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The difference between Gan Ping Sieu and Saifuddin Abdullah

Both Gan Ping Sieu and Saifuddin Abdullah are deputy ministers, the former in the Ministry of Youth and Sport, and the latter in the Ministry of Higher Education.

They share a common ground in being considered the rising stars of their respective parties, and having the reputation as liberal – Saifuddin – and errr, speedy sasuke (?) — Gan.

The reason Gan is deemed relatively young blood is because the majority in his party can trace their membership back to the time of Tun Tan Cheng Lock.





Is MCA confident in Johor?

There is however a marked difference between Umno’s Saifuddin and MCA’s Young Gan.

While we might see Saifuddin still around after GE13, Gan Ping Sieu should start looking for another shady bench to park himself.

If Saifuddin is selected by Umno to recontest Temerloh, he’ll be returning to Parliament when the next legislative assembly convenes. We can’t say the same for Gan.

An MCA vice president, Gan is an appointed senator, having lost his bid for the Mengkibol state seat in 2008.

Gan Ping Sieu’s former Johor seat, where he was Adun in 2004, had 62 percent Chinese voters on the electoral roll and it’s evident that his 2008 loss was due to the Chinese blowback.

The Kluang parliamentary seat – which covers the Mengkibol and Mahkota DUNs – is home to a lower percentage of Chinese voters at 50 percent. The Malay electors in the Kluang parliamentary constituency are 39 percent compared to Mengkibol’s 26 percent.

Even though Kluang is less Chinese-dominated compared to Mengkibol, it’s still not a safe seat for MCA whereas DAP believe they have a good chance to win. The word is that Gan is eyeing Kluang.


Gunting dalam Lipatan

Look at how Guan Eng relishes sticking the knife into the cake which he anticipates to get the largest Chinese share. His Men in Black are wearing the colour of mourning for the MCA’s imminent demise.

Below we can see how our mini North Korean has staked his sovereign claim to Malaysia’s Chinese territory.


Bina tokong

‘M’ in MCA stands for MoneyFirst

Although I do not belong to the 85 percent of urban Chinese who will be voting for the opposition, I find it difficult nonetheless to sympathize with the MCA.

MCA remains so money-minded it permits The Star to put profit above all else as well as so cheapskate that the party offered a measly contribution of RM2,000 to each of the eight families of the security forces who were killed in Lahad Datu.

As one commenter asked in this blog, is RM16,000 all that the MCA fat cats could muster between them – there are a total of at least 20 Datuks (and one Tan Sri) in the party presidential council alone – to give to the families of our slain policemen?



Gan Ping Sieu’s name is oftentimes coupled with that of Saifuddin Abdullah in that they are perceived to represent reformists of the next echelon as well as bringing a breath of fresh air and aroma of Starbucks (trendiness) to their staid parties.

Gan’s tweet today (screenshot below) implies that his buddy Saifuddin is the “most popular member of government”.

He may be the most popular Malay Umno politician among the Anak Bangsar crowd but that’s about it and no further. What I hear is that he is unpopular within Umno itself and among the ketua-ketua bahagian.


Popular among the Firsters

Like I said in my previous posting, many Malay bloggers are surprised that Saifuddin is even in Umno. Which explains his popularity, conversely, with the pro-opposition English media — a popularity which Gan shares.

For all the high approval ratings of the duo among the Bangsar Malaysia crowd, one can’t get away from the fact that Saifuddin is in Umno, the party that will assuredly emerge top dog in GE13.

Gan’s party, on the other hand, has promised that if they are unable to better their 2008 standing, they will withdraw from the government.

Gan Ping Sieu wants Allah for Christians

As the MCA Political Education bureau chief, Gan Ping Sieu had declared that the government must lift the kalimah Allah ban on printed Christian publications as the restriction was “an affront to common sense”.

Gan also said, “There should not be different standards for different religions in referring to God as ‘Allah’ as it will confuse Malaysians”.

With Gan taking the above stance, even the Malay pro-Umno voters might no longer be willing to throw him a lifeline.


MCA Political Education bureau chief, wor

How do we rate Gan Ping Sieu’s performance as his party’s Political Education bureau chief?

If Senator Gan is “wow, terribly impressed” and has such warm relationships with The Star reporters, should they not reciprocate his “wow, terribly impressedness” and help him to “politically educate” the paper’s readership of millions?

And if MCA has been successful in imparting political education to The Star‘s millions of readers, then the party has nothing to worry about really when it comes crunch time. For sure these legions of politically educated Star readers can be relied on to cast their vote for the MCA. Heh heh heh.

Gan Ping Sieu looks very much in place draped there over that park bench. All he needs are a book and some grains to feed the birds. A few curvy joggers passing by – so that he can be “wow, terribly impressed” – would complete the cosy post-GE retirement picture (thinks a blog reader of mine).


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20 thoughts on “The difference between Gan Ping Sieu and Saifuddin Abdullah

    1. Sebelum ini lu pernah kata @ 2013/02/26 at 8:04 am:

      “Boleh tak dicerita isu yang membawa kesejahteraan rakyat, menyuruh rakyat buat baik.. berbudi bahasa kepada mak bapak, jaga anak dengan sempurna, memperjuang kebahagian dan kepatuhan beragama.. segala tu awat korang semua tak tulis? Baik Pakatan baik BN… bloggers nya kurang wawasan ke arah situ”

      @ 2013/02/26 at 9:24 pm:

      “Macam mana nak bagi depa duit. Aku keje warung kat keramat. Gaji aku pon tak cukup. Aku tak salah pada kerajaan tapi benci pemimpin pemimpin yg janji nak bawa kebahgian epada rakyat kelahi perkara perkara bodoh macam jumlah beuk ysng datang majelis depa”

      Hali ini lu tak keje kat walong ka? Off day?

        1. Brader, cakap sama lu tokey suruh buka warung dekat itu Lahad Datu. Sikalang itu askar sama polis manyak wooo sana. Ada ong itu tempat buat bisnes wooo.

          Lagi la sikalang itu Ah Jib Gor cakap mau buka itu opis polis sama tentera sana. Lu tidak payah takut itu olang sulu laaa. Dia latang, lu bagi mi goreng dia sudah tara kacau sama lu.

          1. Dia tara mau tembak sama lu. Nanti tatau mana mau cari olang goreng itu mee sama dia maaaa….

      1. warong dia dah pindah kat Komtar atau kat Tropicana kut? Akbar, haritu amek BR1M, awak ada feeling2 rasa diri lembu ke ayam?

      2. Aiyoh. Wang tatak mo bili beras pun mo salah sama gomen ka? Lampin sama susu anak pun gomen mo kasi ka? Lu sendili taruh bini, maa. Lu syiok, belakang gomen mo tanggung ka? Aiyoo lu bodo ah?

  1. Honestly, I’ve just heard bits & pieces of GPS before your spotlight fell on him.

    So I’m just wondering what are the objectives of MCA’s Political Education Bureau? I tried googling it but can’t seem to find anything relevant. I can only surmise that they’re out to educate the masses on the ins and outs of politics if I take the Bureau’s official title at face value. In fact I read the party’s constitution & can’t find it mentioned anywhere.

    It seems that the bureau’s head is neither here nor there if his tweets & all the news reports (or lack thereof) concerning him are anything to go by. He’ll be racing against time to find his way to put a credible challenge in the GE. My advice to him is to ditch the compass & try the GPS instead. That way maybe he’ll get the best spot on the park bench before the dinosaurs of MCA go on a stampede as they jostle for the crumbs post GE.

    1. Pre GE 12 MCA had to look for Malay-majority constituencies. With this Chairman of MCA Political Education Bureau’s stand on the use of the Kalimantan Allah for Christians, they ought to look for PAS-dominated constituencies. So much for MCA being a party representing the Chinese community.

      1. Some people said that the use of airstrikes in LD was overkill. Well, I think the reactions of non Muslim politicians are over the top as well.

        Everyone seems to be scrambling for the Christian votes & that of the fence sitting non Muslims. I doubt many, (if at all any) of them actually have deep sentiments about the matter.

        When the issue first surfaced my instinctive reaction was to stand by the church in solidarity. The arson & pig head cases made me reconsider my stance. I realized someone had to give & opined that if anyone, it should be the Christians since we’re asked to turn the other cheek.

        In truth, how many of these politicians are even Christians? Even if they are, how many prays & worships in BM? As for the rights of East Malaysians to continue using the term, status quo remains pending the court’s decision. As for bibles to be printed with a cross on the cover, I don’t see why it is an issue since the cross is the symbol of salvation for Christians.

        At the end of the day, we see the church dragged into the mud as a result of politicizing the issue. Even purveyors of love (e.g. priests, pastors, Hannah Yeoh, CJM etc) are not adverse to catty remarks for political expediency. When the dust settles, if ever, churches will end up as an oasis of hate instead of love.

        Little wonder that more & more Christians who are disillusioned by the churches agenda are drifting away from their faith.

        1. 1. Bila gov ambil pendekatan nak negotiate, gov dituduh tidak cekap, lembab dan terlalu lembut hati. i.e sebab penceroboh itu Muslim. Bila dah 3 weeks negotiate tak jalan, army pegi bom, gov dituduh overkill, takkan 200 gunsmen tak boleh ditangkap sahaja. Itulah excuses from such over the top hippo-oppo.

          2.”In truth, how many of these politicians are even Christians? Even if they are, how many prays & worships in BM?”

          Agreed. Nape sibuk2 nak jugak terjemah Bible in BM when they dont use BM occasionally? Tiba2 jadi pejuang Bahasa Kebangsaan eh? Wow, DAPspinner betul. If I’m not mistaken, bible in East Msia is actually printed in Bahasa Indonesia. It’s not even BM pun.

          3. Seriously, while I was in Sarawak, Christians and Catholics friends of mine are actually are very modest. Terkinja2 atas pentas in church tu tak pernah dibuat diorang.. They are not really that taksub la.

          4. See the similarities here between PAS and DAP Christians? TAKSUB!

  2. “Little wonder that more & more Christians who are disillusioned by the churches agenda are drifting away from their faith.”

    I dunno’ about this. I think there is a world wide revivalist movement and in the West, a reaction against , well, Islamic reactionism.

    Certainly here in Malaysia, Christians who were once apathethic are now more concerned of the direction of their country.

    1. Well, church leaders locally & globally didn’t actually cover themselves with glory considering their misguided vocational objectives, missteps, cover-ups, fiddling fingers, adventurous wiener et al.

      That said, the world is generally moving away from mainstream faith shepherding.

      1. Can’t say I agree with you.

        If anything I think the pendulum is swinging back to mainstream faith shepherding. Certianly Islam is leading the way, (if I am not mistaken, still the fastest growing religion) and the resignation of the Pope which I see as a concession towards more moderates elements within the Church, signalling a return to mainstream politics.

        But then again this type of conversation always seems to revolve around the Abrahamic faiths, so I don’t really know if there is a cultural shift(worldwide) generally or something else at play.

        1. There are seven billion people in the world..if there is a Muslim world/realm..imagine how many worlds we can have with the balance 4 billion non Abrahamic faiths population.

          Its a good age to be shepherds, while churches or mosques lose their congregation, they can end up under other shepherds like the Chuch of Scientology..even atheism is reactionary and defensive like the Abrahamic everyone will believe or not believe in something they are not sure exists.

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