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Lebih 500 orang Facebooker menggemari (‘like’) perbuatan membuli itu

Kemaskini posting yang sebelum ini — ‘Super Cyberbullies mahu lihat gadis Cina pro-BN dirogol’

Kejadian ini didedahkan oleh blogger Shen Yee Aun yang menimbulkan soalan: ‘Can Malaysian Still Accept Pakatan Rakyat Cyber Bully that Victimized a Girl with all the Vulgar Words and Asking People to Rape Her – Part 1’ (sini).

Home video rakaman gadis tersebut yang berupa sebuah iklan pro-BN dipautkan pada halaman Facebook di bawah.

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I have no Faceook or Twitter.

23 thoughts on “Lebih 500 orang Facebooker menggemari (‘like’) perbuatan membuli itu

  1. Brainless idiots. You don’t wish things like these even against your worst enemies. I wonder if they’ve even gave it a thought what if it happened to their mothers, sisters, loved ones etc.

    I’ve had first hand experience how a young, attractive, vivacious lady with her whole life ahead of her turned into a recluse & is currently mentally unstable after she was date raped. I can tell you it is not a pretty sight to see someone disintegrates before your very eyes.

    Animals, the lot of them, who condone such acts.

    1. I wish they were brainless but they are not. This is a determined effort to demonize your political opponents. As you know I have my issues with UMNO but the worst cyberbullying I have ever seen comes from the DAP apparanchiks.

      Look at ss. On a post where rape is fantasized or even justified on your political opponent, he/she goes after Helen because of her political stance making personal attacks.

      I wish we had the comfort of brainless idiots. As it is, these odious people are the kind the DAP relies on to make its case. And what a poor case it is.

      1. yes I quite agree with your reasoning. these people are not dumb at all. as I have said on so many occasions these people are the descendants of coolies. they are uncouth and without culture. barbarians to be precise. if you think barbarians were dumb, think again. if they were dumb, how did they manage to defeat the civilized worlds of ancient Greece, Rome and China ?

        they were very efficient when dispensing violence on their enemies. now in this modern age, with more tools at their disposal, they can now amplify, magnify their violence on civilized people. there’s no point in having a dialogue with them. they understand only violence.

      2. I will liwat whoever dares touch that BN supporter. Sodomising all the ugly DAPsters and PR goons will really make my day. I want to do more liwat than Anwar Ibrahim but I will be using a piece of sanitised rotan for that.

    2. The Malays must teach the Chinese and Indians some lessons. Bullying a chinese girl who like Malays BN is so cheap and balless. Go and insult the Malays mah in their face..

      Dont shows your balls only to chinese girls. Besides Malay men like beautiful chinese girl mah..the not beautiful one they leave to Tamils…haha. Malays are every where in Malaysia. The King is Malay, the Police are Malay, the Army are Malay, the teachers are Malay etc.

      Why so difficult to insult Malay one. Or are the Chinese only daring to scold girls only muahaha… go back to China lah there you can have one child and stop pollluting the world.

      To Indians who dont support BN give up your citizenships. How much humiliation can you take in Malaysia before you lose your manhood.?

        1. If you still insist on hanging around in my blog 24/7, aren’t you afraid my complete cluelessness will rub off on you? A-tish-ooo. Gesundheit.

    1. ss my love, you’re not stupid right.. why you asking stupid question?

      lemme ask you this question, what if that girl is your sister or mother, how do you feel? unless you come straight up from a test tube with instruction – just add water, then it’s another story la.

      Just because the poor girl doesn’t believe in your party, she’s still a woman and need to be respected. Y’see any of the pro-govt commentators wishing that pseudo-model who stepped on Najib’s pic be raped? At the end, the people you labelled as low class show more class than you can ever imagine.

      Hun… y’don’t purchase class or be affiliated to a certain political party to be classy, it’s inborn. Either ya have it or ya just don’t!

  2. Helen,

    the way those cyberbullies excercise their vulgar words against a ‘girl’ over a simple political advertisement is a total shame to their own intelligence (if they have any…).

    1. The language they use is rojak but since there are more than 620 comments, there are some written in Manglish and plenty of “eff U”s.

      Go to the the FB page, and then click on the embedded video. I can’t locate it on YouTube (to put up here), so you’ll have to watch the girl’s Ubah clip on Facebook.


    And remember, only Malays are racists. Chinese can do whatever they want.

  4. calling for rape…. that’s just… seriously, guys, that’s just fucked up the the max. Also, concerned for the seriously misogynistic streak in the people commenting :(

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