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Garang is good

A little less than a fortnight ago (Feb 25), I had commented:

“I like the pro-BN bloggers more ‘cos they have a sense of humour. My favourite-est is Syed Akbar Ali who can put the quirkiest twist in the most unexpected and unusual places.

Next favourites are BigCat who makes you go ‘Ha-ha, that was funny’ and Monyet King — not necessarily pro-BN but definitely anti-stupidity.

The pro-Pakatan bloggers, on the other hand, exude bad vibes like they’re out to kill you (metaphorically speaking, of course) that is should you disagree with them.”

Recently on Tuesday (March 5), BigCat announced that she would be taking a rest from blogging.

We will miss you, Ai. There’s a saying: “When a door closes there is a window of opportunity open up”. Take care of yourself in Taiwan, and there will be a rainbow outside the window. It may not appear tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but one day you’ll see it. Salam.

Ai’s blog has been handed over to Bigcat #2. In Tinsel the Purple Cat, we have a formidable blogger. In her debut posting as driver behind the dashboard, Tinsel already fired a warning shot across the bow, declaring “Unlike Aisya, I don’t entertain crapheads”.

“Crapheads” is correct. I can think of a few even more choice descriptions but since my blog aspires to a U rating, “crapheads” will have to do.

Enough of the CT nonsense

By “crapheads”, Tinsel is referring to the cybertroopers who have camped out in the BigCat blog, I suspect, because of BC’s on-the-ground coverage of Johor which is a frontline state for DAP this coming election.

Note that “cyber troopers” share the same initials ‘CT’ as communist terrorists. Like Bintang Tiga, they are brutal and they are vicious. The only difference is that while the guerrillas had resorted to armed struggle during the Emergency, the weapon of choice for the terracotta army today is fitnah.

One commenter Annie observed: “I think I like this new Big Cat. Very garang. Ai used to be too soft on the DAP cybertroopers.” (Annie has a blog. It’s new. You can check it out, here.)

I agree with Annie. The DAP cybertroopers being so kurang ajar understand no other language except for the language of force. Therefore “garang” is the only attitude that can get it through to their thick skulls.

Which is a reason why I foresee that in the Purple Cat we have a blogger who’s going to make her presence felt in the sopo world of blogging.

Welcome on board, Tinsel.

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13 thoughts on “Garang is good

    1. oh my ! where were you ? you should have shown yourself years ago instead of now. oh well, never mind. better late than never. my ! you have attitude. I will be visiting your site on a regular basis, although I may not be posting comments, I will certainly pay more attention from now on.

  1. Thank you Helen,
    I’m actually a close friend of Aisya aka Ai. I got a message from her just now and she asked me to thank you for the kind words for her. She is doing ok in Taipei but very busy with her studies. Cheers.

  2. Like dean john dean wrote on malaysiakini recently..BN must be destroyed.. by who? the sulus.. send you the shivers that oppo media have these kind of foreign clowns from a country that decimated its aboriginal people through systematic ethnic cleansing writing for them

    1. Does that fler really understand what he’s saying?

      To me, it seems that he’s saying that it’s ok for kids to lose their fathers, wives to lose husbands, and parents to lose children just for the sake of politics.

      And it’s not just any politics either, but politics supported by imported terrorists.

      Seriously, PR people? Have you really gone nuts? Is this why I hardly see any PR leaders wishing our men in blue or green well?

  3. Pro Government blogger writing are more sensible to read because they more sensible people who write the good as well the the bad move by the government which in a way could lead to more productive measure could be taken.

    They are much more open to different view though sometimes did not go through [SAA] but on the whole they believe in the freedom of thought.

    Talking about opposition blog, no way you can get through if your opinion are different from them.

  4. Really helen? Its funny how you claim the moral high ground while continuously bleating about race and religion for your political needs. Everyone is bad and vicious and a DAP trooper except for Helen and her clueless band of idiots. Well, from me, fuck you and your efforts.

    1. You don’t have to agree with what Helen has to say but that doesn’t give you the right to just cuss. Why can’t you act with maturity & state your case? Rebut with your eloquence backed by figures, links, sources etc.

      When you believe that your freedom of speech allows you to cuss those who don’t share the same view points with you, that’s when you contradict the fundamental values you believe in.

    2. So how’s it like staying in hotels and being paid to stake out and put comments in blogs?

      Do they have a list of which blogs to troll?

      Specific buzzwords and cuss words to use?

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