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Ngeh: “Kaum India begitu mudah dibeli dengan sari, Milo, kari kambing & bir”

Sikap evangelis DAP terhadap golongan berkulit gelap memang sudah terserlah. Terang lagi bersuluh.

Lepas tu bila orang tegur, mula lah putar belit, putar belit, putar belit.

Sebiji macam perangai Hannah Yeoh yang menuduh anaknya Cina kerana “silap” kerani JPN itu … putar belit, putar belit, putar belit.


Mengikut Menteri Besar Perak Zambry Abdul Kadir, tweet oleh James Ngeh Koo Ham tersebut menggambarkan sikap si evangelis itu yang sebenarnya (tersirat) terhadap masyarakat India — Ngeh criticised over tweet insulting Indians‘ (NST, 5 Mac 2013).

Zambry menjangka, “He’ll later say he didn’t mean it.”

Cuba anda tengok sendiri bagaimana James Ngeh membelit dengan membandingkan tweet asal dengan tweet yang kemudiannya. Sebiji macam perangai Hannah Yeoh berkaitan sijil kelahiran anaknya.



Cara James Ngeh mengalih dakwaan kepada pemimpin keturunan India di Beruas sebiji perangai Hannah Yeoh yang mengalih bahawa ia adalah kerani JPN yang bertanggungjawab mengelaskan anaknya sebagai ‘Cina’.

Mengikut evangelis DAP, kaum India tidak bermaruah dan mudah dibeli.

Dalam dunia evangelis DAP, ada teladan lelaki India yang anaknya bukan keturunan India. Mungkin sebab itulah si politikus-politikus evangelis DAP begitu mudah menganggap kaum India tidak bermaruah dan boleh dibeli dengan setin Milo dan sesuap kari kambing.

Bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star.

Suratkhabar milik MCA itu masih enggan bertanya kepada Hannah Yeoh apa bangsa anak yang dilahirkannya beberapa minggu lepas.

Bilamasa kita inginkan The Star mewawancara Hannah Yeoh, suratkhabar tersebut keberatan pula.

Rasa-rasanya anak ini, sama seperti kakaknya, adalah berbangsa Cina juga.

Hidup Jerusubang!

James Ngeh ini asyik juga menggelar penyokong BN sebagai “samseng”, “samseng”, “samseng” dan “thugs”, “thugs”, “thugs”.









Video-video “perangai samseng” konon yang dimuatnaik ke YouTube oleh Ketua Pemuda DAP

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18 thoughts on “Ngeh: “Kaum India begitu mudah dibeli dengan sari, Milo, kari kambing & bir”

  1. BN buat jadi thungs tapi bukan tu namanya kebebasan bersuara ke? Mmg talam dua muka. Mcmkesial.

    1. Saya rasa tidak harus diganggu keberlangsungan perhimpunan DAP itu. Biar saja diorang teruskan ceramah.

      Namun daripada apa yang dapat kita tonton di kedua-dua klip video, tak nampaklah sangat perangai ‘ganas’ untuk mengundang gelaran “thugs”. Kalau sekadar bab mengacau itu, saya rasa ada lah.

      Pada hemat saya, perangai DAP SuperCyber Bullies lagi samseng. Mereka yang tidak menghormati hak kebebasan bersuara orang lain.

      1. Betul sangat apa yang u katakan Helen. Video berkenaan cuma kelihatan ‘pemegang bendera BN’ yang boleh jadi juga dicipta oleh puak-puak Pakatoons yang suka bersandiwara sepertimana mereka suka melabel tragedi keganasan di Lahad Datu sebagai sandiwara kerajaan.

    2. Well everytime there is an articles, news etc on Indians in FMT or TMI, i am excited to look at the comments, pariah, mabuk todi and more always the staple of insults by the Dapsters… hmmmmm racism is alive, hoorayyy

  2. Isn’t this the same party whose leader asked his followers to disrupt BN’s chinese new year open house in Penang by wearing red, yellow and green? Now, bila batang hidung sendiri kena, mengamok! You reap what you sow….

  3. DAP on the other hand, has more expensive tastes.

    They want land instead.

    Isn’t that right, Ngeh?

  4. Shouldn’t we ask James how many bales of saree cloth, tins of Milo, pots of mutton curry & crates of beer is a vote worth.

    His tweet shows his total lack of sensitivity & he could have seized these gifts as an opportunity to win brownie points by complementing them in the following ways;

    1. Offered free saree tailoring service by E & E Tailors
    2. Gave away tins of condensed milk for use with Milo
    3. Give free frozen roti canai/capati or flour to enable the recipients to make them themselves
    4. Give Coleman or Rubbermaid iceboxes to keep the beer ice cold

    He really needs to seize the day lah this James!

    1. Hahahahahahaha I loved it….seize the day, seize the moment…..proves that these people can’t think far ahead….no vision lah these Malaysian Malaysia

  5. Yes, these days the Indians are filled with the Holy Spirit or should that be fill the Holy Spirit.

    It is a miracle that products of such unions are cleansed of their Indian blood.


    The days of Milo, sarees, bir and mutton curry are over.

    All behold the grace of God, the Holy Communion and pork dim sum.

    Praise the lord

  6. “kaum India mudah dibeli dengan sari, Milo, kari kambing & bir”.

    I find this really hilarious and ironic. James was praising the DAP and insulting the Indians at the same time.

    praising the DAP as in the case of Hannah The High Priestess Yo ! “buying” her hubby The Ram with Only She Knows What in order for an Indian child to go from Indian to Chinese.

    insulting the Indians when they refused to play possum for the DAP after they realized that 308 was one big sham and they’d been taken for a ride yet again, only this time the insult is much greater.

  7. I disagree with disturbing of ceramahs by supporters be it BN or PR and such acts deserve condemnation and stern police action. However having said that I am always a bit cautious when reading reports of such incidences in the alternative media as it is often spun to make BN bad and thuggish.In many cases the truth was often far from what was reported.

    I can give an example from personal experience of my close relative happened in 2007 during a by-election in Selangor (can’t recall the name of the area) involving PKR’s Khalid Ibrahim (current MB) vs BN. Khalid actualy lost that time. At that time the alternative media reported that MIC “thugs” intimidated and chased out a group of students from an Indian majority area who were there to observe the by-election. It was a big news then.

    Some months later I met my relative who was staying in that area and he related to us what had actually happened (he’s a local MIC leader). Apparently the “student observers” were not exactly students but actually members of a Chinese NGOs. They were there to campaign for PKR on behalf of DAP. They were outsiders and when they came over, they behaved as superior people and started to scold people and accuse them to be stupid for supporting MIC and BN. They were insisting that people vote for PKR. The local MIC folks were upset when the group started to make outragoeus accusations and insults and confronted them. They demanded the group to leave. However the alternative media painted the picture that MIC thugs to be threatening students. Why would MIC leaders threatened a group students merely observing the by-election. And why would a group present in an Indian area several days before the election when there is nothing to observe. One can understand if they were observing the by election ceramahs or voting process.

    1. they are the descendants of coolies. that’s what you can expect from this lot. they are incapable of conducting themselves in a decent manner.

  8. Out of curiosity, I looked up James’s Twitter account to check on something. Notice the tweet on Mar 3rd 05:21 where he presumably asked his followers to pray for the safety of Teluk Intan locals? He never did once asked his followers to pray for the safety of our security personnel & Sabahans due to the Lahad Datu standoff.

    Wow! I’m terribly impressed by his priorities where safety is concerned.

  9. KAMPUNG GAJAH: The DAP ceramah at the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan on Sunday was held without police being informed.

    Hilir Perak police chief Assistant Commissioner Goh Kok Liang said police were instead informed that the organiser would be selling souvenirs.

    He said when police arrived at the scene after receiving a report that a group of 20 people were disrupting the ceramah about 8.30pm, they spoke to both sides and got both to agree to disperse.

    It is understood that the group, whose members claimed to be Barisan Nasional supporters, was unhappy that DAP organised the ceramah without approval from the local council or the police and in front of the Umno office.

    Read more: ‘Ceremah held without approval’ – General – New Straits Times

  10. Ngeh’s statement is real high class! And his and his cousin’s acceptance of thousands of hectares of land in poverty-stricken Melayu-dominated Kelantan is even more high class. That is DAP for you.

    1. Perhaps Ngeh gave big ANG POW to Nik Aziz over the generous offer of thousands of acres of lands in Kelantan. When the poor Orang Asli were sidelined these two [edited] cousins from Perak were generously offered the lands. by Nik [Aziz].

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