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Wong Tack calon DAP di Bentong

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Gambar Malaysiakini
Gambar Malaysiakini

Komen oleh Conrad

re: Wang Tack

“Btw this hack now says that (from Mkini)

“If you (Lynas) prove you can comply (with the regulation, then) not just Lynas, any industry can come in. But it must go through a stringent, open and transparent process.
“In detailed environmental impact assessments, public consultation is very important. Let us go through the public consultation and ask our people whether the industry (Lynas) could be accepted – that is the first thing.”
Lihat cogankata pada sepanduk yang berbunyi ‘BN Remove Lynas or WE Remove you’

Seterusnya Conrad menulis:

“So after cyberbullying a credible expert, threatening to burn down the facility and having a big march because “lives were threatened”, he now takes the moderate line because he is on the DAP ticket and y’know, commerce trumps ‘rights’ when it comes to the tokong.

Like I said. Power hungry hacks. I guess all those ‘concerned people’ who took to the streets and didn’t bother to do their own research as a fuck you to Umno have eggs on their faces.

See, Umno does not have to waste money on goons to pelt eggs on these charlatans. All they have to do is give them time.”

Komen asal Conrad @ 2013/03/12 at 8:36 pm


Siapa Wong Tack?

Selain pernah diberi publisiti oleh ABU (lihat screenshot bawah), Wong Tack juga diberi sokongan (endorsement) oleh ahli-ahli jawatankuasa tertinggi Aliran — ‘Supporting Wong Tack as the Green candidate in Bentong

Aliran adalah sebuah ‘NGO’ – konon – di Pulau Pinang yang sering menjadi corong pembesar suara bagi Lim Guan Eng.

Salah seorang ahli Aliran yang paling dikenali ramai (high profile) ialah Lim Mah Hui — seorang pengarah Penang Institute beserta kaunsilor MPPP.

Lim Mah Hui berpegang-pegangan dengan Lim Guan Eng



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27 thoughts on “Wong Tack calon DAP di Bentong

  1. What does Malaysia’s favorite environmental terrorist, I mean activist have to say about the following issues;

    1. Paper wastage by PR when printing their manifesto which included 4 empty pages.

    2. Cheaper fuel & car prices if PR comes into power which leads to increased environmental pollution & accelerated depletion of our fossil fuel resources.

    3. 6.3 billion edifice dedicated to Kim Guan Eng which will result in devastating environmental impact especially on the mangroves & underwater ecosystem

    4. Indiscriminate logging without replanting rife in Kedah & Kelantan which results in pollution of water sources & destruction of water catchment areas.

    I believe the “honorable gentleman” would do well to address these queries before he rolls out his filth filled words like uncontrollable diarrhea over Lynas.

  2. Halo apek wong, lu ckp lu parti hijau kan, sikalang lu kasi tau apa lu punya stance sama itu Pas kedah gomen gondol hutan. Jgn double std ya.

  3. “This is a battle between the people and the regime,” said Wong”

    Really ? You mendacious little twit.

    If UMNO did not follow the proper process, then why wasn’t this the basis of your argument in the first place ?

    Why the mass fucking hysteria about safety ? Why the march with children and babies as adornments for your hysterical tirades against the “Regime” ?

    If this is a battle between the people and the regime, why the fuck is corporate interest being placated with the fig leaf of “transparent process” ?

    What suddenly Lynas is not the biggest safety issue this country faces and the thousands of lives that were at stake suddenly are out of harms way ?

    This cretin preys on the fear of the ignorant. His new comrades in the DAP embrace this nutjob with pretentions of eco terrorism.

    And on another news thread on Mkini, some idiot in response to an article by AI said that Tony Pua should be finance minister. Let me guess, Wong should be the Minister of Natural Resources and Enviroment ?

    1. re: “Let me guess, Wong should be the Minister of Natural Resources and Enviroment?”

      The feminine half of Khaleli – also another Wong – has had a longer experience on the job. Ms Wong’s been the Selangor state exco for Environment the last 5 years. If Pakatan takes power, shouldn’t Elizabeth Green be ahead in the queue for a federal Ministership?

      1. No doubt, she has her eyes on a plum job and her arms linked around a power player that could facilitate that move. Ok, that was a low blow, but then again I am low class……

        Btw, wasn’t there some “Green” fund that she was touting some time back on BFM ? I have been trying to find out exactly what it was.

        Apparently there was this huge fund for green initiaves centered around the arts or something like that but there were no takers.

        I remember thinking at the time what a waste it was when there are so many other social programes that could have used that money.

      2. no Helen. he should be appointed as the Chief Justice of The Kangaroo Court.

  4. out of curiosity, so you don’t have to join DAP to contest under their ticket? So, what happens to the meritocracy? Another HY type scenario is it? LOL..

    Has DAP ran out of worthy & eligible candidates?

    1. They never did practice meritocracy within the party from day one anyway. They’d parachute any John or Jane that would give them any sort of advantage & conveniently overlook their loyal minions who are either too blind in their devotion & loyalty towards the party or too scared to protest.

      You obviously can tell on the morals of a so-called democratic party that espouses supposedly free & transparent election yet has no issues endorsing a counting error attributed to Excel copy & paste which altered the final results in their own backyard. As such, voters should really ask themselves if these conniving, chest thumping, self righteous & bare faced lying hypocrites are really fit to lead a nation? Or is it a case of “do as I say, not as I do?”

      Cases in point would be General Kim’s blue eyed boy Zairil, Ong Kian Ming & Yeo Bee Yin. Anyone willing to bet they ain’t contesting the GE?

  5. Wong Tack – you sir, is nothing but a damn fucking tool. And the DAP tools are the biggest hypocrites that walked this tanah tumpahnya darah ku … :)

      1. Andai kata “Allah” memakbulkan doa Khalifah Guan Eng pada setiap hari Ahad, adalah dikhuatiri Wong Tack akan bertukar dari spesis herbivor ke kanibal.

        Resepi Sup Telinga mungkin boleh diperolehi melalui tukang-tukang masak di sekitar Janda Baik :D

      2. Should we ask Tian Chua for the recipe instead? He after all has a penchant for human flesh (especially human in uniform). i bet he’ll make a killer Sup Telinga, sup hidung, sup biji mata, sup betis, sup tangan…with some extra fava beans and a nice chianti (which he probably learned it from a Sulu chef).

        Btw, i’m thinking of starting anti-shark finning movement. Who with me? Jackie Chan, Yao Ming, Ang Lee already registered. Care to join, Wong Tuck?

  6. Wong Tack – you sir, is nothing but a damn fucking Stool. And the DAP Stools are the biggest hypocrites that walked this tanah tumpahnya darah ku … :)

    **serialp0d just added 2 alphabets to your comment

  7. Wong tack and haris are total liars. I have put it to all pro pr blog that their stand on Lynas are rubbish. I have challenged them to tell me why Lynas is dangerous and none without exception can justify why it’s dangerous. They are liars of the worst kind and for telling this I’m being banned/censored.

    Gila Babi these haris, din, tmi, etc etc. they are total hypocrites and perveryor of falsehood.

    They are corrupt. Their values are tong sampah for conning so many people. And I have one more term for them. BODOH SOMBONG. I don’t want to desecrate your blog further, but if any of them wants to engage in insult please direct them to my blog. Especially all those commentators in haris who has been conned by fraudster haris.

    1. I can’t say nuclear technology trained but then again, believers will believe anything beyond reason just as they chose to not believe Dr Che Rosli Che Mat (a nuclear physicist who’s a PAS MP) but here’s my two sen worth.

      I’m familiar with manufacturing facilities which deals with toxic chemicals. I work in a facility that uses Nickel Gold, Copper Sulfate, Permanganate, Palladium, EDTA etc which if handled without care will be a health hazard. Heck, in my own workspace I handle at least 5-6 carcinogenic compounds on a daily basis. I’ve been in this line for more than 10 years now but regrettably I’ve yet to develop mutant abilities like the X-Men & thankfully have not developed any sort of long term illnesses too.

      My point is this. Where dangerous materials are concerned, facilities like Lynas practice caution to the point of obsession. You’ll have safety inspectors over your shoulders watching your every move to ensure all safety protocols are adhered to. Safety is a big deal in places like this. You’ll have safety meetings/trainings regularly to keep you vigilant. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are issued without regard to cost (we get as many as 6 pairs of safety boot a year). All hazardous materials are labeled with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which tells you all you need to know about it including what to do if exposed.

      Which such obsession to detail, I don’t see why Lynas Advanced Material Plant isn’t safe. More so with the spotlight trained on them, they’d go above & beyond what’s required to ensure that no mishap could possibly occur.

      That said, haters will be haters just as would believers worship their godhead’s words as sacred no matter how absurd it actually is. So, a flippy floppy stance where LAMP is concerned would still sit well with opposition supporters & their leadership if it meant another scratch on the board in their quest for Putrajaya.

  8. This of course is totally off topic but maybe just points to the mendacity of those DAP cretins but R Kengadharan’s piece on Mkini about Hindraf oervstating its strenght perhaps is also applicable to Himpunan Hijau or whatever they call themselves.

    Btw, when he (Kengadharan) says “I want the say that the response by Hindraf national secretary P Ramesh to the MP for Ipoh Barat’s compelling opinion comes nowhere close to a rebuttal of the points made”

    Expand your horizons bro, I already made a point by point rebuttal of Kula’s little tirade. You don’t have to write anymore “me too” pieces further demonstrating your house negro status within Pakatan Rakyat.

  9. I hope Wong Tack wins and PR rules the country. I want to see how they deal with Lynas. I really love to see how they wriggle themselves out of it.

    Of course I am also curious how they will fulfill all the “manifestos” or find some excuse or spin not to. Man, imagine the drama.

    1. Then perhaps 1 million citizens actually turn up for Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat 2.0 demanding dissolution of the parliament even before the interior decorators are called in to redecorate Putrajaya.

  10. Lol.

    It seems the internal dissent – okay-lah one member – of the Himpunan Hijau Steering Committee wants Wong to quit if he desires a new job in the DAP.

    DAPsters are tripping over themselves attempting to justify him staying on and Clement is the new whipping boy.

    It is kind of scary the way how these facists are in control of the discourse. Never have I seen such intellectual and moral dishonetsy amongst followers of a political party. Not even UMNO.

    Shit, that is saying something.

  11. Dr. Kua Kia Soong has made his stand clear on Wong hopping onboard the DAP gravy train. The funny thing is, that he echoes Wathya’s thoughts on the deeper implications of money/elite politics.

    Soong who was once a member of the DAP and perhaps knows better than anyone else the perils of the “art of the possible ” writes from Mkini) :

    “Will the “art of the possible” also result in Pakatan accommodating these other mega dams?

    Pakatan has so far not only failed to tell us their defence policy, they have also not elaborated on a sustainable energy policy apart from withdrawing subsidies to the independent power producers (IPPs). These have grave consequences for the green movement.

    Then, instead of waiting for a Pakatan takeover of the federal government before implementing people-centred public transport system in Penang, the state government there has gone ahead and signed the contract for the tunnel project and more highways for the island.

    They have tried to justify this by saying that they do not want to be a “do nothing” administration. If that is the case, their role model must surely be former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who they have ravaged all these years.

    Furthermore, the green movement has to take up the issue of gross deforestation by the Kelantan and Kedah governments, besides the abuse of our forest lands by the BN government. The movement can only do its work if it is non-partisan.”

    Of course (so far) there has been “civil” disagreement with the good doctor but the trend of gloryfing Wong in lieu of questioning his backtracking and Pakatan’s track record when it comes to eco issues, looks like more of the same from the apparanchiks.

    My question has always been if Pakatan does not want to hold Pakatan to the standards they claim they have, what the point of it all ?

  12. Helen,

    The last para should be :

    My question has always been if Pakatan supporters do no want to hold Pakatan Rakyat to the standards they claim they have, what’s the point of it all ?

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