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“Here, I will make it easy for you Kula”

By Conrad

Helen, sorry for the long rant but ……

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Reading your post on M. Kula Segaran what boggles the mind is where is Rafizi in all of this? The cherubic faced Pakatan crusader whose only credible claim to leadership as espoused by kool aid drinkers is that he is the premier exposer of Umno commercial skull drudgery [skullduggery] but to objective observers means only that he and his team are apparently the only people in Pakatan Rakyat that can read spreadsheets or maybe even just read.

TwitterDont test MKula

Kula has his big macho “don’t test me” moment the implication of which is that he has information that could bring down the Perak DAP and whatever corrupt practices the Cousins are perpetuating there and Rafizi and his “impartial” whistle-blowing team are silent as evangelical church mousses.


What, no takers from the school they set up to train people on how to rat on their benefactors/employers? Or should ratting out corruption be confined only to Umno?

TwitterDont test MKulaReply

So, here you have a ranking member of your coalition insinuating that there is massive corruption in a political party that wants to claim power in a hotly contested state and you do… nothing?


The fact that he (Kula) refers to your coalition’s slogans of zero tolerance of corrupt practices, is not even worthy of a response from Pakatan overlords?


However, Kula and Rafizi do have the time to put in effort into punching the Hindraf piñata.

Rafizi of course sees no problem with the Pakatan manifesto and has the temerity to claim that it cannot only cater to the Indians after which his boss Anwar Ibrahim does an expected U-turn and promptly says that the needs of the Indian community will be reflected in the manifesto after listening to concerns of the Indian community.

Anwar makes the Indian community sound like some young dude with blonde streaks in his hair, in a t-shirt and cut offs who he met in the lavatory and the exchange concerned the socioeconomic deprivation of a community that could be bartered for a quick reach around and a brief mention in the alternative press.

Kula on the other hand devotes a piece questioning the popularity of Hindraf (on Malaysiakini) using anecdotal evidence (which he acknowledges) to point to the decline of Hindraf post 08’.


He makes a big show of being hurt by Hindraf’s mandore narrative and yet sitting down with them on the seat allocation talks.

Here is an alliance made up of Umno/MIC/MCA renegades who have flung shit at each other and engaged in the worst name calling ever seen in Malaysian politics but yet have managed to sit down and endorse the Politics of Love, but M. Kula Segran who has found his efforts blocked by the Mandarins of the DAP and specifically the Cousins, gets all huffy when it comes to sitting down with Hindraf because they have flung some naughty words his direction.

Is Guan Eng saying Umno practises false Islam?
Is Guan Eng saying Umno practises ‘false’ Islam?

And by the way Kula, the only reason why any Indian issues get any play in PR is because Hindraf gets in your face about them. I find it very curious.

I am an intelligent, middle class, educated Indian voter, who maybe because he has not drunk the fucking kool-aid, is able to objectively dissect political spin and propaganda, but would it not be to Pakatan’s advantage that instead of attacking Hindraf, Kula as a high ranking party member of DAP list out the DAP’s and PR’s efforts in assisting the disenfranchised members of the Indian community into the political mainstream?

In addition, you would note that I qualified my query with “disenfranchised members of the Indian community”. Obviously I don’t give a shit about my own social class because they have obviously made up their minds to gulp down the kool-aid and think of themselves as Bangsa Malaysians, while all the while being screwed by the system who needs their votes but not their participation.


But what gets to me is the hypocrisy of it all. Kula rambles on about Hindraf’s “self-righteous derogation of others” as a trait, which does nothing for the cause they advocate but Kula, obviously has no problem with PR’s similar stance when it comes to Umno/BN.

In other words, PR has the monopoly on righteousness and any who without the consent of PR who express similar sentiments are derided as pretenders or worse traitors to broad based consensus politics.


Kula goes on about how Hindraf’s rhetoric has not been able to get them broad based support and goes all creamy about Ambiga, the patron saint of those Malaysians who for all these years could not be bothered to get off their fucking backsides and engage but who have discovered post 08’ that marking a ballot gives them some satisfaction in flipping the bird to Umno even if the alternative is most probably the same.

Listen old chap, have you heard the rhetoric coming out of PAS? I know you got a little peeved when James Ngeh insulted the Indians, so you are fucking aware of the rhetoric coming out of the DAP. And yet these two receive broad based support. Why?


The same reason Ambiga gets broad based support. That is because YOUR fucking coalition has agreed that she is a useful political tool and your propaganda organs portray her as a Bangsa Malaysian who understands the need of a new dawn in Malaysian politics.


“We are presented with a historic opportunity to change the Malaysian polity from its decades-old mania over race and religion to one about justice, equality of opportunity and dignity for all, especially the poor and the marginalized” pontificates Kula in his Malaysiakini piece, then why is it that Anwar had to reassure the Indian community ?

Why is it in the so called manifesto I see no evidence beyond party racial favors, that PR has any intention of realizing those aspirations that Kula waxes on about.

Here, I will make it easy for you Kula. Give me a breakdown of all efforts by Pakatan Rakyat in the states they control on how they handled the problems of the poor and marginalized.

Then give me a breakdown based on race of the kind of assistance given by the state government.

“I know that I would invite a hail of derogatory epithets from Hindraf supporters by saying that dignity and manners matter” – Kula writes in his hatchet piece for Malaysiakini.

No, brother I think you are a running dog because you talk about dignity but yet refuse to expose the wrongdoings of your party simply because you have been told to shut your fucking mouth or because you are more concerned about your political career.

The fact that you choose to jump on the Hindraf bashing bandwagon, merely points to your servility to the Mandarins of your party who have no problem pissing on the community whenever it suits them through their apparatchiks who infest the medium you chose to rant on.

Does this make you “mandore”? Probably to Hindraf but not to me.


It does however make you a political hack, who has no qualms about tweeting your threats but instead choose to play to the peanut gallery of Malaysiakini to bolster your multiracial Bangsa Malaysian stock by taking your swings at a flawed organization which has come about only because people like you for decades had ignored the grievances of the community you claim is part of a greater Malaysian identity.

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12 thoughts on ““Here, I will make it easy for you Kula”

  1. A friend of mine, an admirer of everything goof, I mean good in PR, likened Rafizi to Tony Stark aka IronMan.

    When asked why, she said that Rafizi looked cool when doing his exposé acts. She claimed that Rafizi was an intelligent person especially where economic policies are concerned. When I pointed out recently that PR’s (and bu extension, his) manifesto was so full of holes yet he claims it holds water, she said that I was just a cynic.

    Anyways, Conrad was asking where’s the cherub in all this Kula vs the cousins saga. I suppose he’s in a Mark II suit right now. The suit allows him to be a security expert as he’s training his rays, missiles, rockets etc at the government’s handling of the Sabah incident.

    His Mark I suit which gives him powers to deal with financial & economic matters is currently under repair due to wear & tear after countless nights sleeping on the floor of his office preparing the manifesto.

    Or did the Mandarin of Komtar used his power to gag Rafizi? Unlike IronMan 3, we won’t get the answer in theatres nearby anytime soon, if ever.

    1. All the Pakatan’s so-called experts and PR-supporting NGO leaders (Rafizi, Tony Pua, Ong KM, Wong Tat, Ambiga, etc) share one common personality trait – they can’t see the elephant in the room but can spot the crow perched on the tree miles away.

      This is because these folks, like Alice of the Wonderland’s fame, live in an alternative world where a different kind of reality reigns. In Pakatoonistan , very much like in Oceania (of Orwell’s 1984) things are seen rather differently. For example corruption, crime, vote buying, dictatorship and racism are defined as actions that UMNO/BN deploys to keep them in power.

      This simple fact is why Rafizi, the poster boy of NEP, would not be able to spot any evidence of corruption in TailorGate, Kelantan land grab, Bayan Mutiara sell-off, Penang Tunnel robbery, Selangor Sand mining, PKNS scandal, Penang DCM’s aide’ case, etc.

      By the same token, Ambiga would not comment on DAP’s Excel-lent election swindle or Tony Pua on Penang’s 72% drop in FDI.

      1. Calvin,

        without the NEP, this jambu boy Rafizi would still be a kampung boy. I have met countless Malays of similar ilk. they think that after having received some education, they think they are some big shots, going round town peddling their so called modernity to people who they look down on.

        this Rafizi jambu is the Malay version of the DAP’s Tony Pua. all talk, no action.

        1. I have met my shares of such people too not just in Malaysia but overseas too. I was talking to one of Malaysia (bumi) student in a western country some years back. He was a student & was working in a souvenir shop during his free time and doing some part-time side business. He told me that he does not plan to return home. When I questioned his wisdom since i paid for his education (with my income tax of course), he said the govt is bad and he won’t return until there is a regime change. He said there is too much corruption and he disagreed with the NEP, blah blah, etc.

          I told him that he has a moral responsibility to either return or pay back the scholarship money. He can hate the govt but that beside the point. I was surprised why he disagreed with the NEP. He replied that the NEP helping the cronies and when I reminded that he was overseas due to the NEP, he disagreed saying he was there on merit.

    2. Malaysia”s Best Actor Award 2013 goes to………….Rafizi Ramli ! now could someone please notify him to collect the trophy ?

      1. Not too long ago, Rafizi worked in Petronas under this woman boss. When he resigned/left Petronas, he blasted his boss in a long e-mail and had the audacity to forward that said e-mail to others in Petronas. Of course Rafizi being Rafizi, he was arrogant enough then to chastised his own boss in said e-mail, accusing her of all sort of stuff. Then, a close friend of mine took over Rafizi’s position. She was petrified of the woman boss as she had read the e-mail that Rafizi forwarded and thought that the woman must have been a fright to work with for an employee to blast her so publicly. But after working for that said boss, my friend said that the boss was ok to work with, no problem whatsoever. She is just a smart lady who expects people who work under her to perform their duties diligently and efficiently and intelligently. My friend did all of the above, thus had no problems with the boss, and yet Rafizi had so much to complain. So, what does that say of the great Rafizi Ramli?

        Btw, he did not expose the Cowgate scandal. It was the Auditor General”s report that expose the scandal. He merely read the report and found something to kenakan UMNO. To me, for all that they claim the government is corrupted, they could only find ONE thing to highlight about says everything. At least cowgate was brought to court. What about Talamgate, tailorgate, tanah kelantan gate, the massive billion project gate in Penang etc. All deemed clean because the holier-than-thou PR said so, so it must be true. What a bunch of hypocrite!

        As for the likes of Hannah and geng, malu lah…nampak sangat mereka ni ada massive wannabe-mat-salleh complex that it is soooo embarrassing to witness! Righteouness exalts a nation….my foot! They can’t even differentiate between righteousness and being self-righteous. Seriously amat disgusting!

        Yalah, anak Bangsa Malaysia yang berbahasa orang putih, hidup macam org putih and makan pun macam org putih. Give me a break!

        1. I don’t think the white boys and girls are impressed by the antics of these white wannabes. in fact, since my line of work involves a lot of interaction with white people, through our conversation, the white people made it a point to let me know that they, the white people, have a low opinion of these white wannabes, especially the banana type like Hannah. why ? I tell you why ! because how could we, as the white people remind me from time to time, have a high opinion of someone if the said person has an inferiority complex and he demonstrates his inferiority complex by aping us the white people ? mind you, the bananas are not the only ones with this inferiority complex. even the Chinese educated types exhibit such trait.

  2. what M Kula exhibited is similar to perpetual hysteria. the difference is that, his version of “rage” is best described as compulsive euphoria.

    whereas perpetual hysteria is reserved for the Anglophile and Evangelist crowd of Jerusubang and the Komtar Hatchet Men of the dear leader, compulsive euphoria is the preserve of people deemed as low class by The High Priestess of Subang Jaya.

    now Helen, remember, when you want to describe the behavior of the Dapsters a.k.a the Jerusubang Crowd/Komtar Hatchet Men, use perpetual hysteria. after all, perpetual hysteria is Class A stuff. you must at least show some “respect” to The High Priestess of SJ and the dear leader.

    now Helen, as for compulsive euphoria, remember, this term is reserve for the low class heathens of the DAP. you can’t mix them up. the Dapsters will not be happy with you if you say they and the low class heathens are of the same breed. they are not. the Dapsters are the Chosen Ones within the DAP while the low class Heathens of the DAP are just the foot soldiers.

    One Party 2 systems

    perpetual hysteria for the Dapsters i.e the Jerusubang crowd and the Komtar Hatchet Men of the dear leader.

    compulsive euphoria for the low class heathens such as M Kula and the rest, well, okay for most of the non Christian, non Anglophile members of the DAP who often vent their frustrations at their top party leaders and their rivals/enemies.

  3. I think one of the major problems in this country is that BN and PR are defining the race discourse in their own ways. Independent thought is discouraged and critical thinking which does not favor partisan narrative is attacked.

    There are very real serious issues affecting this country. In a recent discussion with my best friend since primary school, what we came up with is the perfect analogy for describing the agenda of BN and PR. The problem with BN is that they are interested in the short con whereas PR is attempting the long con.

    This friend who has since moved to South Africa had a tendency [when we were young punks] to go full metal melayu on the other kids esp. the Non Malays who sometimes took a very patronizing stand which seems to be the prerogative of young people at a certain age.

    He described Rafizi and his ilk with an Age of Innocence (Edith Warthon) quote : “The real loneliness is living among all these kind people who only ask one to pretend!”

    1. on the PR playing the long con game

      that I agree. most certainly the PR is not just interested in winning Putrajaya. for them, getting to Putrajaya is just the opening salvo, the first step.

      my thinking tells me that the PR is in it for the long haul, as far as I can postulate, their main course for this country, the primary agenda, is to radically remake this country into an Anglophile state not unlike Singapore.

      but to get there, they will have to do certain things, by crook that is.

      here the 3 component parties of PR play their roles nicely

      PKR will be the point man for PR. point man as in acting as the foreign agent of special interest groups such as the National Endowment for Democracy and the like as the need for legitimacy in foreign eyes is of paramount importance.

      DAP is the ideological patron with the Malaysian First fraud. I say it is a fraud because the primary victim of this fraud is the Chinese community since getting there, becoming a new Singapore will entail the Chinese community to make the biggest sacrifice of all, that it to renounce their racial, cultural identity, that is they must abandon their fight to preserve Chinese schools, which is the unspoken agenda of the Anglophiles now running the DAP, as Lim Senior says it himself “I m Malaysian First Chinese second”.

      PAS on the other hand will be the foot soldiers of PR. after all, of the 3 parties, it has the most members and therefore, playing to its strengths it will be the cavalry of this long con scheme.

    2. Conrad, interesting perspective….

      I would put it this way. BN is like an unfashionable lady who speaks her mind and with what-you-see-is-what-you-get manner. Old fashioned, ugly, unrefined but honest.

      PR on the other hand, is like a pretty young thing with lotsa blings, sexy dress and talks with (phony ) foreign accent. Fashionable, sexy but a bitch who only wants your money and will ditch you the moment she’s done with you.

      My view is that Malaysians are still attached to their religious and racial roots. The Malays are attached to their Malay identity and religion. The Chinese and Indians still want all the radio & TV stations, vernacular schools, newspapers, temples, etc.

      The political parties merely providing what the people want. If Malaysians really want multi racial politics, they will get it. So I think the problem is not the politicians but us.

      To those in Subang Jaya and Bangsar, race and religion doesn’t matter since they converse in English and don’t have to worry about getting their next meal. Many of them consider themselves as world citizen as they can travel to or live in any parts of the world due to their language mastery and economic standings.

      But those folks in kampungs or in urban middle class areas, they are perched on much lower rungs of the Maslow’s pyramid. They are defined by their race and religion as they do not have the skills or means to change their economic standings.

      What disgust me most is that most of these Bangsa Malaysian types demand for an abolishment of racial identity who wants to retain all the benefits that comes with it (schools, TV stations, cultural practices,etc) while proudly wearing their religious affiliation on their chests proclaiming their moral superiority.

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