di dalam dasar perkhidmatan awam.

      Jangan difikir semua polis dan tentera dan penjawat awam menyokong kerajaan. Saya sendiri mempunyai rakan pesara trafik, tentera dan PGA yang menunjukkan sokongan terhadap PR tetapi tidaklah taksub tahap gaban sehingga membuang rakan.

      Saya bersetuju dengan MalayPrincess faktor gaji dan beban tugas kurang menarik minat kaum Cina untuk berkhidmat sebagai penjawat awam tidak kira di jabatan mana sekalipun. Namun faktor masa bekerja tidak menentu dan disiplin yang ketat bukanlah satu alasan kerana kaum bukan Melayu kerana mereka yang bekerja di sektor swasta juga mampu bekerja tidak mengira masa dan disiplin yang tinggi tetapi tidaklah seketat disiplin pasukan keselamatan.

      Pokok pangkal di sini adalah mentaliti. Sesetangah daripada kita tidak suka bekerja dalam suasana genting, menerima tekanan bekerja sebagai orang bawahan dan sentiasa bercita-cita untuk menjadi boss dalam masa yang pantas. Secara umum, siswazah lepasan ijazah lebih sanggup menunggu kerja bersesuaian dengan kelayakan mereka berbanding menimba pengalaman sebagai pekerja bawahan.

      Selepas keluar dari IPT, saya pernah memulakan kerjaya sebagai pencuci bangunan (dengan gaji pokok RM400), operator pengeluaran kilang dan tukang kebun sebelum mejawat jawatan sekarang. Saya tidak memandang kerja tersebut sebagi sesuatu yang hina, tetapi saya bertuah kerana dapat menimba pengalaman untuk menghayati kesusahan bekerja sebagai kuli/pekerja bawahan dengan menolak ke tepi kelulusan yang ada. Sekurang-kurangnya saya tahu kepayahan mereka menerima caci maki orang atasan.

      Satu kesilapan rakyat Malaysia ini adalah terlalu bergantung kepada tenaga kerja asing atas faktor kos upah berbanding penggunaan tenaga kerja rakyat tempatan. Di tambah pula lagi dengan sikap sebilangan siswazah yang terlalu memilih kerja.

      Berbalik kepada isu di atas, apa yang dinyatakan oleh AKJ jangan disalah ertikan sebagai rasis atau ultra-Melayu. Buka minda kita, tanya sejauh mana patriotisme dalam diri yang dibanggakan sebagai anak bangsa Malaysia.

      Kaum Cina seharusnya melembutkan hati untuk berkhidmat sebagai penjawat awam untuk bersama-sama membantu memantapkan sektor perkhidmatan awam terutamanya bidang keselamatan dan ketenteraan.

      Sesetengah kaum bukan Melayu agak paranoid terhadap ikrar berkhidmat untuk “agama, bangsa & negara”.

      Tahap keselamatan negara adakalanya amat membimbangkan. Rahsia kerajaan tidak lagi menjadi rahsia. Aset ketenteraan juga adakalanya dipolitikkan sehingga didedahkan untuk tontonan umum. Corak latihan juga didedahkan di laman sosial. Tanggungjawab kita seharusnya merahsiakan kekuatan ketenteraan yang negara kita miliki. Bukan bertujuan untuk menutup pekung si pengamal korup, tetapi melindungi dari kebocoran kepada tentera asing dan anasir luar. Berpolitik biarlah berpada-pada.

      Daripada duduk di hadapan skrin komputer mengkritik segala kepincangan institusi keselamatan/kerajaan, adalah lebih baik anak-anak muda Cina khususnya mengisi borang SPA 8 dan berkongsilah kepakaran yang mereka ada dan tunjukkanlah kehebatan mereka sebagai anak bangsa Malaysia. Saya menyebut Cina kerana statistik yang ditunjukkan di atas dan saya tidak menyebut India kerana mereka tidak memilih kerja. Malah ramai kaum India yang pernah bekerja bersama saya ketika menjadi pencuci/cleaner.

      Untuk apa disalahkan kuota SPA sekiranya kaum bukan Melayu sendiri yang memang berat tangan untuk memohon jawatan dalam perkhidmatan awam. Masing-masing berebut-rebut meluaskan saiz pai ekonomi sahaja berbanding sektor yang lain. Dan jangalah terlalu berebut tentang siapa yang hendak menjadi PM Bukan Melayu Pertama, Timbalan PM dan Ketua Menteri.

      Ramai penjawat awam bukan Melayu dalam kumpulan A di Kementerian Kesihatan juga melepaskan jawatan untuk memulakan perniagaan sendiri serta berkhidmat di hospital/farmasi swasta kerana faktor persekitaran kerja dan inginkan pendapatan yang lebih.

      Bagi kaum bukan Melayu/Bumiputera, jikalau tidak sanggup untuk memegang senjatapi sekalipun, setidak-tidaknya latihlah anak mereka untuk menjadi pelapis skuad bola sepak Harimau Malaya untuk berjuang mewakili Malaysia pada masa hadapan. Kerana skuad bola sepak kita juga ketandusan pemain berbangsa Malaysia. Jangan asyik diharap Melayu dan Bumiputera yang kena mati dahulu memperjuangkan/mempertahankan negara. Susah senang kita kena bersama. “You jump, I jump” katanya..

      – Coretan merepek bekas tukang sapu sampah yang tak ada kasta dalam CEC

      1. re: “tanya sejauh mana patriotisme dalam diri yang dibanggakan sebagai anak bangsa Malaysia”

        Betul juga.

    2. Salam. Saya setuju pendapat anda. Terutama isu gaji rendah mungkin menyebabkan kaum cina kurang berminat menjadi prebet/konstabel polis. Faktor-faktor lain spt persepsi kurang baik tentang peluang kenaikan pangkat mungkin ada, tetapi jika kita lihat ada beberapa orang pegawai cina berpangkat tinggi dlm pasukan polis.

      Mungkin jika lebih ramai kaum cina memasuki polis kita akan dapat lihat lebih ramai pegawai cina berjawatan tinggi. Agak pelik jika difikirkan orang cina komplen soal kenaikan pangkat sedangkan berapa kerat sangat mereka dalam pasukan keselamatan. Masuk dulu beramai-ramai (jpa pun dah buka peluang seluas-luas) barula kita dapat lihat lebih ramai pegawai cina berjawatan tinggi.

  9. I went to Subang Airport on Sat as my dad wanted to be there when the slain policemen’s remains arrived.

    The airport was a hive of activity & out of the 800 – 1000 (based on my estimates), approximately 90% were men in uniform. As for the rest, probably 5% were civil servants attending to the dignitaries & deceased family. No more than 50 were civilians & even then the bulk of us were senior citizens, probably ex servicemen like my father.

    I find it ironic that we see scores of Malaysians camping in KLIA to welcome back Lee Chong Wei at dawn. We see over a thousand youngsters, armed with posters, sequins etc milling about in KLIA waiting for Justin Bieber. I should know, I was in KLIA for a departing flight that day. But we conveniently dismiss our defenders as “just doing what they’re paid to do.”

    I saw a multitude of servicemen with tears flowing when the saluted the passing hearse. Dad mentioned in the car that he’s still haunted by a comrade of his who died of haemorrhage after his leg was blown off by a booby trap in Simanggang (now Sri Aman) in ’75. He said anyone who had served will know that when a death occurs in the line of duty, everyone’s heart will bleed as it could have been them. Such is the camaraderie & close knit brotherhood these servicemen share.

    As much as I detest A. Kadir Jasin’s statement, I know deep down it is true. I don’t have the figures but I would not be surprised if less than 10% of the police force & less than 5% of the armed forces are made up of non bumis. I might be wrong but even those who are enlisted are mainly those higher ranked, who probably joined upon completion of the tertiary ed.

    It is time that Malaysians, especially those ignorant & ungrateful Chinese wake up & realize that all the comfort, all the peace & all the wealth a lot of them enjoy today was paid for in blood. It was paid by scores in the past & will continue to be paid by our women & men in uniform. A bit of gratitude would be welcome, if nothing else.

    1. Nice of your dad. And thanks for penning down the Sat. tribute.

      Agree with you about the lack of appreciation shown to police and army, considering what is at stake for them (their very lives).

      Also what some young people would do — camping overnight to greet their pop idols and movie heart throbs but spare nary a thought for the men in uniform. Simple example – the traffic police standing in the afternoon heat is cursed by motorists.

      There are very few people (meaning non-Malays) willing to stare Kadir’s statement in the eye

      and to evaluate – if not the truth of it – then at least the perception of it in the eyes of Malaysia’s majority population.

      If the Dapster attitude of denial and living in Lalaland persists, then the reckoning is going to fall on our (Chinese) heads sooner than even I anticipate.

      1. One night last year I shared a drink, okay a few jugs actually, with an Indian who’s a church friend.

        We spoke about lots of things until we were “chased out” at the 3am closing time. Despite all the alcohol, we were both lucid but hungry. We walked to the mamak joint at the end of the block.

        We ordered some hot food & drinks. While we were halfway through, two policemen drove up in an MPV. As they were at the next table, we could hear their conversation.

        Policeman 1 (translated) – “I’m gonna order the fried noodle. What are you ordering?”

        Policeman 2 – “I’m just gonna have a drink. The food is expensive & we’re still a week away from payday.”

        I called the waiter & told him discreetly to & to pass the bill to me. tell the cops to order anything they wanted When the waiter conveyed that to them, the 2nd policeman smiled & place an order for ONE ROTI CANAI.

        My friend was surprised with what I did & asked me to explain the rationale behind my actions.

        I told him that everyday when we go step out of the house to head to work, we know that in discharging our duties most if not all of us are not putting our lives on the line. Not so these police personnel. In the blink of an eye they can end up dead in a gunfight. And they’re not even well paid to lay their lives in the line to boot.

        My friend confessed he never saw it that way before. I think members of the public need to understand the pressures & peril of being a cop. There will always be a bad apple but that don’t mean that every cop you meet is crooked.

        I would normally pay whenever I come across cops in an eatery. I give them mandarin oranges, cookies & drinks when they patrol round the neighborhood during CNY too. Little gestures such as this or even an encouraging word or two will do wonders for the morale of the force.

        As Malaysians, no, let me rephrase that. As a member of the human race, we were born with the ability to empathize. And empathy is what we need to show to these brave men & women in uniform whose lives are on the line each day. Lose that ability to empathize, we lose our humanity.

        P/S: Sorry for the rants of sorts. I feel aggrieved that society by and large has very little regard & respect for our security forces despite their selfless sacrifices time & again.

        1. The problem with Dapsters – and this is a BIG, BIG problem with them – is that they like to accuse other people of what they themselves are guilty of — racist lah, low class lah, no integrity lah. Faults for which those accused by the Dapsters are in greater likelihood innocent of.

          In the case of the policeman ordering one roti canai on your tab, his austerity does not bespeak of a cop who’s on the take.

          So the upshot is that the Dapsters pandai memfitnah, suka membuat tuduhan melulu tanpa usul periksa, asyik mencarut dan mencerca, and when people don’t like them, mulalah diorang meragam pula.

          Over the last 5 years, the opposition spearheaded by the DAP have lost Indian support through their Dapsterism (overbearing, bullying behaviour). When (not if) the PAS grassroots swing, the Chinese and Christians will ultimately be left isolated.

  10. Helen,
    The lesson of the Lahad datu tragedy is this.

    It has come to a point where the middle class Malays who are usually apolitical have suddenly realized that from all the shit that is being commented by the non Malays making fun of the Malay personnels who died in this tragedy – they are purely parasitic kurang ajar animals.

    Never in my life have I seen an incident whereby deaths are being ridiculed.

    They have no qualms in humiliating the dead and making a big joke about it.

    I can tell you this, I am not alone in being really pissed off by this act of sheer arrogant stupidity.

    For the first time in my life I am now looking at the chinese with contempt and hatred although all my life I have more non Malay friends. Granted, there are exceptions to the norm but the actions of these animals have crossed the line.

    Coming from a lineage where my desendants have served the police and army since independence and the 69 riots i take it as a personal and deep insult and this is finally the last straw.

    The ripple effect of the Lahad datu tragedy will be more serious to the race relations of Malaysia.

    I have never been a fan of umno but now I will make it a point in my life to destroy DAP and their cohorts.

    1. Put your stupidity & racism in the bin, Tron. Maybe you already have latent prejudices against the non Malays all this while, you just needed an excuse.

      Don’t forget we have non Malay personnel serving in the MAF, especially Ibans and KDM. I’m sure they would like a word with you if they ever read your bullshit.

      And people like Ibrahim Ali go around claiming the Chinese are a security threat to Malaysia. But look who are the ones doing the shooting & terrorism in Lahad? Yes, Muslim Filipinos.

      I remembered reading those Umno writers who said how its ok to give IC’s en-masse to them because they are “umat serumpun” or some bullshit like that. Umno also invited a Moro Islamic Liberation Front leader to its convention. And guess what? These umat serumpun now think Sabah is theirs.

      1. Obviously you have given new meaning to the word stupid. As usual, another epileptic Dapster idiot missing the point?

        Since when was I questioning the sabahan and sarawakian bumiputeras laying their lives for the country?

        Who the hell are you to suddenly speak for them? Kamu Iban kah? Kelabit? Dayak? Bajau? Bisaya? Dusun? Murut?

        Atau Cina bukit perasan high class yang melepak di Empire?

        Of course there are Ibans and bumiputeras in the army. Its called The Royal Ranger Regiment, you retard!

        My family served in the Rangers in Sarawak. My relatives are Sabahan and Sarawakians, Turdbrain!

        Sabah and Sarawak is my second home, so you should make sure I don’t see you around these parts. Mari turun ke Kuching, KK, Miri, Bintulu, Tawau, Keningau kalau suka sangat cakap bodoh.

        What I am questioning is the opportunistic and parasitic chinese cowards like you!

        What a loser.

        1. Hello idiot Tron, you made this statement yourself;

          “It has come to a point where the middle class Malays who are usually apolitical have suddenly realized that from all the shit that is being commented by the non Malays making fun of the Malay personnels who died in this tragedy – they are purely parasitic kurang ajar animals.”

          Dumbarse idiot Tron sucker punched himself with his own stupidity and forgetfulness.

          Muslim Filipino Tausugs are shooting at our countrymen, no thanks to our government’s past support of Mindanao Islamist terror groups and now you want to blame non Malays.

          1. I always thought there was a limit to stupidity but you have taken the cake.

            Is your dapsy fat dear leader Indian or any other yang lain lain race?

            Is Ronnie liu, Theresa, Hannah the messiah yeoh, tian chua, Patrick the retard teoh, Lizzie Malay toy boy loving liu, Zahril Ross lim bloody Singaporean perasan anak khir johari Indian, Sikh or lain lain?

            What race are they, shit stirrer? Who are the swines making disparaging comments on the Dead and Malays?

            What is the common denominator for these animals?

            What race are you?

            Don’t you for one second claim the Malays who died to keep your fat ass typing shit in Starbucks warm and safe as YOUR countrymen.

            Lepas hentam melayu tiba tiba nak patriotic pulak?

            That’s why I said your typical lontar batu sembunyi MO reeks of the swines above.

            Like I said, do come to Sabah and Sarawak. I would love to see how many bumi and non Chinese friends you have since you claim to be speaking for them. And by bumi, I mean natives, retard.

            Or else, please fornicate yourself and stick to your lowyat forum.

          2. Lets see.

            Who is the piece of swine shit who accused the non Malays of making fun of the dead troops? Then suddenly try to gostan?

            Answer: Tron

            Who is that wad of pig slop who is accusing me of belittling the troops on this forum, despite his LACK of proof of me doing so?

            Answer: Tron

            Who is the pigbrained dungu who prefers to slag off non Malays while these Filipino Muslim Tausugs raid Sabah?

            Answer: Tron

            Hey, I have lots of friends from East Malaysia also, incl Ibans, Sino-KDM and KDM. Hope you have more than just one token other-race friend.

  11. I’m curious. Been surfing the news and trolling the sopo blogs looking for comments, sentiments etc from PR especially DAP leaders on the Lahad Datu incursion. So far I’m finding nothing significant in support of Our armed forces. Where’s the TBH scale of support for the fallen from the Firsters and Dapsters? Why the “elegant” silence? I mean seriously the silence is deafening.

    Also, I see the Tugu protest march as a sign of solidarity from the police force, standing behind their people at the frontline in Sabah. And I was glad to see the multiracial gathering.

    And FFCalvin, that is what happens when you don’t teach the young the history of the country nor emphasise on integration.

    1. Again, I reiterate, maybe we can do something about this, flowers for the fallen at the national monument?

        1. Thanks. That is something we can do, to tell our armed forces and the police that we are supporting them. I dropped a msg at an independent MP’s blogsite. I didn’t want partisan politics in the way, but I don’t mind if the Parliamentarians join in.

          It is a symbolic act, but if it could snowball into something greater, like contributions to a fund for the widows and children, even better. Lets not wait for the government to do something we can do ourselves.

  12. One of my relative, Tan Sri C.C. Too was the most senior Chinese Adviser to the Federal Government and world expert on Counter Insurgency, another was a Police DSP and a further relative, a wireless operator in a police jungle squad.

  13. Tron, you are not alone. I’m seething with anger towards them too.

    Helen, just read the posting from Monyet King on the Selangor State Speaker. So if AKJ is hated for his opinions on Chinese partipation in the armed forces, how do think the Malays feel about all the Chinese commenters belittling the sacrifices made by the police and soldiers, running down their efforts and treating their deaths like a non event? There is a lot of grief and anger at the moment and Malaysians should unite. After all it’s us Malaysians against them the terrorists, not us Malays against them the non Malays. And if all these politicians can’t see and tell the difference, please take the next flight or boat out of Malaysia.

    1. 334 Facebookers like TCK’s note.

      Like I’ve said earlier, there is a great distance in the different responses.

      The DAP pollies and their supporters are in their own (predictable behavioural) groove and there is really no getting through to those people. Remember, I’m in the minority 15% of the Chinese.

  14. Salam dek Helen,

    Sekadar berkongsi, tak ada data, tak ada statistic, sekadar bercerita, orang kata pengalaman, pada Pak Ard cuma satu kehidupan.

    Tahun lepas Pak Ard hantar anak gadis Pak Ard mendaftar masuk USM. Selesai mendaftar, pelajar-pelajar baru dibawa dengan bas ke asrama. Semasa menunggu, ada seorang ibu dengan anak gadisnya yang turut sama menunggu bas.

    Si ibu tak henti-henti menasihat anak gadis yang akan ditinggalkan, Si ibu tidak pula berbahasa ibundanya tetapi berbahasa inggeris…antara nasihatnya…don’t mix around with “them” if you don’t have to…be careful…just focus on your study…don’t let them..bla bla…don’t..bla bla.. them…Si anak serba salah, muka dah berubah, Pak Ard ada disebelah, si ibu teruskan juga…mungkin anggapannya orang tua selekeh ni dari kampong mana faham bahasa inggeris.

    Anak gadis itu pandang Pak Ard, anak gadis Pak Ard pun pandang Pak Ard, kemudian si ibu pandang Pak Ard lalu memalingkan mukanya. Bas sampai, mereka naik bas, Anak gadis Pak Ard lambai dan senyum, anak gadis tu pun senyum kepada Pak Ard, tak sampai hati untuk tidak membalas senyumnya, ada ikhlas dan sesal diraut wajahnya….
    Bila orang cerita pasal rakyat kelas satu, dua, tiga,…Pak Ard teringat kisah itu…

    1. berlaku di setiap tempat dan masa pak ard

      pernah bermastautin di Batu Pahat, Teluk Intan dan Selayang di mana Melayu adalah minoriti dan saya sering dianggap sebagai orang asing datang dari Indonesia dan tidak berpelajaran kerana tidak tahu berbahasa Mandarin

      Tapi saya tahu dan yakin ini adalah cabaran sebagai rakyat Malaysia dan Helen adalah contoh yang bagus bagaimana untuk hidup lebih harmoni…

  15. “I’m not sure that I know how to explain this to you but the DAP folks have got satu macam punya perangai, very Guan Eng-ish is all I can say ”

    Ah, fair enough. I noticed the level of vitriol here and else where . My mistake. We should have this discusion some other time.

  16. Come on la people, we still have foreign guerillas camping in our country, this is not time to be bickering with each other or belittling the ones who died in the process.

    And yes the dead police are Malays, I can’t believe why some people get so hot when this is pointed out. It’s just the truth. Tian Chua said even worse and untruthful things in even less words. Such backlash over Kadir’s relatively mild words in contrast to silence over Tian Chua’s irresponsible remarks only makes it seem like that it’s just being used as diversion.

    This discussion on non Malays being less than Malays in the armed forces is pointless. It has always been like that and it will always be. Especially since the system is voluntary and not conscription or compulsory service.

    Miss Helen says that Kadir’s words encapsulates the anger felt by people out there. In reverse what some other guy says like Tian Chua or Patrick Teoh maybe interpreted as the same, somebody showing what his people really feel inside.

    The real problem now is the Sabah people who are either ex filipino or are families with those South Philippines people. How many are they? On what side they stand? How should the authorities deal with them?

    If the authorities have the answers I believe this confrontation wouldn’t last this long. They are after all surrounded already.

    1. Nobody Important,

      “kenapa Tuhan tak jadikan kau binatang saja”, dialogues from P Ramlee in an epic malay movie , ibu mertua ku.

      It was the manifastation of disgust on his mother in law . Of course, that is a movie that immortalised P ramlee as the “hero” in Malay movie.

      But that is what I feel about Tian Chua. He crossed the line of decency too many times. From the bottom of my heart, Tian chua must not be recognised as a “human’.

      “kerana dia sepatutnya jadi binatang saja”.

  17. People are dying and Helen fucking ang goes on a out race and religion. Why don’t you put your foot where your big mouth is and head there? You’d scare them away just with your bad hair.

    1. and you’d just revealed who, what you really are with your name SS. thanks. the real SS perished along with the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 but as always, the wannabes, the imitators, they lurk just around the corner.

      and speaking of going there, why don’t you make the first move and go there yourself ? but alas, your Malaysian First Voodoo ideology dictates that you must first shout liberty, equality and fraternity. yes fancy slogan but as always, without any meaning or substance.

      now make yourself truly reflective of your Malaysian First Voodoo by going there First boy. then maybe, people will sign up for your Malaysian First Fraud Scheme.

  18. Let me divert a bit and come to the issue of Christianity and Love. Yes we all know that the Christian folks are big on love and talk about it ad nauseam. However, their words and deeds don’t quite match as we look back in history. The Church has caused directly and indirectly the deaths and massacre of millions of innocent people, including women and children. In many instances the reason is merely because they are not Christians.

    Today many Christians associate Islam with terrorism automatically and proclaim that their religion stands for love while Islam stands for terrorism while cleverly hiding the bloody history of their religion.

    In fact the Bible is full of stories where acts of extreme violence were perpetuated in the name of Christianity.

    Today, it seems like they have moved away from their violent legacy to something which is more sinister – sexual abuse against children. There are speculations that the Pope actually tendered his resignation to avoid facing up more dirt on this.

    1. I have to agree here. Christianity has far better PR than Islam and that’s a fact. It is often mistakenly seen as the “cool, progressive, hip, liberal, tolerant”, religion.

      The approach of evangelicals with their singing etc contributes to this assumption. Christian religious nutjobs can utter the same hateful stuff as any Taliban cleric. See the Christian wackos in America for e.g and their views on women and Muslims.

      1. and who were the ones responsible for the genocide of Native Indian tribes of North America and the institutionalization of slavery in America ?

        there’s nothing cool, progressive, hip, liberal, tolerant about Christianity.

        1. Don’t forget the genocide of the native Indian tribes of South America by the Christian conquerors (Conquistadors) either.

    2. .”Today, it seems like they have moved away from their violent legacy to something which is more sinister – sexual abuse against children. There are speculations that the Pope actually tendered his resignation to avoid facing up more dirt on this.”

      This last bit is a tad unfair. The Catholic Church does not have a monopoly on sexual abuse. Madrasahs around the world are a hot bed of criminality against children, Malaysia included.

      The Pope or Ratty boy as I call him greatest sin was condoning the abuse that went on and indeed ordering pedopriest to “rehabilitation”. Being a former member of the Nazi youth movement had no effect on his ordination but maybe his role as Chief Enforcer of Doctrine did

      Cannot wait to see who wears the fisherman’s ring next. He is a tough act to follow

  19. There is no doubt that there were many patriotic Chinese and Indians who gave their lives to their country in the past. Let’s not dispute that. But it is also correct that the percentage of Chinese in the security services are way lower than what it should be.

    Let’s forget about giving lives and defending the country. I think the mere fact that the numbers are much lower does not auger well for the country as the police and the armed forces are not like the McDs or KFCs. Having more Chinese representation will improve their service to the community and improve PDRM’s image in the eyes of the Chinese. I do think the situation is unhealthy.

    The typical answer of Dapters is that they are no less patriotic despite not joining PDRM or ATM.

    But just go to any Dapster forum or FB pages or whenever you talk to them and they always tell you that the moment they get a chance to work overseas they will show Malaysia the middle finger and get the hell outta the country. Remember Hannah’s comment that she gave up on Malaysia and wanted to settle in the Oz?

    BTW, it is a blessing for Malaysia that the Sulu gunmen are of Islamic faith. Just imagine the nightmare scenario : Christian Chinese gunmen of PKM invaded Perak and demanding the state for the PKM and for the Chinese! Do you think the Dapster Chinese (Dapsternese) will call for the Army to be sent to kill them all?

    I bet that these Dapster will defend and support the rebel while the Churches will hold prayers for the safety of the rebels and urge the authorities for maximum restraint. There will be dozens of FB pages dedicated to the rebels and hailed as heroes for fighting BN. There will be tend of Youtube videos uploaded and circulated while fancy photoshopped graphics will be flooding our emails.

    1. They’ve yet to show their face at any airports when the slain heroes arrived. Neither have they attended any funeral service whatsoever. All they’ve done is to tweet & make trite & formulaic statements of condolence.

      As for Christians, they are among the biggest, if they are not already, hypocrites walking the face of the earth. If they think Islam stands for terrorism then the church is a sanctuary filled with pedophiles, homosexuals, conniving & cheating bible thumping motherf****rs. Even Pope Benedict XVI lost hope in reforming the church.

      But you know what Calvin? I’m comforted by one thought. You know the parable of faith the size of a mustard seed? I have faith that the “hottest parts of hell” will be reserved for these born again, upright & faithful Christians. Nothing would be more satisfying than seeing them barbecued for eternity.

      In fact, the thought makes me want to fire up the barbie this weekend. I can just imagine the steaks as Guan Eng, Hannah Banana, Ronnie Louie & Paulie gets a Tan amongst others. Torn into pieces, chewed, swallowed, digested & defecated…. Now I’m getting too graphic aren’t I? Well, you get the picture.

      They can then rightly claim to be “salt of the earth”. Upon death, they finally contribute something of note to the world – as components in a compost heap!

        1. Never been imaginative in any sense before. However the putrid hatred & avaricious hypocrisy spewed by holier-than-Mary & whiter-than-oxygen-bleached-white types got the steak juices, I mean creative juices flowing from an previously unknown compartment in the head. I’m already a serial sinner in the eyes of God but all this is nefarious comments is made worse by Lent. I’ve got a lot of explaining to do when I meet the big Boss upstairs. SIGH

        2. Never been imaginative in any sense before. However the putrid hatred & avaricious hypocrisy spewed by holier-than-Mary & whiter-than-oxygen-bleached-white types got the steak juices, I mean creative juices flowing from an previously unknown compartment in the head. I’m already a serial sinner in the eyes of God but all this is nefarious comments is made worse by doing it during Lent. I’ve got a lot of explaining to do when I meet the big Boss upstairs. SIGH

      1. Hello Fakin’ Fake,

        Be aware there are many Christian Ibans, Dusuns, Kelabits, etc. serving in our armed & police forces. And here you are sitting your lardass in front of the computer and slagging them off.

        Tell you what, do Malaysia a favor and go sign up in the army.

        Or, you could also toss a liter of petrol on your BBQ this weekend. No loss there.

        1. Hi AC/DC,

          Always loved Highway to Hell. You’ve regressed since then.

          Yeah, I’m slagging off Christians. I’ve slagged off priests too. Anything wrong with that? Especially when they speak of God’s commandment centres round LOVE but use the pulpit to proclaim words of hate, of judgment & everything against God’s commandment.

          As for pribumis professing Christianity, tell me how many are your blood relatives? I have 11 currently serving various branches from the air force to the navy to the rangers, SB, CID & GD. My dad, a Chinese who is married to a pribumi served 37 years with distinction from the Emergency as a recruit, the 70s CT threat as a senior & 80s piracy threat as a battle hardened veteran.

          As for me getting my lardass off my pedestal, sure thing.

          Tell me, are you a reservist captain in the ROTC & TA? I am.

          Have you obtained paratroopers wings? I have.

          Are you licensed to own & carry a sidearm? I am.

          Do you take a fortnight of work on your own vacation time 3-4x a year for the last 11 years to commit to training & relevant courses? I did.

          Have a good day, keyboard warrior.

          1. Got an uncle in the Navy. Retired with distinction at rank of Captain.

            Cousin formerly with police. Another one with the territorials (wataniah).

            As for me, RELA corps.

            Have a nice weekend, Mr. faker.

    2. Yes, they will also call them “freedom fighters”, and how they stood up to oppression bla bla bla, basically how they now refer to the terrorist Chin Peng and his gang.

      Btw, I was pretty shock at their baying for blood. Obviously now the security forces should deal with these terrorists forcefully, but before that I believed that dialogue could have solved it. The pakatoons however were baying for blood from the start and typically once the shooting started they make fun of our troops.

    3. the Chinese of Tunku, and Tun Razak’s generations, they were real patriots. I have no doubt about that. they risked their lives, everything for this country.

      I also have no doubt that the Chinese of that era were also more hardworking, more diligent. they knew what real sacrifice entailed.

      but as our country progressed through most of the 1990s and 2000s, the Chinese grew soft. look at Chinese youth of today, especially the males. those under 30, how many of them are “real” men ? not many. most of them are of the eat, drink, play, merry making type.

      and worse of all, most of them cannot handle criticism. you say things about them, and they go mad. they want people to praise them. they think highly of themselves. they believe the world owe them something.

      I m not surprised by their antics and stunts. to them, patriotism is just a word with no meaning other than when it suits their interest. is it any wonder why so many of them who have migrated to western countries ended up returning to Malaysia after they have had a taste of “western” racism ? truth be told, most of them cannot make it anywhere.

      1. “but as our country progressed through most of the 1990s and 2000s, the Chinese grew soft. look at Chinese youth of today, especially the males. those under 30, how many of them are “real” men ? not many. most of them are of the eat, drink, play, merry making type.”

        Bodoh punya statement.

        I wonder what race Lee Chong Wei is? ; )

  20. Not sure if you guys had noticed it by the PR’s mouthpieces (ie the alternative media) are now referring the operation as army driven – saying that the army has launched the attack despite the MAF only playing a supporting role to PDRM. I think this is not due to a lack of knowledge but a deliberate ploy. It is an effort to paint the police as UMNO’s stooges while showing the army as the champions in an effort to garner army votes.

    1. I am actually getting depressed looking at the obscene amount of political-driven slander and mud-slinging. Recently logged in into my Facebook account and is overwhelmed by the negativity and hatred peddled throughout.

      The most recent attempt was to try and frame a hit-and-run incident involving an UMNO vehicle and an elderly Chinese lady as some kind of injustice. When Tian Chua’s car killed a Malay soldier in 2010, nobody was insinuating foul play with racial undertones. It was a traffic accident and only the mentally very sick and diseased would want to turn it into a race or political matter.

      Perhaps the GE cannot get here soon enough, the partisan poison is getting unbearable and I wished we (at least those who are interested) could all just vote and get it over with. Our multi-racial harmony might be unreal and fake, but please let me have that illusion over the bile that is being dispensed atm.

      Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.
      – George Bernard Shaw

      1. I saw the coverage of the elderly Chinese lady hit-and-run case. It’s because it’s emotive – highly so – and being exploited that makes it worrying.

        The Tian Chua vehicle hit-and-run was also given racial undertones but it couldn’t go far because the man behind the wheel (driving TC’s car) was Malay.

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