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Hannah Yeoh continues to bully Joceline Tan

Exhibit #1: See who is behind the DAPSubangJaya Twitter account — note the office and website addresses.

Pink Twitter profile. DAPSubangJaya carries Hannah Yeoh's personal website address.


An earlier posting of mine titled ‘Hot air baboon‘ (8 Oct 2012) is based on the tweets from DAPSubangJaya. Have a look at my posting please.

Below is the tweet this week by DAPSubangJaya that targets Joceline Tan.

Like I’ve said, they’re Mama Dapster and Papa Dapster who are cultivating the mass adulation that leads their DAP 2.0 followers to behave like they do.

Please read the Tweeter exchange below deriding Joceline. It’s pure Dapsterism at its Holy Water source.


If you read the exchange above as tweeted by DAPSubangJaya, you can see Lim Guan Eng’s behaviour for yourself. And of course, the Hannah Yeoh Twitter account that put the thread on air.

The Bersih yellow rocket avatar belongs to DAPSubangJaya and its tweets reflect the widespread DAP Super CyberBullying that we’ve been witness to.


The English language media in Malaysia is a mafia largely controlled by ‘them’.

The Star has been complicit in the spread of this cyberbullying. As I’ve emphasized time and again, the Jerusubang paper has been assiduously promoting the evangelista cult.

Look at the dates in the Google search results below. On four consecutive days from 27-30 Nov, The Star featured Hannah Yeoh and up to two stories daily.

Hannah Yeoh

Hannah Yeoh sitethestarcommy

The Star has voluntarily embedded the Jerusubang cabal.

That is why it has not defended Joceline Tan who is in the 10 percent minority, if not less, of the editorial staff in the paper who might conceivably be pro-establishment inclined.

Out of the 8 dates turned up on the Google search screenshot above, The Star had featured Hannah Yeoh in 10 of its stories. Which only goes to show that its reporters meet up the DAP Subang Jaya state assemblyman every single day.

When Hannah Yeoh had her first child, The Star did a full page splash to announce the ‘Yeoh welcomes baby girl’ glad tidings. When Hannah Yeoh kicked up a fuss at the National Registration Department, there was a publicity blitz by the media.

But today when we want to know what is the race of her second child, The Star is as silent as a church mouse (pun intended). None of its reporters who used to interview Hannah Yeoh every single day seems able to pick up the phone to ask the simple question: Is Kayleigh Imani Ram registered as another Anak Malaysia ‘Chinese’ baby?

MCA is begging to be punished at the ballot box for allowing not only itself but the BN to be continuously stabbed as racist through the DAP-dictated Malaysian First as purveyed by Star editors such as the one who wrote that the “racists” and the bigots are playing the Race card in the election game.


If The Star is allowed to continue coddling these Dapster icons, and to continue feeding them the positive publicity they crave, you can be sure that Dapsterism will continue to grow from strength to strength.



Joceline Tan must hire bodyguards now


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116 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh continues to bully Joceline Tan

    1. Saya rasa Tokong kian hari kian bongkak adalah disebabkan suratkhabar Inggeris, umpamanya The Star, tidak pernah mempertahankan wartawannya yang bertembung dengan KM tersebut.

      Sebab itulah The Star tidak pernah disaman Guan Eng berbanding Utusan yang sudah berkali-kali disaman.

      Utusan tidak tunduk kepada Guan Eng. Utusan mempertahankan pemberitanya dan dengan maka itu, suratkhabar Melayu tersebut sering disaman Guan Eng.

      Sebaliknya The Star bersekongkol dengan Guan Eng. Kalau Joceline berani tulis, beliau kena berani tanggung. Dan pandai-pandai jaga diri.

      The Star is THE problem.

      1. I used to think DAP was really fighting for democracy, but not anymore. Freedom of speech, mu BULL! They are cocky & arrogant and should be punished this GE13!!

        1. They also new best friends forever (bff) with the capitalists and property developers.

          Then there are all the massage parlours and karaokes that sprung up in S’gor.

          Even garbage truck order in S’gor also they wanna do deal with China (purchase).

          1. Just childish and naive. Still want to believe in internet as everyone can hide and use imitation names, double agents. Just look – Fakin and Fake would tell everyone can disguise

            1. Oh, you mean like you lah, changing pseudonyms… and always coming in on the Subang Jaya threads.

      2. That’s kinda an odd statement that Utusan protects its journos, as they unceremoniously dumped Hata Wahari, and also the journolist union has taken Utusan to court over unpaid bonuses.

        Not to mention they’ve been losing defemation court cases left & right. : )

        1. I said “protects” its journos in the context of its staff (Jos Tan) being publicly attacked by a politician (LGE, and the episode described in the tweets is not the first time).

          As for Hata Wahari being “unceremoniously dumped” by Utusan, are you saying he was sacked?

          1. The main difference is Star doesn’t publish blatant lies about oppo politicians, they subtly spin the news to give a pro Barisan bias. Thats why they can get away with it.

            Whereas Utusan does, and many times its been caught with their hands in its bag of lies.

            Yes, HW was sacked. Mostly for criticizing the direction the paper was taking.

            1. re: “they subtly spin the news to give a pro Barisan bias”

              They also subtly spin the news to give a pro-Pakatan bias. The Scissors is bipolar, rather fitting really, seeing as how it works with two blades.

              I remember HW was hauled before the DC and suspended. He filed case in Industrial Court? What was the charge against him? Disrepute to co. and something like that, ah?

          2. I have read The Star periodicly. I don’t see any of that pro Pakatan spin you are talking about. But what I do see is one big pile of Barisan propaganda disguised as news.

            HW’s case is presently under the Industrial Court. A bit funny Utusan mgmt would accuse him of bringing disrepute considering the paper’s poor reputation with factual reporting.

            1. re: “Barisan propaganda”

              Undeniably, there is and it’s not even subtle.

              But dishing out Pakatan propaganda when the paper’s Dr Jekyll swings to Mr Hyde is a case of two Wongs (Datuk Seri WCW & Datuk WSW) don’t make a write.

              There’s nothing wrong with a paper taking sides. I’ve said this before. The New York Times has endorsed the Democratic candidate for every American presidential election without fail ever since John F. Kennedy. Most of the media would make a pitch for their favoured candidate.

              The thing is, if it’s an opinion, then be upfront about it & lay your cards on the table, i.e. “We, The Star support MCA in Bentong because xyz” or “We, The Star support DAP in Bentong because xyz”.

              Rather than practicing subterfuge and undermining the owners, the reporters should quit and go work in TMI or MK where they can wear their real colours on their sleeves.

          3. I still remain unconvinced about The Star being a covert supporter of Pakatan, as the volume and tone of its Barisan slanted news coverage is very much blatant.

            As for taking sides, there’s a difference between endorsing and blindly supporting. The NYT will endorse Clinton, Kerry, Obama, but it will also publish news, commentaries, and letters to editor critical of a Democrat president. We obviously cannot say the same of Utusan or even The Star. Their journalistic integrity and maturity falls far behind that of the NYT. As you are a former journo, you should be able to tell the difference.

            1. Well, I can tell the difference between covert and overt.

              I’m not disputing that from now until election day The Star‘s coverage will be overtly pro-BN. The paper will have to follow orders on this.

              What I’m pointing out is the cognitive dissonance arising from the covert. The Asli report estimates that 85 percent of urban Chinese support the DAP. We can see from all the church political activities that the peninsula, non-pribumi Christians support the oppo too.

              So what do you think the percentages are among The Star staff? 15% pro-DAP and 85% pro-MCA, meh?

              Calvin comments “It astounds me how much hatred is behind such comments” (against the girl who endorsed BN in her home-made Detergent commercial parody). The BN pollies complain all the time that the Pakatan practise the Politics of Hate.

              Imagine the Star staff, e.g. those who mock Rosmah as “Big Mama” having to grit their teeth and churn out BN-positive stories. If the writers feel one way and are forced to write the opposite (to what they really feel), the fruit of their labour will turn out really screwed.

              And that’s what The Star consumers are getting.

          4. “The Asli report estimates that 85 percent of urban Chinese support the DAP. We can see from all the church political activities that the peninsula, non-pribumi Christians support the oppo too.

            So what do you think the percentages are among The Star staff? 15% pro-DAP and 85% pro-MCA, meh?”

            Thats a simplistic line of reasoning. Going by such logic, we can say 50% of Malay staff in Utusan are pro opposition, while the other half are not. Or, that 50% of Harakah staff are pro government while the other half are pro PAS, given that the Malay political alignment is split 50-50.

            1. Let’s omit Harakah as it’s a party organ.

              Utusan, however, is a fair comparison to The Star as both are ostensibly business entities albeit party aligned.

              Going by your inferred line of logic, Utusan staff would not be 50 percent pro-PAS, am I correct? You’re implying that the Utusan when it takes in and retains staff, these journos would tend to be ones toeing the paper line which is pro-establishment.

              Extending this logic, you’re saying that well The Star staff can’t be all that much skewed (85%) towards the DAP because the reporter intake and promotion exercises would be a moderating influence.

              Okay, two questions.

              (1) How come Utusan sacked Hata Wahari but The Star promoted Teh Eng Hock?

              (2) Can you name me the Star Chinese writers who are pro-BN?

              (i) WCW but then again, imagine the colossal size of his pay packet and job perks. Does it make sense that he would be pro-Pakatan unless the oppo come into federal power?

              (ii) Jos Tan but she is receiving end of death threats, rape threats and other DAP Super Cyberbully harassment. But let’s flip the question in her case.

              Can you name me a single colleague from her newspaper who has stood up to defend her? e.g. of “defend” (for instance when Marina Mahathir was criticized for taking part in Bersih 2.0 & 3.0, she and her writings – meaning her Star column output – were defended by fellow writers and bloggers)

              (iii) Anyone else? Any Star Chinese writer you can think of who’s pro establishment?

          5. (1) How come Utusan sacked Hata Wahari but The Star promoted Teh Eng Hock?

            HW spoke out against Utusan’s mgmt, while Teh merely made a twitter comment.

            (2) Can you name me the Star Chinese writers who are pro-BN?

            I’m unfamiliar with The Star’s lineup but thats easy. just buy today’ paper. Or get the editions in the past days. Checkout the names of the reporters above the Barisan biased news articles. Already by looking online through todays edition, we have a Christina Tan reporting on Chua Soi Lek’s speech.

            1. (1) I’ve signed the Star employment contract before. There is fine print governing employee conduct.

              Eng Hock’s tweet was not made on his own free time. It was tweeted when he was on duty to cover Rosmah’s function and furthermore, the content of the Twitter message impinged on the confidentiality of his assignment as a reporter on the field.

              There will be some clause in his terms of service that govern this area of public disclosure should the paper really want to take disciplinary action.

              (2) Play fair lah. The Star has hundreds of Chinese editors and thousands of Chinese reporters. Surely you can provide me a sample of a pro-BN piece aside from Jos Tan’s.

              If Christina is reporting on CSL’s speech, then she has to accurately transcribe what he said, he said, he said. If what CSL said is pro-BN, then she has no choice in the matter.

              Give lah an example of a journalist writing of free will who provides his opinion that BN good, DAP not so good. Maybe some will say that certain pieces by K. Baradan fulfils the criteria but he’s not Chinese and our discussion is about the 85:15 ratio.

          6. (1) Confidentiality? Lots of local journalists today tweet on the job. Twittering, blogging, and adaptability with social media is becoming more important in the industry apparently.

            (2) I wouldn’t know any other Star staff members aside from Chun Wai, Joeclyn, and Barradan. We make this simple:

            So you yourself mention there are thousands of Chinese reporters in the Star.


            We need not scroll far down to see the multitude of political news pieces biased to portray Barisan favorably, and the opposition parties negatively.

            Therefore, the journalists writing them are pro government.

            As most of the journalists would be Chinese, its correct to conclude the Chinese Star journos would be sympathetic to the government.

            My friends, co workers, and family all think the Star is pro government. You in fact are the first person I have seen with this idea there is a secret plot in that newspaper. However your idea is kind of like a house of cards.

            1. When I was a reporter there was no such thing as Twitter. Therefore I remember a different code of ethics.

              But you’re right to say that the media landscape has evolved and how social media has been incorporated into the journo’s job today.

              However tweeting that the PM’s wife is the biggest [mama] of them all is still unprofessional regardless of the technology used by pressmen.

              I will post your comment for general discussion.

  1. Well, if Joceline were writing lies Dear Leader Kim GE should answer with facts instead of accusing her a liar in a speech where he knew she was unable to respond. Kim GE is getting too big for his boots isn’t he? He resorts to acting like a playground bully just to assert his greatness & power. Guess that’s where all his CTs get their cue from when trolling the net. They’ll call you names, cuss & then disappear into the darkness when hammered with facts.

    By the way, where baboons are concerned, I guess those in Subang Jaya evolved into a more advanced state since the last GE. Here’s a peek at how they look now;;

    BTW, if Theodora is the reincarnation of Hannah, who do you think best represented by Evanora?

    1. re: “They’ll call you names, cuss & then disappear into the darkness when hammered with facts.”

      It’s their outright slander that is damaging, not just to the individuals who are the targets of their fitnah but to the fabric of our society. They are promoting anomie.

      Thanks for the baboon pix.

      1. Yeah, that’s true. The slander is extremely damaging especially in this time & age where Wikipedia is quoted as reference.

        I guess that’s where BN fails miserably. They lag country miles behind DAP & PKR in cyberspace. Those two parties have their tentacles reaching out to the young & impressionable. Once the seeds of hatred is sown, it sure is hell to weed.

        With some 13 million voters, Star could & should have been a potent weapon for MCA & by extension BN with its’ 5+ million reach. Alas, CSL must be tearing his hair out with how it is turning into a propaganda tool for DAP instead.

        Much as we wished it didn’t happen, perhaps there’s a silver lining to the Lahad Datu/Semporna incident. Hopefully, it locks up the Malay votes & that of the fence sitters seeing how Tian Chua stumbles from one fiasco to another, shooting his foot. And Nurul’s speech on the redundancy of the GOF & SB which saw so many personnel from these two wings losing the lives makes thongs bad to worse for PR.

        Btw, just thought you might wanna know. Try checking out Yong Teck Lee’s Twitter. He said:

        “@yongtl: DAP:Pakatan gov’t can solve Lahad Datu stand off in JUST ONE DAY. Sin Chew news. 沙巴民聯譏防長挑戰“上戰場"•“民聯執政一天就解決 ”

        I don’t read Chinese so I didn’t bother translating. After all, this is a grandiose statement from DAP were talking about. Then again, for skeptics like you & me, we know it is no more than a big bag of bullshit. But the Chinese & the young ‘uns, having been fed regular prescription doses of lies would readily accept anything said by the opposition pact as the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth.

        Joseph Goebbels was thought to have said something along these lines; “Tell a lie big enough & keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it…” Obviously, the unholy trinity of DAP-PKR-PAS subscribes to this & other like minded ideologies.

        1. Thanks.

          MCA deserve what’s coming given their attitude.

          Since you bring up Goebbels, do pls reread how they brainwashed the Hitler Youth. While I’m aware that BTN has often been scapegoated, I can tell you that what’s happening to the Penang Chinese is real scary.

        2. FFC,

          I think Yong’s being modest in saying PR will take a day to solve it. I think PR could solve in a matter of hour or two at most. After it doesn’t take long to make an abjact and total surrender to the Sulu’s demands!

      2. Btw, check out the Star’s front page today. The wise editors have the date 25 March marked with a star with the following note; “Special…”

          1. Our seers from The Star who read the stars.

            They didn’t explicitly say so but their front page depiction of PM’s schedule certainly suggests so

    1. :) Sistem kehakiman menegakkan keadilan dan Tuan Yang Arif bebas serta berdikari?

    2. Abang Nuar sering menyaman 100 juta tapi selalu minta penangguhan. Abang Nuar dengan Abang Min tak pernah nak jawab atau saman Ummi.

      Apa pula cerita?

  2. All I and my brother can say after seeing and knowing this Hannah Yeoh is we come off unimpressed really. She is just some ordinary looking and frankly snobbish banana who thinks that just because she is an ADUN in the area somehow she deserves “special” service from the establishments.

    She isn’t any help when it comes to the local community issues and Rajiv isn’t any help either despite being a MPSJ councillor. I have spoken to him many times on the idiotic people parking in front of Subang Parade which causes bottlenecks. . . Guess what was his reply?? You need to refer to HY to help you and guess what HY replied to that same question?? That area is not under MPSJ jurisdiction it is under PDRM??

    And again guess what PDRM said?? This area IS under MPSJ PDRM only saman traffic offenders who block the area only all maintenance is under MPSJ as the local govt body. . . . See the “usefulness” of the local ADUN and her clown partner?? Simple thing like this also dunno and don’t wanna take action yet talk pandai buat tak pandai. . . .

    They are all as great an idea as a “Cock flavored lollipop” which like its name suggests will never sell if at all. . .

    1. Aiyooo TRR

      Very condescending lah of you to say HY is ordinary looking & snobbish.

      Let me address the latter accusation first. She has a God given right to be snobbish since she was enlightened & born again at around 19. As for you & me, we were never enlightened as we were baptised as infants. As such for us, the issue of rebirth does not arise. Due to her superior religious status, she is entitled for now & for evermore to be snobbish especially to those she serves & those who share not her ideologies.

      As for her being ordinary looking, I really really, let me stress again, REALLY beg to differ. She’s endowed with God’s light of enlightenment which she nourishes & sustains with a steady prescription of racial diatribe, anti establishment rants, hallelujah proclamations, LGE brown nosing & a cornucopia of other beauty regime. She beams with radiant light, unlike any other of her species. Tell me, honestly, have you seen a hippo looking so resplendent in pink? Helen posted that picture of her a couple of times. Do check out her past posts.

      As for the traffic pile up issue, we can learn an important lesson there. DAP is like Barcelona FC. They pass the ball around very well.

      1. Okay lah for a change from the pink, here are some tweets about the radiance, leading the flock in prayer and couple with brown-nosing the Dear Leader.



        1. If Tokong is so good then how come Penang’s investment fell 72% in 2012 ? Penang dropped from No 1 to No 6 in ranking. What is more shocking is overall investment into Malaysia has increased! So far Tokong has not responded to my letter.

          BTW, you might be interested to know that my letter to MCA’s gunting – the Star – on this matter has yet to be published. I wonder why they are holding on to it….

            1. A fortnight ago? Then it won’t see print lah.

              Methinks you should highlight this fact of The Star seemingly refusing to print your letter by putting your story out through the blogs and pro-establishment media.

              What you say fits in with my observation that The Scissors deliberately shreds any negative news regarding the evangelistas – which the paper either buries (like Hannah Yeoh being questioned by the police for allegedly slandering MCA & the govt) or it spins (like the Kula-Ngeh rivalry which The Scissors snided as the former’s “rampage”) or flips over (like the bullying in Taman Kaya of a senior citizen by the DAP middle-ranking party leaders, and making it seem like the victim is at fault).

          1. Helen,

            This is not the 1st time my letter was canned. It happened many times.

            But this is nothing compared to what happened earlier – some people in the Star actually leaked my personal data to Penang DAP/ Tokong. I was harassed by these thugs after that and had to change my HP#. I had no way of proving it was from the Star but only other paper to request my personal details was the NST.

            1. Am sure they have a dossier on you.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if they hacked e-mail.

              The Jerusubang Star
              is a menace.

              Even if MCA still want to remain in a coma, the rest of the BN must WAKE UP!!

          2. Hearing that, I am quite tempted to write a scathing missive to the Star as well. And put a dummy phone no, one of those prepaid ones to see if I get harassed or something. If I am, then we can present the case to MCMC for further action under the Data Protection Act.

      2. FFC,

        HAHAHA HIHIHI HOHOHO yup a pink hippo indeed!! I just hate this kind of holier than thou attitude fellas who think just by spouting some words from the Bible suddenly they are better than priest!!


  3. I am sympathetic to Joceline Tan because I view such attacks as harassment and further evidence of the state of women rights in this country.

    In fact as far as Hannah Yeoh is concerned I consider the harassment sexual, what with all the photo shopped pics and all and because implying a sexual component in any issue concerning Evangelists types is expected and even encouraged.

    At least something, I encourage.

    Having said that, Joceline Tan is grown up and working for what is supposedly a mouthpiece of a political party. The fact that it is being subverted by their political opponents and used against them, just makes her a willing participant in this unerklärten Krieg.

    The problem with the MSM is that they have always been arrogant and presumptuous in their role as propagandists. These douchebags like to robe themselves in the finest traditions of journalism constantly making references to the alternative media and standards of objective, independent journalism that they neither possesses nor endeavor to achieve.

    When called up on it they rationalize this failing as part of the mechanisms of guided journalism or some shit like that.
    Being partisan is not really the issue. Most mainstream newspapers all over the world are partisan one way or the other but the smart ones keep changing sides for a variety of profit-based reasons.

    Of course, there are those who remain staunchly partisan predicated on a certain ideology and they balance their roles as both watchdogs and running dogs for the political party that represents that ideology.

    Of course, here in Malaysia, a case could not be made for partisanship of any kind beyond superficial examples of ideological/religious differences because neither alliance has any real ideology to fall back on beyond the racial arguments that in any other country in the world would be considered racists.

    There is no such thing as being conservative or liberal in this country because, both are subject to the dogma of race and religion which neither side seems willing to break free from. The latter is not really such a big impediment to a definition of broad based ideology but the former is.

    So what we are left with are propagandist who write for the MSM or the alternative media, engaging in a war words which has very little meaning beyond drawing arbitrary lines on issues which at the end of the days is resolved by either declaring which “side” you are on which depends on the political alliance you support.

    It is too bad that the MCA has chosen not to use its propaganda organ for its own agenda. Maybe by virtue of its victimhood, I would throw a sympathy vote the MCA’s way. Is it just me or does anyone else think that “99 Problems but the”… part of the internal soundtrack of CSL?

    Maybe the goal is for the MCA to rejoin a victorious DAP when they claim Putrajaya? Why not? If Wong can join the DAP and make a 360 turn on his principle – I will burn down the plant to the plant is acceptable if it passes the proper (read our) requirements – then why not MCA or at least the Bible groupies of the MCA jumping ship together with the Star?

    In addition, maybe the reason why LGE does not want to sue the Star is that he knows that it is tax payers money which would be used to settle the case. May as well leave that to Utusan and get the added advantage of reinforcing the narrative that Utusan is racists (which it is) and demonizing UMNO for being indifferent to taxpayer’s money.

    Just speculation mind you, I have lost touch with the funding of these propaganda organs but if the Selangor Times and Mutirara whatever is being funded by our money, I do not think it is implausible to think that our mainstream propaganda organs are being funded the same way too. Same shit different shovel.

    1. re: “The latter is not really such a big impediment to a definition of broad based ideology but the former is.”

      Why do you think Religion is not but Race is?

      The MCA Bible groupies have already jumped (Jimmy Chua for example) and I’ve heard that some had intended to but somehow didn’t end up taking that great leap of faith.

      My own theory is not that MCA will leave BN or immediately fold up but that its leaders will jump ship and members make an exodus, which will leave it a rump party. When this happens, BN should really start to treat The Scissors as a pro-oppo agitprop tool.

      I’m alright with media being partisan. I’ve said before (but dunno if you were in my blog then since you’re a recent visitor) that NYT has been endorsing every single Democratic presidential candidate without exception since JFK.

      The Washington Post takes sides, the LAT takes sides. So there’s nothing unusual in a paper taking sides. What makes The Star an anomaly is that it is taking the political side AGAINST its impotent owner.

      1. re: the attacks on Jos equals “harassment”

        Unfortunately the attack blogs and cybertroopers are anons.

        However let’s look at LGE’s attack on her from the podium. I agree with Calvin FFC that it was a situation where “she was unable to respond”.

        Which makes LGE not only unprofessional – unbefitting of his CM status (recall his other attacks on non-pollies like on S.M. Mohd Idris and his CAP staff) – but also a super bully.

        He blatantly bullies from a public platform available to him from his holding office and his hatchet men bully in cyberspace.

        Due to a variety of constraints, among which would be the terms of her employment contract, Jos just has to grin and bear it, like how the tweet describes.

        The unequal balance of power shows that the DAP 2.0 culture actually nurtures the bullying (allowing Mama Dapster to behave like a DAP SuperCyber Bully) whereas The Star being a pair of scissors chooses to promote the personality cult of Mama and Papa.

        If Jos were an Utusan staff, she might have obtained her paper’s backing to go for Guan Eng’s jugular in response to that attack described in the DAPSubangJaya tweet.

        1. Oh, I agree. As each day passes, I see the culture that the DAP is so eager to cultivate is one of fascism. But then again, the BN alternative is far more subtel and would be remiss of me, if I didn’t point that out.

          The irony is, that CSL is pretty combative but he does not resort to the tactics of LGE. This makes him a far superior politician but seeing as how he cannot even control his own propganda organs makes him an undesirable political candidate.

          1. I know we’re supposed to be cautious in employing/applying the word ‘fascism’ but I can’t help but agree with you.

            Have a look at the videos of their Debate 2.0 (English), urls here,

            CSL handled the exchanges factually – hear his reeling off the figures on the Penang Port – whereas Tokong was wagging his finger “Shame on you”, “Shame on you” with regard to the “porn” video.

            Not sure if it was during the debate that LGE said “porn” or in the warm-up salvos but I do remember looking up the dictionary to find out how one actually uses the word besides the conventional meaning that we know (i.e. commercial filming).

            Re: “cannot even control his own propaganda organs”

            Politically, he’s a general without any lieutenants or foot soldiers. He’s not even in control of his own party. I guess given his precarious situation, it would be a stretch too far to expect him to exert more control to prevent the scissorsing.

            The following is my own theory: For the last five years, he’s been at the receiving end of highly bad press over the sex tape which might make him chary of paying close attention to how propaganda is working out. If it was some other MCA prez without that kind of bad publicity baggage, the guy might take a greater interest in controlling the propaganda.

            All the vile attacks on him (and Rosmah and a few other fav targets incl. Jos) seems totally out of control. The only one I see fighting back is Tun M.

      2. Re: Why do you think Religion is not but Race is?

        Well in a conservative/liberal context with regards to “broad based”- “broad” which I interpret as “inclusive” – religion and its various modes of interpretations would not be anathema to consensus forming depending on which side of the conservative/liberal scale one is on, regardless of race and religion professed.

        Race however by definition is exclusive which is why there are no examples of functional race based ideologies.

        Re: Partisanship and Media

        Yeah, I have been reading some of your older posts, so our stand in pretty much the same. My comments were of a general nature and more to define the argument rather than anything else.

        1. But the PAS mullahs and the DAP evangelistas can’t reach a consensus on kalimah Allah.

          Glad you’re reading my older stuff. I didn’t reach my present position through “turning” overnight as alleged (fitnah) by the Dapsters.

          Not sure that Umno-BN is more “subtle” (ref. to earlier comment). Thought they use the sledgehammer approach ‘cos they’ve always had a slew of laws at their beck & call. Throwing the Hindraf guys under ISA being one example of bulldozing with the power of state authority.

          Whereas the Politics of Love indoctrination is more up the DAP alley. What happened to the Facebook girl a couple of days ago is the tip of the iceberg. The Chinese social media is a jungle — red in tooth and claw. See

          1. Ok, running late, so the short story.

            I was referring to general conservative/liberal ideologies and not something specific. In Malaysia, there is no such divide simply because there is no “functional” as in non-race based ideology to fall back on.

            This is why we have people…… okay Pakatoons…. tripp over themselves when they attempt to define Bangsa Malaysia.

            The Pas/Evangelical dance is not one based on ideology but political expediency. It could be based on a shared ideology a “progressive agenda” so to speak but as you, point out numerous times, it is mostly a sham.

            I think sometimes people cannot tell the difference between “compromise” as a political tool, and “shared principle” as an ideological foundation.

            UMNO and subtle fascism.

            What I am talking about is decades of manipulation by controlling the discourse and by organs like the BTN who have shaped the public and made acceptable the idea that racial politics is the only game in town.

            The fact that Pakatan does not want to change this in any meaningful way because of real politick says more about Pakatan and the principles they claim to adhere to than UMNO.

            However I do concede that UMNO propaganda worked well
            because of political apathy whereas the willingness to embrace the unacceptable in the guise of righteousness of Pakatan Rakyat kool aid drinkers is more worrying not to mention distasteful.

            Apologies for going on this tangent.

    1. LGE wrote: “competitive tender”

      Ello, there were only two bids for the tunnel. How competitive is that?

      LGE wrote: “As the federal government appears determined to choke our roads to death, the Penang state government decided to act decisively.”

      He might as well say Umno wants Penang to keep having traffic jams.

      LGE wrote: “The PR Penang state government will listen and submit to the will of 1.6 million Penangites.”

      I wonder of half of them desire to secede and the other half wish to revert to Kedah?

      LGE wrote: “monorail … construction would cause George Town to lose its UNESCO World Heritage city status”

      Can someone tell me what are the tangible benefits of the status? Since George Town roads are so narrow and cramped, I don’t see where they can lay the tram tracks.

      Why did 1.6 million Penangites acquiesce to this Johor-Malacca import lording it over them? No local boy good enough to be CM, ah?

      1. LGE wrote: “As the federal government appears determined to choke our roads to death, the Penang state government decided to act decisively.”

        I say : so having undersea tunnel will not bring more private cars to already congested areas in G Drive ??

        LGE wrote: “monorail … construction would cause George Town to lose its UNESCO World Heritage city status”

        I say : well, what stopping u from having underground tunnel for monorail in GT ?

        Then u can be known as Tokong Tunnel muahahaha

        1. The monorail main terminal underground (muaaahahahaha) can be named Jerusubang Central.

          Btw, the Gurney Drive promenade as we know it would be no more. Michelle Yeoh use to own a posh penthouse in GD overlooking the sea (dunno if she’s still holding the property). Condo owners who thought they could enjoy seaview from on high would get a different seascape of “toll booths”, ka-ka-ka-kah.

      1. Guess what? I’m now a statistic in the twit meter. Suppose I might as well read all her prophetic words first hand.

  4. Racial politics is good enough.

    People would always be divided one way or the other. Might as well pick the one thing that ‘s not likely to change, unlike religion or ideology or whatever. Some people or parties just don’t have any principles.

    In truth it’s just the few elite vs the masses going by their ordinary lives.

    1. :) :) :)

      I think you’ve just made my week.

      Yeah, religion can be changed (maybe a liiittle difficult for the Malay guy) and principles can pretzel like the Eco-Warriors on Lynas.

      But one can’t change one’s race altho’ the Firsters do try their darndest.

      1. well, you can actually change your “race”. after all The High Priestess of SJ had already done that with her First child.
        maybe, to add that bit of flavor, the National Registry should add “First” to the list available for parents to choose from instead of Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc.

        1. If you’re on Twitter, pls tweet up to ask why The Star not running story since they gave her firstborn a full-page splash.

          1. sorry I m not on twitter. but even if I were to tweet on that, I’ll be inviting the barbarians to come after me. not that I m scared of them, but I m not interested in engaging in debates with a horde of ill breed nincompoops.

  5. Like Helen, I have personally experienced the Wrath of The Righteous Warriors (aka Dapsters) and their exalted idols. It is a long story and I had related here before so I won’t repeat it. What I realized from my personal experience in dealing with Tokong and his minions taught me a few things.

    Both Tokong and HY have massive egos and cultivate idol worship. They detest the slightest criticism of themselves while making run down their enemies into an art form that they do it 24-7-365. They have a strong tendency to control everything around them and expect total and unquestionable loyalty from their “subjects”. In short, very much like the ex-North Korean Dear Leader, Comrade Kim.

    DAP and PR realized the importance of social media long before 2008. What I heard is that PR employed several strategists from Obama’s campaign team as well consultants who were former Israeli Mossad to advise them. One of the key themes was to use the social media to attack BN and the key message was to accuse BN as a racist party.

    The problem with BN was that they were too comfortable since they controlled most of the MSM (at that time they thought so at least) so they dismissed the threat. This gave chance to the PR supporters to thrive. Coupled with the fact that Dr M refused to censor the internet, PR virtually owned the cyberspace and allowed the Pakatoons to run wild.

    One would have thought BN would have woken up and responded to this but even after 5 years PR goons very much in control of the cyberspace. Any slightest anti BN issue gets spread wildly within hours. I have seen even my kids’ friends (teenagers in lower secondary) posting pro-PR/anti-BN message. Once I asked one of these kids about the anti-Lynas messages he posted. He replied that BN is evil and trying to poison people by bringing in Lynas. He said he was told so by his parents.

    As for the Star, Joceline is one of the very few who dare to write anti Tokong stories. Most of the rest are either closet or openly Dapsters. I think it is not difficult to see why the Star management has allowed this to happen. They know around 80% of the urban Chinese support DAP and their readership consist mostly this demographic (ie. urban Chinese). As such, if they take a more hard-line stance they will lose their market share.

    1. the closet ones will come out after GE13. you can bet on it. after all, with the demise of the old political arrangement i.e the race based system after GE13, the lines will be drawn pretty clearly for everyone.

      either you are with the majority Malays/Natives or you’re with the Chinese. the Indians and the rest will also have to decide which boat they want to be on board. its crystal clear. no more hiding.

  6. “……there is no “functional” as in non-race based ideology to fall back on.”

    What the hell did I smoke last night ?


    What I meant to say was, there is no functional as in non raced based ideology to fall back on with the exception of PAS and PSM, the functionality of which, I leave up to the discerment of the reader.

  7. My apologies for digressing somewhat.

    Looks like Hannah Hallelujah Yeoh topic is still the cult topic here. Just look at how the thread explodes with comments when she & her Godfather becomes the central topic of discussion.

    You are becoming a bit of a flirt Helen. You deprived the readers of her a bit & bang she’s in the radiant limelight again to assuage that yearning to smack her, in words of course, not literally.

    1. (1) It looks like Mama’s taken some of her tweets off the public domain (tho’ accessible to her 60,500 followers) and hence this development would constrain our monitoring efforts somewhat.

      (2) The Scissors seems to have gone cold turkey on her of late, so another source is cut off.

      (3) Since Jos can’t bite back, I intend to sink my teeth in.

      I’ve been thinking about this – the lynch mob against JC in cyberspace.

      I mean if the lot of them are unhappy about something she wrote, then at least try lah and make an intelligent effort to deconstruct her writing. But they’re just medieval villagers snarling with pitchforks and lighted torches.

      In the DAP, we’re dealing with a party that rides on the back on just such lynch mobs.

      Hannah aka DAPSubangJaya is only able to pull off her retweet due to the asymmetry of their positions – the adulation of her 60,500 twits following incl. some Jerusubang Star editors vs the oppo stone-throwers already heckling JC, which makes Jos very much the underdog.

      Furthermore, JC is isolated in Menara Star Phileo Damansara.

      1. even when she is conducting her sermons, she has to do so in private. but her form of conducting sermons is revolutionary. she tweets her sermons and they are one liners. then her flock goes into Perpetual Hysteria upon receiving her “blessings’.

        I would not be surprised at all if she is officially anointed as The High Priestess of Malaysia after GE13 in the event PR wins the elections. after all what’s the point of being just The High Priestess of SJ ? she’s aiming for the whole of Malaysia.

        look at it this way. there are so many “low class” people out there according to her. she’s a disciple of Jesus remember. those “low class” people, they must be saved right ?

    2. The High Priestess of SJ is the founder of a movement known as Perpetual Hysteria. her comments will elicit response that smell of “righteousness fantasy”, which is the opiate of her flock. there’s no point in trying to smack her. the more you smack her, the more her flock agitates for Perpetual Hysteria.

      1. Perpetua was a Christian saint. The more they are smacked, the more they will assume the mantle of martyrs and the more the self-righteous whingeing will assail our ears.


        1. even the 1Malaysia was hijacked by her ! L O L ! and speaking of people using nasty words against her and her family, what about her and her flock using nasty words against you Helen and Joceline ? hypocrisy is the summit of deceit.

    3. St Hannah of Jerusubang has a ring to it eh?

      Her followers go into wondrous rapture with every tweet as they are touched by the holy spirit. Hypocrisy for St Hannah is only hypocrisy when uttered by BN. For DAP & their lackeys, it is the truth, the whole truth & nothing like the truth.

      1. St Hannah. . . Just wondering was she born wit this name or is it like she chose from the Bible the most gempak meaning name in it?? Wah siap.quote STL punya tagline kah?? Hahaha. . .

        This fellas all live in denial what would you expect from supporters of the Pakatoons?? Sense?? Decency?? Truth?? A BIG FAT NO is the answer!! I remember i once saw a guy’s name in Assumption church FB page and his name sounded familiar and I decided to go to a PR supporters/troopers FB page that I was on and lo and behold there he was and despite being an active church goer and active church voluenteer, . . Man he has quite the foul.mouth when talking to non Pakatoon supporters (me included). To this kind of people all I can say is “Ini macam ada hati mau perintah Malaysia kah??”

        1. They have “get-out-of-hell” card unlike us maaaa… The cards were given them by Lord Kim GE & St Hannah. 30 days indulgences when you smack a critic. 50 days indulgences if you curse them as well. At that rate, they’re accumulating a couple of years of indulgences daily so they can look forward for the Pearly Gates to enter paradise when they end their mortal lives on earth.

          As for you & me, we’ll lepak in hell sometime in the future. Or so they say lah

          1. FFC,

            We are all sinners bcoz we choose BN only if you choose Pakatoon His Holiness Anwar will bless and forgive your sins since thru Nik Aziz who has a direct line to Allah he can tell whether you are forgiven or not if you are Muslim. If you are Indian we have Lord Muruguaneng who will shower his blessings upon you. If you are Christian you have St Hannah to sprinkle her blessings and words of wisdom and since she is High Priestess of Jerusubang she also have direct line to God too.

            Remember if you choose the devil it is BN if you choose the angel it is Pakatoon. How stupid this jokers are for not even understanding a simple idiom like this!!

            Reject PR
            Vote BN
            Save Malaysia

  8. Helen,

    was wondering is Fat Mama’s latest kid now a Muslim/Christian evangelist too?? The.kid’s name is a mix of such. . . Maybe she wants to.attract the Muslims to her as well since she tudung too??

    Although i seriously pity the two kids who will.grow up.real.confused on their identities being dark like an indian but yet are called chinese despite not being able to speak a word of.chinese & no.look of a chinese?

    But seriously imagine if by some chance St Hannah never ever gets elected again imagine what will happen to her and her league of followers, . . They go rabid and nuts perhaps?? Oh i relish that day indeed!!

      1. SOG,

        hey how are you?? Longtime no see. . Been busy whacking Pakatoons on FB daily. Have a team assembled now continously whacking them and best part we do this for free. . Hahaha

        1. Been busy with work… only managed to slide in the occasional whacks over in STL. Baru mau tulis lebih… deadline calls..

          Helen keeps watches things closely here, so unlike in STL, there are no impostors I see.

          1. SOG,

            Yup me too been busy amd somehow managed to get myself admitted to hospital this whole week. Just only discharged yesterday evening amd my.kudos to our govt hosp. My total bill with stay, xray and all the tests they did plus numerous bloodwork?? Only RM 71!! If i stayed at SDMC it would be at least RM 10k outta my poket!!

  9. I find it extremely ironic Helen is accusing Hannah of bullying Jocelyn for retweeting a post, yet partaking in making fun of Hannah with her readers, like a clique of high school kids bullying a classmate.

    Well, pro government sycophants have a tendency to make a statement then contradict themselves in the next sentence…

    1. Hallelujah, to You-Who-Have-Seen-the-Light” and are shining the light on me till I go blind.

      “May God have mercy” (quoting St Hannah) on me, and spare me the thunderbolt or heart attack … well, at least until I’ve lived to 55.

      1. Well Helen, if you get a heart attack & touch wood, die, the readers can all claim that you’ve been murdered just as PI Bala was “murdered”…

    2. AC-DC

      I do.wonder with the tendencies of Pakatoon supporters/cybertroopers to always use such.boomtastic words in their diatribe whether do they even understand what the heck.those words or even.phrases mean??

      St Hannah is someone that provides such good hearty laughs for all of us with her witty dimwittiness who is more better at tai chi-ng actual ADUN work and prefers to be more socially connected via TWITter amd FB trolling.

      My comment early on highlights my own first hand experience of her body of work as ADUN of Jerusubang. . . How she pushes the blame around instead of actually getting down amd resolving it. But then again how can i a mere mortal compared to Her Holiness St Hannah ever compare to the Pakatoon “either you’re with us or you are against us” mentality. .. .

      and yet here i thought Pakatoon said they stood for justice, peace, equality, no racial lines and unity?? Oh well only if you support Pakatoon’s version of freedom first la. . . If you don’t then they will.subject you to everything they claim they uphold and then some. . .

      To you all i can say is. . . “Ini macam ada hati mau perintah Malaysia kah??”

      Reject PR
      Vote BN
      Save Malaysia

      1. re: “[Helen Ang] used to work for the star. It is to be expected.”

        What is to be expected b’cos I used to work in The Star? Would you care to elaborate?

  10. And Pakatan Kool aid drinkers have a tendency to exhibit extreme sensitivity when similar treatment is meted out to them. A well documented side effect of this condition is that it renders them unable to recognize equality of any kind.

  11. Salam Helen,

    I read at The Unspinners about Jenice Lee ADUN Teratai issue,

    “Makluman segera. Pada harini Jenice Lee DUN Teratai akan dikenakan tindakan disiplin di ibu pejabat DAP KL atas kesalahan pecah amanah Tembok Taman Seraya di Teratai. Ini akan memberikan kesan pada masa depan politik Jenice dan Dun Teratai, dan berkemungkinan Jenice tidak dapat lagi bertanding di Teratai.”

    D’ya know more about the issue? Pls tell.

    1. No, nothing about the issue except that she and Hannah Yeoh have something in common, i.e. both are evangelistas and both like to go to surau for photo ops.

      Pre-2008, the DAP reps – who were not evangelistas – didn’t get all this publicity for all the wrong reasons. The evangelistas are extreme attention seekers always calling the press or The Star is tweeting to them. (Sujesh is a Star editor)


        1. Pls go ahead and share the review with us if you’ve got the game.

          For Tokong, I think the more appropriate game is that old fashioned physical one where you take a mallet and squarely hit the ‘heads’ that pop up (not sure what the game is properly called).

  12. In the leadup to March 2008, I attended the Subang Jaya ceramah which featured Hannah and the (now)ADUNs and MPS of PAS, DAP, and PKR in tow (remember, back then there was no Pakatan Rakyat)

    I recalled how she humbled herself and reminded everyone that they will be voting for an ADUN who will stand up and be counted in the State Assembly. She even reminded everyone that the ADUN is not one to settle their housing woes, jalan woes, rubbish woes and the long list of woes that the ADUNs before her had helped the rakyat with.
    (In other words, she already pre-empted herself from doing all this yet Subang voted for her)

    I guess they deserve the ADUN they have now. I wonder if she will claim credit to Subang having the MRT extension? After all, the ‘long’ awaited predestrian bridge near Summit was claimed as her success! When in fact, the idea mooted long before she reached puberty!

    Here is a new kid on the block who harps about BN being racists and playing on religion, when she does exactly the same. Good luck to Subang folks, because now all you can see is how MPSJ under PR has taken things to a whole new level. Just try asking the VCD seller if any enforcement officers have been coming along to raid.

  13. Re: Hata Wahari

    HW is a throwback to an era when Utusan was considered a pinko newspaper by the Establishment.

    Utusan is a pathetic example of a propaganda organ. They admit they lie or was that spin for UMNO and then wonder why the Non Malays are distrustful or is that ungrateful of Malay hegemony.

    Last I heard, HW was attempting to set up a propaganda (Pakatan I would assume) organ which would bring the alternative narrative to the Malay heartland.

    I admire his stand and wish they were more journalist like him in Malaysia, regardless of their partisan bent.

    1. He did set up a news portal. It was a Malay website under (methinks) PKR auspices. That was before he became a card-carrying member of the DAP.

      If you trawl you might be able to locate the site if it is still operational.

      1. No doubt my DAP supporters friends will have the link if it is still operational.

        I understand why he would join DAP and what he is attempting to prove but I would have prefered it if he had attempted to set a website that offered an “objective” view of the Malaysian political scene.

  14. Lol what you smoking

    Don’t go full retard yo

    Seems like a collection of MCA supporters have gathered here. All of you must be cronies tsk tsk

    1. This commenter (above) is using a fake e-mail address “”.

      Seems like the collection of DAP supporters who make their way here must be prone to faking, tsk tsk.

  15. To the person defending Joceline Tan, you don’t find her stupid column irritating to read? She has nothing but praise for BN and Najib, and attacks the Opposition with her stupid opinions at every opportunity. Clearly she is just paid to spread propaganda in the form of her stupid opinions. Her sister is a politician who betrayed Pakatan by jumping to side BN. Also her writing shows her bad writing skills and poor grammar. I think she needs to go back to English school.

  16. Yeah, I think joceline tan deserves what she gets. Her column in the star is blatantly pro-BN and usually filled with half-truths and lies. I have never seen so many Mca supporters on one page in the Internet-well done. And I only read the star for the weekend magazines and the star 2 now-if there as a way to unsubscribe from the journalistic rubbish that is their nation pages, I would have done so already.

    My main issue with this is that this is the Internet. You cannot expect people to take things lying down. I have personally emailed ms tan before to tell her how I would appreciate it if she could be a little more unbiased in her writing and she snapped back at me telling me to go read something else then. The star has noone to blame but itself for its low readership figures. Noone of my age gets their news from the mainstream media anymore and that is how it should be.

    1. re: “Yeah, I think joceline tan deserves what she gets.”

      Specific to the Hannah Yeoh tweet, you think that Jos Tan deserves to be set up as a target for the lynch mob among HY’s 66,000 Twitter followers and (on the next level of the MLM) the Twitter following of these 66,000 Yeopies?

      Do you know why Hannah Yeoh dares to put up JT’s name with impunity? It’s b’cos she knows that Jos has a history of the DAP SuperCyber Bullies going after her, calling her the vilest names and issuing rape and death threats.

      And do you know why Hannah Yeoh had knowingly and deliberately coupled my name with JT’s? It’s to insinuate guilt by association. It’s a fact that JT is employed by The Star which is directly controlled by the MCA which is portrayed as the “running dog” of Umno.

      My blog is run by an individual and has independent views. But the tweet is trying to associate my writings with an established newspaper political column by a columnist who is among the top media targets of the anti-establishment mob.


      *** *** ***

      re: “Her column in the star is blatantly pro-BN and usually filled with half-truths and lies.”

      But you have nothing at all to say about the columns in alternative media that are completely and thoroughly pro-Pakatan?

      re: “usually filled with half-truths and lies”

      Since you say “usually”, there must be many occasions when you have seen these “half-truths and lies”.

      Please do share them with us. He who asserts must furnish the proof.

      What kind of people are you to spread these kind of comments everywhere?

  17. I don’t agree with this writer’s views. The 1st thing that comes to my mind is that this is really UNCALLED for. More akin to KPC or Gossiping! And one should NOT bring religion into it!
    Terrible! Just simply awful! Thumbs down!

  18. I find this quite amusing! That people who support BN are against The Star as well as people who support PR. I know plenty of pro-PR people who shun The Star for its mainstream-controlled articles, but this is the first time I’m reading about pro-BN people also criticizing the daily. Quite an eye-opener, this.

    1. Agree. That’s the pitfall with double-dealing (perpatah Melayu = Gergaji Dua Mata).

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